welome to the love story...

Hello and welcome to Ever After...

I can honestly admit I never thought I would write a fan fiction featuring Michael Jackson, let alone a love story... I have read and enjoyed many other stories, but I never thought I would ever want to throw my hat in to the ring.

Everything I have read I have enjoyed and found inspiring in someway. They have made me laugh, cry and only love him more.

A good “Michael Friend” of mine suggested I should write the story for myself first and I would enjoy it much more. She was right!

I love every era of Michael there is something special, different and unique about each and every one... and yet that beautiful heart of the man remained the same.

I wanted to write about the Michael I loved, the Michael that is closest to my heart and the way I wanted and wished for his life to really be.

I am not sure how long my story will be - but I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it...



  1. You are not alone in thinking you would never write a fan fiction featuring Michael Jackson, but sometimes you just love somebody so much and so hard from a distance that you have got to find a way to make that love grow and flourish against all odds!

    Good luck with your story, honey!

  2. Thanks E.
    You always have such a nice way of putting things!

  3. And I will be here reading your stories ...

    What would I do without you girls keeping Michael alive and happy through this medium ?!

    Thank you C for "Ever After" I am so looking forward on going on this journey with you and Allison ....and Michael.
    I am sure that "Ever After" is going to take me on an adventure beyond my wildest dreams , and sooth my aching heart.
    Thank you for keeping this beautiful man alive for me...

  4. thanks mariaann - I had to make my look match my lovely banner made by the beautiful Enola!

  5. Finally found your new site thanks to Enola. I was totally freaking when I couldn't find it. You know who my favorite two are Enola's and Your's!

  6. You two have done such an excellent job in writing that I just can't get enough of either one!

  7. sweetie I am sorry that you lost me... I am glad Enola was able to help you... so now you know where I am AND you have me on twitter, so we are all good!



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