chaper five - whatever you got i want

Allison moaned in her sleep. He was touching her, feeling her and setting her skin ablaze. His warm hands were greedy unable to get enough of her.

“Hmm yes.”

He covered her mouth, devouring her, tasting her, sliding his tongue in along hers, caressing it slowly as he moved his hands up to bury them in her long tangled waves.

He groaned. Her hands were under his shirt, smoothing over the warm skin of his flat abdomen, pushing the thin cotton material up out of the way, and he was moving his hands up underneath her blouse.... she was trembling as he gently explored her contours, slipping his hand under her bra and rubbing the pad of his thumb against her skin...

“Allison... Ohayō Tōkyō"
“Hmmm what?”
“Me o samasu, utsukushii asa, Tōkyō ni me o samasu!”
“What? Arggg dammit...”
Allison rolled over and hit the radio alarm clock, reminded that she obviously had forgotten to check it last night before falling into the bed.

Crap... she was dreaming. Releasing a heavy sigh she wondered, why the hell did all dreams end the same way – just as you were about to reach the promise land, that prize you were yearning for you woke up. It was like your own body teasing you for fun.

She rolled over, trying to find that sweet spot... right where you could go back to sleep and continue your dream. Eyes squeezed tight she tried to relax and breathed deeply, trying to grasp at the memory of how her dream had made her feel...

After ten minutes she gave up, it was no use. She was awake and her body clock wanted her to get up. Her eyes glanced at the alarm clock stating that it was just after 5 a.m. She felt a little groggy from her restless sleep, it was going to take her body a little bit to get use the time change. She also needed to stop dreaming of a certain man.

Oh god... grabbing the extra pillow and pulling it over her face in embarrassment. Her mind flashed back to last night... “I can’t believe I thought he might kiss me” – she rubbed her stomach and patted it gently, “hello hormones, relax please... you need to get yourselves under control!”

Every time she got near him she felt like a dorky school girl. It reminded her of puberty, that awkward stage where your body was still catching up with your legs, uncoordinated and unsophisticated and so not cool. She was long past puberty and she tried so hard to be normal and relaxed and she still ended up feeling silly and giddy around him.

Taking one long last stretch she rolled out of bed to take a shower. The bathroom was modern with a mix of traditional Japanese flair with floor to ceiling mirrors, sliding shōji doors and heated gray slate floor tiles that seamlessly led to the large glassed in shower. In the far corner was the Jacuzzi type bathtub made of the same tile. She was happily relieved that it was the same tile also made up the standard toilet and not the traditional floor version.

She towelled off and wrapped her long hair in another and walked back into the bedroom. The sun was already up and shining, it looked like was going to be a beautiful day. She took out the maps and brochures she had gotten from the lobby when she had arrived and spread them out on the bed. She needed to decide on a plan for the day.

She had already determined that her overall plan for Tokyo would be to do 3 big landmarks a day and then spend her last day with the lesser known areas and going for what inspired her.

She took out the pamphlet for the Hie Shrine she thought that might be the perfect place to start since it was basically across the street from the hotel and she could see it from her window. After that the Parliamentary Buildings, known as the National Diet of Japan, that was less than a mile away, then over to the Kitanomaru Park that was across the road from there. The park was part of the Imperial Palace Outer Garden and was supposed to be spectacular, with moats, wildlife, fish and a bird sanctuary.

Satisfied she had a good first day mapped out she got dressed and headed down to breakfast. It was still early but the hotel was busy with people coming and going and getting ready for their day. Allison had to remind herself that even though she was working there was no need to rush. Walking into the Origami Buffet, she found the perfect spot by the window to sit and have her breakfast.

Akemi, the the hotel breakfast waitress looked after her so well by making sure her breakfast was okay and asking her about her stay. Her English was far superior to Allison’s Japanese which was pretty much nonexistent except for hello, goodbye and "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto," a phrase she didn’t think would get her very far.

Back in her room to retrieve her equipment, she recalled Michael’s overly protective concerns about her coming and going from the hotel. Looking at the clock it was still before 8AM but she wanted to get going. Picking up the information sheet left for her yesterday she scanned it for Mary’s room number.

Well if she gets mad or is a sleep, she can deal with... Mr. “I need to know where you are ever waking moment” Jackson... I can’t wait and I want to go out she thought. But there was no need to worry Mary picked up on the second ring.
“Hello, this is Mary.”
“Hi Mary, its Allison Wolf.”
“Oh hello Allison how are you? Is everything okay?”
“Yup, everything is great, thanks.”
“What can I do for you honey?”
Feeling like a little girl... Allison attempted to explain her reasoning for calling so early and let her know of her plan for the day.
Mary, as always the professional thanked her for her call and asked her if she would be needing transportation or an escort, which she quickly declined both. It sounded like Michael had mentioned something to her.
‘I think I will be fine.” She was just about say goodbye and hang up, “Well -”
“Hey Allison.”
“See if you can get back around 2PM. If you can and would like to, you can come with us to catch some of the rehearsal at the stadium that is if you are interested.
Allison smiled into the receiver, “Oh, yeah? I would love to come. I will be back for sure in time.”
“Okay just meet us in the lobby or page me when you get back.”
“Sounds good Mary thanks!”


She gathered her equipments and was out of the hotel by 8:15 and already it was warm and humid. The Hie Shrine was right across the street, so it didn’t take her long.

The shrine dated back to 1478 and was originally built inside the Edo Castle, which was now the Imperial Palace, as protection from its enemies. It was moved to its present site in the Nagatachō district 1659, its role as guardian of the Palace unchanged.

Although the outside drab, modern concrete reconstruction was insignificant, the torii gate had images of monkeys, the messenger of the shrine's god. As well it had a wonderful collection of Tokugawa swords and deity figures once paraded in the Sanno Festival. It was really quite beautiful to see.

Next she made her way up to the parliamentary buildings. It actually didn’t take her very long at all. The best thing was there were maps everywhere. She could almost always find a map at any intersection to help guide her and many had some English instructions. She was finding Tokyo very easy to get around.

The National Diet was a beautiful building with multiple columns and a large water fountain in front. It was the perfect example of post-World War II Japanese architecture. She took a few pictures but didn’t stay too long or entertain the idea of going in. She wanted to get over to the park that was just across the street.

The park was beautiful. She knew that Michael would have loved it, with all the trees, shrubs and footpaths to access the moats and ponds. There was tons of wildlife to capture in and around the water and in the central garden. It wasn’t her specialty but she took as many pictures she as she could.

Nippon Budokan was also inside the park. The venue was famous for hosting big musical events. There was a plaque outside the of the building that gave a brief history including that The Beatles had played live there and there was a list of the many “Live at Budokan” albums released over the years.

“Wow so cool,” she said aloud. “I didn’t know that, I will have to tell Michael.”

It was still early when she was on her way back to the hotel. The round trip around the Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo was less than a mile and a half. Even with the added time for photos it was just after noon. She was so accustomed to photographing wide open spaces, often remote places and sometimes travelled hours to get her pictures she was unprepared for how close everything was in Tokyo. It was kind of nice too she could just walk the wide streets of Tokyo with no rush. It really was a beautiful city.

On her way back to the hotel she passed a couple of dress shops in the fancier hotels. By the time she reached her own temporary residence she couldn’t resist going in. She was in love the traditional patterns and designs she saw and it didn’t take her long to find more than a few that she wanted. The girls in the shop were wonderful and so courteous, helping her find just the right one that suited her frame and her taste.

When she returned to her room it was just after 1:30PM. After hanging up her new purchase, she got a hold of Mary to let her know she had returned. Then she recorded in her notepad the photos she had taken today and got ready to go the rehearsal.


The drive over to the Stadium was pretty quick. Michael and all the other stage performers, the backup singers, the band, the dancers and all the technical people were already at the stadium. She was glad Michael was already gone, so she could go at least one day of being around him without being silly.

And thank goodness she had that little buffer. Because now she sat in the 5th row of Korakuen Stadium and watched Michael, his dancers and the band run through their entire routine twice. But really she was only watching Michael. If asked, she would be hard pressed to tell anyone what everyone else was doing, wearing or if they were even there. She could not keep her eyes off the main man on stage.

His hair was tied back loosely, with a few rebel curls around his face. He wore black trousers, as usual, that had these little silver hoops that look like handcuffs that hung off his belt and a blue plaid shirt with a white undershirt. It was simple, it was understated it really was nothing special... and he looked gorgeous.

She had to admit he looked great in just about anything she had seen him wear. She didn’t know what it was like to see him live, but she had heard he was amazing. His presence and raw energy in the rehearsal alone had her captivated. The way he was singing, moving, dancing... even the way he was just walking back and forth along the stage giving directions to the singers and other dances was demanding attention.

He was such a seductive tease up there on the stage, but it was more than a sexual vibe he was giving. Yes, he was moving so graceful, sensually and passionately but he was confident, relaxed and at ease. He was made for the stage, you could tell he loved it and it loved him just as much. They were simply made for each other. It was a beautiful relationship all on its own and anyone could see that and it was easy to see why his fans fell in love with him on stage.

Just over half way of the first run through she noticed out of the corner of her eye someone walking down the narrow path of her row towards her, “He is amazing to watch isn’t he?” she heard as a woman sat herself down beside her.
“Yeah,” smiling turning her head towards the woman, “he sure is.”

The woman nodded and gave her a knowing look as she recalled her own first time seeing him perform and play to the camera. It was an amazing transformation to see the usually shy and quiet man turn into the superlative performer. It was unbelievable, he literally became his music.

“I’m Karen. You must be Allison the photographer Michael hired.”
“Oh! Yes, yes I am, nice to meet you Karen.” She offered her hand.
“Nice meet you too,” her eyes smiled looking towards the stage, “first time seeing him perform?” she questioned.
Allison’s eyes were drawn back to the stage where Michael now had a black fedora and was posing and posturing to a heavy beat. “Yeah...” Completely unable to restrain the smile in her voice. “He is amazing, isn’t he?”

Karen grinned at her apparent adoration. “Yes, he is. I’m Michael’s makeup artist.”
“Oooh, wow.” Allison turned to face her full on “that must be amazing to do.”
Karen chuckled. “Yeah it is a great job, I enjoy it very much.”
“I bet.” She mused.

The two women chatted a bit more getting to know each other. Allison giving details on of how she ended up on this dream tour and Karen about how she came to be Michael’s full time makeup artist and what it was like being on tour with him. She seemed nice enough and Allison liked her.

“Well I should get going.” She patted her on the knee twice “It was nice meeting you Allison, see you tonight at dinner.”
“You too Karen, see you tonight.”

Allison turned her full attention back to the stage and watched Michael flirt back and forth with one of his backup singers. They were singing his hit single “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” He sounded so good and she sounded pretty good too, but not as good as the record, but she had to admit they sounded good together.

But as good as she sounded the girl needed to fix that mop of a mess of hair and put some conditioner in that nest. It looked awful. Oh and so does the guitar player... what are these girls thinking... Tokyo is humid!

Allison eyes narrowed then she giggled. “Oh my... jealous much Allison...”

After watching for a second rehearsal completely uninterrupted, with her green-eyed monster alter ego safely tucked away, she fell in love with the whole show, especially when they performed “Shake Your Body” quite possibly her favourite song of the entire set. She sang away in her seat and clapped loudly when it was done. She couldn’t wait to see this LIVE!

They were getting ready to run through it again for what appeared to be a third time, when she decided she should get back and get showered and rested for the dinner tonight. It wasn’t too late and the dinner wasn’t until 8PM but she was still tired and hoped to grab a nap, thinking it would do her good.


The dinner turned out to be great and she got to meet a few more people, thankfully. So far she had met just a handful of people, most them in Michael’s inner circle. She had met Frank, Bill, Mary and Karen.

When she arrived at the makeshift banquet area, Bill was the first one she saw. He smiled warmly when he saw her and introduced her to a few others including Sal, the tour co-ordination and John, a rigger. A little later on she saw Karen, who introduced her to the two bad hair twins, Sheryl and Jennifer. Their hair much more under control than it was this afternoon.

She also met a fellow by the name of Miko, who seemed like a jack of all trades – or more like a Jackson of all trades. It seemed like he did a little bit of everything for Michael and they had known each other for years.

It was from Miko that she found out just what an undertaking this tour was.
There were more than 130 people travelling with the tour. This didn’t include the locals they hired in each city for set up. There was about 22 truckloads of equipment, including hundreds of lights, speakers, lasers, three mirrors and two giant 24-by-18 foot screens for the stage, as well as multiply costumes for Michael and the performers.

Again it sounded like a logistical nightmare to keep organized, but Miko said Michael had a good team of people. That was the key to keeping it together. As well that Michael was hands on for his tour so he was aware of everything.

“Don’t I know it she thought....?”

She also found out that Miko was Marlon Brando’s son. But there were lots of celebrities too at the dinner and here to see Michael’s first solo world tour. Michael’s parents were there and his sister Latoya. She saw Quincy Jones and a few other faces she recognized but could not put a name to. There was talk that Elizabeth Taylor was going to be there, but if she was Allison didn’t see her.

Close to the end of the evening she got to talk to Frank again, who had his usual cigar. He was chatting to another guest when she walked up to say hello.
“Ms. Wolf, pleasure to see you again.” he greeted.
He reminded her of a gangster from the 40s movies – like a shorter, rounder Al Capone.
“You too Mr. DiLeo, it is wonderful to be here.”
“Allison, this is Molly Meldrum,” his hand gesturing towards the man in the Akubra hat, “he is here from the land down under to interview Michael.”
“G’day girlie,” he bellowed. “The rage is spot on, eh?”
She laughed. “G’day to you too!”

And of course... she saw Michael, from afar several times throughout the evening, but never got a chance to speak to him till just before she left.

He definitely was the main attraction tonight. During the evening, every time she saw him he was either, signing papers, asking something, listening to someone or going to take care of something. She didn’t even know if he had a chance to eat the meal.

Just before she was about to go, she scanned the banquet area to find Michael to say goodnight. She spied him at a back table sitting with Frank talking. Prepping herself to remain cooler than her normally awkward “Michael-self” she walked over.

As she got a few feet away, she noticed he really looked tired. Not a wonder she thought.
“I think we have company Mike.” Frank said as she reached the edge of the table. Smiling, she nodded in his direction.
“Hey girl,” he stood up immediately and gave her gentle hug. “it is so good to see you again.”
“Hi Michael,” Allison whispered to herself...don’t be a dork, don’t be dork “Sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to come by and say goodnight.”
Michael pulled out a chair. “We are just finishing up, why don’t you have a seat for a minute?”
“Okay, just minute.” Attention passenger Allison: ETA dork town any minute.
“Aright, Mike,” Frank said. “The interview is booked from 2 to 3:30 so there will be plenty of time.” He placed his chubby hand on Michael’s shoulder, “get some rest and I will see you about 1.”
Frank turned towards her, “Good night Allison,” he stubbed his cigar into the ashtray and gestured his head towards Michael. “Don’t keep our boy up too late, okay.”
“Okay, I promise, I won’t.”
She meant it too. She was exhausted and needed to sleep.

“The dinner was nice Michael; it was a nice way to get to know more people.”
He shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah I guess it was. I don’t really meet anyone new.” He sighed. “These things are usually work for me.”
She felt badly, he didn’t even get to enjoy the evening. “You did look very busy most of the night. I was wondering if you even sat down.”
Michael sat back in the chair, stretched out his legs and crossed his ankles. “I’m sitting now.” He grinned. “So Mary tells me you went out today, where did you go?”
“Are you checking up on me?” She asked jokingly.
“Girl, you are gonna get it. I am not checking up on you. I just want to know what sites you went to. Remember you are taking pictures for me.” He chuckled. “...besides I already know you called Mary in the morning before you left, so I don’t have to check on you... you are checking on yourself...”
She rolled her eyes. “Right...whatever Michael.”

She told him about the Hie Shrine, which he already knew a great deal about and the Parliament Buildings. Before she could tell him about going to the Imperial Palace Outer Garden, he asked her if she went there. He said he had read an entire book on Kitanomaru Park and the design and the making of the Garden and the bird sanctuary, he knew the history and he asked about all the special gates... And he asked if she had seen the Budokan. He then added, “Did you know the Beatles performed there?”

She was seriously impressed that he knew so much about the sites she had traveled, but now she had nothing to surprise him with. She tried not to look too disappointed because he sounded so pleased.
“Geez Michael you know almost everything I did today. Except for my stop at the dress shop, I would think you were hiding in my camera bag or something.”
He raised his eyebrows. “I knew about the dress shop too.”
“What?! How could you know? Michael seriously are you having me foll-”
He started to laugh interrupting her. “Girl I’m only teasing you. You make it so easy.”
“Uh! You are terrible! I was starting to think the Koi was some type of tracking device.”
He shook his head. “You took the Koi with you?”
“Yup I sure did... he was great company and a wonderful shopping companion I might add.”
“Where did you shop?”
“I bought a dress right here in the dress shop in the hotel. I probably should have worn it too. I felt a little out of my league with all the fabulous celebs walking around her tonight.”
“You coulda shown up in that little jean skirt you were wearing at the rehearsal this afternoon. You still woulda looked better than most of the people here tonight.”
“You saw me at the stadium?” Dork town we have arrived...
He laughed. “Girl you were hard to miss. You were sitting right in front of me singing away! You shoulda waved or said hello.”
“Oh... I didn’t know you could see me there.” She could feel the heat rising to her face. “You are amazing to watch on stage.”
“Awe girl, thank you. You’re coming tomorrow night for the opening, aren’t you? Just come with Karen or Mary so you have the right access.”
“Yeah, I am coming I got my back stage pass already to go.”

Just then Bill Bray walked up to the table. “Hello you two,” he looked towards Michael and nodded at Allison, “Mike can I talk to you for a moment?” He looked over at Allison. “Sorry Ms. Wolf, I don’t mean to-”
“No problem,” Allison interrupted, I should be getting to bed and I am quite tired.”
Standing she turned towards the two men. “Goodnight Bill, thanks for keeping me company tonight.”
“Goodnight Allison, it was my pleasure.”
“Goodnight Michael, see you tomorrow night.”
“Goodnight.” Michael responded, his voice filled with concern.
She gave him a quizzical look, but he only smiled and shook his head.
As she walked out of the banquet room she thought she heard him say, “What did Joseph do now?”


Opening Night - Tokyo

The next night Allison sat in awe and watched Michael Jackson, the performer, open his tour to 45,000 screaming fans in Tokyo. It was incredible. The sweet soft spoken man she was getting to know was somehow transformed in to a powerful pure raw sexual being... those were the only words she could use to describe it. Nothing could have prepared her for what she was about to witness.

She was sitting on an old school chair at the back of the stage when suddenly, the stage was plunged into darkness and ominous music started to pump from the speakers. A panel of floodlights rose from the stage floor and Michael and his dancers emerged eerily in a smoke screen silhouette.

He was tightly wrapped from head to toe in black with metal studs and buckles shining from his leather pants.

She gulped... holy mother...

From the first beat of, “Wanna Be Start Startin' Something,” everyone in crowd was on their feet and he kept them standing. He sang, he danced and moved his sinuous body effortlessly throughout his set. The rehearsal had been just that... a practice run for the main event. You just couldn’t take your eyes away from him and Allison certainly had no intentions of doing that.

It went by so fast she could hardly believe it was over. At the end of the encore after thanking his fans she watched as he ran off the stage down the ramp to his waiting van. It was all such a blur but the show and Michael had left her feeling high with such an incredible feeling of bliss that she didn’t want it to end.

Bill had pre-arranged for her transportation back to the hotel. It was crazy busy with traffic and fans all over the place. She had never seen anything like it. Sure she had been to concerts in LA and the crowds were always heavy afterwards, but this was insane. There was literally a sea of people, men woman children, from all walks of life and spanning in ages. Boys and girl were crying or singing or screaming “Mai-ke-ru,” the Japanese pronunciation of Michael’s name. It took them almost an hour to get to the main road to go the hotel.

When they arrived at the hotel it was the same thing. Hundreds of fans, mostly teenage girls, were now firmly camped outside the entrances. As their black van approached the back entrance it was swarmed immediately by some of the fans. She was not expecting that and it was kind of frightening.
James, one of Michael’s security crew, must have seen the fear on her face.
“Don’t worry Ms. Wolf, it’s all in a day’s work. We will get you in safe and sound.”
She nodded firmly once. “Okay.”

She didn’t understand how Michael did it. Once these fans knew she wasn’t anybody special she was sure they would disburse and wait for the object of their desire. But how did they get Michael in there? And how did they get him in there in one piece!?

After a bit of waiting and some strategy Allison was finally in the hotel lobby although it didn’t seem much better. There seemed to be a lot of activity at the hotel for midnight. There was some fans wandering around and some were obviously guest at the hotel. She thought she saw Michael’s parents walking towards the elevators and she saw Molly Meldrum again who looked like he was working on his interview piece with a camera man. She wondered if Michael was even back at the hotel.

Back safely in her room, she stripped off her clothes and jumped in the shower before bed. Once in bed she replayed the concert in her mind. Incredible was all she could think of, well sexy crazy gorgeous incredible was more like it. She had never seen anyone move like that before. It was like he was expressing his music through his body, like he couldn’t keep it in. Grinning... I guess it doesn’t matter what it is... she couldn’t wait to see that again!


That was pretty much how her days and nights went for the first weeks of the tour.

During the days, Allison would go out and take photos of everything and anything that inspired her. She kept meticulous notes on everything too. Since sometimes she had to go back and forth with her processing and her formats, she needed to make sure she kept her supplies in order. She also wanted to be able to tell Michael what the experience was. She quickly found out he asked a lot of questions and wanted to know every infinite detail. He was always asking her to “set the mood” of the photo. Or what was the day like, where there people there or how did it make her feel. He really did want to be there through her eyes – so she took care to notice everything, for him. She also tried to get as much information on each place she visited so she would know as much as he did!

During the nights, when Michael was performing, she was right there watching him get better and better with each show. He was the ultimate showman and professional. She watched as he made adjustments to his songs or dance moves. Or how when something wasn’t right on the stage he would signal to a crew member or band member to get it right or fixed, not once letting on anything was amiss. His years on stage perfected for these moments.

During his days, Michael schedule was exhausting by anyone’s standards. Japan was in love with Typhoon Michael, the nick name they had given him, and they could not get enough of him, he was everywhere. He went to hospitals to visit sick children and to schools and charity events. When the tour left Tokyo for Osaka Michael met with the Mayor in the town hall and received the Key to the City. He donated his time and money to every cause that touched his heart, which seemed to be almost everything. When he wasn’t giving his time to others he was rehearsing, doing interviews and photo shoots or out doing promotions for his sponsors.

And everywhere Michael went, so did his fans and the press. The money making music machine known as Michael Jackson was in full swing. The day after his first concert the press went nuts... the headlines everywhere:

“No Pets, No Plastic, Just Raw Sex”
“The Greatest Show On Earth”
“Magical Michael Has His Fans In A Spell”

Allison rarely saw him during the days. She was always out before he was up or back when he was out. Sometimes they were in the hotel together, mostly on his off days or a travel day and he would call her room and ask if she had breakfast already – which she usually did, since it was almost noon – but she always said she hadn’t and would go up to his suite via the private elevators.

But mostly Allison saw Michael in the evenings that he wasn’t performing as his days were so jammed packed. Sometimes he had functions to attend to would go out shopping – but mostly he stayed in his hotel room. He told her once that he was so lonely and that he wished he could go out and do normal every day things, but people didn’t see him that way.

One night, when she was showing him a slide show and talking about her day trip to the Osaka Palace she mentioned she wanted to get a bigger flash and some additional equipment, he said, “Let’s go now.”
“Michael it is 9:30 at night, nothing is open.”
He laughed. “Just give me a minute.”
And sure enough in a matter of a few minutes he had it organized that they could go to the local electronic store and shop for what she needed.
Allison chuckled. “You see, that’s when it is good to be Michael Jackson.”

In the van on the way to store he told her he did that all the time, last minute requests, so that he could shop. He tried to do that in Tokyo, but the press and the fans found out and swarmed the store.

Another night she asked him what it was like with all the attention and adoration. How did he handle it? He didn’t hesitate.
“For me it is those moments on the stage. It is the place I am most comfortable and the happiest.”
His face lit up. “And I love my fans. I would never turn them away or say no to them.”

She was having such a good time it was hard to believe she was working. She had now been on tour with Michael and his team for almost a month. She got to go and come as she pleased and spent her days taking pictures and being creative. Well for the most part she got to come and go as she pleased, as long as she let someone know where she was going. And when she wasn’t out taking the pictures she was talking to Michael about the pictures or where she had been.

She was also getting better at not acting so awkward around him. The more time she spent with him, the more time she wanted to spend with him. He was kind of addictive that way. You just wanted to be around him, it just made you feel good inside. He was gentle and funny and so smart and quite the practical joker. He was always up to something can he was constantly teasing her.

It really didn’t get much better than this she thought, except, there was only one slight problem with all of this. Despite her best efforts she was falling for him and she knew that could only be trouble. She tried to be cool and calm and keep it professional. But it was really hard. Michael was always hugging her or touching her hand or knee, brushing her hair out of her face – he really made it difficult to not to like him. Not to mention on top of all this – he was super gorgeous and every time she saw him in concert she would have to take a cold shower just to get to sleep.

The last time she had seen Michael’ perform was when he performed in Yokohama for a live televised broadcast and that had been almost two week ago. Yokohama was their longest stay of the tour. They arrived on the 24th of September and the stayed for almost two weeks when the left to return to Osaka.

When they got to Yokohama, she did have one special request. She wanted to go to Mount Fuji. It was the city that was closest, but she really needed to have someone take her out as it was the off season. So in the wee morning hours of October 2nd she was off to the storied volcano. It was good drive so they stayed the night at one of the many local resorts. She went through 10 rolls of film while there. It was spectacular – she couldn’t wait to share it with him.


Thursday, October 8, 1987

Allison packed up all the pictures and notes she had accumulated over the last week and half and piled them all neatly in her portfolio. It had been a while since they had had a chance to look over what she had done. She was especially excited to talk about the trip she had taken to Mount Fuji. It had been on her photo to do list for some time and it had finally become a reality. Picking up the box of slides she made her way up to his suite.

Bill met her at the door.
Smiling when she saw him. “Hello Bill, long time no see!”
He took the box from her arms, “Allison, you are a site for soar eyes.” Gesturing for her to come in, he sat the box down on the coffee table.
“I’ll get Michael. He’s just in the other room making some calls.”
“Great, thanks Bill.”

She busied herself getting the slides set up and found a good wall to screen them on. Once she was happy with that set up she pulled out her notes and the black and whites she had taken at Lake Kawaguchiko, which was the base camp she used when she went to Mount Fuji. She also had some beautiful pictures of the Shyomyoji Temple that she had taken.

She turned when she heard the soft click of the door behind her.
“Hey Michael.” He looked amazing as usual.
Michael looked at her equipment. “Girl look at you, what do you have set up here?” He walked over and promptly hugged her close. “It’s good to see you.”
“It is good to see you too.” She almost added I missed you, but held it in check.
He walked over to the slide projector. “So what’s all this?”
She chucked, spanning out her arms. “Well what we have here my fine sir is what you get when you leave me to my own vices for two weeks!”
She beamed. “I’ve been busy.”
“It looks it,” he smiled at her “I’ve missed our chats.”
Her heart skipped a beat. “Me too Michael, but let me show you what I have been up to.”

They sat down together on the sofa and she started the slides. She pulled out her notes and told him about the entire trip from the time she left until returning the next day to the hotel. Then he asked her about the weather and temperature, was it cold or warm, what it felt like when she first saw it.

“Just tell me how it made you feel to see such beauty.” Michael closed his eyes and listened to her talk. He needed to rid himself of all the negativity he had been hearing and she was the perfect remedy. He relaxed listening to her, being with her always made him feel good. He loved the beauty she saw in nature.

She had been speaking for about 15 minutes when she looked over at him. His long lean body looked so peaceful with his eyes closed, his butt was at the edge of the cushions and his back leaned back against the sofa. His body bathed in lamplight. His knees wide apart with his hands on his thighs and his head supported by the sofa back. She felt that familiar pang in the pit of her stomach. God he looked so good she thought. It made her feel so good inside that he could relax and be at ease when she talked about being out taking photos.

He felt the sofa move when she lifted her weight to leave. Opening his eyes he stretched out his long fingers to make contact with her hand. “Where are you going?” he asked quietly.

Her breath caught, surprised he was awake. She looked down at his hand holding hers. “I thought you were asleep.” She looked back at his face, “You looked so peaceful, I wanted to let you rest.”

His eyes looked at her softly, “I was... your voice was relaxing me.”
Her heart fluttered. “I’m glad;” she smiled “I should go.”
“Why?” He pulled her gently to face him between his legs using his other hand to grab her right one. He let his inner thighs press lightly against the outer side of her knees then released her.
“Don’t go.” He whispered as he sat up.
She was afraid to look at him. She didn’t want her eyes to give her away. She sighed. “Michael... I think it would be better - .”
“Why are you so shy with me?” He interrupted.
“Oh god....” She though as she felt the heat rise from her core, up through her chest, past her neck to her face.
He waited patiently for her to answer.
“I just... I don’t know Michael... well I guess mostly because you are YOU.”
He gave a low chuckle. “You mean in me who... or you who...”
She smiled and rolled her eyes, and looked at him. “Michael.”
“What?” He asked innocently biting his lower lip. “I don’t bite, I’m not mean. I don’t smell... at least don’t think I do.” He pressed his thighs against hers again. “I am a regular funny guy and most girls like me.” He smiled at her mischievously.

Allison’s heart started to beat so loudly in her ears she almost couldn’t hear what he was saying. Michael Jackson was hitting on her. Oh god... breath Ally breath you can do this... god please let me make it through the next few minutes.

“Michael... you are not like a regular guy... you’re -”
“I’m different... girl, are we going to do the entire dialogue from Thriller... because I think that is my line.”
Allison shook her head and laughed nervously and met his heated gaze. “Michael that is... this is so NOT funny” She managed to get out.
“Then why you laughing?” He was really enjoying this little back and forth with her, she was just so easy to tease.

She dropped her chin to her chest and breathed out slowly, but didn’t make any attempt to move or pull away from him. He groaned inwardly. She wanted this even if she didn’t know how to say or admit it openly to him. He quickly pushed himself back so that his back was flush with the back of the sofa and brought his legs back together in the space between them. Releasing her hands, he let his palms slide slowly down either side of her, past the hem of her shorts to rub the back of her bare thighs. He used his knee to slightly nudge apart her legs as he pulled her towards him.

Allison was trying to focus on her breathing. She had dreamt of this moment more times than she could count, she thought she would be ready for it, if it ever happened. But the moment his hands came in contact with her bare skin her breathe hitched, the air around her became still and filled with the unspoken yearning she had been feeling. She could hear the change in his breathing too. His hands pressed hotly into the back of her thighs, his eyes dark with desire.

Michael was enjoying the effect he was having on her. Inside he was just as excited as her to know she was feeling what he was feeling. He wondered if she could ever put that shyness aside to let him get this close again. He felt himself stiffen. He could feel himself flexing with each step they moved forward each touch she didn’t protest.

He felt her shuddered. “Girl you’re shaking.”
“I’m nervous,’ she confessed honestly.
He chuckled. “Don’t be nervous, it is just me.” His hands squeezed the back of her thighs.
Allison let out a deep sigh and her hooded eyes locking on his heated gaze. “Oh of course, what am I thinking - I’m sorry, just you,” she started out meekly. “World famous Michael Jackson. Number one artist in the world on a sold out world tour,” she continued with her voice growing louder. “Geez, what am I thinking… you are no one special at all,” she finished sarcastically.
Michael gave Allison a long gaze and smiled.
Noooo, Allison thought, don’t you smile at me; this is hard enough to deal with.
“Allison, that’s who I am to everyone else when I am on stage. But you know that’s not me... and that’s not who I want to be with you.”
Allison wanted to die he was making her feel so good, “Oh god,” she cried “but, it just, you don’t get it – you don’t understand.”
“But what,” he ran his hands up and down her thighs playing with the fringe of her shorts, “tell me girl, what don’t I understand?”
“I don’t know how to not think of you like that all the time,” she whispered.
“Then let me show you.”

He lifted his right hand and let his fingers gently brush the few strands of hair that had fallen in front of her face curving them around behind the back of her ear. He took his index finger, slowly sliding it across her jaw line and up under her chin, to rub the pad of this thumb across her bottom lip. She leaned into his hand, slightly biting her lip, her skin tingling with anticipation.

She watched his expression as his hand slid down across her neck; his fingers pushing into her hair as he grasped her gently at the base of her neck pulling her towards him. “You are so beautiful.”
“Oh god...” she went weak in the knees and her eyes closed. His hand on the back of her thigh reacted to her motions and steadied her. He wrapped his arm around her hips and pulled her up onto the sofa to straddle him as she braced her hands on his shoulders.

He brushed his lips against hers and pulled her lower lip between his, sucking on it lightly. A soft moan rose from her throat, in desire, as the hand that held her neck angled her head and pulled her to his lips, finally covering her mouth with his own. Her mouth opened to him as he slipped his tongue passed her lips sucking her tongue into his mouth and stroked it slowly, exploring and savouring her. He swallowed the small sounds of pleasure she made, her breath now coming in gasps. He dragged his lips over her chin, down the slender column of her throat to her neck. The sweet taste of her on his tongue and the feel of her widely beating pulse only made him want to taste her mouth again.

She sank against him, her body liquefied with the languid effects of desire coursing through her veins, loosening her joints, melting her muscles. She wanted him, she wanted to touch him and she wanted him to touch her. She could feel his erection between her legs, hot, hard, and swollen, flexing against the confines of his trousers. God he felt so good. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she felt herself opening to him, her hips moved against him.

He found his way back to the wet heat of her mouth, her sigh melting into a moan as his hand slid up to her breast seemingly of its own accord, cupping the full weight of it, caressing her through her shirt. His tongue began to duel hungrily with hers as his hands roamed over her with abandon. She felt so good, they felt so good together.

Allison felt as if her senses had overloaded and her mind had short-circuited, her heart was racing, this was too much. She was overwhelmed and couldn’t think. Her hands fell to his arms and squeezed his biceps, “Michael, wait...” she was breathless as her voice trembled, “...wait.”

He stopped and pulled away immediately when he heard the apprehension in her voice. His heart was racing. “Girl, I’m so sorry,” he whispered, “Did I scare you,” his eyes sincere with worry.

“No... I think I scared me.” She leaned into him and kissed his lips lightly, needing to taste him again. ‘You make me feel so good. I feel like have no control, I can’t think,” She took a deep breath “and that scares me.” She pursued her lips together as if in thought. “I just... I need to be okay with this... I want to, I mean I need.” She stopped and took a deep breath. “UH! I can’t even complete a sentence around you...” she swallowed the lump in her throat and put on a serious voice. “It is obvious I like you Michael... and I think you like me too...” He was smiling at her serious business manner “...but do you think, maybe, it would be okay if we slow this down a bit?”
He raised his eyebrows smirking at her. “Yeah I can go real slowly if that’s what you want.”
She slapped his arm. “Michael!”
He chuckled. “Girl you just make it too easy... and you are too damn sexy, but we can go as slow as you want.”
“Okay.” She nodded her head. “So, now what?”

Michael gave her a sexy grin biting his lip. His eyes wandered slowly away from hers and focused in on her lips. “I won’t rush you... umm, but I would like to kiss you again... your lips are so sweet.”

Her stomach clenched. “Oh my goodness... I will never be able to resist you...”

His eyes grew dark and lustful as he pulled her back into him and then rolled her over onto the sofa, pressing into her so that she was pinned beneath him. Lowering his lips to hers, he moaned her name almost silently and then.... “I... bet... you... are... TICKLISH!” and promptly started tickling her mercilessly until she was breathless and she screamed uncle.... all the while blowing wet loud kisses into the skin of her neck.


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