chapter four - it’s great to be here

Wednesday, September, 9th, 1987

The speakers crackled as the microphone was turned on, “Attention United Airline passengers’ flight 9720 is now cleared for takeoff. Please fasten your seatbelt, secure your table, and put your seat backs in their full and upright position. Also, we advise you that as of this moment, any electronic equipment must be turned off. We thank you for flying United and we wish you a pleasant flight.”

Allison adjusted her seat and fastened her seat belt. In a little less than 12 short hours she would be in Tokyo and she was happy to finally be on her way. The last few days had been a whirlwind of preparation and last minute planning and packing up. Unbelievably she really was looking forward to being confined to the relative small space of the plane with nothing to do but sit and wait.

Allison closed her eyes and tried to relax.

The night she got home from meeting Michael Jackson, Allison was floating and her feet didn’t hit the ground until the next morning and barely at that. Her mind was running a mile a minute. Michael had been so sweet and nice and wonderful... and Allison thought... “I need to get a grip, especially if I am going to work for him.”

Essentially it was the perfect day. Michael was everything and more than she expected, but Allison also got the feeling that a lot of people who met or spent any significant amount of time with him left feeling touched by Michael’s unique personality.

She spent Saturday and Sunday finalizing her equipment inventory and processing requirements. Ensuring she had what she needed or could purchase it or have it shipped while travelling. He really impressed her with his knowledge of photography. After their conversation, Allison decided she needed to have a few tricks up her sleeve and be ready for any request. She even decided to bring her Super 8 so she could film ideas prior to shooting, which she did on the rare occasion.

On Monday she ran some last minute errands and went by Daye’s saying goodbye to the people in the office who weren’t snubbing or ignoring her. She also dropped off the girls signed possessions and the new items Michael had given her. She wished she could be there to see their faces when they saw the signed albums, the t-shirts and the promo material. She really wanted to keep it for herself, but figured she could pick up some things while there. After all she was going to be in every town he was.... OH!

The realization finally hit her – I am going to see him perform! In all her preparations, packing and planning that had never occurred to her... and there was that 10 year girl old feeling again... I am sure he will give me a ticket to see him perform at least once she thought. And if he doesn’t... well, WELL then I will just take really really bad pictures of downtown Tokyo and any mountains I see!

Tuesday, the day before she left, Val appeared just after noon to make sure she was packed and ready. She even had her own checklist to review to make sure Allison had everything she needed and brought her a few items she might have forgotten or not of thought of to bring. Once she was totally completely “Valerie Certified” satisfied that Allison was prepared she launched into operation 101 questions about her meeting Michael.

Allison didn’t dare tell Val the complete details of her visit to Hayvenhurst and meeting Michael or how she felt about the day. She also purposely omitted the meeting by the pond. She felt kinda guilty not being honest with her, but Val would be all over it making it a bigger deal than it was. As it was, Allison was still trying to downplay the events of the day herself – even though she thought he was being nice to her and might even like her enough to be friends – she knew there was no way that Michael Jackson was interested in her and she needed to put that puppy to bed now.

Nonetheless - be it Michael Jackson, the nice guy in her apartment complex , the cute guy at the gym, the guy at the corner store or the guy who had just delivered their take out, Val was all over Allison and her single status....

Tuesday evening...

After putting the takeout containers on the kitchen-counter and pouring them another glass of wine, Val turned back into the living room and passed Allison her glass, “There are lots of good men out there for you girl - the buffet is open, why ain’t you eating?”

“What?” Allison laughed.
“You heard me Ally, don’t be such a picky eater there is lots to choose from.”
“Oh my god Valerie, you didn’t just say that.”

“Yes I did.” Val took a sip of her wine. “I don’t understand you. What you need to do is go and get yourself laid... before you forget how to do it or worse, get so wrapped up in your self-conscious self and be too scared to do it.”

Allison gulped and practically downed her entire glass of wine. Val could see right through her. “Umm I think I need a date first don’t you think?”
Valerie sucked her teeth, waving her hand at her friend. “Ally that is such a needless prerequisite. That is not necessarily the order of operations. Live a little.”

“Geez Val,” Allison sighed looking down at the floor where she was sitting, “I didn’t think you were coming down here to analyze me.”

Val’s face softened, she loved Allison dearly but she needed to hear this. “Look girl you know I love you more than I love my own sister... hell you are my sister. But you worry me. You are super talented, smart, sweet and nice and... AND the most uptight insecure control freak I know.”

Allison physically cringed at her words.

“Everything does not come in a super neat and tidy package sweetie. Hell even Angela is worried about you – and you know that 99% of the time that girl don’t worry about no one but herself.”

Allison knew this conversation was coming – but she wasn’t expecting to hear this.

“Tell me...” she smiled that smile that told Allison she was in trouble “when was the last time you had sex? I want you to tell me that.”

“Oh I dunno, it’s not like I am keeping count.” Allison grimaced.

“299 days... and counting” she added with emphasis.

“What? You are making that up!” Allison laughed.

“I am not. The last time you had sex was November 1986 – when we were in Vegas for our girls’ weekend and you hooked up with that accountant.”

“UH! For the last time, he wasn’t an accountant he was a cashier at the casino!” Allison said haughtily.

Valerie sucked her teeth again and put her hand on her hips. “I don’t care the whatever he was... he was bland and boring – you picked him right out – Ally what’s wrong with you?” She took another sip of her wine. “Why don’t you want a man that is equal to you or better than you, that just may knock you off your feet?”

“Because...” Allison could not think of good reason. “...because I don’t want a man right now.” she replied defensively.

“Oh my god – my best friend is going to be a spinster.” Putting her hand to her chest as if it was physically hurting her, “Come on girl, you know I don’t have the patience or the right shoes for no friend to be a spinster... I hate clunky heels!”

Allison laughed nervously playing with her wine glass. “Val, it is not that bad. I’ve had dates before, I have had boyfriends before, I am not that virginal.”

Val just looked at her and didn’t say a word.

“I just, it just... I don’t know what it is. I am focusing on my career and I just don’t seem to find time to meet anyone.”

Val came down to sit on the floor beside her. “Ally honey, it is because you don’t make the time. Your career is here. You are where you wanted to be. Look at you, you’re going on world tour with the biggest star in the world. I think you can stop focusing on making it and enjoy it.”

“All I am saying is you are letting every single guy... rich, poor, nice, good, bad, gorgeous just pass you by. You won’t even let them see the sale table before thinking they are gonna trash the store.”

Allison smiled – she loved how her friend could make her laugh while still reaming her out. She sighed... “I know, I know – I just don’t want to get hurt again.”

“Well I can’t promise you that, because you are who you are and you most likely will. But just try... try when you are away on this whirl wind trip of yours you will try to be more open to meeting people... don’t live your life through the camera – that’s all I am saying.”


Thursday, September 10, 1987

When her plane touched down at the Tokyo airport it was just before 3:30PM Thursday afternoon. With the flight time and the time difference it was actually 9:30PM LA time. But Allison wasn’t tired. She had managed to sleep quite a bit on the plane and she was high on adrenaline now that she was finally in Japan.

Her arrival came with just a little less fanfare than Michaels’ the day before. When Michael arrived there were more than 600 reporters, cameramen and hundreds of fans there to greet him. Even Bubbles got a bigger reception than she did. But that was okay with her she was happy to arrive quietly.

Michael had given her a few small details on the arrival and schedule. However Michaels’ personal assistant had followed up with her a couple days before leaving, giving her the complete details of her arrival, where she would be picked up and where she would be staying and so on. Everything was on a set schedule or timed or you needed to be at this or that place at this time so you could be picked up and arrive on time. It all sounded like a logistical nightmare to organize.

Mary had also advised her she would be pre cleared through customs with a minimal amount of paperwork to complete and that once she picked up her luggage and got to the passenger pick up area, where a driver would be waiting for her.

Once expedited through customs she picked up her bags on the carousel and went to the specialty items pick up area to get her equipment and then easily found her limo driver right way with the sign, Allison Wolf.

Traffic was heavy so by time she reached the Capitol Tokyu Hotel it was well passed 6 PM and the sun was already beginning to set. After sitting in the limo for almost two hours Allison was starting to get tired, but she wanted to get out, if only for an hour or two to cess out some photos of the downtown area at night and then tomorrow make a plan on how to tackle it.

Tomorrow night was going to be the tour kick off dinner at the hotel and the following night Michael’s tour opened. If she remembered correctly they would only be in Tokyo for 5 nights so she really wanted to get a plan organized in what she needed to do.

Allison checked into her room on the 5th floor and took a quick shower to freshen up. She unpacked a few items so they would not get too wrinkled. While she started getting dressed she noticed a brown manila envelope on her bed and what looked like a small welcoming basket from the hotel.

Dumping the contents of the envelope on the bed, Allison found several items that she would need throughout her stay in Japan. There was a complete itinerary, providing departure and travel days, hotel information and the dates of the stays, a list of important telephone numbers and in case of emergency numbers, and an all access tour pass so that she could come and go as needed.

Turning her attention to the basket, she noticed immediately it was not the usual hotel welcome basket with spa items, food or champagne... the item in the basket was wrapped loosely in tissue paper. On the top there was a plain folded white card that said Ms. Wolf. She unfolded the card and read the note inside and smiled...

“Welcome to Tokyo Allison... I am sure you will find lots of Japanese gardens to keep you occupied... I hope I don’t have to rescue you from any of them” See you soon, Michael

Putting the card aside, Allison pulled the item out, quickly discarding the paper to uncover a very colourful plush stuffed Koi. Oh my god! “This is so cute.” she squealed...

Finishing getting dressed she grabbed her 8mm camera and her trusty Nikon and her new traveling buddy and headed out. She didn’t expect to be too long as only a few of the landmarks were in walking distance.

She walked around the back and up the block and took a few shots for set up and found a nice spot on a terrace and shot some film to review tomorrow. Before she knew it was after 9PM, and she was exhausted. Her body had had enough. She didn’t think she could make it another minute awake. When she returned to the hotel and made her way to the elevator. She didn’t even notice she was being watched as two men approached her briskly.

“Ms. Wolf.” Turning her head at hearing her name, Allison saw the familiar face of Bill Bray walking towards her with another man she thought she had seen before, but wasn’t sure.
“Hey Bill. It is nice to see you.” she smiled.
“Allison, I am glad you are here – we have been looking for you everywhere.”
“Oh? Is everything okay?” asking with concern and now a bit more awake.
“Please come with me.”

They took a private side elevator up to the upper floors of the hotel where the doors opened to quiet hallway, turning down the hall they made their way to the end to a set of double black doors. Bill opened the door to the suite. It was dark except for a couple of lights by the window and the bright lights shining through from the city. Despite the darkness she immediately recognized the lithe frame walking towards them.

“Michael!” She smiled. He looked tired. “I got your...” she stopped mid sentence.
At first she thought he looked happy to see her, but as he got closer, he definitely did not look happy, he actually looked mad. He grabbed her firmly by the elbow and pulled her into the room. “Thank you Bill.” He said, closing the door quickly behind them.

He turned to face her. “Where have you been?” he whispered angrily.
Before she could answer he asked her another question. “Do you know nobody knew where you were? Nobody knew when you left, who you where with or when you would return...”

Michael let go of a deep breath. “You can’t just go running around... Allison we didn’t know where you... you should of told...” Allison cut him off. “I’m sorry I didn’t even think to tell anyone. I didn’t mean to worry anyone with my absence and I didn’t think anyone was expecting me to be...” “Well, I was expecting you. Bill was expecting you.” He said with exasperation.

He softened his grip on her, letting his hand slide down to her forearm. “Look it is really important that you understand this, okay?” he stated as a question but didn’t wait for her to answer. “You are here on tour with me. No going out without telling someone and no booking excursions without someone knowing where you are going or having someone accompanying you. Do you understand?”

Allison was tired, but that got her blood up. She stepped back, pulling her arm away from him, “I thought we agreed that I could do what I needed to do so I could get the best photos for you. I think that includes going out as I please.” She snapped.

“Uh! Girl you are soooo stubborn,” he turned away from her walking towards the window, “I don’t want to control you – but we have to know where you are. What if something happens to you? Or you don’t come back when you are supposed to.”

Allison smirked at his concern. “Michael... I think you are overreacting. What is going to happen to me? It is not like I am you... and no one even knows I am here.”

He turned back to face her.

“Really?” raising his eyebrows his voice dripping with sarcasm “You got here the day after me, you were expedited through customs – you are travelling with my crew. You are one of the few that are staying in the same hotels as me. Do you not think the press is going to get wind of that or figure it out? They snoop into everything!” he practically spat out.

Allison flinched at his words.

Realizing how angry he must have sounded, he walked back towards her, resting his hands gently on her shoulders. “I want you to be safe – it won’t take the press long to figure out you are travelling with the Tour. I don’t think it will cause you problems to begin with but eventually, especially as we travel, you just never know. You can’t trust them.”

He dipped his head down to bring his eyes level with hers, his hands sliding slowly down her arms. “Do you understand?”

Allison didn’t know if it was because she was tired or if she just felt bad or because he sounded so sincere or because her heart skipped a beat then sped up immediately when he touched her, his hands heating her skin. Meeting his gaze, nodding her head, “Sorry, I promise I won’t go out without telling at least one person where I am going. Okay?”

“Okay, good.” Michael shoulders finally relaxed. “So you must be tired if you been out since you arrived.” As if on cue, Allison yawned, reluctantly pulling one arm away from his grasp to cover her mouth, “Yeah I am pretty exhausted. I was just gonna go to bed... but I am glad I got to see you before bed though – even if you are yelling at me.” She added sardonically.

Michael raised his eyebrows.

“I wanted to thank you for the stuffed animal.” Her eyes lit up as she smiled at him. “He is so adorable and I am gonna take him with me every day, everywhere when I am taking your photos... so kinda like I am bringing you with me too.” She grinned again, proud of her idea.

Michael smiled, licking his lips, his brown eyes growing hotter and darker. “I am glad you liked it.”

Allison felt her heart start to beat faster again and her mouth went completely dry. Suddenly she was glad the room was so dimly lit, terrified her body language would give her away. He was still holding her other arm, his thumb gently rubbing back on forth against her wrist, his fingers loosely touching the inside of her palm. If she didn’t know better, she almost thought he was going to kiss her....“Oh my goodness she thought, how am I ever going to around him without always being so crazy silly with thoughts of him?”

She bowed her head looking at the floor. “I do.” She whispered, then leaning closer, she raised her face to his and kissed him on the cheek. “Goodnight Michael.”

Allison wasn’t the only one that was feeling the electricity between them, Michael felt it too. He had been worried about her when no knew where she was. He didn’t want her to feel like she was trapped here and couldn’t do her own thing, but he needed to have some level of control. He was running this show and he refused to let this tour turn into the fiasco the Victory Tour did.

He wanted to be advised and aware of everything that was going on. He knew that her flight had arrived on time and expected that he would see her at the hotel around dinner time. What he didn’t expect was for her to check in and check out so quickly with no one detecting her presence or her hasty departure.

He would speak to Bill about that tomorrow morning and to Mary about the scheduling of people coming and going. He had gone to long lengths to make sure this tour would run smoothly and he had a hand in everything. However, he couldn’t be on top of things 24/7, that is what he paid these people for.

When James called from the lobby advising she arrived back at the hotel and she was on her way up to his suite with Bill, he was still angry that she had been gone without a trace and then suddenly reappeared without anyone knowing her whereabouts - but mostly he was relieved she was safe... but then she turns it all around and gets upset with him because he was worried about her welfare.

Proving to him yet again that women make no sense!

When she thanked him for the little gift he had left for her, she gave him a sexy girlish grin. He forgave her at once... damn she is so sexy and doesn’t even know it. He had wanted to kiss her when she dropped her head to look at the floor. He was just about to tilt her face up to his lips, when she leaned up to kiss him on the cheek.

Thinking that maybe he had mistakenly gotten the wrong signals from her, he wrapped his free arm around her and gave her a gentle hug and said good night into her neck. But when she shivered against him and then he felt the multitude of goose bumps that arose up on her arm where he was caressing her he smiled inwardly, knowing she wanted the same thing.

He let her leave without the hint of recognition or revealing that he knew she wanted to be kissed as much as he wanted to kiss her.... and as he closed the door he chuckled to himself... “The next time you get that close to me, I am not letting you off so easy Ms. Wolf.”


  1. Oh dear,
    What a welcome. Tsk, tsk, tsk...
    It is not that I do not understand his concern, but seriously he needs to take it easy. First of all she is not a 12-year-old girl and second, how was she supposed to know about "the-you-are-with-MJ-rules-of-conduct."

    Or maybe he just likes he too much?

  2. Yeah, he likes her too much. I have just concluded so.
    I bet he had been walking back and forth in the suite for hours asking himself why she did not come and if she did not understand that he was eager to see her. Very eager!

  3. The MJ rules of ocnduct haha!! that is funny!
    Well , I guess there was such a thing , but , yes, she was not aware of them....
    So....they are already "circling"each other . moving faster than I thought.
    I am ?.....French toast and aprons ....heehee

  4. hahah... you two! Rules of conduct... How about rules of engagement maybe!

    Nope it is neither... I remember reading how involved Michael wanted to be in running the Bad Tour – he had his hand in everything – from back stage passes and who got free tickets... I am not sure if that is true or not – but I can totally see Michael wanting to know what is going with everyone... especially a certain someone... too bad she is not completely compliant

  5. OMG I love this update.... Michael was worried about her.. How sweet....Things are getting interesting between these two.. I have a feeling things are getting HOT....LOL...

    I have completely fallen in love with your story and cant wait to read more.......

  6. I am so glad you like it Forever. I love them too... and having fun with them

    We shall see, I think there might be a little steam in their future!

  7. Steam in the future that is always promising... LOL... I cant wait........

  8. Stopping in to show some love.. Cant wait for the next chapter.....

  9. Awwe thanks Forever... it is coming soon - a first kiss has to be perfect :)

  10. OMG a first kiss.... Wow I cant wait.. Now I am even more excited.... Your story is really great and I love it.. Thankx for sharing.....

  11. Cant wait for this update.....

  12. Forever... you are hilarious. You make me smile, I am so glad you like the story.

    All I can promise is it will be before the weekend...

  13. Ahw !! He was really worried about her and he hid it behind him wanting to be in control.. Yeah Mike, pull the other leg ! LOLOL They only just met once before and already his head is full of her ! Gooooood sign !!
    And please let there be lots of steam !

  14. Ingrid... girl you are gonna OD in one day... now you only have one left to read!

    I am thrilled you like it and I solemnly swear there will be lots and LOTS of steam..

  15. Very sweet how Michael was so worried about Ally. I'm surprised he was more concerned about the press finding out about her, rather than her walking around all alone in a foreign country at night with the chance of being mugged, kidnapped or worse.

    Now she can't stop thinking about him & he thinks she's sexy. I think I detect some sexual tension in the air!!



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