chapter eight – things i do for you

He left. She couldn’t believe he left her standing there in the middle of her suite.

After Michael had left, Allison stood there for a long time looking at the closed door. She thought maybe he was kidding at first, thinking he would return and open the door and say gotcha or that he was joking or something.

She walked over to the lounge and sat down and crossed her legs up Indian style on the soft cushions, pulling one onto her lap. What just happened? What did she say that was so wrong? Did he really not understand how birth control pills worked? Did he think she could just pick them up at the local store anywhere at any time? Did he really expect her to take care of the condoms?

Oh no, did he really say he had never even worn a condom? He couldn’t be that trusting could he? He did seem really flustered when they started talking about it. But that couldn’t be true, could it? So many questions swirled in her mind and the one and only person who could answer them, the one she wanted to talk to was too embarrassed to talk to her about it.

She thought back to their last night in Hong Kong when she told him she wasn’t on birth control and that they didn’t have protection... what did he say... I think maybe we should do something about that...

Oh crap! Was she the “we” in this? Did she make it seem like she would take care of it? Maybe she should have stopped him from kissing her and talked about it more? Oh god... she needed to figure this out. Why didn’t she stop him? Well she knew why... but now they were in this predicament. She wanted to call Val, but she knew Val would be ticked at her for not just going for it and would want to know why she wasn`t on the pill anymore... and that wasn’t a conversation she wanted to have.

She walked into the bedroom and changed her clothes. She then headed straight to the mini bar to look for a bottle of wine, but found none. She saw a few mini bottles of vodka and rum, but decided to pass on the hard liquor. When she closed the mini fridge, she saw a little cabinet beside it that must have housed the glasses. She took a peek inside and was rewarded with a bottle of red. She didn’t usually drink red wine, but right now it would have to do. She grabbed the bottle, the opener and a glass and headed out to the terrace.

Managing to successfully uncork the bottle with only a few bits of cork floating in the bottle, she poured herself an ample glass and relaxed back into cushions of the terrace sofa. She didn’t want to do this – but who was going to do this. There was only one way for them to have safe sex right now and that was with a condom. Even if she could find a doctor to see here in Australia, the pill took 1 - 2 full cycles, at the least, to be effective. There was no way she wanted to wait that long and she was positive he wouldn’t wait that long.

Suddenly, she remembered what he had said to her when she first met him at Hayvenhurst - He couldn’t go out on his own, not for some time.... almost never he had said.

Oh god Allison! How could you be so stupid? He hired you to take pictures because he couldn’t go out... how on earth did you expect him to get condoms??


Michael was relieved his brother had picked up the phone. He didn’t usually ask any of his family, including his brothers, for advice on anything. That included business decisions and especially anything to do woman. His brothers just didn’t have the same type of respect he thought they should sometimes. But he needed to get another take on this situation.

Michael had decided he wasn’t going to ask directly about condoms but just ask some general questions and it didn’t take him long to get answers he needed.

They talked a little bit about the tour and how it was going. Michael asked about the press in the US and how his tour was being reported. Self-consciously aware that he was not always received the same way in the US than he was overseas and was usually painfully reminded by the press. The conversation turned to his family, which was always drama filled and Michael really didn’t want to get into that one.

“I need to ask you something bro.”
“What’s up Mike?”
“When we were touring J,” Michael coughed and cleared his throat. “How did you know you could trust a woman?”
“What do you mean trust? You mean money?”
“No not money.” Man is that all his brothers ever thought of with woman.
“Then what?”
“You know...” He paused slightly embarrassed. “The woman we met when touring, the girls backstage.”
“Mike, be careful. What’s going on over there? I thought you weren’t into that.”
“I’m not and I am careful. It’s just this - ”
“Don’t get with no woman without a condom, you hear me.”
“What if they say - ”
He got interrupted again.
“Always protect yourself Mike, you don’t know if they are on the pill or not. Don’t play with your livelihood man – you can’t trust those girls.” Michael heard his brother chuckle on the end of the line. “You can play with’em but you can’t trust them.”
“Okay man, I got it.”
“Does that answer your question Mike?”
“Yeah J I think it does.”
The exchange a few other pleasantries and Michael ended the conversation with his brother.

He sat down on the leather chair and put his feet up on the matching ottoman. It made perfect sense. He already knew he could trust her. He had felt it from the first time they met. The conversation with his brother only confirmed it. If anyone would know, it would be them. They slept with everything and anything that moved in the 70s.

She had done the exact opposite of what his brother said not to trust. In the heat of the moment, she confessed immediately and told him she wasn’t on the birth control and now she made it clear that they she wanted him to wear a condom. She could have easily said nothing to him that night in Hong Kong when neither he nor she really wanted to stop and he never would have been any wiser.

He reached over and picked up the phone again and called Bill Bray.
“This is Bill Bray.”
“Hi Bill its Mike. I need you to get me something.”


Sunday, November 16, 1987

When Allison woke up the next morning she had already made the decision that she would take care of buying the “protection” herself. The way she saw it, there really was no other way.

Since she was starting to get know everyone on the tour and they were getting to know her – she didn’t want to shop anywhere close to the hotel where everyone was staying. She remembered seeing a drug store when she was at Bondi Beach a few days earlier and thought that might be her safest bet. She had a light breakfast and a quick shower and got ready to go.

Dressed in her running gear Allison took the main elevators down to the lobby. There were press everywhere. She chuckled, well I guess by now everyone knew where Michael was staying. There were also a lot and lots of fans hanging around the lobby and outside too. Walking out the front doors she pulled her Raiders’ baseball cap down low over her eyes and started out on her jog down to the beach.

45 minutes later she found the store she was looking for. Chemist Warehouse Superstore was right on Campbell Parade across from Bondi Beach. It wasn’t hard to find. Walking in to the large store she searched out and found the sexual health aisle. She looked cautiously over her shoulder. She had only bought condoms once before. It was with Val and it was one of the most embarrassing moments of her life. Especially when Val pulled out the biggest banana she had ever seen and told the shopkeeper we would like to “try before we buy!”

She shook her head smiling. God love you Val. Now she stood alone in aisle, wishing her crazy friend was there to make jokes and ease her tension. Breathe Allison this is normal... everyone one does this... well everyone except Michael Jackson of course... you can do this. Looking at the wall of latex, she was faced with an abundance of choices. There must have been over 50 different types / sizes to choose from.

Ansell and Durex seemed to be the brands of choice and had the most selection... there were sizes regular, large, king size, big man... fits that included, standard, form fit, ultra thin and featherlite... and lots of textures to choose from... checkmates, rough rider, stimuli and pleasuremax to name a few.

Oh god this was insane. Two months ago if someone had told her she would be standing in a drugstore on the other side of the world trying to determine which condom would fit Michael Jackson the best she would have laughed in their face. Yet here she was...not only deciding on which one would fit the best but standing there getting ready to decide on what condom she would need to buy for the possibility of having sex with Michael Jackson. Who does that?? She took a deep breath... relax she told herself. I am going to think about this logically and we will be okay.

Okay... she knew from their late night make out sessions he was at least a large if not a king size – umm, now what... she pulled a box off the shelf and was reading the descriptions on the package of featherlites when she felt like someone watching her... and then directly behind her...

“G’day girlie, fixing to get a dinger?”
Allison turned around to see a tall and lanky stock boy smiling at her.
“A dinger, a franger... ya know”
“Sorry, I’m not following you.”
“A condom. Not from around here is ya?”
“Errr no, sorry.”
He gave her a smile. “You’re a shy Sheila aren’t ya?
Allison blushed at his words. She knew what that meant.
He snagged one of the boxes from the wall and put it in her hands. “Well this one here is aces when you’re fixing to have a naughty.”
Then he walked back down the aisle as if he had just handed her a box of Kleenex.
She looked down at the box of condoms the boy had given her, Ansell’s King Size, UltraThins Platinum.

She chuckled. How embarrassing. Well, I guess he would know better than me she thought... and what did she have to lose – she might not even use them. She didn’t even know when or how she was going to tell Michael she had them now or how the conversation was going to come about. But at least she was prepared this time... thinking that there was no way she would be able to resist him the next time... if there was a next time.

She walked around the store and picked up a couple other non-essential items, trying to seem inconspicuous. After paying for her purchases, she thanked the cashier and walked out to the street, feeling the breeze on her face from the water across the street. It was just after 11 am, and it was already getting warm.

She crossed the wide busy street to the sandy entrance of the beach and removed her runners, stuffing her tennis socks inside them. When she stepped onto the warm sand, it felt like home. She walked down to the water’s edge, relishing the feel of the grains of sand between her toes. One thing was for sure, she was a beach girl. California born and raised, she couldn’t imagine living any place else.

She continued to walk along the wet sandy edge of the water until she reached the local cafe at the north end. The upper terrace patio looked quiet and inviting. She walked up the wooden steps and took an empty seat by the railing overlooking the water. She titled her head back to the sun and closed her eyes for a moment.

“G’day miss. What can I get ya?”
She opened her eyes to see a pretty middle age woman smiling at her.
“Hello.” She smiled. “A lemonade would be perfect, thank you.”

Down below the terrace patio she saw large Bull Mastiff and Black Labrador Retriever playing and frolicking in the surf. Again she felt the deep pangs of missing home. This had been the longest she had been from home in a long time and the longest she had ever left her yellow furry baby boy, Samson. Seeing the dogs below made her miss him even more. The server returned almost immediately with her lemonade and asked her if she needed anything else, which she quickly declined.

She closed her eyes again enjoying the sun on her face. She really was having the time of her life, even if you didn’t include the totally surprising and unexpected rendezvous’ with Mr. Jackson. It was turning out to be one of the most amazing trips she had ever taken. But she still missed being at home especially now that she was here in Australia. There was just something about the water; sun and sand that made her feel calm. She stayed at the patio for about an hour indulging in the warm sun and breeze. After finishing her drink and paying the bill, she grabbed a cab back to the hotel.

As soon as Allison got back to the hotel, she noticed immediately there seemed to be a lot less activity in and around the area. That told her either Michael had gone out or the hotel security had finally forced everyone out. When she got up to the 21st floor she realized it must have been the former, as it was too quiet up on the floor and there were no signs of security or any other activity down by Michael’s suite. She turned to enter her own suite just down the hall that was on the other side of the elevators from his.

“Hi Ally.”
Allison heart stopped for a moment.
She pulled the plastic bag behind her and turned in the direction of the voice.
“Oh hi Karen, where is everyone?”
“Their off to the zoo today. I thought you might be going too. You know to get some pictures.”
“Nah, you know animals are not my specialty.”
She laughed walking up to greet her. “I am sure you are better than average.”
Allison laughed too. “I am a hack at best.”
She touched Allison’s arm in gesture. “We missed you in Melbourne.”
“Yeah, I figured for the few days it would be better just to come straight here and get settled.”
“But you’re coming to the shows here and in Brisbane, yeah?”
“Yup for sure, I am.”
“Good,” she winked at her. “I think Michael is getting use to you being backstage.”
Allison smiled and blushed slightly, feeling goose bumps rise up on her skin. “I think I am getting use to seeing him from backstage too.”
Karen was amused how Allison blushed like a school girl. She really was smitten with him.
She raised her eyebrows at her. “It wouldn’t be too hard to get use to that, now would it?”
No not at all Allison thought, not at all. She could watch him perform everything single night and never tire of see him on stage.
“What’s in the bag? Please tell me you didn’t go and buy makeup. Anything you need I have, I am sure.”
Allison gulped. She was not a good liar.
“Umm no... I got a... umm their” grabbing at her long waves with her free hand. “It’s... hair things... I mean hair ties.”
“Oh did you get a good deal? Michael is always in need of those.”
“Yeah, yeah.... they’re good. Just plain ones, nothing fancy.”
“Oh you will have to tell me how they fit.”
Allison’s eyes opened wide. “I’m sorry?”
“You know if they are too tight or loose.... or if they get tangled up in your hair...” she pointed to Allison’s hair, “...your hair is so fine and you have such kinky waves.”
She nodded. “Right. So what are you up to now Karen?”
“Not much, you have something in mind?”
“Yeah... I was thinking of heading over to the Opera House, you wanna join me?”
“Love to. Can you give me a few minutes to get changed?”
“Sure thing.”

They agreed to meet in the lobby in 15 minutes. While Karen changed Allison packed away her purchases and grabbed her equipment and a few rolls of film and tried to recover from her hallway conversation. There was no way that Karen knew she had purchased condoms. If Michael couldn’t even say them, she was pretty sure he wasn’t talking about them to his makeup artist. She was more nervous than she thought.

The Opera House was only about a mile away, situated on Bennelong Point in the Harbour. It was an easy walk straight up from their hotel on Elizabeth Street. She had seen it in pictures but it did not do it justice. As they walked up on it, it was an impressive sight. Allison stopped to take some “professional” type photos lining them up with her portable tripod and then got Karen in some fun touristy type shots. It was fun to have company and Karen was quite chatty.

Going in they paid for their guided tour and joined the others waiting. The tour guide was a young outgoing girl from Brisbane named Katrina. “Call me Kate,” she beamed before starting the tour.

As she toured them around, letting them stop for photos, she gave them some interesting facts about the building. Kate explained that a competition had been held for the design of the Opera House in the 50s and that, Joem Utzon, a Danish architect was declared the winning designer in January 1957. The construction lasted almost a full 14 years, starting in 1959 and completed in 1973.

It was one of the most photographed and one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. It cost over a 100 million dollars to build, it was 185 metres long and 120 metres wide. It included 1000 rooms and held 3000 events each year. It provided tours each year to over 200,000 people and had an annual audience of 2 million for its performances. She also told them the roof was in pre-cast concrete sections and that some of the sections weighed up to 15 tons. There were also over 1 million tiles on the roof and the roof sections were held together by 350 km of tensioned steel cable as well that the entire structure had 6225 square metres of glass.

After the tour they sat out on the bistro patio and shared a sweet chocolate dessert and had coffee. Karen was pretty easy company and sharing small talk with her made Allison feel closer to Michael. After enjoying their afternoon sweets, they took their time and walked back to the hotel and window shopped as most of the stores were closed on Sunday. Karen told her that Michael had a private dinner this evening, but she could meet for dinner later on if she was interested. Allison declined, asking for a rain check, wanting to call it an early night. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions the last couple of days and she just wanted to relax.

Back in her suite she ordered a light meal from room service and watched the local early news, where of course, Michael was their main story. He had spent the day at the zoo and they showed him walking around with Bill and lots of smiling children. They continued with their news, saying tonight he was going to be attending a private charity dinner being held at the Opera House.

She frowned thinking how funny that she was just there today, but they could not be there together. After watching the news she turned off the television and sat out on the terrace finishing the rest of the red wine from the previous night. The wine only made her sleepy and she headed to bed early. By 10 pm she was fast asleep, but she was so restless in her sleep and woke up only a short time later.

She lay in bed counting backward from 100 for what seemed like the 100th. It was no use, she couldn’t sleep. She was too wired up, too worried, and too consumed with thoughts of Michael. He was only just down the hall, but it seemed as if he were miles away. She rolled out of bed she sat at the edge of the mattress and glanced at the clock. 12:12 am the red luminous digital dial taunted her.

Pushing herself up she picked up the hotel robe she had left on the end of the bed. Wrapping the plush cotton around her slim frame she padded to the bathroom and she splashed water on her face. She found it stuffy in the room and she walked out to lounge area and opened the terrace doors. On the news they had said they were having a warmer than usually November. It had been a very warm day and it was warm night too. She stepped out onto the terrace to get some fresh air. Being able to go out on the terrace reminded her of home. The weather was similar at this time of year, probably because they were both on the coast and by the water.

Normally if she couldn’t sleep at home, she would go down to the pool in her apartment complex and swim laps until she was tired. Thinking that might be a good idea she searched around her suite and found the leather bound hotel amenities binder. She discovered there was a roof top indoor pool right there on the 21st floor. It didn’t get any better than that and like most fancier hotels, services like room service, fitness facilities and pools were accessible 24 hours.

She picked up the top portion of her suit she had been wearing earlier in the day that had been discarded on the bedroom chair before going to bed. Rummaging through her luggage she found the bottom to her yellow two-piece and changed into the set. Wrapping the robe around her again she snatched a large towel from the bathroom. Putting her room key in her pocket she quietly made her way down towards the pool. She looked down towards Michael’s suite. All was quiet down the hall and no one was out front.

Down at the far end, she looked through the frosted glass doors to the pool before entering. It was empty. She stepped in onto the warm rough ceramic tile and closed the door behind her. It was quiet, except for the low hum of the water filters. The room was bathed in a soft yellowy green glow. It was a good sized pool with cozy looking loungers and chairs dotted along the deck of the pool. The pool itself was surrounded by windows that overlook the harbour and Sydney skyline. There was a domed glass roof that during the day must have allowed the sunlight to shine through. Right now all she could see was a dark blue glow.

She discarded her robe on a lounger and brought her towel with her to the side of the pool. Testing the water with her toes, she found it to be the perfect temperature. Dropping the towel on the deck by the edge she sat down on the side and slipped into the pool. She felt better already. This was just what she needed to relax. She tilted her head back into the water and submersed her head. Perfect... it was salt water.

She started to glide her body effortlessly through the water slowly doing a modified breaststroke. She was a strong swimmer and she barely made a ripple in the water as she increased the speed of her laps. Changing to a freestyle swim she began tucking and rolling to turn underwater at the ends. She swam without stopping for several continuous laps, feeling the stress leaving her body, finally coming to stop at the far edge of the pool that looked out over the skyline.

She took a few moments to catch her breath, she was tired now and her mind completely at ease. She turned around dipping her head under the water and was about to make the swim back to get her towel and robe, when she caught someone out of the corner of her eye sitting across at the other end of the pool. She rubbed the water from her eyes. She gulped and had to catch her breath again. It was Michael. He was leaning back sitting in the lounger where she had taken off her robe. His posture, almost the same as the first night he kissed her, legs open bent at the knees on either side of the lounger. He was perfectly still and she felt as if his eyes were burning into her.

She took a deep breath and she swam up slowly to the other side keeping her head above water and her eyes on him. She dipped her head under again before getting ready to come out. Placing her hands on the edge of the pool she noticed immediately her towel was no longer where she thought it was. She searched along the deck thinking it was further over. Nope, not there... she looked at Michael, who had a small but mischievous grin on his face and her missing towel lying neatly across his one knee.

She looked up to his face again, noticing for the first time he still had his Ray Bans on. He didn’t say a word and neither did she. She couldn’t see his eyes, yet she looked directly at them and gave him a look, raising her hands from the water as if to say, “umm hello why is my towel over there and not where I left it?” He adjusted his glasses slightly, but didn’t remove them and then used that same hand to curl his index finger in a come here motion. She shook her head in disbelief. He was such a clown and he looked so damn good, he made her nervous. How can anybody always look so yummy all the time? Adjusting her suit to make sure she was secure within it she pushed herself up and onto the deck and stood to walk the short but long 20 feet towards him.

Michael was enjoying this enormously. When he returned to his suite from the private dinner party, he thought he would check out the pool to see if it had a slide. But what he ended up checking out was Allison in her little yellow bikini. He watched her swim so easily across the pool, her strong body propelling her with long smooth strokes along the surface of the water. He loved to swim as well, but really couldn’t do so outside anymore. This would be the perfect place to swim, especially if she was paddling around in that swim suit.

He stole her towel and now he was watching her warily make her way to him to get it back. She had the perfect little body, lean, tight yet soft and bouncy in all the right places. Her legs were by far his favourite body part... slim, strong, tanned and sun kissed. She had a nice round bottom too with a flat tummy. Her breasts were small, but still a handful and fit nicely in his hand. He drank her in, admiring her as she walked towards him. She had nothing to be shy about, but he loved that she was.

When she reached the edge of the lounger she made a gesture for the towel. Michael shifted back and shook the towel open and opened his legs wider patting the space between his legs for her to sit down. Turning around she wrung out her hair on the deck to remove as much water as possible then moved to sit down with her back to him. He leaned back slightly wrapping the towel and his arms around her. He pulled her closer to him so that her back was flush against his chest resting his chin on soft cotton of the towel on her shoulder. She instinctively relaxed back into his embrace and inhaled deeply. His scent, the one she was beginning to identify as distinctly him, invaded her senses.

They sat there on the lounger for a few moments, breathing in rhythm, both of them savouring the closeness of their position.
Finally he placed a soft lingering kiss at the base of her neck by her collar bone. “I’m sorry.”
Allison wasn’t sure if she should speak. “It’s okay Michael.”
“No let me finish.”
She didn’t say anything.
“I am sorry I walked out on you. You just threw me for surprise there last night. I was being honest when I said I have never worn a con... worn one before. And sometime I don’t know who to trust or what people want from me and –“
“Michael what could I have to gain by asking you to wear a con - ”
“Girl, will you let me finish?”
“- so when people go and do something completely opposite of what everyone else does or what I am not expecting I am not always sure how to react. My tendency is to believe they have some other motive. And I get defensive or shut those people out.”
He was quiet again.
“Well I don’t...” Her voice trailed off waiting to see if he would interrupt her. “Other than wanting to be protected I don’t want anything. This is all very overwhelming for me Michael. Maybe you are use to this lifestyle but I’m not and...” she wasn’t sure if she should finish her thoughts.
She sighed... “And I don’t want a mistake to come out of something that could be nothing. This is all very romantic... the travelling all over the place, staying in 5 star hotels, having people taking care of me, but there is a real life after this that I have to go back to and it’s pretty boring compared to this one.” She took a deep breath and shifted in her seat “I don’t want to get hurt or have to deal with a situation I really don’t want to deal with.”
There she said. It was not what she had intended to say at all. She was going to play it cool, like being with him, having this conversation was no big deal. But instead she let her insecurities out all in one big rush of thoughts.
They were silent again.
“Okay.” He paused. “Just for the record, I am not use to living this lifestyle either, but it is part or who I am.” He stopped again to clear his throat and put his lips closer to her ear. “And I would never leave you to deal with any situation by yourself. Okay?”

They sat there for a little while longer in silence. She leaned back into him and closed her eyes. She really was tired now, but she wasn’t sure what had drained her more the swim or the conversation.
Michael wasn’t tired, but he sensed that she was. He pushed himself up to straddle the chair behind her.
“Come on girl, lemme get you to your room.”
He grabbed her robe in one hand and pulled her up from her seated position with the other.
Holding his hand, she trailed behind him as he led her to her suite and inside her room.

Standing inside her door her took off his glasses and looked at her with solemn eyes. He rubbed his thumb back and forth across the top of the hand he was he was holding.
“I have a few things I have to do the next couple days, but I’ll see you at the rehearsal on Wednesday?”
She looked up and nodded. “Yes.”
“And are we okay?”
She smiled. “Yes we are."
He smiled back, “Good” and leaned in kissing her sweetly on her lips.

When he left she stripped off her damp suit and crawled into bed, not bothering to put her night clothes back on. She fell promptly into a deep relaxed sleep, not moving until late the next morning.


Monday, November 17, 1987
The next morning...

Billy Bray stopped pacing up and down the main foyer of the suite and looked at his boss.
“Mike, I don’t like this.”
“Well Bill, you don’t have to like it. You just have to be aware.”
Billy Bray rolled his eyes. He was probably the only current employee of Michael Jacksons that could do that in front of his boss and not get fired instantly.

Bill had been working for the Jackson’s since Michael was a little boy. First, he had worked for Motown and then for the Jackson Five as head of security in 1971. He was hired by Joseph Jackson with one task, keep Michael safe, out of trouble and out of harm's way. He was perfect for the job. He became like a father figure to Michael when he needed it. When the Jacksons left Motown in the late 70’s he left as well. Now he worked exclusively for Michael, travelling with him everywhere.

Bill was always very careful and professional in his job, but occasionally he needed to remind Michael he might need to be more careful. He understood that Michael wanted to do normal things like normal men, but Bill had seen it all with Michael, it was almost impossible for that to ever happen.

Michael respected Bill immensely, but sometimes he needed to do things the way he wanted and that meant going against Bill’s better judgement. He was going to do it, like it or not and he wasn’t taking no for answer.

“Mike, I can take care of whatever you need.”
“No Bill you can’t take a care of this for me. Not this time.”
Michael looked in the mirror and adjusted the oversized jacket he had just pulled on.
“Well then at least let me accompany you.” Bill really wasn’t happy about this, it was too risky.
Michael looked at Bill in the reflection of the mirror.
“No, I need to do this alone. And everyone knows you are the head of my security team.”
Bill recognized when the conversation with Michael was over and not changing.
“Does this have anything to do with a certain young lady down the hall?”
“Maybe, but that is besides’ the point.”
Michael turned around to face Bill.
“How do I look?”
Bill shook his head. “Like Michael Jackson with a disguise on.
“Really...” He turned back to the mirror as he adjusted the false teeth. “I tink I wook good.”


  1. Whaaaat?!
    No comments on this beautiful baby?

    Tsk, tsk, tsk...

    Well,let me repeat what I have already told you. I enjoyed this chapter immensely - but I am with Bill. What is Michael thinking?
    He CANNOT possibly go out and buy condoms, not even in a disguise.

    Michael, Michael, Michael...
    Think with your head, not that other...uhm...thing.

  2. Ahw... you posted this yesterday and you didn't tell me ?! I came in here to check and I was very pleasantly surprised !! I'm glad she understood that he could not go out and did some purchases herself ! Wow, I didn't know there were so many different "ones". LOL I laughed hard how you described when she went shopping for them with Val !! The banana !! Hilarious !

    Michael is a naughty boy... watching her swim, taking her towel from her.. LOL I expected him to do something else with her bikini... Heehee.. but he was good. So now he is going out to buy some himself ?? Why did she not tell him that she bought them ? He's going to be in trouble when he goes out !! Can't Bill go ? LOL "I tink I wook good" LOLOLOL I would've loved to see that but well, since I have a vivid imagination... I don't think he's looking sexy.. hahaha !!

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  4. Ingrid... hello honey. Yeah, sorry I am terrible at telling people I am writing... but I am also travelling back home - so it slipped my mind - I guess I should start tweeting or emailing.. LOL

    I am enjoying Val very much myself she is too much - I wish I was that funny in life.

    Now... she actually was going to tell him - when she first said it was okay - but he wanted to talk - and then by the time she spoke, she was too busy sharing her fears that she forgot she had a latex party in her camera bag! So now Michael, being the gentleman that he is, feels like he needs to take care of it...

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