chapter seven - moving violation

Sunday, November 1, 1987

Allison wandered aimlessly through the busy shopping concourse of the Hong Kong airport. It was still early but most of the stores were open and full of activity with traveller traffic. Her flight didn’t leave for more than an hour and she was feeling restless. Bill, who had dropped her off, had offered to stay and keep her company until her departure but she let him off the hook. But now she was really wishing she still had one last tangible connection to Michael before not seeing him for 2 weeks.

“Ugh,” she smacked her lips looking down at the cup Styrofoam cup in her hand cringing at the bitter taste of the cold coffee she was drinking. “I need my tea.”
Looking around she spied a bakery shop down one of the corridors. She quickly dumped the cup and its contents in the nearest trash bin and sauntered over.

She could smell the sweetness of the baked goodies before entering. It smelled utterly delicious. This will make me feel better she thought. Ordering her tea she gazed at all the yummy goodness on display just for her – sticky buns, rolls, tarts, cookies and cream puffs.
“Oooohh give me two of those please.” She said pointing to the pecan tarts.

After paying the cashier she plunked down on a cushioned barstool at the glass front window to watch the streams of people walking by. It seemed odd to be out in public doing ordinary things. Everyone was going about their daily lives as if nothing had changed yet everything seemed different to Allison.

She had just spent the most glorious two weeks in Hong Kong, with the last one being virtually in the exclusive company of Michael in the most surreal environment. It was as if she had been in a bubble the last 2 weeks and now her Michael bubble had burst. She had spent so much of her time with him lately it seemed odd to not be seeing him.

She felt herself grow warm, a smile playing on her lips, thinking of their night together last night. Last night with Michael had been incredible and they came incredibly close to dissolving their take it slow agreement. She had instigated the agreement but last night she so wanted to forget slow and forge ahead into oblivion!


They were on the bed, after moving from the sofa. Her top was long gone and her pants went soon after. Now she was clad in only her bra and panties and Michael, his jacket and shirt discarded on the floor, his t-shirt un-tucked from his trouser that were half unbuttoned. Her hand pressed and rubbed up against his erection through his boxers. His hand was on her, caressing her, his palm rubbing persistently over her lacy covered breast as he kissed and licked her neck. Her heart was pounding and she was breathing hard, her back curving up revelling in his touch. He was breathing hard as well, his moans coming out harsh as he moved to kiss her mouth. Allison kissed him back until she was trembling and so hot and burning she thought her skin was on fire.

He moved his hand slowly down her body, down between her legs and touched her lightly through the thin white cotton barrier of her panties making her moan in pleasure.
He groaned. “You feel so warm.” His voice pulsed along her skin.
He slipped his fingers beneath the elastic of the leg opening on her left side, sucking in his breathe as he lightly touched her, feeling her heat.
As his fingers touched her and caressed her, alarm bells went off in her head.
“Oh god... oh god no.” She wanted this so badly – but they had to stop.
She reluctantly pulled her hand away from him to pull at his wrist. “Michael.”
His head dropped and he released a heavy sigh. He brought his hand up along to her hip to her waist, sliding up her back and under her hair against her neck.
“Girl you know I want you.” He sounded frustrated.
He waited for her to answer. His brown eyes were dark and intent on hers.
“And I know you want me too,” he paused and licked his lips “I can feel it.”
She nodded, but remained silent, with no doubt she wanted him.
“Then what’s the problem?”
“I am so sorry... it’s just” her voice quiet started to waver. “...I’m not on birth control and we don‘t have anything to protec...” She stopped, feeling the heat rising in her face from her embarrassment.
He stared at her for a long while as if he was fully digesting what she had said, his eyes dark and ablaze with desire. He bowed his head, his lips kissing her again slowly and sensually as his tongue explored her mouth, then slowing kissing along her jaw line to her ear.

He whispered huskily, “I think maybe we should do something about that.”


Shaking her head slightly she came out of her day dream when she heard the boarding call for her flight to Taipei. She smiled at the memory of his words. “We should do something about that...” Goodness even discussing the uncomfortable but necessary method of birth control was sexy with him. I am soooo in trouble.

A quick flight over and short limo drive away she was in her new temporary “home.” Once checked in she thought she should catch up on her postcards. That was so unlike the Allison everyone knew. Whenever she travelled she always wrote or called. She had made a couple obligatory calls, but that was it. She had now been travelling for almost 2 months and had not sent a single card or letter to anyone, she was never gonna hear the end of it.

The Sheraton hotel she was staying at was centrally located, making it easy for her to find a touristy shop for the cards. A couple blocks down she found a news stand with lots of cards to choose from. After looking around she picked up a stack of postcards and also picked up a few trinkets and tee shirts for Marcus’s girls.

Back in her room she sat down at the black lacquered desk and tired to figure out what to say... She started to write.

“Hi Mom and Dad... sorry I haven’t written I have been busy...”
“Greeting from Taipei Mom and Dad, I can’t believe I have been...”
“Mom & Dad! Hi, sorry for the delay I can’t seem to do anything but”

“Crap!” Ruining the third postcard in a row she sat up at the in the chair.
But what?? “I am too busy falling head over heels for the biggest star in the world.... and scared to death he will break my heart.”

How did you write that? She honestly didn’t have a clue what to say or how to even start writing. Resting her hands in her palms she stared out her window.

She looked at bedside a clock. It was just after 2pm. She called down to the front desk and found out it was out it was just after 10PM the night before in California.
“Thank you, do you think you could assist me with a call?”
“I will be happy to assist you. What is the number you wish to connect to?”
Allison gave the number to the lady on the phone.
“You should be connected any moment.”
“Thank you.”
Allison heard the few clicks a short pause and then the phone ringing on the other end, then the machine pick up.

“Hello there... you have connected to Val’s machine; sorry she is nowhere to be seen. Wait for the beep and you know what to do. Ciao!”
Allison sighed... why did she think Val would be home on a Saturday night.

“Hey Val, it’s me Ally. Sorry to call you so late, I was wishing... not wishing, I was hoping to talk and say hi and you know catch up with things with and... sorry I seem to be rambling.”
She released a sigh.
“I am staying at the Sheraton in Taipei, if you wanna call me the number is 886-2-2321551 Room 1212. You don’t have to... I, I just wanted to let you know I was alive. Love you.”

“Well that didn’t sound too desperate??”

Chucking to herself, she brushed the hair from her face tying it back, she decided to go out and do the one thing that eased her mind and relaxed her the most. She checked her camera bag for sufficient film and batteries and then checked the rest of her camera gear to make sure everything was in order. She had a couple of different lenses and filters besides the one that was on her Nikon. She noted that she would need some 800 ASA film additional protective canisters to save them from the heat and light especially when she got to Australia.

Picking up her trusty Nikon she packed it on the one side of her bag. On the other side she could see the stuffed koi that Michael had given her when she arrived in Japan. She hadn’t really seen it since leaving Japan, given she wasn’t really using her camera bag while she had been in Hong Kong or mainland China. Now she pulled it out and stared at it up close. Narrowing her eyes and grinning at it, she said aloud. “You got me into this little fuzzy fish. I guess you better come with me.”

Slinging her camera bad over her shoulder she took the elevator down to the main floor. The lush red carpet cushioned her steps as she walked down the corridor to the hotel lobby. The young girl at the travel desk gave her a schedule for the local MRT, the transit system for Taipei. She also gave her some suggestions and brochures on what the best sites would be to visit during her stay. She got a little surprise when she suggested a Hall just up a few blocks from the hotel.

She already knew that Taiwan was known for its mountainous regions, national parks and coast lines. It was a nature photographers dream, but her side trip to Hong Kong had changed a few things so she needed to rethink her strategy and points she wanted to target. What she didn’t know was that there was National Memorial Hall dedicated to Dr.Sun Yat-sen only a couple of kilometres down the road from her hotel.

She got directions from the travel desk and walked out to her destination. It was much less humid than Hong Kong so she enjoyed the walk and the local culture. Taipei was ultra modern city, yet soaked in history, with endless glitzy malls and quirky restaurants surrounded by various prayer temples and museums. She chuckled when she saw a couple of nuns out shopping on scooters.

It took her about 30 minutes to walk from her hotel to the hall. Once there she got a ticket and went inside to take a quick look around, as it closed at 5PM. On her way out, she stopped by the gift shop and purchased a book on the hall and then headed outside and shot a few rolls of film. Satisfied she had gotten all the pictures she wanted she hoped on the MRT back to the hotel.

By the time arrived in the lobby it was well past dinner time. She ordered room service. Having a quiet dinner in and looked at the travel brochures. It was time to get back to reality and bet back to life outside of the ‘Michael bubble.”

*ring, ring*
*ring, ring*
“What the heck?”
*ring, ring*
*ring, ring*

Allison looked at the clock by her bed, it was 3AM. Her phone was ringing.

She groggily reached for the phone. “Hello?”
“Is this the world famous photographer Allison Wolf?”
She smiled wide, “Ohmygod Val, is that you?”
“Well it ain’t your mother baby girl.”
“Aaaaaaah. Val! Hiiiiiii.”
Clearing her throat Valerie smiled into the phone. “Jesus H Ally, took you long enough to call me!”
She stifled a yawn. “I’m sorry Val it has been crazy over here but crazy good you know.”
“Yeah? So how’s it traveling with the circus?”
Allison rolled over to the side, turning on her bed side light and sat up “Huh, the circus?”
“Nothing Ally, tell me what’s been going on.”
“Oh gosh, there is so much to tell. Let me think where to start.”

Allison recounted her last 7 weeks. Telling her about Japan and the travels and seeing Michael perform and how crazy they were about him over there. She also told her about her side trip to Hong Kong and mainland China. She talked about everything she has done or seen so far leaving out the small details of one certain man.

Val listened as her friend chatted away about her travels and the sights and sounds of being on tour. But she knew her well enough that there was something going on and she wasn’t sharing it freely.

“So... what’s going on honey? Is everything okay over there?”
Allison swallowed loudly. “Yeah, it is good.” She could never lie to Val. Maybe that is why she called her, so she could get it out.
“Umm, hello - Ally, I can hear it in your voice. I heard it in the message you left on my machine. What’s wrong?”
She pulled the covers up to her chin, as if hiding, covering over her mouth against the receiver. She whispered and spoke really quickly. “imetsomeone.”
“What? You need medicine... Allison speak up.”
“Uh...well, I met someone.”
“What? You met someone.... you did not? Really?”
Allison smiled, rolling her eyes to the side. “Yes really, but” she took a deep breath “it is kinda complicated.”
Val sucked her teeth, “Woman! When isn’t it complicated? It’s a man isn’t it?” She turned off her TV and walked into her kitchen to get a glass of wine.
“Well, well... whaddya know you had to cross the Pacific to find someone.”
Allison laughed at her friend and the irony of it all.
“Well come on girlie, I need details, details... where’d you meet him, what’s he do, what’s he like, what’s his name and you now all that good dirty stuff too.”
She paused then decided it was now or never and what did she have to lose with Val. “His name is Michael.”
Val chuckled. “Really Michael? Now that is funny, what a coincidence!”
“So what does he do?
“Is he travelling with the tour? Or is he a local boy... with a name as plain as Michael, I figure he must be -”
“No Valerie...” she interrupted. “’s Michael.”
She sounded annoyed. “Yeah Michael you said that.”
“No Val...”
“Michael.” She said his name slowly.

Allison gulped. There was dead silence on the phone. She thought maybe they had been disconnected or maybe Val passed out from disbelief.
“Val?” She counted to 10; she could hear breathing so that was good.
“Hello? Val talk to me.”
“I think I need a bigger glass of wine.”
“Val, please talk to me, I am freaking out here.”
“Jesus H Ally... I am freaking out too. Michael Jackson? The Michael Jackson?”
She chuckled. “You couldn’t go for someone a little less... well just a little less Michael Jackson.... you know like Richard Marx or something??”
Allison laughed aloud then smiled, it wasn’t an easy feat to freak-out or faze Valerie, but only she would be able to come back with a funny joke at the same time.
“Oh god Val, I wish you were here!”
“Yeah I wish I was there too so I could see this in action.”
Allison blushed again covering her cheeks. “Oh god it is crazy, isn’t it?”
“Yes it is.” Valerie shook her head. “Hold on one minute.”
Allison could hear some slight shuffling in the background and cupboard doors opening and closing. Finally she heard her pick up the phone.
“Alright, I am sitting with a full glass of Chardonnay with the bottle front and centre and the only two smokes I could find in the house, so let’s hear it.”
Allison took a breath. “Umm, okay well -”
“And don’t skip anything.” She added.

Valerie listened while she told her everything she could recall and remember, about arriving and seeing him, the koi and the note and taking pictures. Then she had to backtrack and tell her about what happen at Hayvenhurst and the pond... “...umm sorry I didn’t tell you but it was so embarrassing...” How she thought she felt something from the beginning... “...but it is Michael Jackson so yeah you think it, but it can’t be right, right...” about seeing him perform live and rehearsals the dinners and talks. “This job is so crazy I don’t feel like it is real.” She explained how he seemed shy, but when you spent time with him he was really very strong, but calm and gently and sweet and funny and kind and.... “Oh god, what have I gotten myself into.”

Val was quiet for a moment then laughed. “What I wanna know is what has gotten into you... and Ally you better say Michael Jackson.”

“Val...” Allison closed her eyes as if to hide from the heat of the full body blush that covered her from head to toe heating her entire body in an instant.
“Don’t Val me... I want hear it.” Valerie knew how she was, but it was good to hear her friend sound so out of control... and right now she sounded downright over the top senselessly happy!

“Oh. My. God. Valerie... he is so unbelievable hot I can’t stand it. He is so sexy, and so freaking gorgeous and oh my god I don’t even know what to do.” She stopped to catch her breath. “I see him and I melt. He talks to me and I can’t respond and when he touches me... oh Val when he touches me I can’t even breathe, I can barely touch him back.”

Valerie was grinning nodding her head “Yeahhhh honey, exactly as it should be... I love it. Except you gotta touch him back! Tell me you are touching him back.”

She wrapped her one arm around her knees rocking back and forth. “Yeah,” smiling a big goofy grin “I’m touching him back. Val I can’t even explain, I am getting warm just telling you about it, thinking about it and I need of a cold shower.”

“Ally baby, you are a huggable lovable huggie bear, this is wonderful and exactly what you need. Enjoy it for what it is and stop worry about it. This is so much better than the accountant!”

Allison was too happy to even bother correcting her friend.

They talked a bit longer about the trip and how things were in the USA. Val told her that the hype for Michael’s first solo tour was huge and he was on TV almost every day and on a new magazine cover almost every week. She asked if she had seen any of the negative press but Allison told her everything over there was positive and Michael was being treated like royalty. By the time they got off the phone the sun was about to come up.

Still tired Allison forced herself out of bed and trudged to the shower hoping the warm water would ease her tired muscles. She needed to get moving. She had only planned to spend one more night in Taipei then she would be going south to the natural areas of Taiwan. Today her plan was to hit the National Palace Museum. The collection of cultural artifacts held by this particular Museum was quite extensive and including treasures inherited from the Sung, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

Originally she wasn’t planning to come this far north in Taiwan, but she had read about the Museum in Hong Kong when Michael was “vacationing” with MTV filming the promo for his tour. At first she was disappointed he would be working after asking her to come to Hong King with him. She knew she really couldn’t blame him of course. It was his job to promote himself and be accessible to the press. It also gave Allison the chance to discover and explore other areas of Hong Kong that she never would have seen. As well, investigate other interest she could see. So it worked out regardless as the NPM, as it was called, was supposed to be one of the top 10 museums in the world.

Arriving at the museum early the first thing that caught Allison eye was the grounds. They were spectacular. If nothing else they would be worth her trip out here. But the museum was quite beautiful as well. It was built in the traditional style of a Chinese palace and was decorated with corbels and a colourful green tiled-roof. Paying to go in she grabbed her guide maps and a picked up a pamphlet on the history of the museum.

The museum first opened in October 1925 in Beijing’s Forbidden City in Northern China. However, by 1933 preparations were made to move the museum southward due to the increasing pressure of the Japanese Army that had invaded China in 1931. By the late 1930s the museum had been moved southwards more than a few times with piece scattered all over. By 1948 due to internal unrest in the country the current museum director made the decisions to move some of the items across the water to Taiwan. This eventually led to the Palace Museum being built in Taipei. The museum was finished in the summer of 1965 and opened to the public in November.

Taking out the level 1 map she started off to the main hall. Normally museums were not her first interest. She usually preferred to be outside, but she was fascinated by the amount of history documented within walls of the museum, especially all painted hand scrolls and inked silk screens. She read in the booklet that the museum rotated its exhibits every 3 months and it took 12 years to complete a full cycle. Not feeling the need to rush, she took her time strolling down the corridors and in the exhibit rooms on the first two levels. There was so much to see she only stopped once for a quick snack and drink at the teahouse on the fourth level. By the time she made it back outside to the Zhishan Garden it was it was late in the afternoon.

The Garden was to the right of the main entrance of the museum and it covered more than 4½ acres. It was so beautiful. She was kind of disappointed she hadn’t come out earlier. It was very similar to the style of Japanese Gardens she had visited in Japan, with a few differences, but just as spiritual and peaceful.

In the guide booklet, she found by the entrance, it stated that the Garden was based on traditional Chinese garden designs using architecture, rock stacking, waterscapes, plants, borders, and scenic routes. There was a quote that described the Chinese garden as a euphemistic poem or a long unfolding landscape painting.

She spent more than two hours walking along the paths that led around the garden stopping frequently to take pictures or just to take in the scenery. There were several large ornate wooden pavilions and brides throughout garden as well as two large ponds and a winding pathway of water that ran through the entire garden. In the larger pond, called Dragon Pond, dozens of colourful mandarin ducks splashed around playfully and the water was filled with hundreds of koi swimming freely about. The garden marked the perfect end to a great day.

She opted to grab a taxi back to the hotel. Giving the driver the business card of the hotel, which provided the address, she sat back in the seat and relaxed. When she got back into her hotel room it was well past 8 pm and she was exhausted. It had been a long day, especially considering she had been up since 3 am when Val called. She unpacked her equipment and took another long shower. She was so tired she didn’t even want to eat.

Sinking her body into the crisp cool sheets of the bed she pulled the fluffy duvet up to her chin. She stretched out her legs pointing and flexing her toes hoping to relieve the fatigue and tension in her tired muscles. After a few moments she began to relax and was just about to doze off dreaming of koi filled ponds when her phone rang...

*ring, ring*
*ring, ring*
*ring, ring*

Noooooooooo why do people keep calling when she was soooo tired... she stirred reluctantly rolling over on her stomach and covered her head with the pillow drifting off again...

*ring, ring*

Her weary hand fumbled to snatch the receiver from its cradle pulling it to her ear underneath the pillow. “Hello?” She mumbled barley managing to suppress her yawn.
“Is that you Ms. Wolf?”
There was only one person who sounded like that and called her Ms. Wolf.
“Heeeey girl.”
She tugged the pillow off her head semi-brightened from her hazy fatigued state. “Michael... hiiii, how are you? Where are you?"
He laughed quietly. “Hong Kong still and I am good. Did I wake you?
“Not really...” she lied. “I was just lying down.”
“It’s good to hear your voice girl, how is Taipei?”
Awareness suddenly came to her mind. “ did you know I was staying her - ?”
He laughed, interrupting her. “Giirrrrl you are sooooo suspicious. You told Bill at the airport.”
“Oh.” He was right, she had forgotten that.
Yawning she curled back up on her side, happy and contented. “It is really nice. You would have loved where I was today. It was so beautiful Michael and peaceful.”
Groggy with sleep her thoughts came freely and her words were slow and soft.
“There was a koi pond, like your home in Encino, it made me think of them and the pond... and dream of them too...”
He could barely hear her. “Ally?”
“Yup.” Her voice was drowsy.
“...I miss you already. You shoulda stayed with me.”
Her stomach constricted tightly. She was trying so hard not to miss him so much and it turns out he was missing her too.
She cradled the phone with both hands, whispering. “I miss you too Michael.”
He chuckled. “Well you can always come back and stay with me here.”
“Nope I cannot.” She chirped a little livelier.
“Why not?”
“Coz, remember, you told me were working.”
“Hmm that’s true... but I would make time for you.”
He could hear her sigh. “Are you in still in bed?”
Allison felt her skin tingle and immediately heat up at his words. “Yeah.”
He didn’t even try to suppress his groan. “I wish I was there.”
“Really Michael?”
“Yeah really, I could tuck you in,” his voice dropped a few octaves “and kiss and touch you again.”
“Michael...” she swallowed the lump in her throat. “...please don’t, I miss you so much already.”
“I can’t help it girl, you are so sweet like candy. I can’t wait to see you again.”
Allison slowed her breathing and tried to calm the butterflies in her stomach. “Me too.”

They spoke a while longer going over both their individual schedules before they would both be in Australia. She would be travelling south tomorrow to the Tri Mountain area where she would spend 3 nights, after that she was going to Yushan National Park for another 2 nights and then going to the heading to the Southwest Coast for 2 nights and then lastly flying to Hong Kong to catch her flight to Sydney.

Michael had a little less glamorous trip planned, but just as busy if not more so. He had a couple more days to relax but then he needed to finish up his photo shoots with MTV and TVB. He also had two magazine interviews scheduled to happen while he was in Hong Kong. He would then be flying back to Japan to do follow up interview and photo shoot before taking his own flight to Sydney then catching a connecting one to Melbourne for his opening night then flying back to Sydney for his 2 sold out concerts there.

He was kind of jealous she had such a wonderful trip planned for herself. Even though part of it was to get pictures for him, he wished she had stayed with him in Hong Kong. But he knew there really was nothing for her to do while he was working and he was thrilled she could easily find other things to keep her occupied. Soon enough they would be in the same country and he couldn’t wait to see her again. He was also looking ahead to the end of November when he would have an extended break before starting his US Leg of the tour and he definitely planned on spending some quality time in the company of a certain photographer lady.

“I’m gonna let you sleep girl.”
“Okay...” She sighed quietly. She was tired, but she didn’t want to hang up.
“So I will see you on the 14th, the Saturday, right?”
He could hear the disappointment in her voice. “Girl, I told you... you can come back. Or you can come to Melbourne too.”
“Shhhh don’t say that... say goodnight.”
“Goodnight Ms. Wolf, see you on the 14th.”
“Goodnight Michael.”

Allison heard the phone line disconnect but instead of returning the receiver to its cradle she placed it under her pillow and fell promptly asleep.


At first it seemed like the next week was going to drag by for Allison. The next morning she was a little discombobulated from her lack of sleep, her yearning to see Michael and her desire to travel the areas she had planned. She packed up her belongings listlessly and boarded her tour bus that would take her south by about 2 hours for her first stop.

Initially all she could think about was that she was traveling further and further away from Michael. She started to second guess her choice to come to Taiwan. “Maybe I should have stayed in Hong Kong... maybe I should go back... maybe I should meet him earlier...” Her reasons for coming and not going back were one in the same – she needed to slow this down – when she was with him she couldn’t think. She wasn’t kidding when she told Val how he made her feel – but the problem was she was falling hard for him and they hadn’t even slept together. Which she was sure was about to change when they both got to Australia.

She kept telling herself, if I could just step back and prepare myself... let me plan this out, let me take this slow, I will be okay and I won’t get totally overwhelmed with him. Problem was how do you prepare for being with Michael Jackson? The only way she knew how – by staying away and focusing on her photography. But this time I didn’t seem to be working the way she wanted – she only missed him more.

She was happy that she had booked the tour bus for the travelling and had one less thing to worry about. She put herself on automatic pilot and immersed herself in her love of landscapes and photography. Her first few days were long and exhaustive with activities. Over the first three nights she visited the 3 major towns in the Tri Mountain range and visited the major sites in each one, taking dozens of rolls of film and meticulous notes not really remembering anything she saw.

When she reached the Yushan National Park, in the middle of Taiwan, she had snapped out of her funk enough to slow down and take in and enjoy the sights, not only document them. The park was immense, so she concentrated on the Southern area of the park. Staying in the Yakou Lodge she spent her two days hiking the many trails and routes of the Zhongzhiguan Old Trail.

By Sunday afternoon she had reached her final destination in Taiwan, Tainan City, on the coast. Tainan City was one of the oldest cities in Taiwan and was its first capital. It was most famous for its diversity and density of temples and shrines. It was quite the contrast to the northern areas she had travelled for the last week, which was marked by mountains and steep cliffs, where the western coast was flat for the most part.

The city was the perfect way to end her fast paced whirlwind tour of the country. It was quiet and tranquil and seemed far removed from the hustle and bustle of all the other major cities had seen. She made sure she visited the mandatory sites, including the oldest temple in Taiwan, the Nankunshen Daitian Temple. She also rented one of the bicycles available at her hotel to see the waterways that ran through the city. It was also much warmer in the southern part of Taiwan, reminding her that it would also be warmer in Australia, where it was almost summertime.

On Monday afternoon, she called Michael’s assistant Mary to confirm the details of her arrival and her hotel reservation in Australia. She would be arriving and staying in Sydney a few days earlier than Michael and his core team. She also wanted to confirm that the equipment and other belongings she had sent prior to leaving for Hong Kong would be available to her. She had never really travelled with “help or assistance” before so she was still unsure of the process and what she should do.

“Don’t worry Allison,” Mary reassured.
“Everything arrived safe and sound when we were all in Hong Kong.”
“Thanks Mary.” She could see why Michael hired her, she had everything under control.
“James and a few others will be in Sydney too. He will pick you and take you to the hotel, so you can look for him when you arrive.”
Allison relaxed, she liked James. He was the driver that got her safely into her hotel in Tokyo on opening night. “Oh great and – ”
“And I will get my assistant to make sure your equipment and luggage is in your room.” Mary finished her thoughts for her.
“Okay great, we will see you in a few days. Thanks for taking care of everything Mary.”
“Yes we will and you’re welcome.”


Tuesday November 10th

Tuesday was a full day of travelling for Allison. She boarded her Mandarin Airlines flight at 6:15 am and arrived in Hong Kong just before 8:30. She didn’t have much time to waste her connecting flight to Sydney was scheduled to depart at 9:20 am.

Finally settled into her seat she rested her head against the window and watched the ground crew load the luggage and the necessary items for the flight. She had a long flight ahead of her. Now after all the travelling around she had done over the past 10 days she could relax. It would be nice to not be moving around so much over the next couple of weeks. But she wasn’t kidding herself – the best part of the not moving around so much is she would be with Michael.

She was really very proud of herself for sticking to her travel plans and but now all she wanted was to see him, feel his strong arms around her and kiss his lips. She leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes; shivering trying to keep her smile inside knowing it wouldn’t be long now.

“Excuse me miss.” The flight attendant soft voice forced her to open her eyes. “We are about to serve lunch. I thought you might be hungry as you missed the breakfast.”
“Oh, thanks very much.” She pushed herself up in her seat. “What time is it?”
“It is just after 12:30. Would you like chicken or tuna for your sandwich?”
“Chicken please.”
She squinted her eyes, staring out at the infinite blue sky from the airplane window. She stretched in her seat surprised she had fallen asleep and had slept through the take off.

After lunch she watched the movie Beverly Hills Cop II and tried to watch some other forgettable movie before listening to some music on the onboard entertainment system. She tried to keep busy and not fidget. She had dinner when offered, even though she wasn’t hungry. She rearrange her camera bag twice and asked the flight attendant again for the time when it was just before 6 pm.
“So almost another 4 another hours until we land?”
“Oh no, feel free to can adjust your time now miss, it is 8 pm in Sydney we will be landing in less than 2 hours.”
She smiled weakly. “I’m sorry, I am just anxious to get to Australia.”
“I couldn't tell.” She winked at Allison. “Not a problem at all miss.”

The plane touched down at exactly as scheduled at 9:35 pm. Once again she had minimal paperwork to get her cleared through customs. She was getting use to that. She would have to ask Michael or Mary how that worked. She picked up her luggage practically running out to the passenger arrivals area.

As soon as she saw James, she instantly felt closer to Michael.
“Hi James!” she greeted excitedly. “It is nice to see you.”
James smiled in her direction “It is good to see you too Allison, how was your flight?”
“It was good, long, tiring, boring but thankfully over.”
He took her luggage. “Good. Well let’s get you to the hotel then.”

It was a short and direct drive to the Sheraton on the Park, the hotel she was staying. The hotel was nothing less than spectacular with warm yellow lights welcoming her at the entrance and a stunning grand staircase in the lobby. She was quickly checked into one of their Terrace Suites on the 21st floor, where she immediately noticed her other suitcase and equipment bags. She also noticed a familiar envelope that she was sure included her travel details and tour passes for this portion of the tour.

She walked over to her window, pulling the aside the curtain, looking out at the brilliance of the night. She was directly across from Hyde Park that was ablaze with lights and busy with foot traffic. Across the park she could also see a cathedral of some sort that she would have to check out.

She turned back to investigate her suite. It was quite large with a separate lounge room area with a black and tan divan lounge with throw pillows and a comfortable looking armchair and large working desk with desk chair. There was a small private terrace that was accessible from the lounge area.

She entered the bedroom that was meticulously furnished with a teak wardrobe, matching dresser and nightstand. Her eyes were drawn to the massive king-size bed that dominated the room. She smiled biting her lip, thinking of Michael, wondering if they would spend any time in this bed.

The master bathroom revealed floor to ceiling glass and mirrors and the sleek black marble bath and shower with polished amenities. She turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. She stripped off her clothes and entered the shower, closing the glass doors behind her. The hot water felt like heaven to her skin, she felt her muscles relax.

She finally stepped out of the shower some 20 minutes later into steam filled room. She wrapped her body in a thick cotton towel and her long wet hair in another. When she opened the door to the bedroom she felt a stream of cool air rush over her warm body.

Sitting down at the edge of the bed she began to rub the towel over her hair to dry it more thoroughly. She looked around the room trying to take it all in. It was exactly two months ago today she arrived in Japan with no thoughts, ideas or expectations that she would have led her to believe she would be where she was now.

When her hair was dried to her satisfaction, she dressed in her night clothes and crawled under the covers and snuggled in and relaxed. Immediately she began to drift off and was lulled to sleep by the soft hissing sounds of the air-conditioning unit.


Wednesday, November 11, 1987

The next afternoon Allison watched on TV, like thousands of others in Australia, Michael’s arrival at the Melbourne airport. Her heart fluttered rapidly when she saw him on the tarmac. It was the first time she had seen him “live” since Hong Kong. He was accompanied by Bill, dressed in a black and red military-style jacket. He looked gorgeous. Smiling and waving to everyone as he was greeted by hundreds of fans and aboriginal dancers.

Michael had been dubbed, 'Crocodile Jackson' by Australians, and it seemed they loved him as much as the fans in Japan. There were pictures and posters everywhere she looked. Every paper she picked up had his picture or his name on the front page. Her hotel was on virtual lock down as the rumour was he would be arriving there on Saturday. Fans were already camping out across the way in the park and hanging out in the lobby.

She kept herself busy checking out the area and it wasn’t hard. She went to Hyde Park and spent the day and in the evening walked over to St. Mary's Cathedral. She checked out Chinatown and walked to the Sydney Aquarium.
But at night after she went over her pictures, she sat down in front of the television to see what Michael news she could get.

On Friday, she went to Bondi Beach and spent the entire day. It reminded her of Huntington Beach and for the first time since she left she felt a little sick for her home life. She got back to her hotel in just in time to see the ABC1, the Australian Broadcasting Channel, broadcasting a lead up to Michael’s opening night in Melbourne. It was crazy outside the stadium all the fans were hyped up beyond belief. Then after that the aired part of the Molly Meldrum interview Michael had done in Japan.

She woke up the next morning like a kid on Christmas morning, super early and excited about the day. The clock by the bed said it was 7 am. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She didn’t ask him what time his flight was, as she was already anxious and she didn’t want to know when she could expect him. That would be too much for her to handle and she would spend the whole day preparing for him to walk through the door. Instead she got up and got a shower and started to work on the processing the film she had shot over the last two weeks.


Michael boarded his afternoon flight to Sydney. He sat with Frank and Bill as they discussed his schedule and the required security for the next couple of weeks. He was happy so far how the first leg of his tour was going. He was getting for the most part good reviews and of course his fans were amazing and supportive as always. He had a little bit of a set back with the American press when he was in Japan and he took care of it the only way he knew how, by finally addressing them after more than 4 years of silence.

He was a getting a little tired from the travel and now only wanted to focus on 2 things. First, his last 4 tour dates here before he could revamp and retool the show the way he wanted it. The show was basically the same show as the Victory Tour, minus his brothers and a few different songs, but he had lots of new ideas on how to make his tour better.

And secondly, and just as important, a young lady he knew was waiting for him in Sydney. She was proving to be little bit more difficult to figure out than he expected. Still, she was becoming more at ease with him, but he felt like she was still holding back from him. He never would have expected her to purposely stay away from him for 2 weeks even though he felt like she wanted to be with him.

Michael and his entourage arrived at the back entrance of the Sheraton Hotel. They were already expecting him and he had been checked in prior. Mary took care of all the paper work while Michael was whisked up to The Royal Suite on the 21st by way of the service elevator. He knew she was just down the hall, so he was impatient as he and Frank went over some last minute details.

Frank smiled and clapped him on the shoulder. “Okay Mike, I think we are done for the day.” He knew exactly where Michael’s mind was, it was good to see him preoccupied with something else. “Will I be seeing you later?”
“Nah, I think I will have a quiet night in, I’m little tired from the travel.”
Frank stood by the door. “Okay Mike, say hi to Allison for me.” Then he winked and walked out the door.

Michael changed his jacket and walked down the hall towards her suite. Mary had already arranged for her room and he knew she was only two doors down from him. He knocked quietly on her door but got no answer. Maybe she had forgotten he was coming down he thought. He listened carefully. He could hear music coming from the inside, so he knew she must be in there.

He didn’t want to wait too long out here in the hallway. He knocked again and the door came ajar.
“Hello. “ Michael called out. He peeked his head around the door and looked inside.

The music was blaring from the back of the suite. She obviously liked to listen to music as loud as he did. Michael’s keen ear recognized the voice immediately, it was Steve Winwood and it sounded like the tune she was listing to was his hit single, Higher Love.

Michael walked in tentatively, searching her out. “Ally are you in here?”

Allison was standing at her portable draft table when he caught sight of her. With her back turned to him, she was grooving and dancing around, singing at the top of her lungs.

♪♫♪ Bring me a higher love… Bring me a higher love…♪♪
♪♪ Where’s that higher love I keep thinking of? ♪♫ ♪

Michael stopped and leaned against the door frame, crossing his arms as he watched her, unable to move his eyes away from her.

She was wearing a pair of faded cut-off jeans shorts with a large white sweatshirt that hung loose on her slim frame exposing her shoulder on the left side... he could see the tie from her bikini top sticking out at the back and there were those beautiful tanned legs again. Her long hair was tied up in its usual ponytail, but for a few errant strands that had fallen down her back.

He groaned inwardly. God she looked beautiful. When she slightly turned her profile to him it looked like she did have a shred of makeup on her skin and she looked amazing. Singing and swaying her hips slowly back and forth. From this vantage point he could watch her forever he thought… but then thought better of it.

“Ahem…” He cleared his throat. “Hello there dancing queen.”

“Bring me… AHAHA!” She screamed. “Michael, what are you doing in here?”

She instantly turned beet red. “Oh god I am so embarrassed!”

“Don’t be.” Michael laughed. “You sound great and you look even better.”

“Have you ever heard of knocking? Geez you scared me half to death!” She wailed.

Michael held his hands up in protest. “I did knock, but I guess you didn’t hear me over the music. Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It is okay, I guess – you just really startled me. I don’t think anyone would want to be found singing and dancing by yours truly in any situation at any time.”

Michael licked his lips. “Well maybe... but I tell ya, I wouldn’t look half as good in those cut offs as you do.”

Allison blushed and she felt her skin get all hot and flush. She had missed him so much and now here he was in the flesh smiling at her and looking utterly gorgeous... She wasn’t sure what to do.
She cleared her throat and made the first tentative move. “Are you just gonna stand there or you want to see some to the pictures I finished developing this morning?”

He walked over and stood close to her as she pulled out her work. It was an awkward feeling after not seeing her for nearly 2 weeks he wasn’t sure how to proceed. The way things were left they were going to continue to see each other and take their relationship to the next level – but it felt like they were starting a new and she seemed nervous.

She was nervous and she spoke rapidly. “Well these ones here I am thinking of developing into slides because the colors are so nice.” She smiled. “... and then I have few that I have left on the table over here. I think you will really like them.”

Pointing to a series of black and whites, “Oh where is that?” he asked while trying to keep his mind off of the coconut sunscreen he could smell.
She reached for the photos picking them up. “I love these ones too. They are from a small township in Taiwan called Changhua. It was - ”

“Hmm, I really love the photo’s you take.” He said, interrupting her. “I can really feel your love of what you photograph." He put his chin on her on the tip of her shoulder and covered her hand with his.

Allison felt her heart stutter than start to beat rapidly in her chest.
She sighed. “I missed you Michael” she turned to face him.
“I missed you too Ally.” He pulled her closer to his frame.
“Girl you make me crazy, why didn’t you just say that. It feels so good to see you again.”
She didn’t say anything. Instead she wrapped her arm around his neck and leaned in against him. She pulled herself up on her toes to place a soft kiss on his lips. “It feels good to see you too.”
“Yeah?” He lowered his lips to hers.
She tilted her head back slightly and moaned softly into his mouth as his tongue moved into her mouth and glided against hers.

At first they kissed slowly and softly as if they had all the time in the world. There was no need to rush now that they were in the same country again. But the longer he explored her mouth the more he wanted her. He began to deepen the kiss even more, exploring every inch of her mouth as his hands slid around to her ass massaging it and pulling her closer into him. He began to guide her backwards with his body until they hit the edge of the draft table.

Allison’s heart beat faster.
She could feel the length of his desire pressing against her.
He kissed his way down to her neck. “So did you take care of our protection?”
She chuckled. “Michael, why would you think I would take care of it?”
He crinkled his nose against her skin. He didn’t know what to say.
She pulled from his arms and stepped away. “Well?”
He had a look of utter confusion on his face. He looked down at the floor like a little boy. “Because it’s for you?”
Her eyes opened wide. “Excuse me? Tell me you didn’t just say that?”
All of a sudden Michael felt nervous, woman were so confusing. He didn’t say anything.

She gave a nervous laugh. “What are you caveman or something? It would be for both us.” She pulled even further away to stand on the other side of the draft table.
Oh she sounds mad he thought.
“What I mean is I can’t get them because I am me and you are you.”

She shook her head she couldn’t believe they were having this conversation.
Where was this coming from? The nice sweet gently funny guy who said he didn’t want to be the “superstar” Michael Jackson with her and yet here he was doing exactly that? Uh! And why did he have to look so good when he was pissing her off?

“So what you’re telling me is you can’t go and get them because you are Michael Jackson?” She waved her hand in his direction. “Well if that is not the most inconsiderate, conceited –“

He cut her off. “Well I can’t very well go the store and get the pills for you Ally.”
A confused looked came across her face. “Pills?”

“Yeah birth control pills!” Now he was mad. What was she talking about?
Michael though maybe she had forgotten their conversation. Sometimes when he met woman they heard different things than what he said and next thing you know they thought they were in a relationship. It was crazy how much people thought he said different things or that he meant something all together different than what he was thinking. It happened all the time.

But this was kind of the opposite of that, because he really liked this girl and at first he could barely get her to look at him, let alone kiss him or touch him but when she finally did he was crazy about her. He wanted to be around her all the time. But now he wasn’t sure what she was talking about but she seemed really mad at him. Maybe she was crazy too.

“Michael, you can’t buy birth control pills at the store. I have to see a doctor for that, preferable my own doctor. Didn’t you know that?”

Michael was confused. “Well then what are you talking about then?”
“I'm talking about condoms.”

If Michael thought he felt uneasy before it he was dead wrong, because now he was nervous and embarrassed. A crimson flush spread up from under his collar and his ears burned hot.

“Con.. I have never worn a... a.... one of those before.” He fumbled over his words. He couldn’t even say it.
“A condom... you have never worn a condom before?”
“No. Nobody ever ask me to and it is not like I am sleeping around all the time. Besides the woman takes care of with the birth control pill and they say they do.”
Allison eyes opened wide in utter shock.
“And you believed them Michael? You really are lucky you don’t have a Billie Jean or two or do you?”

“No I don’t and can we please stop talking about this, it is embarrassing?”
She crossed her arms and looked at him pointedly.
“Michael what do you think is more embarrassing.... Talking about condoms or getting a photographer who works for you pregnant?”

He gulped. This conversation was not anyway near what he thought he would be doing when he came over here.

He crossed his arms. “Well I don’t want to talk about it.”
Allison’s heart dropped and she looked visible upset but she stood her ground. This was also not anywhere near she thought they would be doing when he got here.
“Well... umm, I don’t know what to say. I guess we have nothing else to talk about then.”
“I guess we don’t.” Then he turned to leave the suite.
‘Michael...wait, please don’t go.” She didn’t want him to leave.
“I can’t talk about this now Ally. I’ll talk you later.”
Then he walked out, closing the door softly behind him.

When Michael got back to his own suite he thought about what had just happened. He was so confused. He wasn’t lying; no woman had ever asked him to wear a condom before. He was embarrassed just thinking about it. But after what Allison said, he wondered if that was a good or bad thing. There were lots of women who claimed to have had his baby – women he hadn’t even met. But what about the ones he had, what if someone had his baby? It was true he didn’t sleep around with a bunch a woman. Nothing compared to his brothers or his father –but there had been some. Now he was thinking maybe he shouldn’t have trusted these women.

This woman stuff was complicated. How come she wasn’t on the birth control? How come she asked for a condom so easily?? He needed to figure this out. He needed to talk to somebody – but who could he talk to about this? This was one conversation he couldn’t have with Bill or Miko... could he?
It was times like these that he really felt powerless and alienated by his fame – he never got the chance to have a normal relationship with a woman and he really liked this one.

He sat for a long while on the couch and thought of one or two people he trusted enough that he might be able to talk to about this situation. Finally decided on the one, he sat down at the at large desk and called the front desk. “Would you be able to connect me to a number please?”
Michael waited for the call to connect. He knew it was early in the morning but he hoped he would get an answer.
“Hey, it’s Michael, you got a minute?”


  1. Awe Michael... You sweet, innocent soul! You horrible malechauvinist!
    How can we but love you? LOL!

    Well done, M! Very well!
    I loved that conversation. It was really worth every penny and definitely worth waiting for too!

    Just one question...
    No, it is not about the conversation, it is about all the interesting places that Ally goes to. Have you travelled all over the world or do you love reading travelguides?
    You describe everything in such detail... I was just wondering.

  2. Thanks my lovely one. You are well aware know what torture this conversation was for me... I knew we were having it - just when, where and the how was missing!

    I only wish I had travelled all over to these places - these are places I would go if I was so lucky to be following Michael around! The only place I have been so far in the story is Huntington Beach... : )

    When I hit Denmark, I will use you as my LLP to give me the details I need.

  3. Aww Michael and Ally had there first disagreement.... I loved all the detail that you have in all these places.. Makes me want to go there myself..LOL....They each seemed to really be going through agony without each other.. And now this little misunderstanding.. Oh well they say making up is the best... LOL... I cant wait for the next chapter already...

  4. Hey Forever... yeah we had to have our first fight - but it will get better - I owe a certain someone a certain situation - so the disagreement had to come first so that it works out in that favour. But it will be good... I hope.

  5. Not seeing Michael in two weeks ? I’d die !! And I would eat more than 2 tarts ! Love pecan nuts but they would never be able to make me feel better for missing my baby..

    Ahw… they nearly crossed the line… Poor Michael ! He has to sit on his hunger a little while longer ! But I’m glad they’re taking it slow. I would be disappointed if they would jump into bed right away. A little courting and “innocent” making out is not too bad.. Of course, if it were me.. Ooooh ! He wouldn’t stand a chance !! LOLOL

    I laughed so hard when Val said that she needed a bigger glass of wine !! Can you imagine your friend telling you that she is with Michael Jackson ? I would’ve screamed like a Muppet ! “A little less Michael Jackson” !! Hilarious !!
    I was wondering just the same as Enola, thinking you had been in the area where she is travelling... Because you sound like a connaisseur !! LOL I want to go there ! It looks all so beautiful !

    And then I was so happy for them to be united again and what do they do ? They have an argument about birth control !! Stupid stupid ! Well, on one hand of course.. She is right about it. Where would she get the pills anyway !? But his reaction was just too much ! There were condom machines all over the place during that era ! And I know, because I lived it. So he acted really stupid ! I hope he didn’t hurt her too much with his unexpected behavior. Poor Ally ! She didn’t deserve that ! He was behaving like Michael Jackson, the superstar and he should’ve known better !

    I enjoyed this chapter very much ! Very well written !! Can’t wait to find out more !!

  6. Ahhh C that was great!! loved all the discriptions all the oriental places Ally went , what an adventure!

    Like Ingrid ,I really laughed when Val said "I think I need a bigger glass of wine"
    like from"Jaws" ""I think we need a bigger boat"

    I actually kinda enjoyed their little argument about the birthcontrol , because it was normal was real....and I can see Michael being that way , well "just take the pills "heehee!
    Love it , now the love making will be even hotter (if that is at all possible !)

    I wonder who Michael called????
    Please don't make us wait too long !!!
    Better yet , don't make us wait at all ....:)))
    Really loving this .
    BTW that was very sexy , the heavy making out scene ......

  7. Hey Ingrid – Hello!

    Well you see there is a method to her madness... she thinks the longer she stays away the less she will want him... you know out of sight outta mind – but it does not seem to working too well.

    But don’t you worry the line has to be crossed eventually... but I like a little foreplay with my Michael... well maybe a lot – as you can see we are taking our time getting there and then some... yes poor Michael – but I think he needs to take our gal on a date or something.. at least dinner – give the girl a sandwich!

    I have travelled a fair bit in Europe, Canada and the good old US of A – but there are just so many places I would love to go... so while living a love fantasy for Michael I get to see the world somewhat... Maybe that’s why we are moving so slow – as soon as we have sex – who wants to travel anywhere but to the bedroom... : )

    I am glad you like Val... is cool and nonchalant like I wish I could be...

    The method of birth control was in my mind from the start... now someone has to go shopping and it ain’t gonna be VAL!

    So glad you like the chapter and are enjoying the story... and thanks for commenting.

  8. Hilarious K.... I thought of JAWS too when Val said "I think I need a bigger glass of wine"

    Can you imagine... Hi hello, I am fooling around with Michael Jackson... who would believe that??

    Before I even thought or wrote out a make out or sex scene (yes I have already written some – so it will happen... at some point) I thought how are we gonna address birth control... coz I knew that Ally was not gonna be on the pill.... then it just popped in my head, Michael would never actually carry condoms around in the case of – so maybe he never used one – so let’s put him in a situation to have to and see how it turns out – not good on his part I don’t think – but he might be able to figure it out... I hope.

    I hope to not make you too long – but you just never know – my thought process is super long on this – that is why we are moving so slow with the dates... which is nice – coz I love hanging out in this era!

  9. Coming in to re-read and show some love........

  10. Forever... you make me smile when I most need it.. gonna put you in my pocket and carry you around today.

  11. Here I am once more to show some major love.... Ok I am ready for these to do some talking about there disagreement.... In the mean time while I am waiting..

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    Come and see me tomorrow evening and I promise there will be something there for you too. : )

    much LOVE

  13. Ok its tomorrow evening where I am... I cant wait........

    Lots of Love

  14. I loved that little flashback scene! They were almost there, until she put on the brakes & said they didn't have any birth control. Yes, they definitely need to do something about that!

    Then they had that misunderstanding. He's such a typical man thinking that she's the one who should be reponsible for getting birth control. Very naive & innocent thinking she can just go into a store & buy pills without seeing a doctor.

    Nobody ever asked you to wear a condom Michael? Well it's about time you start!

    By the way, I loved the descriptions of all the places she visited. Made me feel like I was there too!

  15. OH Mariaann I almost missed this one. I am commented backwards... Yes I would like to think that Michael did a few things like a typical guy - I am sure every girl has met some guy in their life that thinks she should handle the "protection" - and I think Michael would have though that... but most because he was naive - because he would not know any better - but she will show him a few things he should know along the way!

    Thank you so much for commenting on every chapter - I love that I get to go back and enjoy with you!



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