chapter six - can you feel it

Friday, October 16, 1987

Allison fell onto the bed exhausted, but pleased. She was finally packed accordingly. She had just spent the entire day separating and packing her belongings into two separate and distinct groups, those going onto Australia without her and those coming with her to Hong Kong and China. Doing that had taken up almost her entire day. The morning was spent figuring out what would go where and the afternoon was used up packing everything into the suitcases. She hated packing as it was, but trying to pack twice for the same time period was a pain in the butt.

She picked up the phone on the night stand and called his room.
“I think I deserve a prize for my successful packery of my items.”
He snorted. “Ally, I told you not to worry about what goes where. If you don’t have it we can get it or have it sent over.”
“I’m more worried about my equipment than my clothing. I want to be prepared.”
“I can’t believe you spent the whole day packing!”
“Well my plans have changed a bit ya know...” she smiled into the phone. “I don’t have someone packing for me like someone I know.”
He huffed into the receiver. “Girl, don’t give me hard time. Are you coming up or not?”
“Yup, I am on my way.”


Her travel plans really had changed a fair bit since last week. A week ago she had the upcoming 3 weeks set aside where she was planning on travelling to Russia, Mongolia and Taiwan before rejoining Michael and the Bad Tour in Melbourne, Australia for the Australian Leg of the tour. That was the plan, until things went way off the map when Michael kissed her. Michael kissing her definitely changed a few things.

That night she couldn’t even fathom how they had gotten there. They had been tiptoeing around each other for a few weeks. A glance here, a touch there a smile when you weren’t expecting it. Allison honestly thought it was just infatuation on her part. She never would have dreamt in a million years the feelings were mutual.

Her heart melted and her body reacted instantly to his touch. When he kissed her there was no turning back. She couldn’t deny how she felt. Michael ensuring she couldn’t back away and Allison finally surrendering to the overwhelming infatuation she felt for him. And oh brother, she was terrified. The feelings she had for him terrified her. One because he had to be the most famous man in the world and two, well because he was the most famous man in the world and she really, really liked him a lot, just like millions of other woman in the world.

She asked him to slow it down.
When he finished ticking her, he kissed her sweetly on the tip of her nose.
“We’ll go slow, okay?”
“Okay.” All the time wondering in her mind, how slow could any one woman really go with Michael Jackson?

It had been a week and Michael continued to act like nothing had changed at all, while Allison was a little unnerved at the change in status between them. Seeing him perform live now brought on a whole different set of emotions, wants and desires. Before when she watched him move his lithe body across the stage, it was lust and perfect dream material. Now it wasn’t just a dream. She could touch him whenever she wanted. At least that is what he told her.

Well not really whenever she wanted, they certainly were not a public item or ready to be one. Only Billy Bray and Karen Faye knew they had become more than friends. Bill was a given, being that he was the head of Michael’s security team. The sheer amount of time he saw them together alone was a dead giveaway. Karen had caught on at Michael’s last concert in Osaka. When just before going underneath the stage to start the show, he walked up behind her, put his hands on her hips and his chin on her shoulder, whispering “See you in a coupla hours.”
Allison was floating on a cloud and was smiling like a fool.
“He really likes you Allison.” Karen said behind her.
“I really like him too.” She gushed before promptly turning red.

It was the day after that show that he asked her to come with him to China.
She joined him for “breakfast” at noon when he woke up and called her room.
She was sitting crossed legged on the sofa drinking tea watching him. His suite looked like a bomb had gone off in it. Looking around, there were tapes, CDs, magazines, tour books and promo material everywhere. He was sitting on the floor carelessly flipping through a travel magazine on China, when she realized he was staring at her.
“You should come with me.”
“Come with you where, to China?”
“Yeah, to China and Hong Kong, that's where I’m going. It is supposed to be beautiful and it is so close.”
“Well I was planning on going to Russia and -“
“Russia is cold right now, it is almost winter.”
She shook head and chuckled. “Michael it is not winter and it’s supposed to beautiful there too.”
He raised his eyebrows tossing the magazine down on floor and sat up to kneel in front of her on the sofa. “Come with me,” he took the cup out of her hand and placed it carefully on the floor “I promise it will be fun.”
It didn’t take him very long to make her change her mind and agree to join him.


Allison put her plate on the room service cart. “Michael, I still can’t believe you haven’t packed yet.”
“Why you so worried about what I have and haven’t packed?”
"Because we are leaving tomorrow." Gesturing towards his mostly full plate. “Are you done?”
He nodded passing her his plate. “And I still can’t believe that you spent the whole day packing.”
“I want to make sure I have what I need.”
“I told you. Just bring what you would bring on a vacation.”
“Michael, I’m photographer, what I packed is what I would bring on vacation.”
“Well then think low tech. I don’t want professional photos’. I want what you would take if you only had one camera. I want it to be real.” He eyed her seriously.
She raised her eyebrows at his low tech comment, and was about to protest that she hadn’t had just one camera in years, but she got his message.
“Fine!” she snapped in jest. “But if I need more equipment... the so called vacationer I am travelling with better put on his super cape and turn himself into Michael Jackson and get me into a store.”
Michael laughed. “Oh someone sounds spoiled.”
Her mouth opened in silent shock, her eyes narrowed as she turned around to wheel the room service cart out into the hallway.
Michael smothered the grin that wanted to burst free. “I promise I will get you in a store if you need anything at all, but you won’t.”

When she returned to the room, he met her at the door, trapping her between his body and the hard surface of the wall. He bent his neck to kiss the side of hers, exhaling into her ear. “You are too sexy when you get all serious.”
“Michael.” She sighed, as she tentatively placed her hands on his belt to pull him closer.
He pressed his hands into the wall on either side of her head and ran the blade of his tongue along the outside of her ear. “Put your hands on me Ally, I want you to touch me.”
A small groan escaped her lips and her heart leapt into her throat as she spread her hands up slowly along his chest, down his sides and around to his backside pulling him towards her hard. He kissed his way along her jaw, moaning in satisfaction, grinding up against her. He covered her mouth with his and she melted beneath his caress and hot wet kiss. She sucked and pulled his tongue into her mouth, relishing the taste of him and ran her hands up the hard and tensed muscles of his back. His one hand fell to cover her breast briefly and he could feel her taut nipple underneath her shirt as he let his hand slip to her waist.

Her body and mind were reeling from the sensations he was creating. She couldn’t think, she couldn’t talk, she could only feel. She pressed into him when he curved his arm around her pulling her fully into him and the length of his erection.
He moved to kiss her neck. “I can feel your heartbeat girl.”
She bit her lower lip to stifle her moans. Her neck arching and her fingertips pressed into the curve of his back as his lips moved over her collar bone to the top of her breast and back up to her pulse point.
“Oh...”She gasped.
He was still only touching her with one hand, what would she do when he touched her with two?
He brought his lips back to her mouth. “You taste like candy.” His voice vibrated as his tongue gently touched her lower lip before entering her mouth again.

For the most part Michael was keeping his promise in respecting Allison’s wishes to slow it down. He tried to have some level of control and let her lead the way, but sometimes it was hard, so hard, literally and figuratively. The girl was beautiful and sexy and such a skittish kitten, it was such a total turn on. He couldn’t stop himself. Every time he had her alone he wanted to touch her, kiss her and make her lose that control she was afraid of losing. It actually didn’t even matter if they were alone, he was constantly touching her, playing with her hair or hugging her, he couldn’t keep his hands off her.

For Allison it was almost impossible not to want to be alone with him, when he whispered the words he did to her and he made her feel so good. The way he touched her, the way he kissed her or the simple way he looked at her made her melt. She knew she would do anything he asked and was pretty sure he knew it too. What was for sure, is that neither one of them knew how long they would last before they surrendered to their desires but at the rate they were going “slow” had taken on a brand new meaning.

Michael slowed their kiss down and gave her two quick pecks on lips then her nose. His breathing was laboured. “We have an early flight.”
“We do.” She agreed.
He pulled away and looked down at her. “I’ll see you in the morning?”
“Yes.” She met his eyes and nodded twice and tried to level out her own breathing. “Thank you Michael.”
He didn’t respond. They both knew what she meant.


Saturday, October 17, 1987 - Hong Kong

The next morning they were on their way to Hong Kong. Allison wasn’t sure who would be travelling with them or who would know they were travelling together and she had forgotten to ask. She was pleasantly surprised to find it was a relatively small group of people on the chartered flight, at least in comparison to Michael’s tour entourage. The group included the usual 4 of Bill, Frank, Mary and Karen as well as Miko and a couple of other big burly men that she could only guess were bodyguards.

The flight from Osaka to Hong Kong was just under four hours so it wasn’t long at all before they could see the sprawling skyline of Hong Kong.
“Michael look!” she squealed from her seat. “Look. Oh wow, look how big it is!”
Michael leaned over her and scanned the view from the airplane window.
“Wow, it is beautiful, isn’t it?” He sat back in his seat.
“Oh Michael we have to see this at night!” Turning to him she kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you for inviting me.”
He chuckled at her enthusiasm. “Girl we haven’t even landed yet.”
“Uh! You are so jaded, world traveller!” She poked him in the side before turning back to the window. “I’m excited!”
He shook his head. “I couldn’t tell.”

They landed on tarmac without much hassle or fanfare and were whisked off to their hotel. If Allison thought the hotels in Japan were 5-Star, they were nothing in comparison to the opulence of their Hong Kong hotel. Hong Kong was known for their fine hotels and they were staying at one of their finest. Their reservations were at The Peninsula, one of the most famous hotels in the world. When checking into the hotel, she realized it was the first time they would be on the same floor as one another.
“Oh we are on the same floor?” She asked more in amazement than shock.
“Yeah, I just thought it would be easier that way?”
Her eyes grew wide and her heart gave a little flutter.
“Girl, easier for us to see each other...”
He chuckled. “What were you thinking?”
“Whatever Michael.”

The next two weeks turned out to be simply amazing. She was so glad he changed her mind. She could have spent her entire time in her hotel and it would have been a great vacation. The view of the Victoria Harbour was gorgeous during the day and breathtaking in the evening and was even more impressive from Michael’s corner suite. But there was just too much to do to spend all her time indoors and she was happy that she had brought more than one camera.

On their second night there she found out that MTV would be joining the group for a few days as they were filming a special to promote his upcoming Tour in the USA. As well the Hong Kong Media Channel TVB was filming a special for their viewers.
“I thought this was going to be a vacation for you too?”
“What? This is a vacation.”
“How is it a vacation if you are working for half of it and there is a film crew following you around?”
“It is only going to be for a coupla days.”
She got up from her seat and walked over to the window.
“Girl, don’t pout.”
She turned around. “I am not pouting Michael. I just don’t... don’t you ever get any down time? It’s like the tour opening dinner. When is your time your own?”
He pinched he eyebrows between his fingers. “Allison, you have to understand, I have to do these things. I don’t always like it and I don’t always want to, but I need to promote my tour. It is part of the business I am in.”
She crossed her arms and turned back to the view. She understood, she really did and she wasn’t mad. It just wasn’t what she was expecting of a vacation together.
Walking over to her he wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder. “Don’t worry. We are going to have lots of time together.”
He smiled into her neck inhaling her. “You can be my down time.”

Allison had no problem keeping herself occupied while Michael “vacationed” with MTV and TVB. Grabbing her camera and her notebook she planned her days. After a couple of days she was in a groove, it was almost exactly like being in Japan, except it was twice as hot and humid in Hong Kong and she got to see Michael every night.

The first place she wanted to see was the harbour. She went both during the day and at night. Over the next few of days she went to the Giant Buddha and St. John’s Cathedral and she found a tour company that did outdoor hikes in and around Hong Kong. She also found a spot called the Aberdeen Harbour. The harbour was the home to hundreds of people living on fishing junks. These people lived a more traditional life style against the modern back drop of Hong Kong. She made a special note to tell Michael about this area, knowing he would love it. And he did... he ended up using that exact area for his final promo shoots with MTV.

By the following Thursday, after almost after a week of being there, Michael was free to relax for a few days. That night over dinner he told her that now that he was done, there was a special town he wanted to see and asked if she would come with him the next day. He told her that this trip would be exactly how he wanted to spend a vacation day. Allison jumped at the opportunity to finally spend the day together and to see what he had in mind.

The next morning, they left early for the Hong Kong ferry terminal.
On the drive over, he told her they were going to mainland China and it would only himself, Bill and her.
“Girl, it is going to be wonderful.” He was beaming.
He explained how he wanted to see what China was like and how people really lived. He sounded excited as he explained that they were going to be going on an actual tour group on a tour bus!
Her breath caught. “Michael, will that be safe?”
He squeezed her knee. “We’ll be fine. You’ll see.”

Once on the ferry it was about 90 minutes across until they arrived at the Gongbei Custom Ferry Terminal. Then they and about 10 others boarded a tour bus that would take them to Zhongshan.
They sat at the back of the bus, Michael holding her hand and chattering away about the sights he was seeing. He was like a little boy.
“Wow, it is so green, just like Switzerland.”
“Did you see that Ally, look at the Water Buffalo.”
Her heart melted at the genuine joy in his voice.
“Oh girl, you gotta get a picture of the rice fields.”
Allison decided right then, to sit back and enjoy the day through his eyes. She realized once again, she took for granted the small things he never got to enjoy.
He talked about the beauty of the towns, the smell of the grass and the simple lives the people were living. He was in awe and so appreciative of it all and never once giving the impression he was above it all or anyone. When they had stopped in the town, a bunch of young children gathered around him and she took a picture of him with them.
“I can’t resist their attraction.” He said.
His wide smile was the evidence of his joy.

They had their lunch at the local Hot Spring Resort. A group of Americans tourist saw him and took pictures like mad while he tired to eat his meal. As always, Michael was gracious and never turned anyone away and signed a few items for those who requested them. She was amazed at how calm he remained.

Later they went to Cuiheng Village and visited the Museum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. At the Museum, there was a photograph of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in Chinese tunic suit that attracted Michael’s attention.
“Allison, check this out. Isn’t this beautiful?”
She turned to look. “Oh my, that is beautiful. The colors and the details are amazing.”
Michael asked the guide about the origin and design of the suit.
He told her later he was going to be doing a photo shoot back in Hong Kong, and he was going to wear a suit just like that. She agreed that it would look wonderful on him.

Before they knew it the day was over. They had been on the tour for almost 7 hours and now it was time to get back to the ferry.
By the time they got back to the hotel it was late. It had been a long day, but Michael was still riding high on adrenaline form their day trip.
In his suite, they sat on floor in front of his large floor to ceiling window that faced the harbour and she listened as he recounted the day in vivid detail. Sitting there between his legs with her back nestled against his chest, his arms wrapped around her, she could have listened to him talk forever. She smiled to herself thinking, this was exactly how she wanted to spend a vacation day too.

The next week seem to fly by. Michael still had obligations but they got to spend more time together doing vacation touristy things together in the day and quieter more intimate things during the evenings. They walked and talked, shopped and got lost, which did not go over well with Michael’s security team. But they were having an amazing time. He smiled and laughed a lot and he seemed so relaxed. Allison didn’t think she could find more to like about him, but everyday she did.

Michael was having the time of his life with her. Being this far away from the press and his usual obligations was rejuvenating. He felt completely relaxed around her and could feel her relaxing around him. Near the end of her stay he arranged for a helicopter ride up to “The Peak” to see the city at night. Once she got over her extreme fright from the ride she fell in love with the view. He promised they would come back one day and have dinner at one of the many restaurants. He couldn’t believe how fast the week had gone by. He was going to miss her when she left. He wanted to run away and leave with her, but he still had business to attend to.

On her last day before leaving Michael had arranged to go to Ocean Park, the famous amusement park in Hong Kong. But Allison didn’t want anything to do with it, she loved water and she loved to swim, but she really didn’t like rides and she really just wanted to relax. At least that is what she told him. It was true, she didn’t really like rides, but she would have tolerated them for him. The truth was she was going to miss him and she didn’t want to ruin his day.
She met him for breakfast in his suite as usual. She watched him over her mug as she sipped her tea. “You go and have fun. I’m gonna stay here.”
“You sure...” He gave her a sceptical look. “You’re not just sayin’ that then gonna be mad when I get back?”
“Nope, coz you know what I’m gonna do?”
“I’m going to get girlie!”
“Michael, I’m in the fanciest hotel I have ever been in, I’m going to the Spa.”
He chuckled. “Oh I guess I can’t beat that.”
“That’s right.”

So while Michael frolicked and played at Ocean Park, Allison lounged and relaxed. She went all out and had a full day spa treatment. It was just what she needed to perk herself up and left her feeling restored. She tried not to think about how she would be leaving the next morning. She was really very excited she was travelling to Taiwan but she knew that she would miss him more than she wanted to admit.
She had seen him almost every day for the last 7 weeks – but now she couldn’t even imagine not seeing him for 1 day let alone almost 2 weeks. Tomorrow morning she would be on an early flight to Taipei, while Michael would be staying on for another week to finish up his business in Hong Kong.

But that night, when Michael returned to the hotel his actions told her that business was the last thing on his mind. He made it clear that he had been thinking about their upcoming time apart too. He kissed her until she was breathless. He whispered how much he was going to miss her. His body told her how much he wanted her. His mouth and silky tongue teased her and she whimpered at their touch as he pushed her a few steps past where they had last been before. He wanted her hot and he wanted her to feel the heat he was feeling for her. He pressed his warm body hard and hotly into her as if to burn his imprint into her.

She was on fire, her skin tingled and her body arched in response as his hands moved expertly over her. His fingers telling her that the next time they felt her, the next time they touched her, they wanted to explore her further. He could wait for her to get there if her reactions were going to be as sexy and lustful as they were with him right now with him. Her moans of satisfaction making him smile into the crook of her neck. He would wait for as long as she needed.


  1. Oooh ! I waited as long as possible last night but I ended up falling asleep. And what a wake-up call !! I will be hopelessly late for work this morning but I couldn't resist reading.

    It was very educating to say the least and I felt as if I was traveling with them ! But of course, what struck me the most was powerful Michael, in control of their feelings, guiding her slowly where he wants her to be. Oh wow ! It left me breathless already ! I like this verrrrrrrrrrrrry much. It makes me want to roar ! Yeah, BAD era Mike definitely is my favorite !! His long hair, his slender but muscled body ! *faints*

    Great update, girl !! You did a wonderful job ! Can’t wait for this story to continue !!

  2. Oh lol !! I am the first to comment... heehee

  3. Ingrid girl I love your comments - you make me laugh. Yep sometimes BAD Era Mike makes me late too for work, yoga class, dates and everything else in between.

    I am so glad you liked it... I always thought as Michael as powerful or a powerful presence so when he wants something he is very concentrated to get it... : )

    We'll see how strong he is as we go along...

    Thanks so much for commenting - no roaring at work!

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    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I give it all up ....control..smole ...I WANT YOU AND I WANT YOU NOW!!!

    There , straightening out my shirt again, putting my library glasses on and uhmm , yes , wonderful , wonderful writing ,very well researched (his hand on her breast) the harbour you say ( his erection pressed up against her leg) going to the ocean gardens ok (moans of satisfaction)

    heehee!! damn that was good .
    Why does she have to go to Taiwan , why not stay in Hong Kong with Michael?

    Now if only I could get a schedule of the chapters coming up....sjeesh C ....can I ?


  6. Well I will admit to you all that it is not just control – she is scared too. So I know all you fine woman would rip off all your clothes ASAP – but our lady is fraidy cat as you have seen. She will have nerves thou when she needs it the most or when it counts... she just doesn’t know it yet.

    I am glad you liked all the “sights” YG – those spots were some of my favourites too... inside and outside... I am glad you were “pleased”

    Why Taiwan? Well mostly coz I have always wanted to go there – it is a nature lovers dream and well Michael has business to attend to!

    As for the schedule – maybe I will ask E to make me one – not sure if I can abide by it – but what the heck if it makes you feel better!

  7. Love Love the update..... Michael seems to be in control and know what he wants.... And yes our girl is scared but I have a feeling she will come around...After all one can only hold back from him for so long and then the rest if history... Cant wait for the next update....

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    Yup you would be correct - our girl is only gonna be able to resist for so long... then she really will be in BAD shape!

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  20. Hi !! Just checking... and letting you know that my interest has not faded at all. I'm sorry you lost some parts.. Happened to me once too. Be sure to always take a copy here or there. I know I do. My daughter lately lost all of her pictures and files so now I take a back-up of it all at least once a week. Free advice...

  21. I think I am going to read this chapter over again.. While I wait for the next one.. Cant wait....

  22. Thanks lovelies... for being so patient!

    I am usually so super uber good with making sure I have the back up right - but I was in a rush moving stuff from work to the zip drive and I copied the wrong one and then I overwrote the original at home and viola it happened... I am actually at my parents place in super rural Nova Scotia – where smoke signals work better than my cell phone – but I have wireless – so I am working away and hope to have everything back to speed soon...

    Ingrid... coming to pay you a visit tonight... I need my HONEY!

  23. Honey is on her way to Nova Scotia. LOLOL

  24. Stopping in to show some more love......

  25. thanks for the love and the patience sweetheart... I am posting it right now... I hope you like it!

  26. OK here I am making my way and catching up and marveling that any woman in her position, feeling as she does, with Michael feeling as HE DOES could possibly still be resisting him.

    I thought she might also be afraid of crossing that line from professional to personal - what it could mean for her job. Certainly they have already done that, but getting completely intimate does take it into another realm.

    Still, I could not have done that to him. He is being a saint about it. A very patient man.

  27. Keep reading Helen - you are about to find out why she is resisting him.

    She actually has been thinking about her job - which will come up later, right now she has other reasons.

    You're almost there!

  28. I love how Michael is bringing it up a notch & taking control so Ally will give in. I still don't know how she can resist him!

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