chapter nine - your ways part i

Monday, November 16, 1987

Allison’s eyes fluttered lightly as she pulled the soft duvet up under her chin. Rolling over onto her side she opened her eyes to stare out the bedroom door. She could see the streaks of sun shining in from the terrace doors out in the main room. It felt like it was quite late in the morning. A glance at the clock confirmed it was almost 11 am. Wow it was late. She never slept that late, but she had slept well and felt completely rested. She unconsciously stretched out the tight muscles in her calves, flexing and pointing her toes, she felt really good. Rolling back on to her back she stretched out her body, slow and lazily, letting go of the duvet allowing it to slip down exposing her breasts.

She smirked grinning a silly grin pulling the duvet up to look underneath.
“Oh... whoops!” She breathed out.
She had totally forgotten she had gone to bed in nothing but her skin. She felt her body become flush and she warmed instantly, something that was starting to become her body’s standard reaction when she thought of Michael. It had been an exhaustive couple of days. She was beginning to feel like she was trapped in washing machine that was stuck on spin. Then he came and surprised her with an apology. Well not really surprised her, she expected that he would come and talk to her. But the way he did was so sexy and the way he touched her, talked to her and kissed her, he was so relaxed and calm when she was just a jumbled mess. She didn’t even get to tell him she went shopping. She was ready to tell him at the pool that she had taken care of their protection, but he wanted to talk. But when he was done and she finally spoke, it was in a rush of anxiety and all she told him was her fears, she didn’t even tell him she had the condoms. She sighed heavily.... well at least we are on the same page now... condoms... and we have them.

She rubbed her eyes, wiping the last remnants of sleep from her vision. She didn’t have much planned for the day today. What she really needed to do was a complete inventory of her equipment and supplies. She hadn’t purchased anything since Taipei and she was starting to run low on batteries’ and she was really in need of film. She was hoping she could wait on the developer solutions as she didn’t think she would be spending much more time doing any developing until she got home at the end of the month. She also wanted to make sure she had everything for her trip out to the Blue Mountains that she had booked for tomorrow.

Hoping out of bed, covering herself with the robe, she walked into the bathroom to get cleaned up and showered. “Oh god,” she grimaced when she looked in the mirror. Her hair was a matted mess. She really should have combed it out or tied it up before going to bed with it still wet.
“Well this is gonna take some doing,” she grumbled.

She turned to open the glass doors of the shower and turned the taps, adjusting the temperature and let the water warm up. Taking off her robe, she closed that bathroom door to keep the heat and steam in and stepped into the shower. She let the warm water rinse through her hair as she massaged it gently. It felt coarse and grainy from the salt water from the pool. She managed to get the shampoo successfully in and out of her tangled mane. She applied liberal amounts of conditioner in the hopes it would help ease her fingers through. 20 minutes later and fits and bouts of ouches and curses her hair was tangle free.
“Won’t be doing that again anytime soon...” she mused as she wrapped herself in a towel.

Standing at the vanity, she took the edge of her towel and rubbed the stream from the mirror to look at her reflection. She leaned in closer and narrowed her eyes. Ugh! Was that another freckle? She loved the sun. Spending as much time in it as she could and it usually rewarded her with smooth deep brown tan... and freckles. She didn’t have many, but she was keeping track. She pulled down the hand held hairdryer and dried out her locks, being extra careful to be gentle after the shower torture treatment it her hair had just endured. Once her hair was dried she tied it up and away from her face in a loose ponytail and dressed in a pair of tan capri’s and a white sleeveless blouse.

Back in the lounge area she flipped through the breakfast menu and called room service, ordering a fruit plate, yogurt, toast and tea for her meal. While she waited for her food to arrive, she dragged her camera and equipment bags out onto the terrace and started to pull out her equipment and supplies to take stock of what she needed. She went in to grab her notebook and pen when she heard the knock on the door. She signed the hotel receipt while the room service attendant placed her food on the large coffee table and wished her a good day.

She sat out on the outdoor terrace, enjoying her breakfast/lunch looking out at the expansive skyline of Sydney. It was a clear day and you could see for a long way. It really was one of the most beautiful places she had been so far. The city was clean and easy to get around and everyone she had met was super friendly and helpful and she loved their sense of humour. It also didn’t hurt that she was staying in one of the nicest hotels in the city.

After she finished eating she unpacked all of her equipment in earnest making notes of what she needed. She pulled out the filters in her secondary storage bag remembering that they needed to be cleaned. Underneath the filters she found the plastic bag she had thrown in there yesterday that held her purchases. Well not just hers, held the purchases for her and Michael. She pulled out the box and quickly scanned the description... micro-thin technology, deluxe, ultimate sensation, strong and dependable... Hmm, she chucked. “Yup sounds like we are covered...” Then burst out laughing at the irony of her words.

She finished making her list and got ready to go. She wouldn’t have to go far. Yesterday on her walk back from the Opera House with Karen they had passed a large department store called The Myer. The Myer was just around the corner from the hotel. They had stopped for a few minutes outside one of their main display windows watching the staff preparing the Christmas window displays. She had almost forgotten it was just over a month away. The store it’s self looked very similar to a typical JC Penny’s or like the Macy’s she frequented in Costa Mesa at home. She also noticed further along in one of their other display windows a large Kodak sign and a store display of photography equipment. So she was hoping they would have what she needed.

Stepping out in to the hall Allison placed her room service tray beside her door and walked towards the elevators. She looked down in the direction of Michael’s suite. There seemed to be quite a bit of activity down that way. The door was open and people seem to be streaming in and out quickly, some with worried looks on their faces. She walked over tentatively and saw Bill Bray standing at the entrance.
She smiled warmly. “Hey Bill. How are you?”
“Ms. Wolf, I am good. How are you enjoying your stay in Sydney?”
“Oh it is lovely isn’t it?” She looked into Michael’s suite. “It’s very nice.”
He didn’t respond and he seemed preoccupied.
“Bill,” a puzzled look came across her face. “Is everything okay?”
He looked at her and smiled. “Oh yes, I’m sorry Allison I’m just waiting for Miko to arrive, we have... something we need to take care of.”
Everyone else around the area seemed extremely panicked but Bill seemed calm.
“Oh is Michael... sorry, is Michael in his suite, I wanted to say hi.”
“Ahh, Michael is actually down at the... the stadium for a sound check.”

Just then Miko arrived, not noticing Allison, almost knocked her over.
“Sorry, Bill. I was at the venue. How long has he...”
Bill raised his eyes and tipped his head in the direction of Allison standing beside him.
“Oh hi, Allison. How are you?”
“Hi Miko. I’m good.”
She looked at both men with concern and her mouth became dry. Something was up. “Is something wrong?” Her heart started to beat faster. “Is Michael okay?”
“Oh don’t you worry,” Bill touched her lightly on the shoulder. He didn’t want to her to worry unnecessarily and he could see the concern in her eyes. “It is nothing you need to be alarmed about.”
She pressed her lips together tightly. She didn’t believe them, but it was obvious they were not going to share any information with her.
“Err, umm. Okay...” she adjusted her purse strap on her shoulder. “Tell Michael I said hi.”
“Will do Ally,” Miko said. “Excuse us.”
Allison walked slowly to the main elevators.
She turned to look behind her when she heard Bill call for James in the suite. Then she stood motionless as she watched as the 3 men marched swiftly down to the end and enter services elevators.
Yeah... something was up, but they weren’t sharing it with her that was for sure.

What she didn’t know was that a strange man had been arrested for loitering on the 3rd level of The Myers department store. Security had been watching the man from the moment he had entered the store. He looked as if he was in disguise. He was wearing a New York Yankee’s baseball cap atop of his afro with unkempt sideburns. He was wearing a bomber jacking and pants that looked 2 sizes too big for him. It was the typical outfit of a shoplifter.

He was wandering from floor to floor and he looked around like he was lost and every time he saw someone or someone came near him, he hid behind the nearest pillar or cloths rack. He really was acting very strange. What tipped off security that he was a potential threat and basically gave him away was when he was on the escalator between floors he looked to be adjusting his teeth in the shiny silver reflection of the opposite escalator.

Security was dispatched immediately to apprehend the suspicious man.


Crap! He felt like a child. He should have known...

As soon as the back emergency exit doors clicked shut behind him, Michael knew he had made a mistake. He was confident in his disguise, but now he was outside alone, in a city he didn’t know very well. But he felt like he didn’t have a choice. What was he going to do... ask his body guards to buy him condoms? He didn’t want to have to share that information. He didn’t even want them to know that they were considering having sex. Condoms were just something he had never thought he would ever need. Otherwise they would have been on the list of items that were purchased for him on a regular basis, saving him the embarrassment of having to ask for those normal everyday personal items. Things that people took for granted, but that if they had to ask someone to buy them for them, they might think differently.

Not that he was embarrassed about being sexual or having sex. But there were some things that should be private or that should be kept between a man and a woman and this was one of those things. One thing he could say for certain is that Allison would be uncomfortable knowing that others knew how far their relationship had come. She was getting better at being unrestricted with him, but was still unsure and self conscious of how they acted in the company of others. Their last conversation in the pool room only illustrated it further with him how. She was afraid of getting hurt and was apprehensive about how the relationship would go when they went back to their normal lives. Well back to her normal life. This was his normal life and he rather liked having her in it. He just needed to make her realize that.

Although the conversation gave him a better understanding of her initial wish to go slow, they were well passed the slow stage now. Even she would admit that. But he didn’t know how to show her or prove to her he was not playing with her to pass time. He definitely wanted to keep seeing her after they got back to the States. Her shyness and silly little insecurities about them only made him want her all the more. He loved it. Maybe he hoped by going out and getting the condoms he could show her that he really was sincere about her.

When he came out on Elizabeth Street, finally seeing the front of the hotel he was staying, he whistled to himself. Wasn’t that something – he was staying in their most opulent suite and he hadn’t even seen the front of the hotel. He tried to familiarize himself with where he was in comparison to the street that he saw the department store on. They had driven by it twice, once on the way to the zoo and the second time when he went to the charity dinner. He paid particular attention the second time after Karen mentioned the store yesterday while doing his makeup. The store was called The Myer and Karen said they had stopped to look at the Christmas windows after spending the afternoon with Allison. They had gone to the Opera House too.

He kept his head down and started to up Elizabeth Street, turning at his first left on Market Street. Michael was so intent on getting the directions right he was not paying attention to anything else. With his head down he didn’t notice that he was walking in the path of others, sometimes walking into them.

“Take a squizz at this dill,” someone said.
“Outta the way drongo,” another said a bit further.

Once he got to the end of Market Street, he turned right on to George Street and he could see The Myer.
He adjusted his baseball cap tilting his head slightly up and walked into the large department store.
“Now what,” he wondered.
He went to find the store directory to see the location of the pharmacy area when he saw a bunch of young teenage girls walking in his direction. He quickly jumped behind the closest pillar. The girls giggled when the saw him jump.
He took the escalator to the 2nd and looked around quickly walking to the next set of escalators on the other side of the floor, being sure to keep out of sight of the other customers.
On his way up to the next floor, he could see his reflection and he turned smiling to himself fixing his “teeth.”
As he started to search out the 3rd floor he was approached by two large men who flanked him on either side. “G’day sir, we’re gonna have ask you to come with us,” was all they said as they led him to the security area on the 3rd floor.

Fifteen minutes later, sitting in the security area, he had to tell them who he was and made the excuse that he wanted to look around the shop while in Sydney. Luckily for Michael the Manager of Security, Jim Cranley, was on duty and understood that dealing with the matter discreetly was for the benefit of both parties. Jim had been the head of security for the Australian band INXS last tour. He knew how excited and sometimes hysterical some fans could get, remembering vividly the chaos of that surrounded their lead singer Michael Hutchence. This would be much worse.

So while it was exciting to have Michael Jackson in the store, it was better to keep a lid on it or it would be bedlam in a matter of minutes. What he didn’t understand is why someone like Michael Jackson was travelling around without a bodyguard. Jim spoke to the rest of the store security and devised a plan of action to get Mr. Jackson out of the store unscathed.
“Mr. Jackson,” he turned to address Michael. “Not a worry mate, we will get you out of here without a scratch.”
“Thank you Mr. Cranley,” Michael stood to shake his hand. “Do you think I could call my own security team as well?”

After speaking with Bill, Michael signed a few autographs. He also signed some albums and t-shirts taken from music department and waited to be escorted out of the store. He sat quietly on the black plastic chair. This didn’t work out they way he was hoping or planned. He should be back in his suite not sitting here in a plain white room waiting to be picked up like a toddler from daycare by his security team. But word was beginning to spread that he might be in the store and people where starting to crowed around the area. Now he had no choice.

When Bill arrived with Miko he had a brief conversation with Jim about getting Michael out safely and where James should be waiting with the vehicle. Michael thanked Jim and his team for everything and promised to send some tickets over for his performance on Thursday.
In the freight elevators Bill was looking straight ahead when he heard Michael say. “Don’t say it Bill, I don’t want to hear it...”
Bill kept his lips sealed and said nothing, He was more concerned with getting his main charge back safe and sound to his hotel then telling Michael he was wrong.


Allison walked the short distance over to The Myer. When she turned on to George Street, it seemed really busy for a Monday afternoon with lots of school aged children hanging around. Since it was mid November she wondered if this was the day the window display were officially opened. That was always a big day back home at Macy’s. It was practically tradition to go down and see the Christmas window displays the day they became live and animated.

She walked up to the large plate glass window were it looked almost complete but was still under construction. Hmm, perhaps it was a school trip.

“Ohmygosh Kylie!” a girl behind Allison squealed.
“I know. I know, you really think he’s in there?” the girl’s friend replied.
“Oh! It mighta been that fella that jumped when were leaving, ‘member?”
“YHAAAAAAAA!” Both girls screamed at the top of their lungs jumping and hugging each other.

Allison chuckled to herself shaking her head at the high pitched screaming. Girls... she giggled. She thought there was only one person who could make her get that excited and... “Oh god...nooooo” She Instantly thought of the panic back at the hotel.
She covered her mouth in shock. “Oh my god Michael.” Allison tried not to panic herself remembering the fear she felt in Japan with all the fans at the hotel. She took a deep breath to steady herself walking briskly but as calmly as she could to the store front entrance.
She smiled at the security guard at the entrance. “Hello,” gesturing inside with her hands. “Is the store open?”
“G’day miss. Yes we are open,” he looked in behind him. “But only the 1st, 2nd and 4th floors at the moment. The 3rd is closed at this time.”
“Ohhhh, okay.”
“You cannot access the 4th floor from the escalators, but we have an elevator at the back of the store.”
“Great, thanks so much. Where can I find the photography equipment?”
“4th floor.” He laughed, pointing down the aisle as he explained to her where the elevators where.

Allison walked slowly through the first floor, trying to pick up any gossip she might hear as to who might be in the store and why the 3rd floor was closed. It seemed like everyone was doing the same as her. No one was talking, just listening and looking around to see what they could pick up. She took the escalator up to the 2nd floor, same thing, but there seemed to be more security there, a lot more and there were two men standing in front of the escalators that went up to the 3rd floor.

She walked down to the back of the store and took the elevator up to the 4th floor. She quickly found the Kodak sign and the photography equipment. Making her purchasing, she picked up two dozen batteries, along with 20 rolls of films of various speed and two polarized filters. As she paid for her purchases the clerk asked her if she had heard the rumours.
Allison played dumb. “No, what rumours?”
The clerk looked around suspiciously. “Well apparently...” she leaned in closed to Allison whispering. “...apparenlty Michael Jackson was here earlier today.”
“Really?” Allison raised her eyebrows in mock surprise. Inside her stomach was churning. She hoped that he was safe. “Is he still here?”
“Nah... I heard the bloke left out the back a little while ago.” The girl grinned and laughed. “Too bad though... we could have used some fun around here today.”
Allison chuckled politely at her joke and thanked her purchases and left the store, noticing that the 3rd floor was now open.


Tuesday, November 17, 1987 – 7AM

“G’day miss,” the tour guide greeted Allison as she boarded the bus. “Welcome to Activity’s Blue Mountain Wildlife Tour.”
“Good morning,” she yawned. “Oh I am sorry, I am a little tired.”
“No worries, you can grab a nap on the way, it’s a coupla hours outta town.”
“Great,” Allison smiled. “I think I will.”

She tossed her knapsack in the seat by the window a few rows back. Before taking her seat, she put her equipment bag into the over head compartment making sure her tripod was secure and sat down in her seat. Covering her mouth, she yawned again and closed her eyes, resting her head again the window. She opened her eyes when the bus lurched forward to start the tour. It seemed as if only a few minutes had passed and the seat beside her was still empty, but the bus had filled up since she first boarded. It looked like a good diverse group.

“G’day, good morning, how are ya?” came the cheerful voice of the tour guide through the overhead speakers.
Allison sat up to see the guide at the front of the bus.
“I hope you can all here me. My name is Stu and I am one of the three guides today that are joining you today on your Wildlife Tour. The other guides are Andrew and Natalie.” On cue the two other guides stood up and waved to everyone and sat back down.
“Now we have a full day for you folks, I kid you not, so we hope you are ready for your adventure! And if you ain’t well we are taking you anyways.”
Everyone one on the bus laughed.

Stu went on to tell everyone about the day lined up for them... and he wasn’t kidding, it was fully filled! They would be getting a guided walking through the Blue Mountains National Park, with stops including Wentworth Falls, Sublime Point and views of the Three Sisters rock formation at Katoomba. They would be also visiting the Featherdale Wildlife Park and get to see many of the animal’s native to Australia. The tour would finish up with a river cruise, crossing the Nepean and Parramatta Rivers eventually passing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and depositing everyone back at the Circular Quay.

Stu finished up his spiel by saying he hoped everyone had comfortable walking shoes on. He also reminded everyone to use their sunscreen and drinks lots of water due to the heat and they had traditional Akubra Hats for anyone that didn’t bring a hat to wear.
“Please be smart... we don’t wanna have to flick ya to the dingos!”

Allison was glad she brought as much film as she did. It sounded like she was going to use it all and then some. Getting up from her seat she pulled down her equipment bag and pulled out her camera and a set of new batteries. Taking the bus out to such a remote place reminded her of the tour she did with Michael in China. That was such a nice day with him. He would really like this trip she thought. She looked inside her bag making sure her little fuzzy companion was secure inside as well.
“I guess you will have to do my fuzzy fish.”

45 minutes later they arrived at the park to start their tour. There were at least another 50 buses there in the parking lot on various tours. Once everyone was off the bus Allison saw there were about 25 people in her group. Everyone got organized fairly quickly. Natalie handed out the park passes while Andrew gave the group a brief history of the Blue Mountains. He told the group that the Blue Mountains came by their name naturally. The area was vastly populated with Eucalyptus trees, also known as the Gum tree, which produces natural oils. Because there are so many in the area the air is saturated with the finely dispersed oil and it mixes with dust particles and water vapour and creates a bluish light which gets deeper as the temperature warms up.

The group entered the park then took a railway car down to the bottom landing. Literally 5 seconds into the ride it was almost a complete straight drop down to the bottom. One of the guides explained that the railway was originally used for mining coal but by the late 40s had been turned it into a tourist ride. All that information was of no use to Allison, who was just happy that the ride only lasted a couple of minutes. But once the railcar reached the bottom of the landing she was rewarded with a spectacular view of the Three Sisters rock formation. As Allison and the group snapped pictures they were told a traditional Aboriginal story of rocks and their formation. They made a quick stop in the gift shop then they were on their way to the cableway for the tour to get back to the top.

From the railway they had to walk through the forest to get to the cableway. It was truly a beautiful place, so green and lush. Stu explained that parts of the gullies were semi-rainforest and that the forest was a eucalypt forest, dense with hundreds of the variety and large beautiful ferns.
Stu stopped up ahead. “Okay stop here. Close your eyes everyone and inhale deeply.”
Everyone stopped and looked around but did as Stu asked.
“Ha-ha,” Allison laughed aloud. “It smells like a cough drop. That is so cool”
Everyone in the group agreed and had a good chuckle.

The group continued onto the cableway, taking the cable car up to the top of Scenic World. That’s when Natalie chimed in to tell them that this was the steepest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere! Allison shuddered. Again, information I didn’t need to know she thought, wanting to sew her eyes shut she was so terrified. Again luckily it was a short ride.

At the top they had more time for pictures. As Allison set up her equipment for her next series of shots an older couple watched her and asked if she was a photographer.
“Yes, I am,” she smiled politely. “Would you like me to get a photo of you both together?”
“We would love that,” the woman answered. “Harold is terrible with the camera and...”
The man shook his head. “Helen my god woman,” he interrupted. “The girl doesn’t want to hear that, just give her the camera.”
She chuckled. They reminded her of her grandparents. Allison pointed over to the vista. “Why don’t you two stand right here and I will get a good one of you.”
After she took a few shots with their camera and then took a couple with her own. She reached into her camera bag and pulled out a business card to give to them.
“Call my office when you get back home and I will make arrangements for you to get the photos I have taken.”
“Oh Harold isn’t that nice,” Helen turned to her. “Thank you dear, that’s so sweet.”
“You are very welcome.”

The rest of the day went by so fast. After taking pictures at the top they took the walkway, called the Grand Stairway, down to Wentworth Falls. After that it was time for lunch at the Katoomba Golf course, where she sat and had lunch with Harold and Helen. They were from Missouri and were there for their 40th Anniversary. After they were finished lunch there was a bit of time for shopping in the small town before leaving for the Wildlife Park.

The Wildlife Park was amazing. There was a bird sanctuary and open areas to walk around and feed and interact with the animals. Many of the animals were calm and relaxed even with all the people milling about. In the Wallaby area it was quite busy with lots of people. As she walked through the area, Allison spotted one small one that was off by himself. She walked over in silence stooped down, patting and scratched it lightly on its back. It seemed to really like that and it reminded her of Samson. After that she saw Kangaroos and then the Koala Bears and got to feed them both. They also had a couple of dingos that were sleeping in their pen.

Next was the last part of the tour the river cruise back to Sydney. It was peaceful and relaxing. They started at Homebush Bay and cruised down through the Parramatta River and finally into the Sydney Harbour. They came into the harbour under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and cruised slowly into Quay. Evening was setting in as it was past 7PM. The skyline was all lit up and they cruised past the Sydney Opera House as they went to dock. It was the perfect, most beautiful way to end the tour.

When Allison arrived back at her hotel it was almost 8PM and she was exhausted. Yet she was still hoping Michael would be around so could share her day’s adventure. She had not seen him Monday afternoon when she returned from The Myer and she still had no idea if he was really there that afternoon when she arrived and the store was partially closed. She didn’t see him this morning either, as she was gone well before Michael was up for the day. She sighed. He did say he was going to be busy for the next couple days, but she was missing him still. Her busy days only magnified how much she did when she was left alone at the end of them.

With a soft *ding* the elevator reached the 21st floor, the doors opened with a low hiss. As soon as she stepped out into the quiet hallway and looked towards his suite she knew he wasn’t there. Unlocking the door to her our suite she dropped knapsack on the floor and placed her equipment on the side table at the entrance. She walked through main room kicking off her runners in the bedroom. In the bathroom she ran the water to wash her face before going to bed.

Returning to the bedroom she changed into her night tee and shorts and pulled the bed covers back to get into bed. She would sleep well tonight. As she moved to turn off the bedside lamp she noticed a small folded card on brass base of the light with Ally scrawled across the front. Sitting up quickly she opened the folded card paper, reading the note inside.

Thinking of you... see you tomorrow. Michael.

She smiled, her body happy with Michael thoughts as she turned off the light. Finally lying back into bed she pulled the duvet up to her chin. “I am thinking of you too...” she sighed. Her dream filled sleep coming quickly.


Wednesday, November 18, 1987

She was sitting on the terrace when Michael called her the next morning. She wouldn’t tell him that, but she was secretly waiting and hoping he would call remembering their morning ritual from Japan. But she didn’t need to say anything. He could hear her excitement in her voice.
When the phone rang her heart jumped and then instantly melted at the sound of his sweet voice.
“Good morning girl. Have you eaten yet? I haven’t seen you at breakfast for so long.”
Allison laughed into the phone. “Well I won’t lie to you Michael, I have, but that was hours ago.”
“Well good then, I ordered your tea for you.”
She smiled. “Okay, I’ll be right over.”

Allison quickly checked her face in the mirror and brushed her teeth for good measure before walking over to Michael’s suite. That was the great thing about being in the same hotel and only a few doors apart. She didn’t need a purse, jacket or anything... she didn’t even need shoes.
She tapped quietly on Michael’s suite door and Bill answered.
She looked up smiling at him. “Hi Bill.”
“Good morning Allison,” he nodded at her. “How are you today?”
“Great Bill, I am great...” Her words trailing off as she entered the suite.
Michael’s suite made hers look like a broom closet. It was massive and decadent beyond belief.
“Wow,” she breathed out. “I think this is bigger than my apartment back home.”
Bill chuckled. “He is in the dining area.” He pointed to her left. “Just through the doorway.”

She walked quietly into the room to find him at the table with his head down reading. Her breathe caught. My god, he looked so good, he was so gorgeous. If a man could be considered beautiful, he was it. How did he always look so damn good? She felt inadequate in what she was wearing. His dark curls were tied back from his face. He was wearing a red button-down dress shirt with the button undone at the top and she could see his usual white t-shirt underneath. On the outside of the dress shirt there were thin black leather straps going around his both arms and one across his shoulder and his usual black trousers.

She remained silent studying him from the doorway. She didn’t know why, but every time she had seen him so far in Australia, she felt like they were starting a new. First when they hadn’t seen each other for 2 weeks, then at the pool after their disagreement and now. Kind of like a first date or a first kiss. Standing there looking at him she literally felt like she had to break the ice with him and get reacquainted again. Even though she knew she shouldn’t feel that way, she just did. Maybe it was because they had long pauses between their more intimate moments or maybe because they were so close to taking their relationship to that next level. She didn’t know what it could be, but whatever it was, it was terribly nerve wracking and it made her overly nervous.

Luckily for her Michael didn’t feel that way at all. He felt like they were just picking up from the last time they saw each other. The pauses between their more intimate encounters only intensified how he felt. If he had his way, and he knew he eventually would, she would never be nervous with him. He didn’t mind that she was little shy. They could certainly work on that one. But she had nothing to fear with him and how he felt about her.

She walked up to the opposite end of the table from him. “I feel a little underdressed for breakfast with you,” her voice just unsure enough for Michael to pick on her nervousness.
“Pardon,” he looked up smiling. His warm eyes fixed on hers then slowly followed the lines of her body from head to toe and back to her eyes. “What do you mean underdressed?”
She blushed slightly as she watched his eyes wander over her. “You always look so good,” she breathed. “I mean so nice.”
“Hmm, you always look good too...” his eyes twinkled. “...even if you are overdressed for breakfast with me.”
“Michael,” she scoffed smiling.
He gave her a wide smile. “Girl you are too easy,” he pulled out the chair on the inside of the table on his right side. “Come, sit with me. Have your tea before it gets cold.”
“Okay,” she relaxed a bit.

She could feel the heat of his gaze as she walked around the back end of the table to come up along the side to sit down beside him meeting eyes. “Hi.”
“Girl why do you always show up wearin’ those short shorts?”
“Why, don’t you like them,” she teased him back trying to pour her tea and look uninterested.
“You know I do.”
“Well, maybe that’s why.” She smiled. “I am not just a pretty face ya know. I am smarter than I look.”
“Yes you are,” he smiled raising her eyebrows at her. “You wanna know what else you are?”
“What,” she grinned, placing her elbow on the table, resting her chin in her palm to look at him? This little back and forth felt so nice.
“You’re sexier than you know,” she watched his tongue lick the corner of his mouth as he leaned in to kiss her, his hand brushing against her elbow on the table as he did. His kiss was soft at first his lips firm and gentle, his hand moved up her arm to grasp her lightly on her neck. He flicked the tip of his tongue over the seam of her lips coaxing them apart and her mouth opened willingly with a soft moan to welcome him, allowing his tongue to invade the moist warmth of her mouth.
“Hmm,” Michael groaned. “Girl you taste so good.”
She leaned into him, god she loved kissing him. He tasted delicious. Her sigh melted into his kiss.
“You too Michae -”

“Mike, are you in there?” Someone was walking in from the other room.
He broke away from her slowly, capturing her bottom lip for one last lingering kiss before he winked at her and pulled away.
“We’re in here Frank.”
Allison gulped and sat up straight and placed her hands around her mug of tea. She didn’t know Michael was expecting anyone else.
Frank walked into the room with his usual cigar hanging out of his mouth. “Mike I wanted…” his voice trailing off as he noticed Allison sitting beside him. “Good morning Ms. Wolf. How are ya?”
“Hi Frank,” she smiled unsure if she should stay.
“Sorry to interrupt you two,” Frank came to the table and pulled out a chair. “Mike, did you look at the paperwork I left for you?”
Michael nodded. “I’m just reading it. Did you want to take it now?”
“Yeah, I might as well since I’m here,” Frank smiled looking at Allison.
“Did you guys need me to go so you can discuss in private?”
“No, you can stay,” Michael reached over and touched her arm. “We won’t be long.”
“Okay.” She looked at the other end of the table and saw the local newspaper. She reached for it, unfolding it to find a section to read.

She found an interesting story on digital photography. She had seen a few cameras in her office that were analog electric but had never really used them. Now apparently Fuji was coming out with a true digital camera that saved pictures as files. It didn’t sound like photography at all to her, how did you develop the film? I just didn’t make sense. As the two men chatted, she became engrossed in the article and the sounds of their conversation became a dull murmur. She heard Michael’s unmistakable laugh. She looked up and smiled and then returned to the article.

Then suddenly she felt it. What was that? Her heart fluttered then beat faster. It felt like his leg was rubbing against hers. She looked up from the newspaper, wondering if she had imagined it. He wasn’t even looking at her. He was talking to Frank. She definitely felt something. She thought maybe he had shifted and touched her leg by accident. She laughed to herself. This man has you so wound up now you are daydreaming about him touching you. She moved her leg slightly to straighten it a bit from its bent position away from his. She almost lost her breath and it caught in her throat. Oh my.... he is touching my leg.

When she moved her leg to straighten it out Michael moved his leg under it and propped her leg up over his own. He heard her breathe hitch. He turned to face her.
“Sorry Ally, I didn’t mean to kick you,” he smiled looking at her. He shifted his chair as if he was moving it out from her, but in actuality he moved back and then slightly closer to her. His leg now cradling her knee he placed his warm hand on her thigh, her skin instantly rewarded him with a multitude of goosebumps rising up on her leg to greet him.
He turned back to his manager. “So what else will they need?”

Allison swallowed the lump in her throat, biting down on her lower lip so harshly she thought she might break the skin. Oh god. Her hand fluttered to her neck nervously as she tried to focus on the conversation, the edge paper, the little ceramic teapot, the little grains of sugar that had spilled on the table, anything but his hand rubbing the upper muscles of her leg. How could he be so calm touching her like that? “Oh...” his hand was moving up and his long fingers played with the fringe of her shorts. She cleared her throat and coughed to stifle her moan that threatened to escape. She couldn’t take it. She dropped her hand underneath the table, placing it on top of his stilling his motions. She squeezed it as if to say... please stop.

“Hello? Earth to Allison”
“Huh, what?” she looked up from the spot on the table she was staring at.
Frank chuckled. “Someone is off in space.”
Both Frank and Michael were looking at her, Frank laughing and Michael with an amused look on his face. Under the table he turned his hand over and caressed her palm before letting her hand go.
“Sorry, I just got engrossed in this article,” she pulled her hand up from under the table and folder her fingers together to keep her hands from shaking.
“What’s up?” she smiled relieved that she could talk.

“Frank was asking if you wanted to get a ride with him to the stadium tomorrow.”
“Umm sure, I guess,” she smiled at Frank. “But isn’t he going with you?” She actually thought she was going with him too.
“Slight change of plans,” Michael’s dark eyes locked on her. He reached out and touched her hands on the table. “I’ll tell you about it later.”
“Don’t worry Ms. Wolf I don’t bite,” Frank stood as he gathered the paperwork prepared to go. “We’ll leave about 6ish and I’ll come and get you.”
“Okay, sounds good.”

Michael stood to walk Frank out to the door and she took the opportunity to compose herself. She looked quickly around and saw there was a bathroom off the dining area. After going to the bathroom she washed her hands and splashed some water on her face. When she came back out, she could still hear Michael talking out in the main area. She wandered out to join them and noticed that Frank was gone, but now Mary, Michael’s assistant, was there. Michael was talking to Mary and Bill about something. Not wanting to interrupt, she stopped and leaned on the edge of the large sofa arm, giving a wave to Mary when she noticed her.

“Hi Allison,” Mary walked over to greet her. “How are you?”
“Hey Mary, I’m a fabulous,” this was the first time Allison had spoken to her since arriving in Sydney. “Thank you so much for organizing everything and for getting all my equipment here too. And the suite is amazingly perfect. I think I could get use to you taking care of me.”
“You’re welcome for everything,” she looked over at the two men. “Oh, I think their conversation is winding up. I’ll see you later on.”
“Okay Mike, let’s leave in a half hour.” Bill looked around for his hat. “We’ll see you later Allison. “

“Gosh this place is like Grand Central Station,” she said as he shut the door. She didn’t bother to add how amazed she was that not one person seemed surprised or taken aback with her being around. She didn’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing.
“Sometimes it is, but we are almost done this leg,” his voice sounded almost relieved. “We’ll all be home soon.”
He dropped the white envelope he had in his hand on the table and walked over to where she was sitting and sat down in the middle of sofa half facing her.
“I really like these shorts,” he placed his hand on her upper thigh.
“Ah yeah... I couldn’t tell,” she gave him a mocking stern look. “I can’t believe -”
“Well you are smarter than you look,” he teased cutting her off. His fingers tugged insistently at the frayed edge of her shorts. “C’mere Ally.”
“You are so going to get it,” she threatened, letting her butt slide off the arm and onto the sofa beside him.
“Hmm,” he pulled her hips over his and pushed her knees to the outside of his thighs allowing her to straddle him. “I’m looking forward to that... but right...” he groaned as she pushed down against him.

He didn’t need to finish his thoughts or tell her what he wanted. She felt hot all over and the look he was giving her made her spine tingle and a pulse throbbed deep in her stomach. She leaned forward and kissed him softly parting his lips with her tongue, tasting him slowly. He fought against the urge to take over letting her control the pace. He slid his tongue in along hers, caressing it, the soft sensual stokes of his tongue eliciting a soft drawn-out moan from her throat as his hands crept up under the cuff of her shorts. She melted into him.

He smiled to himself... I really really like these shorts.


  1. Oh I am the first to comment... Well girl it was worth the wait.. I loved it... Poor Michael though not being able to shop like he wanted..LOL... And all the beautiful adventures she takes.. You detail them so well.. And Now I am waiting for PArt 2 that is about to happen with these shorts that Michael seems to love so much... LOL Lots of Love..
    Bring on Part 2

  2. Oh man , this was GREAT !!!
    The trip into the Blue montains that Ally made, sounds fantastic , I kept thinking , Michael would REALLY enjoy that ,the boat trip back into Sidney sounds so beautiful, too bad he could never ever just enjoy the world and its beauty like we do , like Ally did , being anonymous , blending in . Well, that is why he hired Ally in the first he could travel vicariously, through her .

    I did not think I would enjoy "taking it slow"but you know , I do now , I am enjoying this story a lot , all the daily details ,the hair that is tangled because of not rinsing it after the salt water pool , LOVED the little glimpse into the future with the digital photography "how do you develop your pictures?" LOL

    Then the sensual kisses and OMG PLAYING FOOTSY UNDER THE TABLE !!!!! Oh I LOVED that scene , then the hand up her thigh and in the mean time you have to behave "unfazed " ???? Are you freaking kidding me ?
    The most gorgeous man in the world runs his hand up your inner thigh ( and we women all know how sensitive the skin on your inner thigh is!!!) and you are just suppose to sit there and read the paper while your hunny talks to his manager and makes love to your thigh ....I will say it one more time ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME ???? hahaha oh man that was hot !!!!

    And then we end this part with sensual kissing on the couch *sigh*

    Oh BTW : he likes her shorts , he REALLY likes her shorts ....yeah I'll say ....ARE YOU I wont say it again , but C I loved this chapter , in case you hadn't noticed it ....cannot wait for part two , I guess I have too , but don't wait too long pleeezzzeee!!!



  3. haha! Forever if you weren’t the first I would have been disappointed. I am really glad you liked the chapter as I was really struggling with it and where I wanted it to go and where I wanted it to end. And thank goodness we have lots to see when we are not spending time in our shorts or with Michael in our shorts... much love girl

  4. And there is my lovely YG summing her up so beautifully. Girl your comments give me giggles.

    I agree completely I think Michael would have loved all of the things I am taking Ally to – I mean he could travel wherever he wanted – but not how he wanted – just to enjoy and take in not to be followed around by crews and fans... and you know more than I that is why he had Neverland – but I am thinking in my fictional little head he may get to do a few trips with his photo gal... you just never know!

    Love that you like the taking it slow too... I am enjoying those little moments of getting there immensely, although is wreaking havoc on my libido... it won’t be long now when they won’t be able to turn back or stop.

    Well you know Michael likes to play... so I thought taunting her under the table would be so much fun... for him, her and us.... so nope I AM NOT FREAKING KIDDING YOU – I like it too!

  5. At first I really wanted to complain about the cruel way you ended the chapter, but then I realized I should thank you instead. If you had not stopped there, I would have died for sure, because I had not been breathing for God knows how long... :)

  6. I agree with you E , "as his hands crept under the cuff of her shorts"
    ....oh bloody hell.....SHOWER ....
    I want to see a picture of the look he gave her , we should search for the perfect pic to reflect that smoldering desire , surely C you have a couple in your album.....OMG .......

  7. Well I hate to be the one to break it to you girls.... it is gonna get a lot steamier as we move along, but I promise I don`t think you will be complaining... and if you are well I can live with it.

  8. Stopping in to show some love.. Alot steamier girl I can handle that... LOL.. Bring on the steam.. But I agree I do think the taking it slows is great.. ;)....

    Now you know I am ready for part 2...

  9. Back from the seaside, coming home to this wonderful surprise !! comments later !!

  10. Here I am showing some love and waiting desperately again for this next part....

  11. hey Ingrid welcome back from the shore.. looking forward to your comments - I see you have posted some sweetness yourself.

    Forever - yup girl I know you are ready - but it is too early to be desperate :)

  12. Wow… I finally made it here again. I owe you a comment.. LOL

    I really really like this chapter ! But what I like the most of it is their time together of course. The flirting under the table.. ahw.. That I love very much !! I can so imagine him doing just that, being a little sneaky and very naughty !! He certainly loves her shorts ! But where does he want them to be ? On her or on a chair beside the bed ??? LOL But I love it that you take it slow. As a writer it is important to keep a little tension in the story and you do that very well. In this case, a little sexual tension !!

    And I liked the part where he got caught by the shop security.. Poor Michael ! He did his best… Luckily she has all they need already ! So when will they use it ??? That is the question that is on everyone’s mind. But as I said before, don’t hurry.

    It is a pity though that they have to spend so much time apart. She is always sightseeing and he is always working. Well, almost always. They could stay a whole day in the hotel room for a change… and play “games”. I leave it up to you which games.

    Good writing !! I’m already looking forward to the next update !!

  13. oh girl - I am over reading and commenting on you and you are here reading and commenting on me tee hee...

    Yeah that is my favourite part too - when they are together - my most super favourite part - I can't wait for them to spend more time together! I guess that is why she travels so much - she was not supposed to with him, she is supposed to be working - but now all she is doing is filling the void

    Yeah the shorts.... he likes her daisy dukes for sure... I do believe they will make a cameo in the next chapter and a few others - coz I like them too and I like them coz Michael likes them

    I am so glad all you girls are liking it slow.... whoops - them taking it slow - coz I am rather enjoying it - I truly hope no one is disappointed when the latex party gets' started!

  14. Showing some love...

  15. OMG I have been gone for 4 days and no one has shown any love here... Well here is lots of Love... I cant wait for the next update....

  16. awwe girl you are so sweet - thank you for the love... you come back on Friday afternoon and I will have something for you... : )

  17. Girl I have to show you some love everyday that I can.. LOL.... But you know for sure that I will be here on Friday waiting....

  18. Stopping in to show some more love.. Cant wait for Friday....

  19. me too... I have been dying to post it : )

  20. How long does he have to stare at the shorts? I want them off!

  21. I alreayd told you my middle name... but I promise to give you more Mike to Like soon.. I might even post it tonight - oh I might post my sunflower too.

  22. Go ahead and post it...... I am ready right now.....

  23. girl you are hilarious... I am just setting it up to post in the next hour as I format it...

    Just remember - if you get this one early you get the nxt one late... LOL

  24. While I am waiting..I will just watch this video..

  25. well I don't know what happen it should have been here for you... it is posted now...

  26. How embarassing for poor Michael when he was mistaken for a shoplifter & taken in by store security. Yep, he should have listened to Bill!

    He's such a naughty boy, teasing Allison by rubbing her thigh under the table & trying to get into her shorts, with Frank there no less!

    I guess he really does like her shorts!!



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