chapter nine - your ways part ii

Sunday, November 22, 1987

Allison reached into the back of the closet and found the garment bag she was searching for. She pulled it out and laid it flat on the bed carefully unzipping the bag to reveal the dress she was going to wear tonight. She took the dress out of the garment bag and held it up in her body, looking at her reflection in mirror. She had purchased it more than two months ago. It was on one of her first days in Japan when she was in Tokyo. That seemed like so long ago. She had moved it with her from hotel to hotel, making sure it stayed perfectly protected wondering from time to time when and if she would get a chance to wear it.

Tonight seemed like the perfect night. She was going on a date. She still couldn’t believe she was going on a real date tonight... and it wasn’t just your regular everyday run of the mill kind of date either. She was going on a date with Michael Jackson and it was his idea. It all started a few days ago after a steamy make out session in Michael suite. He actually asked if she would go on a date with him. It was the cutest sweetest sexiest thing and of course she said yes...


Wednesday, November 18, 1987

They were on the sofa. Her thighs straddled his. Michael’s body was warm and pressed snug under her slender frame. He ran his hands over her thighs and up the leg opening of her shorts smoothing them around her hips to cup her butt. She shifted up to give him better access and he pulled her in and down rocking her hips forward against his growing erection. Allison felt her stomach tightened, her muscles felt like hot liquid melting into him. She was trying desperately to keep it slow and measured but they way he was touching her and telling her how she made him feel, it was virtually impossible.
“Hmm, Michael...” she moaned his name again, sliding her tongue back into his mouth. He groaned in response. He made her feel incredibly sexy as he let her control the tempo. Laying her hands flat against his chest, she could feel his heart pounding. She kissed along his jaw line trying to catch her own breathe.
“Michael, we should stop...” she turned her neck to look up at him. “You have to go, Bill said a half hour.”
“Did he say that?” He smirked.
He ran his hands to the front of her thighs leaving them still and hot against the juncture of her thighs. She nuzzled into the crook of his neck inhaling deeply and kissed him below his ear.
“If you keep kissing me and...” her voice dissolved into a soft sigh when his hands moved “...and touching me like that, I’m not gonna want you to go anywhere.”
Her heart was racing and she her skin was on fire, but she could still feel the heat rise to her face at the frankness of her words – but it was true. As it was, she already wanted him to stay.
He chuckled, “Girl, you’re on top of me and not vice versa.”
She grinned against his neck. “Yeah... and your hands are in my pants.”
He smiled and withdrew his hands and wrapped them around her waist.
“You are just so addictive. I can’t...” his words trailed off. “... and you’re right, we don’t wanna to start something.”

She sat up from him and gave him a perplexed look. That is when he told her about his trip to The Myer and how he tried to buy their “protection”. She pressed her lips together and held her voice until he finished talking. When he was done speaking, she knew she would never ever tell him that she knew he was there that day or that she was most likely there at the same time as he was. He sounded upset and almost ashamed.

It was hard for Michael to tell her that he couldn’t get what they needed. It made him feel inadequate and helpless. But he wanted her to understand he respected her request that it was for both of them. He watched her as she listened to him without interruption and without a shred of judgement in her gaze. When he explained how he waited in the security area for Bill and Miko she leaned in and kissed his lips, whispering how sorry she was that he had to go through that. What upset him the most was he did all this and he still didn’t have what he went there for.

Allison smiled. Then she finally confessed about her own trip to buy the condoms, but first she apologized for not initially realizing it would be so difficult for him and she should have never expected him to buy them.

“Girl, don’t, I think -”
“Michael, will you please let me finish this time?”

This time he was quiet, while she spoke and told him her own funny, slightly embarrassing version of picking up the condoms at the pharmacy at the beach. She even told him about the stock boy, blushing just as hard as she did that day. He had a good laugh at her story.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier,” she said softly.
“Well I know now,” he kissed her lightly on the lips again.
She placed her hands on his shoulders to push herself to a standing position, laughing slightly. “Yeah, we seem to be doing things opposite.”
“What do you mean opposite?” he questioned his voice sincere. “Is it bad how we are doing things?”
“No... not bad, just different...” she struggled to find the right words for what she wanted to say. “It is not every day you date...” She froze. As soon as she said it her heart leaped into her throat. What were they doing? Were they dating? Where they hanging out? She didn’t know.

“Awwe girl, you want to go on a date with me?”
“No, I mean...”
“No?” he raised his eyebrows eyeing her.
“Well no, not no... we don’t have to date... I mean go on one... I just mean we haven’t done... normally, well not normally... when...” she closed her eyes bringing her hand to her forehead to calm herself. Why did she always get so flustered?
Michael did his best to suppress his laughter. It was inevitable, whenever her desires conflicted with what she thought she was suppose to say the silly zany talk would start. It was sexy as hell to see her get so worked up about such silly things with him. He reached up and grabbed her free hand, lacing their fingers together.
“See what you do to me?” she sighed looking down at him.
“I wanna take you out.” He grinned looking so genuinely happy. “You’re right. We’ve never been out on a date.”
“Michael, you don’t have to.”
“You wanna go on a date with me?”
Looking at him, she was immediately lost in his deep brown eyes. She looked down smiling and then met his gaze, her heart almost exploding in unbelievable delight.
“Yeah,” she whispered. “Yeah I do, but...” she smiled a lopsided grin.
“Okay it’s settled.” He stood giving her a chaste kiss on the lips.
“Just one request...” he started to walk passed her “...please don’t wear these shorts if you expect me to behave.”
“Michael...” she shook her head and rolled her eyes at him.

Later on that afternoon, during the breaks at rehearsals, he kept teasing her and asking questions about the condoms. It was embarrassing, she was afraid someone would hear him, but even she had to admit he was hilarious. He was running around like little boy back forth between where she was backstage and the stage. Once he even did it with his arms and leg flailing and flapping all over the place like he was uncoordinated, except he still looked in control of what he was doing. He was such a goofball. He would run towards her and call her Sheila and then break into fits of goofy laughter and run away. Then he came back again... whispering, how many did she buy.... or how did you know what size he was.... she blushed like crazy at that one.
“Michael!” she scolded him, unable to control or hold in her smile at his silliness.
“You love it.” he whispered.

Afterwards in the van back to the hotel he was happily chatting away about the tour coming to an end and his schedule. It really was unnerving how much of his time was taken up by engagements, appointments and responsibilities. This didn’t even include the time he rehearsed for his shows and the actual performances – that alone was exhausting. It was more than a full time job for 2 or 3 people. The demands on his time and his person were enormous, yet he seemed to take it all in stride never once did she hear him complain and he was always smiling. His biggest smiles and joy came from being with or helping sick children. Just like in Japan he tried to visit as many schools and hospitals, always giving his time freely and lovingly. You could see him light up inside when he spoke about children just like the children did when they saw him. It was obviously one of his greatest joys.

He did confess he was really looking forward to going home to relax, but then in the next sentence started talking about retooling the show with different songs and maybe changing the stage and they were getting new costumes. She smiled and nodded as he spoke, but truth was there was so much going and she could barely keep up with the conversation.

When he finally stopped speaking he watched her a few moments in silence. She was staring out the tinted windows watching the traffic.
“Hey...” he touched her on the knee to get her complete attention.
She shifted to face him. “Hey.”
He tried to read her face. “You know I gotta keep this schedule, right?” He reached up from her knee to her hand, slipping his fingers between hers.
“Yeah, I understand,” she nodded trying to keep the disappointment out of her words. She didn’t do a very good job hiding it even though she really did understand. It was like when they were in Hong Kong, he had previous commitments he had to abide by. She realized she wasn’t in his plans when everything was booked, but now that she was, she wanted more time with him alone. But how did you get more time with the most famous man in the world who was out on tour?
“I know it is crazy right now, but I promise once this first leg is over and we get back to the States it will be less hectic.”
She smiled and nodded, “Okay,” but the reality was, she was wondering how that was going to happen. How would it be less hectic?
“So what about our date?” he surprised her with the shift in conversation but she immediately brightened.
“What about it Mr. Jackson” her eyes narrowed at him “are you trying to weasel out of it already?” she grinned.
“Why would I try and do that? You said no at first, I practically had to beg you.” he smiled then laughed. “I can’t believe you said no to a date with Michael Jackson.”
Her mouth fell open then she snapped it shut “I so did not.” she tried to wriggle her hands free from his.
He chuckled merrily. “Girl I love teasing you. You get so riled up.” Tightening his grasp on her hand he pulled her beside him. “Where do you want to go?”
“Do you really want me to pick?”
“Well you’re the one doing all the travelling around. Surely you have seen something of interest.”

She thought for a moment, she didn’t think she would be able to think of a place, but then the perfect placed popped into her head and she knew immediately where she wanted to go.
“Are you sure you want to go out, out?” she questioned, unsure if it was wise or even safe to go out in public. “Maybe we should stay -"
“No, we are gonna go out, out,” he interrupted. “Where do you want to go?”
“Okay then, I know exactly where I want to go.”
“Is it a secret of do you plan on sharing that bit of information with me?”
“It’s a restaurant I saw yesterday on my cruise back to the city.”
“Okay, well we need to tell Mary and she will get it all arranged.”


The next few days flew by. That evening they shared a light dinner in his suite before a meeting he was having with editor, Shaye Areheart, from the Doubleday Publishing. He told Allison that over the last four years he had been writing his autobiography. He wanted to his share story but in his own words. She was shocked, she had no idea he was writing a book. How did he find time to write a book and be on tour too?!? He sounded really proud and happy about it.
“That’s amazing Michael, you have lots to share. I just don’t know how you find the time.”
“I like to tell stories,” he smiled. “It is almost done. I got the final draft from Shaye this afternoon before we left.”
He went on to explain that he and Shaye had been meeting for the last couple of weeks, when she was in Taiwan and also here in Australia, getting everything just right. Now they just had a few minor adjustments before sending it to press.
His voice sounded detached. “Aren’t you happy with it?” She asked.
“I guess,” he shrugged as if unsure. “It has been a long, long time in the making. I hope no one will get upset or mad about it.”
“It’s your story Michael.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek. “You should tell it how you want.”

Before she left she got to meet Shaye, who showed up just a little after dinner. Michael had said she was a very nice lady and he trusted her but didn’t want the American press getting any ideas about them.
“I just don’t want any rumours or stories getting started when we aren’t there to answer or defend ourselves.”

He introduced Allison as his personal photographer and Shaye asked if maybe she had some photos they could use to go in the book. Allison told her that she might a have a couple, but Mr. Jackson would need to decide if they could be used.

When she was ready to leave, Michael walked her to foyer, giving her an innocent friendly hug at the door. He kissed her cheek and told her he would see her in a coupla days, reminding her to call Mary about the restaurant. He watched her walk down the hall to her suite before closing the door to his own.

As soon as Allison got back to her own suite, she searched through the stack of brochures she had picked up on the tour yesterday and found the little pamphlet on the restaurant. It was called the Banjo Patterson’s Cottage Restaurant. It sounded perfect. It was close and right on the edge of the Parramatta River. The restaurant was operated from quaint sandstone building that dated back to the 1830s. “Rockend” as it was once known was the adolescent home of one of Australia’s most famous poets, A.B.'Banjo' Paterson. It had been slated for demolition back in 1979, but local residents fought the demolition due to its historical significance and eventually it was classified as a heritage site by the Australian government.

The pamphlet stated:

Situated within 5 acres of parkland the restaurant is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens overlooking the water, making it ideal for garden ceremonies. Old-World Charm. Sweeping Water Views. Perfect for Romantic Dining.

She called Mary Coller and gave her the information for the restaurant. She felt odd having someone else book a dinner date for her, but she figured Mary had worked with Michael long enough to know what was required or expected when “Michael Jackson” went out... out.
“Give me a couple days Allison and I’ll get back to you and Michael on it.”
“Thanks so much Mary.”
As per usual it sounded as if Mary was expecting her call. Either that or she was just accustomed to or ready for any type of requests that might come her way. Allison had the feeling with Michael as your boss it was most likely the latter.

They didn’t get to see each other on Thursday, as Michael had a previous engagement with the promoters and he wanted to spend whatever free time he had to finish up the editing on his book. Allison took the opportunity to do some souvenir shopping and lounged around by the pool.

Friday, was Michael’s opening night in Sydney. It had been more than a month since she had seen him perform in Japan and all day long she had those familiar butterflies flittering and fluttering around in stomach. It wasn’t nerves it was excitement, she couldn’t wait to see him perform live again.

Michael assistant called her in the afternoon to confirm they had a Sunday reservation for 7PM at the restaurant. She also informed Allison that they were precisely aware of who was coming for dinner and was ensured everything would be in arranged, professional and private.

As discussed, Frank arrived just before 6pm so they could go to the stadium together. On the drive over Frank told her that Michael had been busy most of the day visiting a few hospitals in the city and visiting sick children at their homes in the suburbs. Because he wanted to visit as many children as possible, he decided it would be best to go straight to stadium after so he could relax a bit before the show. She was happily amazed and somewhat satisfied to hear that precautionary measures were being taken to make sure Michael was being taken care of. She didn’t doubt it was happening, but it wasn’t always apparent and not something that was talked about.

When they arrived at Parramatta Stadium the opening act was just starting their performance. She had her all access backstage pass with her, the BSP as the crew called it, so she was free to roam and go wherever she wanted. Sometimes being “backstage” wasn’t always as glamorous as it would seem. First it was packed and busy with crew members running to and fro trying to get everything just right and perfect in an allotted time. The local media seemed be everywhere getting the biggest story in print and on camera. There were stacks of cases and equipment you had to manoeuvre around with wires everywhere. It was hot, loud, crowded and hectic, but really, she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Saying goodbye to Frank, she made her way around. She saw a few people she had met before and waved to Sal, the tour co-ordinator, who was giving directions to his team. As she got further backstage she started to see some of the band members and a couple of the dancers stretching and warming up out in the open areas of the hall. She saw Miko who was chatting to James and another driver she has seen but that she didn’t know. Finally she made it to the back of the actual stage. Her lips broke out in a wide grin. Even though she hadn’t seen him perform in more than a month – there was her chair right off to the side of the stage waiting for her. It made her feel like she hadn’t missed a beat and that this is where she belonged every single night.

She set her purse and jacket down on the chair and was just about to go and search out Michael when she heard Miko behind her.
“Hey Ally, you are just the girl I am looking for.”
“Hey Miko.”
He tilted his head, smiling at her. “Come on, someone is asking about you.”
Allison was hoping it was the same person she was thinking about too.

She dutifully followed Miko on the return path she had just traveled, except he took her to the left of the corridor where she had gone right to get to the stage.
“Here we are Allison,” he stepped out of her way and guided her to the door. “Go on in, he is expecting you.”
“Thanks Miko.” She smiled.

Opening the door she saw Michael sitting in his dressing chair getting his final make up done with Karen.
“Hey girl,” he met her eyes in the mirror. “I was wondering if you had arrived.”
She laughed. “Yup... made it safe and sound with Mr. Cigar! I was just securing my seat for the show.” She saw Karen smile in the mirror. “Hey K, how are you?” She asked.
“I am good Ally,” she moved to grab something from her makeup case. “He will be all yours in a minute.”
Michael smirked and raised his eyebrows at her and Allison swallowed the small lump in her throat. “Okay.”
Karen finished powdering his face. “Alright Michael, we’re all done.” She stepped back to get a different perspective. “You look great.”
“I’ll come back later to pack up.”

Michael used the soles of his feet to swivel the makeup chair around to face her when Karen left.
“I’m all yours,” he grinned tugging the makeup cape off him revealing his body from beneath.
She tried to stop herself, she really did, but her eyes immediately fell from his face and scanned his lithe frame. She shivered internally and visibly to his eyes. She returned her gaze to his face and rolled her eyes at the look he was giving her.
“Are you now?” she walked towards him her heart beating an excited rhythm.
“110%” he licked his lips and opened his legs wide for her to move between them.
“Ah, yes,” she blushed trying hard to keep and hold his intense stare. “My favourite number,” she whispered just as she reached him.
“Mine too...” he reached up to cup her face in his hands and brought her mouth to his for a soft kiss.
“Hi,” she sighed. Just kissing him made her as excited as a school girl with a crush.
“It’s so good to see you,” he stood and wrapped his arms around her slim waist.
“It’s good to see you too,” wrapping her arms around him as well.
“Did Frank tell you we are gonna have a special guest at one of our shows?”
“Oh no, he didn’t.” She looked up. “Who is it?”
“Ohhhh, well you will just have to wait and find out just like everyone else.”
“Michael, come on,” she whined “I hate surprises.”
He chuckled. “That is good to know.... but nope you can’t have everything your way miss,” he kissed her on the top of her head and released her to move and grab his stage jacket.
“Umm Ally, you can let go now,” he said when her realised she was still holding him around the waist.
“Noooooo, you smell go good.” And he did. She couldn’t describe his scent exactly...vanilla, sweet, warm, yummy, and just nice.
He laughed quietly and reached behind him to unfasten her fingers. “Allybaby... Michael has to go now.”
She giggled too and finally let him go.

After Michael got his jacket and checked himself in the mirror they walked out to the usual group huddle area, which was usually the hall area by the food room. It was here that they would have the pre-performance pep talk and a wild ruckus cheer to get them pumped for the show. Allison had witnessed a few and it was always exciting. Although she didn’t think anyone really needed to be pumped up or bolstered for going our onstage with Michael, it was still was an excellent way to get everyone ready for the moment. It was also a good way for Michael to voice any concerns, which he always did in a non confrontational way and he was always so positive and polite. You could see everyone adored working with him.

After the prayer and pep speech everyone dispersed to get ready to go on stage. It was t-minus 30 minutes to go. Michael walked Allison towards the corridor where she would go right to get back to the stage. When they got out of site of everyone he pulled her close into his warm body, kissed her slowly and told her to enjoy the show.

The show seemed slicker and tighter and so much more cohesive. She loved watching him perform. She didn’t think it was possible but Michael had gotten better. She didn’t think watching him a month ago he could get any better than that, but like every show she saw after the one prior he just seemed the much better. It was like a snowball effect, he just seem to improve, his aura growing bigger with each performance. She also noticed that everyone, the band, the backup singers and dancers had all kicked it up a level to match Michael’s intensity.

But Michael was the main attraction. He sounded amazing, and he looked so damn gorgeous in his usually silver shirt and tight black trousers. He danced and moved his body with such pose and grace it was hard not to watch him. The crowd love him and just like everyone else, Allison was captivated especially since she knew how sexy his body felt too.


She snapped her head out of her daze... and looked at the clock... she needed to get ready.

She set the dress down, running her finger tips lightly over the pink and reddish pattern at the bottom of the dress. It really was a very pretty dress. It was certainly nothing like he had normally seen her wear. The dressiest he had probably seen her was in the sundress she had worn to meet him in Encino. Since that initial meeting, she was normally wearing capri’s or shorts, which had become abundantly apparent, he didn’t seem to mind. Occasionally she would wear a casual skirt, but nothing overly fancy. Allison was always very practical in her outfits. When working it was her habit, good or bad, to always go for what would be the most comfortable for her. For this trip, she really only brought clothes that she would could work comfortably in, along with a few business smart outfits that she thought she might need. She certainly didn’t bring anything pretty or sexy to wear. She never imagined she would need a date night outfit.

Yet here she was getting ready for a date and this dress fit the bill perfectly and then some. It fit her perfectly, almost like it was tailor made for her. Made of lined white silk with a mandarin collar, cap-sleeves, with a side slit on the right side. It was brocaded with a sparse cherry blossom pattern that came became more dense and clustered towards the bottom of the dress. It was the perfect dress for her frame and even she had to admit it looked stunning on her.

After fussing and fidgeting nervously for a few minutes she finally zipped the dress up and was just about ready to go. She told Michael she would just meet him at his suite and they could go from there. She walked into the bathroom to check her total look in the full length mirror and took a deep breath. God she was so nervous, but so excited at the same time.

She walked back into the lounge area and took a sip of her forgotten glass of wine on the table and slipped on her sling back heels. She looked around to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything. She picked up her room key, placing it inside her little flip wallet, peeking inside to make sure the 2 little foil wrapped squares were still safe and secure in there.

Let’s go girl, you don’t want to keep your date waiting.


“Ms. Wolf, wow,” Bill smiled at her. “You look beautiful.”
“Thanks Bill.”
“I’ll let him know your here.”
Allison stayed in the front area and walked over to the large window that looked out at Hyde Park.

“Girl, you’re givin’ my heart a workout looking at you.” she heard Michael say.
She smiled catching his reflection in the glass before she turned to face him.
“Hey... wow, you look so nice,” she smiled walking towards him.
“And you... you look beautiful.”

Michael watched her walk towards him. She was wearing a traditional style Japanese dress that was moulded to her petite frame as if it had been sewn and stitched together while it was on her. The white silk complimented her tanned skin and the side slit expose her bare leg as she walked towards him. Her long wavy hair which was normally tied in a ponytail laid loose flowing down her back. She looked fantastic. It was the most feminine he had seen her look. The sexy beautiful tomboy had easily transformed into a sexy gorgeous lady. He thought she always looked good but tonight she pretty much took his breath away.
“Hi Michael,” she breathed as she reached him. Her skin was flush with nervous excitement. She lightly touched his shoulder as she kissed his cheek.
He pulled her to him. “How am I going to make it through dinner with you dressed like that?” His mouth was so close to her ear she could feel his warm breath and she could hear his tongue licking his lips. “You look so damn good I could skip dinner and keep you right here with me.”
She felt her whole body go warm, and she swallowed audibly. “We don’t have to go,” she whispered. Inwardly she smiled. She was ecstatic the dress was having the affect she was hoping.
He bent his neck and kissed the tip of her ear. “Girl don’t you tempt me, but we are gonna go. I promised you a date remember?”
His hand moved her hair away and he kissed her neck. “Dinner is only a coupla of hours. We’ll have the whole night when we get back.”
He was giving her the shivers. Her stomached flipped then tightened... the whole night. Gosh she hoped she made it through dinner.

They took the service elevator down where James was waiting to drive them to the restaurant. She was expecting the usual black van, but instead James was standing by a 4 door Lincoln Town Car Limo.
James smiled at her and opened the door for them to enter.
“Wow, we are riding in style.”
Michael chuckled behind her. “I figured I should try to impress you on the first date.”
“You have so far Mr. Jackson.”

It was a short 20-minute drive to get there. On the drive over to the restaurant she gave him a brief history on the area the historical significance of the home now turned restaurant. She told him she fell in love with it when she took the river cruise back to Sydney.

When they arrived James pulled the Limo to the side entrance of the parking area to let them out.
They were greeted out front by very pretty middle age lady. She smiled brightly at both of them. “Good evening Mr. Jackson and Ms. Wolf welcome to Rockend.”
“Good evening thank you for having us.” Michael responded softly and shook her hand.
“Yes, thank you.” Allison followed suit. “It is so beautiful here.”
“We’re very happy to have you both here, so please do come with me.”

She told them her name was Rose and she was the manager of the restaurant. When they started to walk Michael took Allison’s hand in his and her heart skipped a beat. He had never done that before in public. The evening could have ended now and she have been would be satisfied. Rose led them around to the left passed the garden and up to a short set of steps letting them know they would be dining in private on the south veranda that faced the water.
“We have taken the liberty to set your menu for you, as discussed with Ms. Coller.”
“That’s perfect.” Michael smiled. ‘I am sure whatever you have prepared will be wonderful”
She smiled at them both. They looked nice together and Mr. Jackson seemed very down to earth. She turned to leave. “If you need anything, please be sure to let us know.”

It was beautiful and delightfully romantic. The railing that framed the long and narrow veranda was lined with votive candles that burnt in unison giving a diffused soft amber glow to the entire area. In the middle there was one solitary table dressed in simple white layered linen with a matching set of high back chairs. The table was set elegantly yet not too formally with a glass bowl of colourful flowers that must have been native to Australia.

Allison was floating on cloud nine. She couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect spot or a more perfect night. She was glad she went with her instincts to have dinner here. The restaurant was beautiful, the view was stunning and just to top it off, her date was drop dead gorgeous, super sweet, and sexy and only had eyes for her and was smiling at her.
“It’s magical here.”
“Yeah it is...”


Their dinner was delicious, the service was impeccable and evening flew by quickly. After dinner and after Allison had finished her tea they walked the path out to the gazebo by the river. The breeze had picked up and Michael took off his jacket and placed it around her shoulders to keep her warm. He stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and put his chin on her shoulder and pulled her close. She loved it when he did that and judging from the number of times she could remember him holding her like this he liked it too.

Michael swayed with her, moving them to the unknown melody in his mind. He heard her sigh softly, when he bowed his head and pressed a lingering kiss against her neck.
“So have you enjoyed your trip so far Ms. Wolf?”
“Mr. Jackson... are we fishing for compliments?” she grinned. She turned her eyes up to meet his. “I think you already know how I feel about you.”
He laughed softly, “We can talk about that after. I mean if you don’t count you and me – how has the overall trip been.”
“Well – if I am not counting you,” she pushed back into him with her backside and he gave his own low groan in response. “It’s been marvellous. Everything I have seen, for you for me, has been amazing and wonderful. The pictures, the people the culture... there was just so much to see. I absolutely loved it.”
“Hmm, good” he whispered into her hair. “I’m glad.”
He was quiet for a moment, “And if you are counting me?”
She didn’t hesitate. “The time of my life Michael… the time of my life, I don’t want it to end.”
“I meant what I said last week.”
“What was that?” She couldn’t remember.
“It will be a little less hectic when we get back, you know with the not touring. I want us to spend time together like we did in China.”
She cleared her throat, “You mean before or after the MTV Special?”
“Girl, why do you give me such a hard time? You know I -”
She started to giggle… “AHA! Gotcha!” she yelped jumping from his arms. Allison was so proud of herself that she had gotten her own dig in – finally. She had the biggest smile on her face.
“Girl... why you be teasing me when I am being serious?”
“Coz you get me all the time.”
“That’s true,” he smiled and moved in to kiss her softly. “Are you ready to go?”
“Yeah, I think so.” She gave him another light peck on his lips. “Thank you Michael for a wonderful date.”

It wasn’t spoken or mentioned, it wasn’t even implied in their kiss, but she knew tonight was going to be the night they would finally be together. She was ready now and she didn’t want to wait any longer.

They walked back to the veranda and found Rose to thank her for the evening. There wasn’t anyone else left at the restaurant and they got to thank the staff too for providing such a wonderful dining experience.

When they got back in to the limo they both felt like they couldn’t get back to the hotel fast enough. There was no privacy partition in the town car, so Michael couldn’t kiss her or touch her the way he wanted to. Nonetheless her bare leg exposed by the side slit of her dress was begging to be touched and caressed. He leaned over to kiss her innocently on the cheek and placed his hand on her thigh. Her breathe hissed in response to his touch and she covered his hand with her own. She couldn’t have a repeat of not being able to respond to him like a few days ago. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek as well, whispering in his ear, “Wait... please.”

They arrived at the hotel and James dropped them off at the back entrance and went to return the limo to the front area. They were completely alone for the first time all evening and she smiled shyly as they waited for the service elevator to take them up the 21 floors. Once in the elevator he had to touch her. He hadn’t really kissed her all evening. In the elevator he couldn’t keep his hands off her. Before the doors were completely closed, he trapped her in the corner, his hand again finding the side slit of her dress. As he pushed his tongue hungrily into her mouth he bent down and pulled her thigh over his hip and ground his rock hard erection into her centre.

Usually Allison would have been too shy to let it get this far in a public place, afraid someone might see them. But Michael wasn’t worried and she couldn’t think. He was hard, she was hot and she couldn’t wait to get his clothes off and feel his naked skin against her own.
“Tell me girl, this is what you want,” he moaned into her mouth. “I need to know... I don’t want to stop...” He pushed his erection hard into her again and she gasped feeling the heat through the barrier of their clothing. She could barely breathe let alone talk she wanted him so badly. Her breath came out harshly and her voice sounded weak, but she got out what he wanted to hear, “I want you Michael.” And he let out an audible groan.

Finally they reached their floor and stepped out of the elevator. Michael moved in behind her and led her down the hall. He unlocked the door to his suite and they came face to face with Bill Bray. Bill felt terrible. It was apparent the two of them were fully expecting to be alone for quite some time this evening. As soon as they saw Bill’s ashen face they knew something was wrong.

He looked at his boss, “Mike, I’m sorry.”
Bill turned towards her. “Allison, I am afraid we have some bad news.”
Allison mind snapped to attention. “What is it, what’s wrong?” All previous thoughts of being with Michael immediately left her.
Bill walked up and took her hand. “We got a call from a Grace Daye. I’m afraid your boss has had a heart attack.”


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  4. K! I live to get you all worked up... and you love it and you know it. LOL @ “that is a bad deal for her boss” you make me a laugh... take two aspirins and call me in the morning... I guess Bill doesn’t know that one.

    You are so observant – yes that is the house I posted and the story I told about it was true – it looks beautiful. But unfortunate I don’t’ have a picture of the dress as it is based on one I own – but with a different neckline and colour.

    Yeah.... another lover of the date – I so loved writing that part – and the holding hands sentence makes me smile like an idiot and I knew you would love the elevator part too... but who wouldn’t.

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    This upcoming chapter is kinda the end of the first part of the story and I have a special post I am working on for August 29th that I need to focus on.

    But you never know what you will get... if it works out that the chaper is ready I will post something - but I feel it may be a little while...

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