chapter ten - lovely one

Monday, November 23, 1987

Allison shifted in her seat trying to get comfortable. Even though she was sitting in business class, she still didn’t feel like she had enough room to move around. She plumped up her pillow again for what seemed like the 100th time. The 13 hour flight was almost complete, but she still felt impatient and restless. She hadn’t really eaten anything nor had much to drink the entire flight. She just tried to remain calm and wait out the time until she arrived. She had a headache, was irritable and exhausted. She just wanted to be home now. Finally the flight attendant came on the on board system to tell everyone to prepare for landing.

Once out of the plane, she walked briskly out to customs to go through the process of coming back into her home country. She had her passport and customs card ready. She didn’t have any other luggage but the overnight bag she boarded with in Australia. She wanted to get back home as soon as possible. She left all her belongings in her suite. In fact she was still wearing her dress from her date with Michael and still had on his jacket.

As soon as Bill told her Marcus had had a heart attack her mind went into organized survival mode. She needed to think and make decisions that were logical, quick and that would enable her to be ready to take control – in times like these Allison’s emotions were the last thing on her mind. She needed to know what needed to be done, who was gonna do it, when did it need to be done, where did it needed to be done and last but not least, how it was gonna be done. And usually, for Allison, it all depended on her – as she wanted to do it all.

It took her a little longer in customs than she expected and she was getting impatient. The problem was she had left the country more than 2 months ago and now she was returning with only the clothes on her back, a travel wallet and a small bag of toiletries. Of course they were going to ask questions. But that didn’t set well with her. It also didn’t help that she had been spoiled with Mary taking care of her paperwork each time she travelled.
“What is the problem?” she whined. She knew she was being short with the officer, but she couldn’t help it. “What is taking so long?”
“Miss,” the officer looked at her passport. “Miss Wolf, please try to understand this is our job. We are trying to understand why you don’t have anything but what you have stated, yet you have been out of the country for quite some time.
She let out an exasperated sigh. She reminded herself to be calm and courteous or they could keep her here all day if they so chose.
“I’m sorry,” she started. “I am a photographer and I have been traveling and working with a client of my employer, Daye and Associates’. Yesterday I found out that my boss, Marcus Daye, had a heart attack two days ago. I didn’t think how it would look when I got here; I just wanted to get here. I left with the clothes on my back.”
Allison didn’t know if it was her story, the tears in her eyes or if they were just tired of dealing with her, but she was given the green light to re-enter the USA.

As soon as Val saw her friend walking through the exit flap doors, dressed in pretty flowered dress with a military style type jacket over top of it, she knew that an evening had been interrupted by the news and Allison, being Allison, had wasted no time leaving to come home. She wasn’t surprised of course, Marcus Daye was like a father to Allison, but it didn’t make her feel any less sad that she had decided to come home.

She waved and Allison saw her right away and walked directly over. Val didn’t have any jokes or quips for her, in fact she didn’t even say a word, a simple hug was enough of a greeting for today. Allison hugged her friend close as the tears finally started to fall and Val did her best to comfort her the best way she knew how. The stood like that for a few minutes until Allison pulled away and smiled weakly at Val.
“Thanks for picking me up.”
“No problem honey, you know that. Do you have any other luggage?”
“No, just what I have here. Michael’s assistant will be packing up my things.”
Val gave her a sad smile. “Come, let’s go.”

The car was silent except for the hissing sound of the air coming in through the cracked window and the low din coming in over the radio.
Val broke the silence. “Did you want to go straight to the hospital or you want to go home first?”
Allison had debated about going straight to the hospital, but she thought if she went home quickly and grabbed a shower she could stay longer at the hospital. As well, if she went home she could use her own car.
“Take me home.” She glanced out the window. It would be another hour before she got there.
“You look really pretty Ally.”
She smiled faintly still looking out the window. “Thanks Val.”

After Val dropped her off she didn’t waste any time getting ready. In her own bathroom she felt oddly unfamiliar with everything. She took off Michael’s jacket and used an empty hanger on the bathroom door to hang it up. She ran her hands over the buckles at the shoulder.... god was it only less than 48 hours since their date and their kiss in the elevator, gosh she really though they might.... *dammit* she shook her head and brought her mind back quickly. She couldn’t dwell on that now or she would never get moving. She turned to face the shower and unzipped her dress and peeled it off to the floor followed by her bra and panties. Turning on the water she stepped into the shower letting it run. After travelling for more than 16 hours with hardly any sleep in the last 48 and the 18 hour time difference she didn’t know up from down She was exhausted and her head was fuzzy. When the water warmed up to her liking she moved her weary body under the steady stream. The hot water pelting her sore muscles felt like heaven and she took her time as if the shower was a haven from reality. After several prolonged minutes she turned off the shower and stepped out to get dressed. Before she left, she walked quickly around to open some windows to let some air in before leaving for the Hospital in Newport Beach.


After Allison paid to park her car she walked over to the welcome centre to check the Hospital Directory, finding that she needed to get to the Cardiovascular Valve Centre over on the far side of the hospital. Checking at the front area, she was informed that Marcus was in the cardiac ward on the 9th floor, room 904B.

She found the room just down the corridor and walked in. There was someone in the bed that looked vaguely like her boss except he looked pale and drawn. He was asleep, hooked up to tubes and a monitor he looked so small. Beside his bed was Grace. Her elbows resting on the edge of the mattress with her head down resting on her folded hands. She felt like she was walking into movie set – this couldn’t be happening.

Grace lifted her head and looked up, “Allison.” She held back the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes.
Allison gave her a weak smile. “Hi,” she mouthed silently.
Grace pushed her chair out form the bed and walked over to where Allison stood and hugged her tight. “Gosh Ally you’re here, thank you for coming so quickly.”
“Of course... what happen, I mean how did it happen? Marcus is not old.”

She was right Marcus wasn’t old, he wasn’t even 45 yet, but heart disease and high blood pressure ran in his family. His father died of a heart failure at 43 and his older brother had his first heart attack at 39. He knew the risks and he tried to be proactive in his approach to his health. Well make that Grace made him proactive in his approach and Marcus did his best as well to follow the rules set out by them both to ensure he would be around for his daughters.

“Come on, let’s go down the cafeteria. I’ll I buy you a coffee and I will tell you all about it.”

45 minutes later and 1 stale donut and a really bad coffee later Allison was up to speed on Marcus’s health and history.

“Wow... I had no idea.” Allison shook her head. “Geez no wonder you are always on him about his diet.”
Grace smiled nodding slowly. “Well he tries, but you know he is just like a big kid.”
“Yes, I have been privy to that side of him. So what happens now?”
“Either way it is surgery. The cardiologist is hoping they can implant a stent but he needs to do few more tests. Depending on those results it will be decided if he will require bypass surgery.” She sighed heavily tears forming in her eyes. “I dunno Allison. I’m scared. He had his regular test just before we left for vacation and all was fine, it was perfect. Then the last couple of weeks he had been complaining of feeling run down and tired and then wham it happened.”
Allison was scared too, but Grace didn’t need to know that. “Okay, so let’s cross that bridge when we get to it. How are the girls?”
“Confused, scared and afraid they are going to lose their father.”
“I bet,” Allison sighed and smiled at her. “Okay, what do you need me to do?”
“Just being here is enough.”
“Grace, you’re like my family. I’ll be here for as long as you need.”

After their talk in the cafeteria she suggested that Grace go home so she could get a shower and a change of clothes while she stayed with Marcus. He slept mostly while she was there, waking once, saying, “Hey Ally Cat, I am glad you’re home” but then quickly fell back into a deep slumber. She had never felt so helpless in all her life – but she knew if she had a plan all mapped out of what needed to happen and how, everything would be okay! Just like how she dealt with everything else... just put everything in the right compartments and it would be fine.

When he fell back asleep she went out to the hall and waiting area to look for some magazines to read. There were mostly fashion magazines and a few medical journals, but when she spied a People magazine with Michael on its cover she knew exactly what she wanted to read. While Marcus slept she read through the article that had been written when they were in Tokyo together. It was kind of disjointed to follow and there was a letter that Michael had written to the press. It was upsetting for her to read. No wonder Val had asked how the press was Japan. The article for most part spoke positive about the tour, but repeated several times that he was a childlike enigma. It made her wondered what had caused him to contact the press when she knew how he felt about them. She would have to ask.

When Grace returned she stayed bit longer, but she could barely keep her eyes open. By the time she got home from the hospital it was well past 10PM. She was dead tired and all she wanted to do was sleep. She had forgotten she had opened a few windows and as she wandered through her apartment closing them she felt like a complete stranger in her place. Everything seemed that same, but different and new at the same time. It reminded her of coming home from University during a Christmas break, you were familiar with the place, but you didn’t know it as home anymore. The only difference was this was her home. Too tired to fit her bed with sheets she happily made a make shift bed on the sofa, quickly falling into a deep sleep.


Friday, December 11, 1987

The sounds of dripping rain woke her from her sleep. Allison turned on her side to see the steady drizzle outside her window. It had been raining for the last 2 days and it didn’t look like today was going to be any different. December in Southern Cal usually meant rain and cooler temperatures.
She nuzzled Sam who immediately came to her side when he saw that she was awake.
“Hey my yellow fellow, you wanna go out?”
Sam wagged his tail and licked her face.
“Well of course you do,” she patted his head.

Hopping out of bed she pulled on her sweat pants and jacket and took Sam for a quick short walk around the block.
“Don’t worry Samson, we’ll go for a walk later on,” she promised. “But first mama needs to get ready for her weekend.”

And she really did. The last 3 weeks had kept her busy but now she was satisfied that everything was in place. Michael was home now and he had asked her to come and spend the weekend with him. It had taken a bit of planning and scheduling on both parts and rescheduling mostly on his part to get them together. But it was finally here. After a few late night phone calls and messages they were going to see one another again. She was excited and she was nervous but mostly she was just happy she was going to see him. She just missed being around him.

The week she came home, it was determined that Marcus would require double bypass surgery and it was performed on the Friday, the 27th. It was the longest 8 hours of her life. Allison, Grace, the girls and a few friends all huddled in the waiting area, hoping, praying and of course waiting for it all to be over. When it was, the surgeon, Dr. Sarah - as they all started calling her - was happy to report that the operation was a complete success and she expected him to make a quick recovery.

During that first week Allison had been home she had gotten everything organized, delegated and in order at the office for Marcus. He didn’t really do a lot of client work anymore, but he ran his office like a well oiled machine. At Grace’s request she went in and advised the staff of Marcus’s condition and that he would be away for the next couple of months but that they shouldn’t worry about their jobs or the company.

Grace had always been hands on with the company, being a photo grade herself, so she knew what needed to be done and how to run the company. The only problem was, as Allison found out the second week she was home, was that Grace was just 3 months pregnant. Which really wasn’t a problem; it just meant that a lot more planning need to be done. It also reminded her she to make her appointment to see her doctor and she was now officially back on the pill. She also helped Grace get the home care and Physio organized and scheduled for Marcus.

There was so much going on Allison didn’t have time to miss Michael – and that was probably why she kept herself so busy. Because when she wasn’t super busy she missed him and the time they had spent together like crazy. She had kept the magazine she had gotten at the hospital, sneaking it out in her bag the next day she went back and kept looking at the pictures. She also still had his first message on her an answering machine tape, taking the small little tape out and keeping it so she could listen to it over and over again.

It was on the 2nd day she was home....

It was the morning after she had gotten home and she needed to run some errands to set up her apartment to make it liveable again. Her sleep was restless on her sofa, so her first order of business was to get her bed made. She took some sheets down to the laundry area to wash them. When she returned to her apartment she walked around plugging in or turning on the items that had been unplugged or turned off before she left. After she put the sheets in a dryer she headed out down to the local market to pick up a few essential food items she could survive on.

When she returned, she started to put her groceries away when she noticed her answering machine light was flashing. She reached over and clicked the button to rewind and play the recorded messages, as she continued to put away her purchases. The messages clicked through, she froze immediately at the sound of his soft voice.

“Ally... its Michael. Girl I have been tryin to call you.”
His voice sounded tired. She walked slowly back to the machine as if being close to the recorder she would be close to him too.
“I hope you’re okay... and you’re boss is okay too. We’re in Brisbane for the next coupla days...” she heard shuffling in the background “we’re at the Marriott. Call this number, 61-7-3303 8000 and ask for Bill or Mary.” It was quiet for a moment then he spoke again, but his voice was much lower. “I’m missing you Ms. Wolf.”

Allison stood staring at the machine... I am missing you too. She was about to rewind the tape to repeat the number when the next message started.
“Ally it’s me again...” he laughed quietly. “I forgot, thank you for a wonderful date. Good night girl”
She smiled “Good night Michael.”
She rewound the machine and listened to it a few times then wrote down the number.

She called him back that night when she figured out the time difference and caught him right before he was leaving for sound check at the stadium. They talked for almost an hour and she almost fell asleep twice during the conversation.
“Girl, you sound so tired.”
“But I want to talk to you,” she lamented. “I’m awake really.”
He laughed. “What did I just say then?”
“That I sound tired,” she didn’t know what he said, but that was the last thing she heard.
He laughed again, “before that.”
“Hmm, I dunno,” she yawned.
“Girl, you need to sleep,” he told her. “I’ll be home in a few days, okay.”
“Okay, goodnight”

Michael got home the following week, the first week of December. She saw it on the evening news and she read it in the papers the next day. It was funny to be on the outside of the excitement. When she was with the tour and with Michael it seemed so calm. Even though she had experienced firsthand how over the top fan crazy it was – when you were in the inner circle of Michael’s world it didn’t seem that crazy. He was so blasé and calm about it all, you forgot how famous he really was. He was completely unaffected by it all. But now being back home and on the outside again, it was crazy to see how popular he was. He was on the radio constantly and MTV was playing his newest video ever hour on the hour. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone wearing a T-shirt or reading a magazine on him.

During that same week a FedEx parcel arrived with all her belongings and equipment. Everything had been packed and arranged with such care. She would have to thank Mary for taking care of that for her. When she left, she had just grabbed the essentials and left her suite in the state it was before she left for her date. She unpacked her clothes and equipment and found her cute little fuzzy friend still hiding in her camera bag. It reminded her of what a great 2 months she had traveling, but it also reminded her that she had been working for him as well. Something she might not be able to do anymore. She would have to think about that.

The Monday following he called and asked her to meet him in LA. He was doing business in the city and he wanted her to stay with him. He had booked the entire weekend off and only a few people knew he would be still in LA.
“You want me to come and stay with you at Hayvenhurst for weekend?” She inquired. She wasn’t sure if that was such a good idea.
“No, I have place in Westwood,” he corrected. “I want you to come and spend a coupla days with just me.”
Her heart skipped a beat. Of course she said yes.


James picked her up at her apartment complex right at 4PM just as Michael said he would.

She had already made arrangements with Val for her to spend the weekend to take care of Sam, figuring she couldn't do too much harm to either one of them over a 3 day period.... she hoped! So she was sitting by the window waiting for James when he came to her door.

“Hey James.” she smiled. “It’s really good to see you.”
“Hi Allison, how are you?” He looked around her.
“I am good.”
“Do you have anything else to bring?”
“Nope this is everything.” She wasn’t even really sure what she should bring. I mean really, what do you bring when Michael Jackson says he wants to spend a coupla days with you? After you get over your initial shock that you are going to be spending time alone with the sexiest man in world – then what do you do?

Allison chuckled to herself. Maybe at first she wasn’t sure what she needed to bring, but as she found out a few days earlier, you certainly do not ask your friend Val for any ideas. As soon as she told Valerie that Michael wanted to see her she had them off and running to Frederic’s of Hollywood the day after.

“I’m not wearing those!”
“Oh Ally, don’t be such a prune.”
Allison laughed, “You mean prude.”
“Prude, prune... bland boring soft for when I get old,” Val flashed her pearly whites. “There is nothing wrong with peek-a-boo panties.”
“Umm no thanks Val.”
“How about a cup-less bra? What man doesn’t love those?”
“I’m leaving the store now Val.”
“Ass-less chaps?”
“Bye Val.”
“Tsk... you are no fun!”

Valerie laughed as she followed her out of the store out to the strip on Hollywood Boulevard. She knew in her own right that Allison wouldn’t wear any of those things, heck even she wouldn’t even wear a few of them, well maybe the panties. But it was still fun to look and even more fun to tease her. It was wonderful to see her so happy and smiling and interested in a man other than her dog man Sam. And what a man she was smiling about. Val was still quite impressed that she had snagged so a fine specimen. She figured it would take a miracle to get Ally to date again. As it turned out Michael Jackson was just that miracle she needed. She was practically glowing like a teenage girl when she talked about him. After lunch they eventually ended up at a shop that they could both agree upon something sexy and pretty for Allison to purchase. They also manage to pick up a really cute little black dress for Allison as well and three pairs of Manolo Blahnik for Val. A girl had to have her priorities.

Consequently all Allison had was small suitcase that was just a bit bigger than an overnight bag, her purse and a garment bag that held Michael’s jacket she had worn home and the dress, just in case.

James opened the door for and she sat down in the back of the Limo. An hour later they arrived at the back entrance of a sleek looking condominium in Westwood, LA.
“We’re here Ms. Wolf,” he turned to see her in the back. “Stay her for a minute.”
Allison looked out the dark tinted window. She was beginning to think that seeing Michael and arriving here was some type of covert operation. A few minutes later James returned to open the door. He walked her to the private entrance and passed her a set of keys. “This elevator will take you directly to the penthouse.”
“Thank you James.”
Allison entered the private elevator and pushed the button that would take her up to the top floor of the condominium. When she arrived the doors opened to a set of double black doors. She used the two keys that James had given her to access the apartment and unlocked the double set of locks.

Stepping into the large two bedroom condo, she set her bags down at the door. From her view point it looked sparsely furnished. She was expecting it to be over the top posh and extravagant like Hayvenhurst, but it was actually quite nicely appointed and had a cozy feel. Walking into large living room the first thing she noticed was the fireplace in the far corner of the room and a beautiful lacquered grand piano off to the side. Along the wall from the fireplace was a high tech looking entertainment system and a fancy looking stereo unit and 2 large racks of albums, tapes and CDs. The room was carpeted wall to wall in a pale cream carpet, which look like it went throughout the entire apartment, except for in front of the fire place where it was cream tile. In the middle of the room across from the fireplace there was a huge soft brown sofa and matching chair with large over stuffed gold and cream pillows.

Walking further in she found a smaller room that looked like a makeshift office / library with an antique desk and chair. There were also 2 large bookcases piled with books and magazine. The floor was scattered with paper, books and CDs. She chuckled to herself thinking it looked exactly like all the hotel rooms he had stayed. Well at least he is consistent – he is messy everywhere!

Just down the hall was the bedroom. It was furnished with a large four-poster bed with sheer see-through drapery hanging down on the sides and two matching night stands, another brown chair as well as a large dresser and armour closet. She could see the private bath off to the side and she walked through the bedroom to investigate. The ensuite was also carpeted with the same soft pile that ran throughout the other rooms in the apartment. It held a large soaker tub and glassed in shower with a large rainfall shower fixture.

Back out through the living room on the other side was the kitchen area. The kitchen was the only room that did not have any carpet, but was finished with the same tile that was in front of the fireplace. It was large with a breakfast bar separating it from the dining room where there was a large wooden table and six plush brown velvet chairs trimmed with gold.

She walked back out into the living area and for the first time noticed the private balcony overlooking the skyline of Westwood. She was wondering if this was his place or a place he rented. I guess he couldn’t stay at Hayvenhurst forever. But why wouldn’t he buy a house she wondered or something more private. She wandered back into the kitchen to get a glass of water and for the first time saw the note on the counter. It was his unmistakable script.

Ally, so glad you are here. I’ve missed you.
See you soon,

PS... there is tea for you in the cupboard.

She smiled, and dropped her eyes to the floor. How did she get so lucky? He was so sweet to her.
Figuring he would put the note where her tea was, she opened the cupboard door directly above. Sure enough her English Breakfast tea and a package of sugar cubes were sitting right there waiting for her.


After enjoying a pot of tea on the balcony, she came back into the living room and tried to figure out how to work the TV without much luck. She sat on the floor and went through the albums and was just about to see if she could figure out the stereo when she heard the locks on the door turn and the door open.
“Ally? Girl are you in here?”
“Michael,” she popped her head up from where she was sitting. “Hiiii.”
He chuckled. “What are you doin’ over there?”
She laughed at herself. “I’m trying to figure out this ridiculously complicated stereo so I can listen to music,” she got up and walked over to him.
He shook his head. “It is not that hard, I’ll help you.”

Her breath caught when she reached him. She had not seen him in almost 3 weeks and if possible he was more gorgeous than she remembered. He was taking off his jacket to hang it up and underneath he was wearing a deep blue dress shirt, and black trousers. He made simple look beautiful.
“It’s good to see you,” he pulled her in close, kissing her cheek and holding her tightly. “I’ve missed you. How are you? How is your boss?”
“I’ve missed you too Michael,” she wrapped her arms around him. “Everything is good.”
He smiled into her hair. “Have you eaten yet?”
“Oh.... no I didn’t even think of it.”
“Well, come on let’s see what’s in the kitchen.”

They walked out to the kitchen together to raid fridge.... and the fridge was packed. There was a big plate of sushi and sashimi, fried chicken, a green leaf salad, a vegetable tray with dip, something that looked like pudding and a big pineapple cut apart with other fruit in it.
“There is enough food here for 10 people,” she said as she took a piece of fruit in her mouth.
He laughed. “Well you don’t have to eat it all right now.”
They sat at the breakfast bar eating and chatting getting caught up with each other. Well mostly Michael talked and she listened, which was fine with her. He was always so animated and she loved his soft voice.
Michael told her about the last two concerts in Brisbane and said he was happy with the first part of the tour. He also told her how Stevie Wonder, who was also touring in Australia, joined him at his final show during the encore, singing “Bad” with him.
“Wow, was that your surprise guest?”
“Mmm, it was. Girl you would have loved it,” he smiled as he recalled the night.
“I’m sorry I missed it.”

When then were finished their meal they tidy up the kitchen and then went out to the living room area with Allison sitting on the big sofa and Michael settling himself on the floor in front of the stereo.
“Lemme show you how to work this ridiculously complicated stereo,” he mocked as he nonchalantly flipped the switch on the amp and the turntable then adjusted the volume on the speakers.
“Okay Ally, what would you like to hear?”
“How about Stevie, Hotter Than July Side 2?”
“Girl... you got good taste, coming right up.”
Allison could barely hear Stevie singing as Michael was singing so loudly over all the songs, but he sounded just as good. She smiled watching him. He was really enjoying himself. He was such a ham and he could barely sit still.
“What do you wanna hear next?” He was smiling like a big kid.
“Umm... let’s go with Stevie again.... How about side 1 of Songs?”
“Ohhhh I love that album.”
As soon as the first track started Michael started to sing it word for word. She loved that track too, but she could see he was more emotional about the song.
“Stevie was such a visionary,” he said quietly. “Like Marvin Gaye, they were spreading the word of love before anyone else.”
“You do it too Michael,” she smiled at him remembering the magazine article she had read.
“Anything else you wanna hear? This is your last and final call of the evening Ms. Wolf.”
“Umm, yeah... before you got here, I was gonna listen to Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan but I -”
He cocked his head to the side giving her a quizzical look, “Really?”
“Yeah really... I love love love that song. Why, don’t you like it? It’s a great song.”
Michael smiled. “It is a great song. Did you know Quincy tried to get that song for me for Thriller?”
“What? Get out... really, I didn’t know that.”
He chuckled. “Why would I lie?”
She closed her eyes and thought about it for a moment. She could totally hear him singing the song.
“That would have been nice to hear.”
Michael put the album on and started to sing the song, but he had turned towards her and was singing the song directly at her and suddenly the words of the song took on a much bigger meaning than they did before. His eyes never left hers as he sang the 2nd verse

I've been waitin' for you
It's been so long
I knew just what I would do
When I heard your song
It filled my heart with your bliss
Gave me freedom
You knew I could not resist
I needed someone

He moved closer to her. This was such a nice night with her. He always felt so comfortable around her. He wanted to touch her and kiss her needing to be close to her. He really had missed her and he felt like she had missed him too. Allison was having such a good time as well. How could she not, spending time in his company really was magical and she had missed him terribly. But when he started singing directly to her, her mouth got dry, she got nervous and she started to fidget looking down at her hands.

“Ally?” he was now kneeling in front of her. He could feel her resistance. It felt like they were back at that place where she couldn’t get passed her own fear of what he wanted and what she thought he wanted.
He pulled her legs out of their crossed legged position, opening her legs so he could kneel between them.
“Ally, girl talk to me what’s wrong? 3 weeks ago we were this close” emphasising with a small distance between his thumb and index finger “and now it seems like... -”
“I don’t know... ”She was trying to be honest with him. She took a deep breath “...that night, the night of our date, was so perfect Michael. It really was and I wanted to be with you so much, and I was caught up in the excitement... but now I start thinking all these things.... and now...” she stopped more embarrassed than afraid to say it.
“And now what?” He tilted her face up to look at him. “there’s no excitement?” he smirked.
She couldn’t suppress her own smile. “Like that is even possible Michael.”
“Well you know there is an elevator here in this building if that will help.” He raised his eyebrows at her.
“Uh!” Her mouth opened in shock then quickly snapped shut her eyes closing her face flush.
She shook her head. “You are so bad.”
He laughed quietly trying to get her to relax. “You like it.”
“I like you,” she swallowed. “It’s just...It’s been a while since -”
“Okay.... so how about I just kiss you...” he licked his lips and leaned in kissing her lightly. “...and if you want to stop you say when. But you have to say when, coz I told you.... I don’t want to stop.”

But with Michael just kissing would never be enough. Once his hand touched her and his tongue moved into her mouth or along the delicate skin of her neck she would melt. She already knew immediately that when he caressed her skin it would brush away her anxiety and fears. But she wanted him to know, no she needed him to know, that she was still nervous about being with him. She was already hot and cold at the same time. Her skin literally felt like it was burning it was almost painful, her desires coursed through her entire body, making her warmer than the room causing goose bumps to rise up all over her body.

He leaned in again, brushing his lips over hers, parting her lips with his tongue and moaned into her mouth as she yielded willing with a soft sigh of approval. Digging his hands under her thighs, he pulled her to the edge of the sofa closer to him so that her body was flush with his. He deepened the kiss his tongue sliding in exploring and stroking along hers. She could feel his hardness pressed between them. Her heartbeat increased to a frantic pace and she lifted her hand to his chest grasping the soft material of his shirt in her fingers as if she needed something to steady her.

Michael slowed the kiss and met her eyes. They were black with a look of pure desire. He smiled inwardly, he had her, knowing that she wanted what he wanted. He just had to keep her from thinking about how it would happen and just let it happen.
He bent his neck to kiss hers and moved to whisper in her ear. “Let’s go sexy.”
“Michael... wait, I need to get...”
He knew already what she was going to say. He kissed her neck again just below her ear then continued to place wet kisses along her jaw line to her lips.
“It’s okay, don’t worry” he kissed her as he started to pull her top out of her pants. “I have something.”
She was breathing heavy so she wasn’t sure she had heard him right. “What?” She gasped when his warm hand came in contact with her bare skin above her pants.
Her mind registered what he said. “How do you have something?”

He shook his head at her nervous chatter. He lifted his head to look at her, “Girl do we really need to have this conversation right now?” The look in his eyes telling her that was not what he wanted to talk about or what he had in mind for the moment.
She smiled and shook her head.
“Good,” he stood up from his kneeling position taking her hand to lead her into the bedroom.

She tried hard to catch her breath as she followed him, her heart beating loudly in her ears. She was trying to concentrate on everything that was happening like she couldn’t believe it was real. When they reached the edge of the bed he turned to face her and released her hand.
“Stay here, don’t move.”
She watched him walk over to what must have been his side of the bed, turning on the small lamp on the nightstand, casting a dim light into the room. With his back to her he opened the nightstand drawer and reached in. She saw a quick glint of light as he placed the foil package atop the nightstand. He turned to face her, but didn’t move. Instead he removed his belt, her senses so heightened she could hear the soft hiss of the leather sliding against the fabric as he pulled it through the pant loops. Next he took off his shirt and socks and laid them on the chair then walked back towards her.

Allison body was throbbing and she gulped as she watched him walk back towards her, moving between her and the bed.
“You’re making me crazy,” she sighed when he reached her.
“Is that a good thing,” his eyes never leaving hers as his hands reached for her top undoing the buttons of her blouse pushing it off her shoulders and onto the floor.
“Yes,” she almost hissed. Her whole body was humming and she could feel a dull ache between her legs.
With her top on the floor, his hands moved to her pants and unbuttoned the top button, his fingers warm against her skin.
“I’m going to take these off,” he unbuttoned the next 2 buttons then pulled the two flaps apart so the rest came undone all at once.
“Okay,” she swallowed.
He then hooked his thumbs into the loops of her jeans and pulled them over her hips and down her legs. Allison braced her hands on his shoulders as he followed his way down with them, caressing her calves as she kicked them off her feet. He came back up to standing trailing his hand up along her one side to her shoulder and then traced his fingers along the lace of her bra down to the cute satin bow easily unhooking the little clasp hidden beneath to reveal her two firm breasts to him.
“You are so lovely,” he kissed her collar bone his one hand covering her breast teasing her.
Allison breath hiccupped as he touched her and his voice made her skin pulse. She felt almost hypnotized under his spell and had to will herself to move. She pulled his tee shirt out of his trousers and her hands smoothed over the warm skin of his stomach, pushing the thin cotton material up out of the way.
“Hmm, I like it when you touch me,” encouraging her he pulled his shirt off over his head to toss it aside.

His words fuelled her as she ran her hands up the hard wall of his chest, the palms of her hands hot as they rubbed over his hard nipples. She placed soft kiss in the centre of his chest and moved to kiss his neck, his chin and finally his lips. His lips parted as she found her way to him and he pulled her tongue into his mouth guiding her into a soft lazy kiss, his chest lightly grazing against her breasts, turning her and walking her backwards until the back of her legs hit the edge of the bed. He stepped back from her and removed his trousers, leaving them where they fell, revealing his long lean legs. Her chest was heaving, still feeling the heat of his body on her. She could see his prominent erection tenting his underwear, straining for release.

He came back to her in heated kiss, wrapping his one arm around her to guide her back onto the bed. She moaned as their tongues slowed, falling into a familiar rhythm as they settled into the soft duvet. Her hands roamed over his chest around to the taut lean muscles in his back as he moved in over her letting his one leg slide between her two to bring their bodies together.

She was melting under his caress, her mind was reeling as she tried to focus on every point their bodies were connected. His mouth was moving from her mouth down to her neck, kissing and licking, one hand was on her back the other covered her breast pulling and teasing her, she could feel his thick erection pressed hotly on her thigh.

Michael slowly made his way down the slender column of her neck, getting sexy sighs from her in response. His mouth replaced his hand on her breast, his tongue circling the taut nipple, bathing it in the wet heat of his mouth. At the same time he moved his hand down the flat of her stomach to the crotch of her panties. She was already wet. He groaned against her skin when he felt her dampness, he physically flexed thinking of feeling that heat surrounding him. He hooked his fingers in the side of her panties and she opened her eyes to watch him as he slowly slid them down her while he kissed her legs along the way. She sat up on her elbows when she felt him move away and then watched as he removed his own underwear before coming back to press her into the bed resting his head in the crook of her neck. The intense heat of their bodies finally joined with no barriers between.

Her eyes fell closed with an almost silent groan, her neck stretching back as his hand drifted down to the top of her thigh then returned to her centre, slipping his fingers between her legs, pressing lightly to her moist core before he began to stroke her warm, wet flesh. She released a long soft moan as he slid one finger inside her slick heat to caress her wet walls.
“How does that feel?” he whispered as he kissed and licked her neck.
He slid a second finger into her and her hips moved up instinctively against his hand and she reached out to curl her fingers tightly around his bicep.
She tried to bite back her moan. “Mmm, that feels so good.”
“You feel like heaven,” he breathed. “I wanna kiss every inch of you."

She felt his warm lips moving down to her collar bone, his tongue licked the soft hollow of her throat, he kissed his way over her breasts and down along to her trembling stomach. He nipped and licked the skin above her navel, causing her to muscle to tighten. Her laboured breathing and moans telling him she liked it, and he did it again.

Then he was between her legs and his hot tongue was on her, licking probing and tasting, doing things so incredible that she almost couldn’t breathe. He carefully eased a third finger inside her, stretching her with an exquisite kind of ache.
Her back arched off the bed. “Michael... please,” she whimpered. “Oh...” she grasped the duvet tighter in her fists. It was all she could do to hang on to her sanity.
Her heart was racing as the heated waves of desire and ecstasy crashed down over her, overwhelming her senses as the blood pounded through her veins, and then something inside her broke apart, as she cried out his name. He kept his mouth pressed to her as she strained with release and rode out her orgasm. Watching her lose control was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He came back up to kiss her, his tongue sliding in to claim hers. Her mouth opened to him and she could taste a faint trace of herself on his lips.

“Ally?” he whispered, his tone telling her to open her eyes.
She was still feeling the aftershocks as she lazily opened her eyes to him, his gaze hot and intense on her. A small soft smile played along her lips. Her eyes met his without an ounce of reservation or apprehension. She arched her head back to kiss him under his chin, her fingertips tracing slowly down along the one side of his strong neck.
He could read her easily. Her gentle touch, her arching body and her dark eyes said everything he needed to know, she didn't have to say it, but she did anyway.
“Make love to me.”

He moved then, stretching his arm out to reach for the little foil square he had placed on the night stand, and Allison eyes drifted over him above her before he came back to her. She pushed herself up on her elbows to watch him, her eyes hooded and heavy with desire for him. He sat back with an innocent childlike concentration on his face as he studied the condom wrapper. She could see his hands slightly shaking as he went to tear it open and then dropping it between them. She pushed herself up to a sitting position and grasped his hand as he went to reach for it their eyes meeting.
“Girl... I’m sorry, I never thou -”
“I’ll do it.”
With own hands shaking she reached for the condom. She tore the packet and moved back so could slide the latex sheath over his erection. He groaned when she touched him and flexed in her hand when she held him tightly. She smoothed her hand down then up, rubbing her thumb over the head feeling every smooth velvety inch and hard ridge of masculine steel, fascinated how it was so hard yet so soft.
He groaned again. “Girl, if you don’t put that on me soon, I am not going to make it.”
Her pulse reverberated in her ears and she ached to feel him.
With one hand she held his extended length while the other worked and pulled the condom over him.
She could feel his eyes on her as her watched her. Swallowing she met his heated gaze. Her hand was still wrapped around him. He licked his lips and she could see the lustful play of emotions crossing his face as he watched her. A lump formed in her throat.
“What happened to my shy girl?”
Allison sighed and blushed instantly and Michael smiled getting the reaction he wanted.
“She’s still here... I guess, she doesn’t want to stop now either.”
Never had the act of protection been part of the sex itself, but now with Michael, it was different. It was foreplay of the most intimate kind.

Michael couldn’t wait any longer he needed to be in her now.
“C’mere sexy,” he growled and pulled her legs bringing her back towards him. He covered her mouth with his as he guided her back down on the bed, his hands gripped her hips, and he tried to enter her slowly but she shifted and pushed her hips up to him and he was done. Thrusting deep, he penetrated her completely. She gasped his name and her eyes opened wide to search his. He thought he had hurt her with his quick deep entry and he moved to pull back from her.
“Noooo, don’t” she held his hips. “Don’t move, just gimme a second.”

He groaned as the heat of her flesh seeped through the latex. He was firmly rooted in her now and he tried to stay still. His earlier self control gone now that he was submersed in her delicious heat. He buried his face in the curve of her shoulder. He took deep, harsh breaths reminding himself that he needed to try and slow down. She needed time to adjust to his size, but damn, it was killing him not to move. She was so hot and tight and wet and perfect. Damn, she felt good.

His entry hadn’t hurt her, it surprised her. She wasn’t expecting him to enter her so quickly and she needed a minute to catch her breath. She could feel herself stretching to accommodate him. He had filled her completely and it was so hot and tight and so good. She steadied her breath. Moving her hands to his waist she shifted and raised her hips up slowly to rock against him, whimpering at the incredible sensation it caused. He remained still feeling her sensual movements. She rose up again and when she withdrew her hips he pulled out slowly and then sank deep back inside her again. She licked lips and her neck arched. He did it again and her walls constricting around him.
“Like that?” his voice low, his breath warm against her neck.
“Yes,” she hissed breathlessly. “Mmmm, just like that.”
He pulled out inch by inch and pushed back slowly into her again.
He moaned softly in her ear. “You’re so tight, am I hurting you?”
“No, you feel....” her words were lost when she felt a spasm run up her spine.

He slipped his hand underneath her body over the curve of her ass to reposition her beneath him. His hand moved to caress her thigh and he brought her leg up to hook over his hip. She instinctively drew her leg up higher and he sank even deeper with the movement. He felt her little tremors along his shaft. She was so wet, her smooth walls now taking him easily and fully on each stroke. He pulled out achingly slow lingering over her and then pushed back to the hilt circling his hips against her. She raised her hips up to meet his as they found a slow tempo together, rising and falling in unison with a fervent kind of intensity neither had experienced before.

She gasped and released another long sigh as she watched him move above her. She let her hands spread slowly over and up the hard planes of his torso up to his neck as the tip of her tongue followed the same path to kiss his neck. His skin reacted as she kissed his chin and then moved lower to kiss the rapidly beating pulse at the base of his neck.
“Arrrg...damn,” he groaned. Even through the latex sheath she felt incredible, so warm and so tight; he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

He pulled up onto his knees and sat back on his haunches as he cradled her back to bring her with him, pushing her knees apart so she could kneel and straddle him. The muscles in his arms tensed and flexed as he lifted her off the bed keeping his heat buried deep within her. She braced her hands on his shoulders as he pushed up hard against her and started to grind his pelvis in a circular motion, his legs almost cramping from the position.
"You feel so good baby," he grunted.
Her body responded to his words and the positioning of their bodies, her back curved pushing her body into his.
"Oh... sweet Jesus." She moaned as her neck fell back, the tremors building in strength.
The warm slick sheen of sweat between them acted as thick lubricant between their bodies, making them that more heated.
"You still with me girl?"
“Yes,” she whimpered bringing her head up she opened her dark wet eyes to look at him. "Kiss me Michael."

He traced the base of her neck with his tongue, kissing and lingering over the hollow of her neck as he glided his hands up her back to bury them in her thick waves, pulling her to his mouth. He slid his tongue in along hers, slowly stroking and caressing it as he swallowed the soft moans that she made all the while rolling his hips up into her hot core. He heard her breath hitch and he knew she was close now.
He brought them back down to the bed and he pushed up on his right forearm to hold his weight off her and wrapped his left arm beneath her to hold her body as close as possible, thrusting to drive deeper, grinding against her with every long slow stroke. Her body pushed upward, her breasts crushed against his chest, and he groaned low in his throat as his lips sought out her neck, resting his head along the curve of her shoulder as his hips rolled into hers. He was whispering in her ear how sexy she was, how good she felt and how perfectly they fit together just like he knew they would.

She could feel the pressure mounting as if something was twisting, turning and coiling inside of her, the intensity almost frightening. The magnitude of her climax terrified her and she recoiled her hips as she tried to stop it and control it but Michael wouldn’t let her withdraw from it. He moved his hand down between them to stroke her where they were connected.
“Come on baby, let go,” he encouraged.
That was her undoing.

Her back arched and her body shook as her orgasm racked her body. She gasped his name as she came, surrounding him with wet heat, her walls clenching and unclenching vibrating along his shaft. Michael groaned again inwardly and swallowed the sound on his tongue as he covered her mouth in a hot, passionate kiss, thrusting forward, hard and deep and fast, his body shuddering in her arms with his release.

Perspiration covered his body, and he was trembling, exerted and sated. His breath was shallow and hot on her skin. He lifted his head and looked down at her flush face for a moment, brushing her damp hair from her face, before he placed a gentle kiss on her parted lips.


Just in case you have never heard the song Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan - I have added it below. This song is one of my all time favourite songs. And I, personally, really do love love love this song. It is amongst the top songs played in my iTunes Library and included on any essential playlist. It is such a great song and I didn't know that Quincy Jones really did try to to get this song for Michael's Thriller Album until after I thought I might use it in one of my chapters...  imagine my joy when I actually found out that little known fact! The video is super cheesy... but the lyrics are beautiful.

Captured effortlessly
That's the way it was
It happened so naturally
I did not know it was love
The next thing I felt was you
Holdin' me close
What was I gonna do?
I let myself go

And now we're flyin' through the stars
I hope this night will last forever

I've been waitin' for you
It's been so long
I knew just what I would do
When I heard your song
It filled my heart with your bliss
Gave me freedom
You knew I could not resist
I needed someone

And now we're flyin' through the stars
I hope this night will last forever

Ain't nobody
Loves me better
Makes me happy
Makes me feel this way
Ain't nobody
Loves me better, than you

I wait for night time to come
And bring you to me
Can't believe I'm the one
I was so lonely
I feel like no one could feel
I must be dreamin'
I want this dream to be real
I need this feelin'

I make my wish upon a star
And hope this night will last forever

Ain't nobody
Loves me better
Makes me happy
Makes me feel this way
Ain't nobody
Loves me better
Ain't nobody
Loves me better, than you

And first you put your arms around me
Then you put your charms around me
I can't resist this sweet surrender
Oh! My nights are warm and tender
We stare into each other's eyes
And what we see is no surprise
Got a feelin' most with treasure
And a love so deep we cannot measure

Ain't nobody
Loves me better
Makes me happy
Makes me feel this way
Ain't nobody
Loves me better
Ain't nobody
Loves me better

Ain't nobody
Loves me better
Makes me happy
Makes me feel this way
Ain't nobody
Loves me better
Ain't nobody
Loves me better

Ain't nobody
Loves me better
Makes me happy
Makes me feel this way
Ain't nobody
Loves me better
Ain't nobody
Loves me better

Ain't nobody
Loves me better
Makes me happy


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  39. You made it to the promise land Mariaann... and you and me both needed a cold shower after this one! I was really worried my keyboard would combust from all the heat coming off me! : )

    Thanks so much for commenting and reading.

  40. Oh yeah! That was definitely the promised land! I had to come back & read it again before moving on to the next chapter. I'm still breathless!



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