chapter eleven – enjoy yourself part i

Tuesday, December 15, 1987

“Okay, I think that is everything,” Allison took a quick glance around the condo.
“Well not everything,” he replied as he walked towards her with his one hand behind his back and a mischievous grin on his face.
“What do you mean,” she looked around innocently trying not to let her smile tell him she was on to him. After spending almost 4 days with him, mostly in his exclusive company uninterrupted and for the most part in the state of undress or nearly undressed, she was getting to know some of his habits and getting very use to his little games or surprises as he liked to called them. He was up to something.
“We have one left,” he took his hand from behind his back and waved the little foil square in front of her.
“Michael... ” her face became flush with embarrassment.
“Girl, I can’t believe you are still blushing after this weekend.”
“Ugh!” She pushed him playfully. “I can’t believe you still have any energy left after this weekend.”
“Is that a challenge?” He raised her eyebrows at her as he tried to pull her closer.
“Umm no. I think I am now more than familiar with your stamina thank you very much,” she put her hand to her mouth. “Oh my god, did I just say that?”
He chuckled. “Yes you did,” he smiled and finally grabbing her and pulling her closer.
He cupped her face and licked his lips leaning in just to her lips but not kissing them. “But it’s all right. We can just throw it out. Ya know if you’re too tired.”
Her eyes flashed him a look of defiance and she cocked her head to the side. “Yeah, you’re right. I am kinda tired, and we really should get going. I am just gonna grab a quick shower before we go,” she flashed him a flirty smile as she started to pull away.
“Girl, you are gonna get it,” he was giving her a look that told her she better run.
With a yelp she ran through the hall into bedroom where he caught her just before she reached the bathroom.
Five minutes later, he had her happily melting with him....


In the morning when she woke, Allison still couldn’t believe the incredible night that had unfolded between them. They had finally acting on their desires and oh my god what a way to do it. The memory of their lovemaking flooded her thoughts. Oh my.... oh my god, she had made love with Michael Jackson. It had been amazing... almost unbelievably perfect. She had never felt like that with anyone and had never shared that level of intimacy with any person. Sure she had a few partners, not many, but it had never been anything like it was last night. Everything about him made her want to be slow, sexy, sensual and uninhibited - something she always had problems with until she was with him. It was crazy. But when he touched her or looked at her and said the things he said to her she wanted to please him in any way shape or form.

Michael felt the same way and her skittish ways with him only made him want her more. When he felt her nervousness he knew that the only way he was going to get her to finally yield to her wants and desires was to keep her moving forward without giving her a chance to think about what was going to happen next. Once her resistance faded and he finally got her to let go, it was something he had never experienced before either. Even with the necessary precautions it was incredible. In the middle of the night he woke her up twice to make to make love to her again. The first time he woke her, he made love to her slow and sensually the second time pushing, testing and teasing her to her limits, so by the time he entered her she was begging him to hurry. It was remarkable to watch her go from one extreme to the other.

But of course in the morning, to Allison, everything looked a little different in the light of day. As she laid there beside him she tried hard not to over think or over analyze what happened. She didn’t want to be shy or insecure about their night. It had been incredible but she hoped that she didn’t give too much of herself away.

When she woke up, she was on her back and cold with the sheets barely covering her. Michael was beside her. He was fast asleep his face pressed into his pillow. His one arm was thrown carelessly across her body. She rubbed her hands over her face. Gosh, how would he feel about last night and what would he think of her after last night?
He stirred groaning, turning over onto his back, “Ally?”
“Yeah,” she held her breath waiting.
He reached to pull her closer and rolled his warm body on top of her burying his face in the crook of her neck. “Good morning,” he breathed deeply against her skin.
“Morning,” she replied softly.
“Last night was amazing,” he lifted his face from her neck to look at her.
She smiled, relieved. He looked so drowsy and sleepy, like a little boy. “Are you hungry? I could make us breakfast.”
He pushed his thigh between her legs, “Yes... I am.” Grinding against her core, letting her know what he was hungry for.
She inhaled harshly, “Michael?”
“Condom... remember?”
“How long we gotta use those for,” he nibbled her ear. “I want to feel you.”
She swallowed loudly. Oh god.... could he be any sexier?
“Umm, not long.... can we... let’s just play it safe this weekend, kay?”
“Mmm, okay.”
He quickly reached for a condom from the box where he had left it in the middle of the night on the night stand. Once sheathed he pushed up inside of her moving slowly until he was firmly planted deep within her. She licked her lips and her neck arched back, she reached to pull him closer wrapping her legs around his slender waist allowing him to penetrate her fully. She groaned and released a long sigh as his hands moved over her with slow deliberation, caressing, touching and pleasing as he took his own leisurely sweet time with her once more.


She looked over at him and shook her head smiling. Like a typical guy, he fell back asleep. She really couldn’t blame him, of course, after his arduous efforts over the last few hours he was probably exhausted. She would let him sleep but she was starving. It was still fairly early yet her stomach was grumbling, most likely from her own efforts. She slipped out of bed and picked up her blouse that had been discarded on the floor last night. She wrapped it around herself then found her panties not far away and pulled those on too.

After going to the bathroom she splashed some water on her face and looked in the mirror. She didn’t look any different but she sure felt different. Tying her hair up in a loose knot she left the bathroom and walked silently across the bedroom to see that Michael had pulled the covers up over him and was sound asleep. She quietly pulled the bedroom door shut behind her and went out down the short hallway to the kitchen. She smiled slightly feeling the stiffness in her legs.

It was a little cool in the apartment and she shivered as she walked on the tiled floor in the kitchen. After she put the kettle on the stove she hunted around for the thermostat to get the heat going. Out in the living room she could see that the rain had finally stopped and the sun was happily shining its early morning rays through the large balcony doors. Turning up the heat she found her bag, pulling on a pair of socks and returned to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Okay, she thought, let’s eat. She opened the fridge door and looked over the food from last night. Nope, I don’t want leftovers, I want breakfast. The fridge was fully stocked like someone had just gone grocery shopping and filled it up. She wondered if that was a special request, as she knew how sporadically he ate. She looked at the side of the door and found what she was looking for. She took out the eggs, butter, jam, English muffins, bread and the pineapple fruit tray and laid them out on the counter. Returning back to the fridge she grabbed a carton of orange juice and apple juice, setting those down at the breakfast bar.

Thinking at first she would boil a couple of eggs she found a pot and filled it with water and placed it on the stove. Then she had a better idea. She returned to the fridge and scanned it quickly seeing exactly what she was looking for. Aha! She lifted the edge of the cellophane off the veggie tray and removed the 4 lemon wedges in the centre and wrapped the tray back up. Now we are talking she thought, eggs benedict would be perfect.

In University Val had shown her a really quick and easy hollandaise sauce recipe she had gotten from her family cook back in Boston. Whenever Val actually cooked, which wasn’t often, this was her meal to make. Val use to say, “Its super delicious and stupid easy, if I can make it anyone can.” She chuckled to herself thinking how much Val would love that this was the meal she was making in Michael’s kitchen. She shook her head. She would definitely have to tell her.

She grabbed a couple of plates and cutlery, just in case Michael got up, and located the toaster under the cupboard placing the English muffins in the slots. She found a couple of glass bowls and cut a slab of butter into one and put egg yolks, salt and lemon juice in the other. She melted the butter in the microwave and beat the egg mixture up. She smiled to herself at how domesticated she felt all of a sudden. The lid rattling on the stove brought her out of her daydream and she cracked the eggs in the water and set the timer on the stove for 6 minutes. As the eggs cooked she beat the lemon mixture into the butter and placed it back into microwave for another minute, making sure it didn’t curdle. At 3 minutes she popped the muffins down into the toaster.

She had timed everything perfectly. The muffins popped just a few seconds before the timer went off on the stove for the eggs and she put the kettle onto boil again to have a fresh cup of tea. Stacking the eggs on the muffins she covered them with the hollandaise sauce taking them over to the breakfast bar setting them down. She retrieved her cup and was coming back to make her tea when she spotted him coming towards the kitchen clad in Chinese red silk pyjamas. They hung off his slim frame and it looked like he had put a t-shirt on underneath. He was probably cold too she thought.
“Hey,” she smiled. “You’re up.” She placed her cup on the counter.
“Good morning... again,” he kissed her cheek by her ear and wrapped his arms tightly around her.
“Good morning,” she snuggled into his body when she felt his warmth.
“What are you havin’,” he looked towards the breakfast bar. “It smells delicious.”
“Eggs benny,” she pulled away as the kettle started to whistle. “You want some?”
“Yeah, I’m starving.”
“Good,” she grinned “Sit and I will put some water on to make more. Do want tea too?”
“You don’t have to serve me Ally.”
“Ha-ha funny guy, I am soooo not serving you,” she said dryly, “this is your place so I presume you know how to help yourself.”

Michael sat down and watched her as she made a pot of tea and got an extra cup for him. She seemed relaxed and at ease as she moved easily around the kitchen.
“I can’t remember, milk or lemon,” she looked questioningly over at him. “and I don’t think there are any lemons, unless you are okay with using a garnish from the salad.”
He was smiling a wide smile.
“What,” her eyes narrowed and she stopped in her place, “what are you smiling at?”
“You,” he said, leaning his elbows on the countertop watching her intently. “I could get use to seeing you first thing in the morning.”
“Oh... okay,” her smile widen as she tried not to melt on the spot, “let’s eat before it gets cold.”

She sat down beside him and pushed one of the eggs off of her plate onto the extra plate and passed it to him.
“It looks really good. Where’d you learn to cook?”
“It’s only eggs Michael.”
“Yeah,” he swirled his fork in the buttery sauce, “but I never really cook.”
She chuckled. “Lucky you.”
“You’re lucky you never have to cook for yourself.”
“You think so?”
“Yeah, trust me, I’ve been cooking for myself for years it is not as exciting as you think.”
He shrugged. “I would like to know how though. So if I had to I could.”
“Well I’ll tell you what,” she reached for the carton of apple juice, “I can show you how to cook an egg.”
She gave him a big grin, “and... if you play your cards right, I will show you how to do the dishes too!”
“Girl, I’m being serious and you are making fun.”
“Nope, I am not making fun. I’m totally serious. Actually I think you should start doing them right now.”
“Ally, there is dishwasher in the kitchen.”
“Oh no you don’t, to really learn you need to do them old school.”
He raised his eyebrows at her and laughed. “Oh you are a tough one.”
“Hmm, mm,” she nodded.
When the water stared to boil she showed him how to poach an egg and gave him the quick rundown on how the sauce was made. He was asking so many questions they almost forgot about toasting the English muffins so their eggs were done a bit too much, but they still tasted good.

After they finished breakfast Michael loaded the dishwasher and she wiped down the counters.
“There now,” she looked around the kitchen then smiled at him, “don’t you feel completely ordinary now?”
“Actually I feel normal,” he returned her smile.
“Well you can feel free to cook and clean for me anytime.”
“I just might,” he said over his shoulder as he turned to walk out of the kitchen.

She followed him as he walked out to the living room and sat down on the sofa. He found the remote and turned on the TV, then tuned it to the music channel. And there he was, dancing around and singing his latest single, “The Way You Make Me Feel.”
“Ally come and watch with me” he turned towards her.
Allison had seen the video a few times since coming home. The single was climbing the charts and it was currently in the top ten, it was played every hour on the hour. It would be almost impossible not to have seen it - but seeing it with him was different. She loved the song and she actually liked the video, except for the really pretty girl Michael was pursuing throughout it. I mean she knew it was just video and he was acting it out, but still, did she have to be so pretty?
“What’s her name again,” she asked pretending to be interested.
“Tatianna Thumbtzen,” he patted the seat beside him “Come sit here with me.”
She sat down beside him folding her legs underneath her. “She’s really pretty, is she nice?”
“Yeah, she seems real nice. She’s a model,” he turned to look at her. “I am adding this song to the second leg of the tour so if everything works the way I am thinking you could meet her. Frank is gonna set up some promo shoots next... ”

Her mind began to wander off. “Ah sure,” she frowned and looked down at her lap. If everything works out the way he is thinking... What is he thinking? How could she meet her? They hadn’t really talked about her joining him for the US leg of the tour. When his tour resumed next year he would be touring the USA for almost four months. Her mind began go churn as the questions and doubts filled her mind and she couldn’t stop herself. Before they had to be together because they were in another country and she was working for him. But now they were home. She still had to present him with his pictures from Japan and Australia, but really, she wasn’t working for him and she had her own place to stay. She didn’t think he needed her as a photographer for his US part of the tour. That wasn’t something that had been discussed.

The more she thought about it the more distressed her thoughts became. If she did go on tour with him, what would she do or what was he thinking she would do? Did he still want her to travel with him? And if he did, what did that mean? What would happen after this weekend? Would she be able to work for him, with him? What were they now? Was it a secret? He said nobody knew he was here this weekend. But James brought her here... and if she was a secret, where did he get the condoms? Who bought them? She realized that even though they had spent a lot of time together, they hadn’t really talked about this next stage of their relationship. Or whatever it was. This was brand new territory for them and she felt lost.

“Hello, earth to Allison,” he was waving his hand in front of her face. “Girl hello, are you even listening to me?
“Sorry,” she managed a genuine smile. “I am... I guess, sorry what were you saying?”
“What is going on in that head of yours?”
“Huh... nothing,” she lied.
He muted the television. “Allison, don’t lie, I can see your mind working into a knot.”

“Umm, can I ask you something?”
“You can ask me anything you want,” he could tell her mind was working overtime.
“Where did you get the... them, where did you get the condoms?” now it was her turn to be embarrassed about the condoms as she felt her skin heat up.
His eyes narrowed, as he wondered what she was thinking. “Why you want to know?”
“Coz I just want to.”
He chuckled. “Ally, you are so suspicious.”
“I am not.”
“Yes, you are.”
“Well, I just, I don’t...” she stopped speaking. She didn’t know what to say. Was she suspicious? Maybe - no she was just wondering. He couldn’t do it when they were in another country. So how did he manage go get them here in America. He couldn’t have gone to a store himself even in disguise. That meant he must of asked someone and she wanted to know who he asked and who knew. As she worked herself up once again she realised maybe she was suspicious.
“Sorry... you’re right, I guess I -”
“They are the ones you left in Australia,” he interrupted her.
“What,” she was confused.
“The ones you had in your suite,” he was shaking his head. “When you were packing your bag I noticed them by your camera bag. I didn’t think you wanted anyone to know you had them – so before Mary packed up your belonging I took them out of your suite.”
Australia seemed so long ago. But she instantly remembered.
“Oh,” she blushed. Of course, they were the ones she bought. That made perfect sense.
He chuckled and leaned into her, “I was protecting your reputation.”
She couldn’t help but laugh at his comment. “Oh really?”
“I am a gentleman Ms. Wolf.”
“Of course, I never thought any different.”

They watched a few more videos until he changed the channel to the news. She still wanted to talk more about the tour, but she didn’t know how to bring it up or really what she wanted to say. All she ended up doing was giving herself a big fat whopping headache. When he changed the channel to watch some cartoons she found the perfect reason to excuse herself. She leaned over and kissed him gently on the cheek, “I think I am gonna unpack my things and get cleaned up.”

Michael watched her walk over to the door and pick up her bag where she had left it last night. Jesus Christmas she looked good. He would have been just as happy if she stayed dressed in her blouse and socks all weekend long, she definitely looked good enough to him. But of course she always looked good to him, he thought she was beautiful. But something was bothering her and it wasn’t just the condoms, which he knew she would ask about. It was something else. He noticed it right away as soon as he started talking about the tour.

They hadn’t talked yet of her coming out on the second leg European leg of the tour. The idea had already been discussed between her and Frank last summer and he definitely wanted her there. But the option of having her during the US leg was never on the table or discussed. At the time he didn’t think he would require that. But of course things had changed drastically since then. He didn’t need her as a photographer but he definitely wanted her there. He hadn’t asked her yet, but now he knew he wanted her with him. If he had his way he would have her with him all the time. He was trying to be cautious but he could feel himself falling for her big time. And he was sure she was feeling the same way but her apprehensions about herself and about who he was always getting in their way. He sighed. Why did he need to fight off the girls he wasn’t interested in and a battle to get the one he was interested in to see that he wanted to be with her.

She had just finished unpacking and had just placed her overnight bag in the closet when he walked into the bedroom to find her.
“Hey,” she smiled when she heard him enter. Her heart skipped a beat... he just looked so good in red. “No more cartoons?”
“Nope, I figured you were funny enough.”
“Ha... you are so funny,” she narrowed her eyes and contemplated sticking her tongue out at him but thought better of it.
“Is everything okay, Ally,” he walked towards the end of the bed eyeing her.
“Yeah,” she palmed her brow. “I just had a bit of a headache. But I think its going away.”
“Hmm,” he sat down on the edge of the bed turning to face her. “I just want to make sure we are okay.”
“Yeah, we are definitely more than okay,” she smiled. “I think I am going to grab a shower.”
“Hmm, I was thinking the same thing,” he raised his eyebrows at her.
She swallowed audibly as soon as the words left his lips. Her heart started to beat faster and she became slightly flush and her skin became warm at her thoughts. Even in all her indecision and confusion she wanted him. Whenever he came near her or was with him she wanted to touch him and feel close him. She needed to feel close to him now. She came in here to unpack and unravel her mind as to where they stood, but as soon as she saw him, she needed to feel that closeness to him.
She held her breath and kept his gaze... you can do this Ally, don’t be a dork... “Did I... I mean, do you want to join me?”
“What about your headache?” he smirked.
“Oh, umm... well... I” he caught her off guard, she wasn’t prepared for his remark and now she felt anxious.
He chuckled and crossed his arms. He so enjoyed teasing her, she was too cute. But he also wanted to her wanted to hear her say it. He didn’t always want to be the instigator with her.
“What,” he licked his lips grinning at her?
She rolled her eyes at him. He was playing with her. OH! She held her smile in check.
“Hmph, fine suit yourself. I am getting a shower.” She turned on her heels and walked into the bathroom and closed the door. She knew he was teasing her, but two could play that game. Or at least she hoped she could.

In the bathroom she hurriedly pulled her panties down her legs and pulled off her blouse, losing a couple of buttons in the process. She jumped in the shower forgetting she had her socks on and almost fell flat on her ass catching herself on the towel bar.
“Oh good one.... Uh... I am such a retread...”
She pulled her socks off and tossed them atop her clothing on the floor and closed the frosted glass doors. She ran the water getting it nice and hot before turning on the spray. She stood under the pulsating water jets as they massaged her head. It felt good.
She stood still listening for him. Nothing. Hmm, where was he? Maybe she sounded too serious and he didn’t plan on joining. She counted to 100... still nothing. Shoot... now what?
Finally she heard the bathroom door open then close softly.
He laughed quietly. He could see her naked silhouette through the shower doors, he could feel himself hardening at the thought of feeling her body again. “Who else would it be?”
“Oh, right sorry, I didn’t think you wer -”
“You really think and worry way too much.”
She sighed. He was so right... she really needed to stop that.
“I needed to make a quick phone call,” he explained.
She reached to slide the shower door slightly open poking her head out of the shower.
She smiled when she saw him, "Oh... okay.”
She looked him over and bit her lip and blushed slightly, "Wanna join me?"
Michael smiled back, "do you want me to" he asked, already unbuttoning his pyjama top.
She grinned nodding, blushing a little deeper.

Once he was fully naked, he slipped into the shower with her and slid the door shut. Allison stepped back to stand at the at the back of the shower to let him enter. The steaming spray hit his bare back, loosening his stiff sore muscles. He groaned closing his eyes. She swallowed as she watched the water stream down his strong beautiful neck along his chest and the hard planes of his torso. He tilted his head back as he stood there before her naked, hard and ready. She didn’t know she had, but she emitted an audible sigh. Michael heard her and brought his face from beneath the spray to fix his gaze on her.
“C’mere Ally.”
She didn’t move. “You are so beautiful Michael. I can’t believe...” she gulped and looked down to the shower floor. Her heart was pounding in her ears. God she couldn’t even talk to this man when she looked at him. She instinctively crossed her arms over her bare chest.
“You don’t have to be shy with me Ally.”
She looked up to meet his eyes, “I don’t think after last night you could call me shy with you Michael.”
“Then what is it?”
“It's just... I still can’t believe I am here with you. It’s like a dream.”
“Girl, it’s not new,” he reached for her to pull her closer to him. “We’ve been dancing around each other for months. You’re really here with me.”
Her breath hiccupped. “I know... but this,” she gestured with her hand between their bodies. “This part... us like this... is new.”
“True,” he bit his lower lip as he nodded. “Maybe we just need to practice more.”
She shook her head slowly and smiled, “Michael...”
“I’m being serious,” he gave her an innocent smile. “Listen, what I mean is things get easier with practice, right?”
“Right,” she was still unsure if he was being genuine or was up to something.”
“So you practice being around me more, than you won’t be so unbelieving when we are together like this.” He gestured between them like she did.
He made it sound so simple and easy she couldn’t help but smile and nod.

He leaned in and kissed her forehead, her nose then her lips. He was so gentle and warm as he glided his tongue over her lips. She sighed and parted her lips for him. As if he had all the time in the world, Michael slipped his tongue inside, seeking a response from her. She immediately dropped her hands from their protective positioning and wrapped them around his neck, pulling him deeper moving in closer. Michael groaned inwardly when he felt the hard tips of her bare breasts brush against his chest. He swallowed the moans that she made guiding her mouth in a slow sensual kiss.

He moved his fingertips slowly down over her shoulders to slide up and down her arms as he gently broke away from her mouth, gazing down at her body in front of him. She was perfect. The buds of her nipples were taut and erect. The warm, pulsating water still spilled down over both of them, streams running down the smooth valley of her stomach. Michael began to tenderly caress her curves and trace the planes of her body with his fingertips and palms of his hands, touching her gently letting her know his admiration for her being here with him so warm and wet and willing. His large hands moved to her breasts, cupping the weight in his palms as she trembled and sighed. He leaned down to capture her mouth in a wet, hungry kiss, his tongue gently probing and seeking out all those places that were becoming so familiar.

Her apprehension seemed to dissipate into the shower mist, and she moved her hands to run her fingers down his chest, following the trail of the water. Michael felt like his whole body was throbbing, tingling from even the simplest touch from her. He moaned his approval letting her know how good she made him feel. Every cell in his body was humming and sensitive to her caress. She moved slowly as she continued to touch his wet sleek skin moving further down his body. She kissed his neck, his hard chest, his flat tummy, letting her hands slowly glide down the flanks of his body as she slowly sank down to her knees in front of him.

Michael gave a nervous laugh... “Alli...” but when her mouth touched him he couldn’t finish his sentence not even her name.

He was fiercely erect and she opened her mouth to take him in. He inhaled sharply as she took him as deep as you could to the back of her mouth then groaned when she pulled away, leaving her mouth wrapped around the swollen head. She could feel his eyes on her and she gazed up at him as she took him in her hand and swirled her tongue around the tip. He closed his eyes, clenching his jaw firmly as she took him back deep as far as her mouth would allow. He could feel the vibrations of her moans along the length of his shaft as she pulled away then move back to cover him again and again with her warm mouth.
“Damn...” he wouldn’t last if she kept that up. He wanted to be her now.
He pulled away from her and lifted her to her feet turning her back to the wall.

He covered her mouth in a heated kiss. Gliding his tongue in against hers he pushed his body into hers and slid his hand down between their bodies and between her thighs. Her legs quivered as his fingers caressed against her sensitive skin, rubbing against the tiny bud of nerve endings.
“Hmm...,” he moaned into her mouth. “I am dying to be inside you.”
Allison couldn’t breathe, couldn’t speak. She couldn’t do anything but let herself be kissed. His kiss was demanding and completely possessive and Allison surrendered to it. Her blood coursed through her veins as she melted under his caress. She was dying to have him inside of her too.
“ too”
“You wanna get out?”
She swallowed and shook her head. “No... I want to feel you,” she whispered.
She didn’t have to tell him twice. He lifted her up breaking their kiss so he could looked into her eyes, as he slowly – so painfully slowly – entered her. He groaned as he entered her slick hot walls. He pushed her against the wet tile wall. It was cool and slick causing her to arch further into him.
She sucked in her breath and whimpered slightly. Her flesh was still a little sensitive from all their lovemaking yet feeling him for the first time without protection was incredible. She pulsed and clenched him immediately at the heat she felt inside her.
“Michael... oh... god, please,” she whispered. She wanted him deeper. She needed him deeper.
With her legs around his waist and her back pressed against the slick wet wall, her movements were restricted. But it didn’t matter. Michael was still holding her gaze, biting and licking his lips, the pleasure he was feeling was written on his beautiful face. “You’re so warm.”
She tried to bite back her moans, but she was so turned on and her moans echoed off the walls. She couldn’t think she could only feel and he felt so good.
He pushed himself a little bit farther inside of her smiling slightly as she moaned loudly. Loving ever sound she made.
“You are so sexy,” he growled still holding her gaze as he pulled out slowly.
His next thrust was just as slow but twice as deep, and Allison caught her lower lip between her teeth to keep from losing her mind.
“Oh god,” she was trembling.
“Hmm,” Michael’s smile widened. “You feel so good... so good.”
She moaned again arching her neck back. The pleasure was so intense; Allison couldn’t do more than whisper a few words or his name. With the shower raining down on her overheated body, his mouth latched on to her breast, his tongue circling and teasing the erect bud. The tile was cold against her back and Michael was so hot, so sexy and moving so agonizingly slow inside her... It was beyond perfect.

“Michael... ” She breathed again and even though she didn’t say so he knew she was close to the edge. He could feel her spasms getting stronger, her breaths coming in gasps as she tilted her hips up to meet his.
“Come on baby,” he murmured, on her throat. “You’re gonna take me with you.... I want to cum with you.”
His words sent shockwaves through her spine as a wave of pleasure exploded around her. She kissed Michael so she wouldn’t cry out. He inhaled her in return, driving himself faster and harder, even more deeply inside her. She felt him release inside her, his warmth poured into her filling her as she felt him shake with his climax, just as he promised... and still he kept kissing her, holding her there, pinned against the shower wall, still buried deep inside her. His mouth so sweet and gentle she was in heaven. Being with him was heaven.

Their day progressed from their lovemaking in the shower to watching some old movies on TV. Or at least she tried to watch the TV. Michael kept distracting her with his hands and lips. He played with her hair or would find some excuse to touch her or press his body against her – it was maddening. But he was so adorable, using funny voices saying he had to do it to make her feel comfortable around him. He poked her, tickled her while she tried not to encourage him by laughing at his antics. He wanted to make love on the carpet, and she would have, but she was too sore. She called him insatiable. He called her delicious.

They talked a lot too. They talked about his upcoming US Leg of the tour and his rehearsals he had scheduled in Florida. He wanted to change things up and add some new songs now that his album was selling like crazy. He told her how Frank had arranged for a stadium in Pensacola for a month before the tour kicked off in Kansas. He had lots of questions for her too... they had gotten to know each other quite well in Japan but he wanted to know more. He wanted to know more about her family and why she didn’t talk about her parents. Did she have a lot of friends, why she became a photographer, when and if she was going back to work, what she had planned for the spring months and how she was going to manage with her boss... and then he just asked her straight out.

“I want you to come to Florida with me.”
God she wanted to go so bad... but how could she? She couldn’t follow him all over the place. She had to be here. “Umm, I don’t know Michael. I have a job, and my place and a dog and...”
“How are you going to get any practice if you stay away from me?” He gave her his best smile.
Oh god... “Michael, I am not staying away from you... not on purpose anyway.”
He looked so disappointed. “It will be fun I swear.”
“You just said you're gonna be so busy getting ready for your tour, you won’t have time to miss me and -”
“Ally it won’t be like Hong Kong I promise, really I want you there with me.”
Gosh how could she say no to those pleading brown eyes? As it was she wanted to with him all the time but she had so much to figure out here at home and with him. Maybe going away with him would be good, they could talk about their... friendship, relationship, sleeping arrangement type thing...
“How bout I come out a little after you are there and stay for a week or two?”
“Girl you play hard to get, but I’ll take what I can get,” he pulled her calves over his lap.
She slapped him playfully, “I don’t play hard to get, you're just use to getting everything you want.”

They settled into the sofa and watched a bit more TV together until he found some B movie about giant insects invading Manhattan. She took that as her cue to check out his office/library in the hopes of finding a book or magazine to read. He later found her engrossed in several National Geographic magazines she had found on the floor.
“Come on we should eat, we have an early day tomorrow.”
“We do,” she asked surprised. She thought they were staying in all weekend. “What are we doing?”
“You’ll see,” he smiled.
As they ate dinner Michael told her he had a surprise for her tomorrow and they needed to go to bed soon.
“You are just saying that to get me in bed,” she smirked.
“No... honest, we need to get up early. Bill will be here at 4AM.”
“4AM... what? My god what are we doing at 4AM!??”
“I told you, it’s a surprise.”
Michael I hate surprises, I told you that.”
He chuckled, “did you? I don’t remember.”
“Yeah I bet,” she rolled her eyes.
“You will love it, trust me.”
“Okay,” she shook her head knowing she would have to trust him... like it or not.

To be continued...



  1. Oooh ! Am I the first to comment to this lovely chapter ? That is a great honor !

    Girl, I loved it ! I can't believe how sexy Michael is. I can so totally envision him during the BAD era ! *howls* And he is so in love with her... She is in love with him too but the poor thing is so insecure... On the other hand, he is not really telling her much apart from that he wants her physically. Maybe they should have a good talk so that he can ensure her that he is not only with her for sex ? However I do understand how she feels. After all, he is THE Michael Jackson.

    Anyway, I hope they work it out asap because it would be a pity if her insecurities would spoil their relationship. Michael definitely has some work to do !! LOL

    I can't wait to find out where he is taking her ! So hurry up with that next chapter ! LOL And don't hold back on some more loving ! I enjoyed that part verrrrrrrrrry much !!


  2. Okay, only one commented before me, but still I have to ask...

    Am I the only one who noticed the unprotected sex in the shower?
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    (Well, they clearly weren't, which I understand all too well... Hehehe... Oh dear... LOL!)

    I agree with Ingridje, though. They need to communicate more for Ally to feel confortable and relaxed in his company.
    I missed an honest talk after the sex in the shower. I was like... What? Isn't she going to go all mental after having gone skin on skin with Michael? And what about you, Mikey? I thought you said you were a gentleman? At least tell her you know it got out of hand...

    But no...

    Oh my...
    I hate not being in control of the story. I worry so much about these two, but all I can do is pull out my hair.

    I am going to read the shower scene again though. I love wet Michaels. :)

  3. oh.... I come in from a crazy ass puppy walk and I have two comments!

    Hey Ingrid! I know how much you love a BAD man - I LOVE him too... I may have to howl with you.

    Oh I definitely agree they have fallen for each other big time... yup I am going with that - LOVE! But you are so right! Her really hasn't really told her that... only that he wants her around - and of course he wants her physically - but he has never come right out and said how he feels.... so what does that mean?? Sure what girl wouldn't want to be wanted by Michael?? But if you are not sure how he feels then you don't want to fall for him - only to have their heart broken!

    He would be IMPOSSIBLE to get over I would think.

    Hmmm, you might like where he is taking her... I am not telling but it will be fun!

    Thanks for commenting - I will be as quick as possible!

  4. Oh my lovely LLP - motherly E!

    Just like a mom should be... scolding me for unprotected sex and jumping right back into the shower for more wet Michaels! Tsk tsk...

    What were they thinking? I can honestly say they were not thinking at all... at least not with the right part of their body. Not a good idea in my opinion since I am miss safety - but it would be hard to want to stop with a wet Michael I think

    I think they have to talk too... I think she might need to instigate it – because Michael is a gentleman – but he is also a guy or more so a boy – just like the condom talk – once they talk about it, he thinks it is taken care of – end of story.

    I agree they have a lot to talk about as they get closer to one another other... maybe where they are going will help? I dunno.... I sure hope so!

    Thanks for commenting! : )

  5. Oh me oh My..WOW.... I love love love this update... I sense alot of apprehension in Alli.... They have fallen for each other fast but nether one has said it yet. Or even came close to mentioning it... Maybe this surprise place that he is taking her will make it all come out.... :)...

    And yes I noticed the unprotected sex in the shower..... WOW.. Wouldnt that be a dream come true....and I also noticed that he let the soldiers go inside of her too.... Hmmm.... I wonder what that could lead too and there again they said nothing about it didnt even talk about it......

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    I have been crazy busy the last few days so I am very sorry its taken me this long to read the update......

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  6. OK OK, Just read all the other comments so here it goes:
    - first , the no condom sex in the shower , what is the big deal here??? she is on the pill people !!!! there will be no pregnancy - were you girls on the pill AND used a condom ? probably not, well I didn't anyway , the only other reason he would wear a condom is to protect from STD's , do we wanna go there ? nah , not really our couple is "clean" lets just leave it at that .

    - I loved the shower scene , HECK I loved everything about this chapter as per useal ,- sh*t I should print the chapter like Helen does and then I can give a better review.-

    This was such a sexy chapter , yes it was loaded with love making and that is what we wanted and what I would expect from this weekend , the middle of the night love making in a sleepy state ohh yummy , can you just imagine with Michael , close your eyes girls and I.M.A.G.I.N.E. beautiful , sexy , BAD era Mike's hands and other parts ,all over you and your half asleep ......RIGHT * straightening up again* where was I ?

    So yes, It was all about the physical and that is great , BUT I agree with my fellow disciples , we need to talk ....there are too many things hanging in the air :
    -where do we go from here Mike ?
    -Come to Florida? , allright , Ally's job , what about that , why come to FL , Apart from the fact that she wants to be with him , but what is she going to do ? Ally said it, Mike will be busy rehearsing, of course , that is why he is there.

    - what do you feel for Ally Mike ?
    -what does Ally feel for Mike ?

    I am sure the talk will come though , I am excited about the surprise and where they will go.

    C, this was super , once again , you are very good at the writing and I LOVE the lovemaking , you know that , you write it all very well , very sexy and sensual but not crossing the line where it turns into porn, EXCELLENT my friend .
    Looking forward to the next chapter

    BTW , thanks for the eggsbenny recipe , I loved how you went through that step by step :)

    HECK group member hecK



  7. Oh Forever you make me laugh... only you would come in a and apologize for not reading and commenting right away... I knew you must be somewhere busy and would comment as soon as you could.
    I am glad you liked it too of course as I know you were waiting!

    Yes those little "soldiers" went marching in and then some... and Ally I think hasn't even thought of what trouble that might get her in... she worries too much about what Michael might want and not what he is saying... she is a little worry wart - truthfully when I thought about the sex in the shower I though oh we need a condom - but we have all been there (I don't need a show of hands and you can sit down K) when you are at that point where you other body part tells you what to do... no matter how much your mind is saying DON'T you dare...

    It seems to be the consensus they need to talk.. and they need to do it soon - we shall see.

    Thanks for commenting Forever... I have left your sleeping bag out for you.

  8. Okay... my lovely K - now that the official condom police has arrived I guess we can assume we are all safe and fine? You are too funny When I read that first few sentences all I see is Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest telling me how it is going to go and if I don't like it she is gonna medicate me... LOL

    You should never worry about you comments K they are always entertaining - but feel free to print whatever you want if it is gonna make you even funnier or better I am all for it!

    Yes I knew you were waiting for all that yummy sex - and of course just like it would be that weekend - I was waiting for it too... it just takes me forever to get to writing it!

    Another bandwagon member for the let's talk.. OKAY I HEAR YOU ALL LOUD AND CLEAR - they need to talk... : )

    I with you all on that - that is why she is so hesitant to go... I mean really why go, and what are we doing now, what are we now, who knows about them... what about her man dog... hmm I sound just like Ms. Wolf herself!

    I am hoping as well that where Micheal is taking her will help them talk... he has stuff to say to her and she has got to stop worrying.. yup I know what they need to do - I hope they listen to me

    As always YG thank you for your delightful insight on the chapter.

    (Oh I had to edit my owon comment - I am such a retread!)

  9. Ok I have returned to read this amazing update once again.. Thankx for leaving my sleeping bag out I need it....

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  15. That man sure has stamina! Waking her up twice in the middle of the night to make love! The shower scene was very steamy, especially when she took him in her mouth! No condom & she just started taking the pill, so I wonder if there's going to be a little surprise for them.

    I agree with everybody that they need to work on thier relationship.
    She's really insecure & he needs to let her know how he feels about her. Not just ask her to follow him around on tour & expect her to do it.

    I wonder what his little 4 a.m. surprise is. Looking forward to the next chapter now that I'm all caught up!

  16. Hey Mariaann - Yes now you really are all caught up and I feel bad for you - because now you have to wait like everyone else. Unfortunately I am not a very fast writer - my thoughts are fast and the ideas are there - I just don’t' have as much time as I wish to write.

    Yes, I love the shower scene too... but these two have a long way to go – Ally is a little bit insecure, and I agree a man a sexy as Michael needs to tell her where they stand... and I think that may happen very soon!

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting on all the chapters - I had fun going back with you!

  17. Hey

    I know that I've been MIA lately but I am playing catch up with your stories. I knew you were good but damn I didn't know you were this good. I can't get enough of MJ and Ally.

  18. Ohmygod... oh hell no you didn't?

    Girl where have you been? My lovely MsJ.... I have missed you lovely one - you know that I have.
    I am so glad to see you back.
    And thank you for the very gracious comment.

    I am glad you like it and I hope to see you around more often!

  19. Ms Martini.

    I know. I know. I'm horrible.
    I'll get better, I promise.

    Just been going through a lot of emotional changes lately, don't want to call it the "D" word but reading your stories have definitely put a smile to my face and I thank you for that.

  20. awwee honey I am just glad you are here... you know my email addy... hit me up for a chit chat some time - would love to catch you with you!



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