chapter eleven – enjoy yourself part ii

Sunday, December 13, 1987 (6:15am)

“I am so not doing that!”
“You have got to be kidding me? This is your surprise?”
“Yeah... come on it is gonna be amazing.”
“Oh my god... Michael I can’t.”
“Why not?” He was genuinely confused at her refusal.
“Because... I don’t... I mean it can’t be safe.”
“Well of course it’s safe. They’ve been doing it for hundreds of years. It’s the oldest successful form of human flight.”
“Have you done it before,” she asked warily.
“Of course I have! Twice before... it is so wonderful. You will love it, I promise.”
She looked at him in disbelief. He was smiling from ear to ear. He really honestly thought this was a good idea! Somebody really needed to give this man an Allison Thesaurus so he could learn the varying definitions of what she would love... because this certainly wasn’t one of them.
“I dunno Michael,” she turned away and walked a few steps away.

Allison couldn’t believe this. First he got her up in the middle of the night with hardly any sleep. She was still half asleep as she got ready quickly, as Bill was picking them up soon. While Michael got dressed she splashed cold water on her face trying to revive herself from her blurry state and then brushed her teeth. He told her to put on a pair of jeans and her sweat shirt and warm socks. Before they left he grabbed a wool blanket from the closet in the bedroom.
“Where are we going Michael,” she whispered in the elevator. Nobody was around but it seemed too early to be talking in a normal voice.
“You’ll see,” he whispered back, taking her hand in his and kissing her temple.
When they reached the ground floor Bill Bray was waiting for them with a plain black sedan. He looked tired but he managed a smile.
“Good morning you two, we are up before the worms today.”
Allison yawned, “Oh excuse me. Good morning Bill, nice to see you again.”
“You too Allison.”
He turned to Michael, “We better get going Mike. It’s almost 2 hours drive away we don’t want to be late.”
“We’re leaving Los Angeles,” she questioned. She perked up a little now that her interests were piqued.
“Come on girl get in the car, you can guess all you want on the way.”

But she so tired, once she was seated and comfortable in the back with him, all she wanted to do was sleep. She leaned against his shoulder until he wrapped his arm around her bringing her head to rest under her arm. They arrived at their destination just after 6am. The sky was still blackish blue with stars still high in the sky. Streaks of yellow and orange filtered through the low clouds as twilight prepared to give way to day.
Now they were standing in the middle of a wide open grassy field and he wanted her to get in this little wicker looking basket attached to a balloon with roll bars and cord.
Michael turned to the Bill, the balloonist and the 4 other staff members. “Can you just give us a minute?”
“Sure Mike,” Bill replied with a wide grin on his face. He could see his boss was in for a challenge with this one.

Michael walked over to where she was standing pouting like a little girl.
She looked up when he reached her, “Michael don’t even try to sweet talk me into this one. I am not going up in that little basket.”
He shook his head, “girl you are such a chicken!”
“Yes... yes I am thank you very much, are we done now?”
“Ally, l want you to come with me and experience it.”
“Michael I’m sorry, I told you I don’t like surprises. I don’t like rides or anything like that... it makes me feel -”
“What... not in control?”
She gave him a surprised look, “no... well yes, but I... Michael please don’t make me...”
Michael shook his head, “of course I won’t make you. Okay honest I won’t if you don’t want to go. But can I just say something?”
“Okay,” she hoped if she heard him out he would stop insisting she go.
“Remember the week we spent together in Hong Kong?”
She nodded, “yeah,” meeting his eyes.
“And remember the night we took the helicopter ride to The Peak?”
She smiled and she nodded again. Of course she remembered it was one on her best days with him. It had been amazing.
He returned her smile.
“Now, do you remember how scared you were before we left? Girl, you were shaking like a leaf when we got in the helicopter.”
She remembered... but only now because he had just reminded her. She had been terrified, but once they were up in the air and Michael was rubbing her thigh and pointing out the sites she immediately began to relax and enjoy the tour of the skyline. It was wonderful. The city and the lights at The Peak and in the harbour made it so breathtakingly beautiful and super romantic. She couldn’t wait to go back one day and have dinner there.
She sighed looking down at her feet. She knew what he was trying to do, but it didn’t make her feel any less nervous.
“This is so much better. I swear,” his hands grasped hers. “You just move with the wind it’s as if you are flying.”
“Okay... yes?” he bowed his head down to look into her eyes.
“Yes, Michael I’ll go, okay I’ll go.”
“Girl you’re gonna love it.”

They walked back to the small group that waited for them by the wicker gondola. They listened as the pilot explained how their flight was going to go. He told them they had perfect weather conditions and the flight would be smooth sailing. He told them their flight direction and path and what they would be seeing and approximately where they would be landing. He also gave them a brief history of the traditions of ballooning and the mechanics of how it worked without getting too technical.
He turned to Allison, “now don’t you worry young lady, I have been piloting these beasts for almost 20 years. We will be traveling at the exact same speed as the wind. That means it will feel smooth and gently with no shaking or swinging. I aim to make it enjoyable all around.”
She nodded, “thank you, I am sure it will be great.” She did her best to sound positive.
He gave her a wink, “okay if we don’t have any questions, we are right on schedule to get going.”
“You ready Ally?” Michael inquired happily.
“As ready as I will ever be.”
Michael moved aside to let her enter the gondola turning back to retrieve the blanket from Bill.
“See you in about an hour or so Bill at the landing.”
“Sure thing Mike. See you there.”

Allison went and stood at the front of the basket, her hands gripping the ties that were there for her safety. She closed her eyes and tried to relax her breathing. She took deep breaths in and out. Her heart jumped when she felt a slight shift beneath her feet. Oh my god what am I doing in here? This was so not a good idea! Then she felt Michael move in behind her. He placed his hands on either side of her on the basket edge, his body directly behind hers.
“Here we go Ally,” he sang out. “Look around you. Don’t be such a scaredy-cat.”
Bracing herself she slowly opened one eye keeping the other firmly scrunched shut, just like she did when she was a kid watching a scary movie. She squinted out in front of her and turned her head from side to side. She couldn’t really see anything with her one eye.
“I don’t see anything.”
Michael chuckled behind her, “girl don’t be so silly! Open your eyes.”
She took a deep breath and opened both her eyes.
“Oh!” She was surprised to see they had already risen about a hundred feet into the air. She didn’t even think they had left the ground yet and still they continued to rise up. It felt like more like they were levitating than flying.
“What do you think Ally?”
“It feels like we’re floating.”
“Do you like it?”
“Uh...I don’t know...”
“Ha-ha, you don’t know? Well how does it feel?”
She looked down at the ground below. The landscape rippled gently beneath them. It was so quiet... there was a calmness to it.
She laughed softly, “It feels... it feels calmer than I thought.”
“Does that mean you like it?”
“Umm... I think so. It’s feels nice.”
“See, I knew you would,” he stepped in closer and put his hands on her hips resting his chin on her shoulder. “That makes me happy that you like it.”
They were rising up at a gently easy pace, if ground moving hadn’t been moving further away, they would have never known they were moving.
There was a thick cloud line just a bit above them and their pilot led the balloon up to break through them.
“Oh wow... oh my.... Michael... look,” she squealed pointing out across the sky.
It really was breathtaking, breaking through the clouds they entered into a mystical land of make-believe. It was like nothing she had ever seen or imagined. The clouds below became alive with colour like cotton candy pillows below their feet as the rainbow of colours saturated the horizon.
“Oh my god Michael it’s like a fairytale,” she gushed breathlessly.
He smiled behind her, “isn’t it? It’s magical.” He loved how animated she got when excited.
“Oh it is... it is... I can’t even describe how beautiful it is.”
Michael laughed softly, “it’s like the song by the Fifth Dimension.” He started to sing quietly in her ear.

Up, up and beautiful, my beautiful balloon
The world's a nicer place in my beautiful wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon
We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky....for we can fly we can fly

Allison felt her heart melting. How did he know bringing her up here would be so wonderful and only make her appreciate her time with him more? It was like he was totally in tune with her. It scared her. She needed to get a grip before she fell too far.
He had stopped singing but he continued to hum in her ear as he swayed them gently.
She turned her face towards his cheek, “this is amazing Michael.” She laughed quietly, “I think you’re ruining me.”
“What do you mean ruining you?”
She sighed, “You know... ” What she meant was he was ruining for other men. Who would measure up to this?
Michael shifted slightly, “no, what?”
She immediately felt nervous and her throat tightened making it hard to swallow.
“I just mean when you know...” Dammit... she didn’t know how to say. Why did she even say anything? What was wrong with her? Why did she have to bring it up the subject of when they wouldn’t see each other? Or when it would be over? Why couldn’t she just enjoy the moment for what it was instead of getting all worried about when it would end? Now she was mad at herself for spoiling this perfect morning.
Michael remained silent behind her.
She looked back out at the clouds below, “I just mean later on... like when you go away on tour or... when I am not working for you. It will - ”
Michael interrupted her, “do you know why I brought you up here?”
“Umm, I dunno, maybe to scare the living daylights out of me?”
He laughed at her joke, “funny girl. That was just a bonus.” He licked his lips, “besides that.”
She shook her head.
“I love it up here. Everything is so quiet and peaceful. Here above the clouds it’s like nothing else matters except the beauty that surrounds me.”
“That is beautiful Michael.”
“That’s how I feel when I with you Ally. It is just you and me and nothing else matters.”
“Michael... you don’t have to say that.”
“Girl, I’m not just sayin’...” he paused. She was a tough one to get through to.
“I am not just killing time with you Allison. When I’m with you, that is where I want to be... and I think you feel that way too.”
Oh god... she thought her knees might give out and she grabbed the edge of the basket. She couldn’t catch her breath or find her voice. Here they were having the talk she wanted to have and she didn’t know what to say. Of course she felt that way.
“With you I feel like I can be myself and not the superstar and that is okay.”
“Of course it’s okay, I like who you are with me.”
“But you worry so much Ally about what I want or what you think I want or what I am thinking.”
“I know...” her voice wavered. “I can’t help that Michael.”
“I care about you. If I had my way I would stay with you and do whatever your heart desired, but you know I can’t do that.”
“I know.”
“You are the sweetest thing to walk into my life in a long time. Maybe I have not made it clear by my actions but I want you to come with me on tour and be with me.”
She smiled shyly, “Okay, but what am I going to be?”
I’m sorry... what are we right now.”
“We are two people getting to know one another. We can figure out the details later.”
She thought about it for a minute, her lips pursed in thought. “So what now?”
“I want to get know you better Ms. Wolf,” he kissed the tip of her ear lightly and whispered. “A whole lot better.”
Her heart was beating fast and erratically in her chest she didn’t know how to respond. Of course she wanted that, who wouldn’t want that but she was still so scared. He said he cared about her, but she already felt herself falling so quickly and hard for him... with no alternative route in sight other than the one she was already on - a head on collision that had her falling hopelessly in love with him. She was trying to protect herself, but she didn’t know how. But she also didn’t know how to say no to him and the reality was scared or not she didn’t want to.
“I would really like that Michael.”
He heard the hesitation in her voice, “but...”
She sighed, “I don’t want my... I just don’t want to get hurt.”
He wrapped his arms around her waist, “I won’t hurt you.”

They watched the sun rise higher casting a kaleidoscope of colours across the sky. The warmth of the sun flooded them as they floated above the clouds. Neither one of them spoke letting the beauty of daybreak speak for itself. It felt like the start of a new day for them too. Yes, there were lots of details to come later – but the idea... the thought... of being together for more than just the sake of hanging out, passing time or for works sake had been exposed.

Now when they were together it would be because it was just that... being together. Allison smiled to herself and shivered slightly at that thought. OH MY GOD... I am seeing the nicest, sweetest, funniest, sexiest, most gorgeous man on the planet... oh and to top it off he just so happens to be Michael Jackson! She shivered again as goosebumps started to rise up and cover her entire body.
He squeezed her, “are you cold? I can get the blanket if you are.”
She turned her face towards his and kissed the corner of his mouth, “nope. I am just fine, thank you.”


When they landed about a half hour later, they were greeted by Bill, the 4 staff members they had met earlier as well as few others to help stow away the balloon. Also waiting was a lady and two eager young children who almost ran everyone over to get to Michael when he exited the gondola. Allison later found out it was the balloon pilot’s family. There was a small tent set up for breakfast and they were served the traditional champagne/mimosas to celebrate their safe landing. While Michael played tag with the kids the pilot, Glen, told her that breakfast was usually served at the nearby Marriott hotel. However this was his 3rd time taking Michael out and he thought it would be better to have a more private secluded breakfast where they landed. It was nothing fancy but it was delicious. He also let it slip that this was the first time that Michael had ever brought anyone with him for a ride. He gave her another wink and told her, he was really glad she finally decided to go.

Before they left Michael walked around and personally thanked all the staff for their help in making it a great day, even making sure to thank the cook for preparing their breakfast. In all the time she spent with him it was something she had always seen him do. No matter if it was for business or pleasure, he always took the time to thank people for everything they did for him, no matter how little or small. It was never phony or put on, it was genuine appreciation. You could hear it in his voice and see it in eyes. He was so humble and gracious it made you want to be that way too. He also made a point of spending a bit of extra time with Glen’s kids, who were the most upset to see them go. It was uncanny how children were naturally attracted to him. You could tell the feeling was mutual.

By the time they left the field it was well into the afternoon and they were both starting to get tired from their early start. Bill said their ride back would be a bit longer. They were further away and now there would be traffic unlike this morning. They chatted with Bill as he drove back into the city. Allison excitedly told him about the clouds and the sun, her description barely doing it justice. Then Michael decided to join in too – but mostly to poke fun at how scared she was beforehand... imitating her – “oh my gosh, I can’t do that Michael. Yes, yes, yes I am a chicken Michael... thank you... No, I don’t like rides Michael...” all in a very high pitched voice. Then he burst out into a crazy ass giggle type laugh.
She shook her head and gave him a dirty look, “you are so not funny Michael.”
Then she laughed herself. It was impossible to be mad at him after their morning even if his mock imitations made her sound like an uptight schoolmarm.

Michael giggled and his laughter filled the car as he pulled her back into the contours of the back seat with him. He so loved teasing her. Bill glanced back at them in the rear view mirror. Michael always seemed so genuinely happy in her company. He smiled. He thought of Michael like a son and he worried about him like the father he never had. He was glad to see these two together. But mostly for his own interests, now maybe Michael would stop pulling stunts like the one he did in Australia. He was positive it was something to do with her but Michael wasn’t giving any information away. The good thing was it appeared they had finally come to the conclusion they wanted to be with each other.

By the time they arrived at the condo it was almost dusk. It had been a long day. They said good bye to Bill and entered the elevator standing side by side. Allison was elated she had such a wonderful day with him.
“That really was such fun today,” she rose up on tip toes kissing his cheek. “Thank you for taking me.”
Michael turned to face her. He reached for her hand weaving his fingers between hers, “hmm, it was fun.” He slowly brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it, “but now I want to take you someplace else.”
She smiled biting her lip meeting his eyes. “Where,” she whispered.
He raised his eyebrows smiling at her, “it’s a surprise.”
Goodness, this man made her melt even when teasing her. She shook her head but never let her eyes falter from his, “okay.”

Allison wanted to take a quick shower and clean up before they went to bed, so she let Michael do what he needed to in the bathroom before she went in next. It was a good thing, because when she came out he was fast asleep with the sheets at his waist. She smiled. Yeah, I bet you are tired sweetheart. She had already lost count how many times they had made love in the last two days. She crawled in to bed and leaned over to kiss him goodnight. It was cool in the room and she was going to pull the covers up over him before switching off the lamp when she looked at his chest and was reminded of the spots on his skin.

Yesterday in the shower was the first time she had noticed the discoloration on his skin. When she was in the shower she wasn’t sure if her eyes were playing tricks on her. She thought maybe it was the lighting on the water or perhaps the soap suds as they rinsed off before getting out. But now she was faced with what she really did see. It was random, patchy and uneven with irregular shapes of lighter pale skin almost like his dark skin had been burnt and was peeling away to reveal a lighter layer. It was spotted along his arms, chest, and down his abdomen. Why hadn’t she ever noticed before? She couldn’t believe that she could have missed it. It was then she realized that this weekend was the first time she had seen him completely naked and the first time he had even taken off his usual white undershirt with her. In all their close encounters it had never come off, not once. She wondered if that had been on purpose now, as if he had been hiding this from her.

She hadn’t noticed their first time or the morning after either probably from being too consumed or overwhelmed with her desire for him. She never taken noticed of how his skin looked only how he felt and how he made her feel. Not to mention the room was so dimly lit. But now as he laid quietly beside her the sheet at his waist she could see it clearly. His chest rose and fell evenly as he slept soundly and deeply. She gingerly touched her fingers to a small spot near his bellybutton, wondering if it was painful. He didn’t move. She continued up along to another spot by his ribs then traced her fingertips around another irregular shape near his heart. What was this? It was like the opposite of the freckles that she got, except they were much bigger and paler instead of darker.

She continued to trail her fingers along to the base of his neck when she felt him stiffen and his breathing change. She looked up and met his eyes. They were full of anxiety almost fearful.
“Don’t,” he pushed her hand away and reached for the sheet pulling it up to his chin.
“Michael, wait. What is this?”
“Ally, please,” his voice cracked.
“Michael I’ve seen it you can’t hide it from me, what is it?” She tried to touch him again.
He remained silent.
“They look like burns, did you get burnt?”
He cringed at her words.
“Sorry... I’m sorry, oh god... I’m sorry. Whatever it is it can’ be any worse than what I am now thinking. Please tell me.”
“They’re not burns,” he sighed heavily. “My skin is losing its pigmentation.”
“What?” Could skin do that?
“I have skin condition that is causing it.”

It was obvious to anyone that his skin had lightened over the years, but she attributed that to the ageing process the changes in his diet and the fact he was always wearing stage make up and powder. But never in a hundred years, no make that a million years would she think it was something he couldn’t do anything about it. For the most part his skin was a beautiful warm latte brown, except for the spots she saw, they were almost translucent and totally absent of any colour. God he must be terrified, it was like losing your identity, especially for someone as famous as he was.

“Okay. What does that mean?” She was trying to grasp an understanding. This didn’t seem possible.
“It means I could eventually lose all my pigmentation in my skin.”
“All? You mean all over your body,” she tried not to sound distressed. “So your skin could be...” her words trailed off.
“Allison, I don’t want to talk about this now. I’m tired.”
“But I want to understand. I want -”
You can’t understand Ally!!!” He yelled interrupting her, making her flinch and draw back from him.
“You can’t.... this -” He realized he was yelling at her and lowered his voice considerable. “This is what it is. There is nothing to understand.”
He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, “can we just rest now, we’ve been up for ages.”

Michael felt terribly for yelling at her. He could see it upset her, but what else could he do. He hadn’t meant to get so angry with her but this wasn’t something he wanted to discuss with anyone, especially with her. He had been trying to keep it from her as long as possible until the right time. But when was there a right time to tell someone you were slowly but surely changing from the person they knew. Every day he prayed and hoped the medication he had would slow it down, but it kept spreading and there was nothing he could do about it.

Allison didn’t say anything. She wasn’t even sure how to respond to his outburst. On one hand she was so shocked at his reaction to her concern and questions. But on the other she understood completely. Working as a photographer she could appreciate the pressures to look your best, especially as an entertainer in the spotlight. Right now he had to be the most photographed man in the world. To go through this was one thing, but for someone in the public eye as much as he was it had to be agonizingly painful and embarrassing.

Her heart ached for him. She could see how upset he was. He actually looked more sad than mad. But until he wanted to talk about it, she couldn’t do anything but be here for him. So even though it hurt to have him yell at her she resisted her urge to turn her back to him. That was not what he needed right now and not what she wanted either. Instead she adjusted her pillow, then resting her hands together beneath her head to lie silently on her side to face him.

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly turning his head to look at her.
“It’s okay. Let’s go to sleep,” she closed her eyes.
Michael reached to turn off the light and lay back down on his back beside her. He let out an inaudible sigh. He tired to relax. He hated this. He hated this feeling of insecurity. He didn’t want to feel insecure with her. He closed his eyes ready for sleep to take him, but opened them immediately when he felt her warm hand move under the sheet sliding along his chest to rest her open palm over his heart.


In the early morning hours Michael awoke to Allison kissing the side of his neck as she traced soft lazy patterns on his skin. It was still dark in the corners of the room with strips of light shining through the opening in the drapery.
He spoke sleepily, “someone’s frisky this morning,” he tilted his neck up to give her better access and moved to stretch the sleep out of his body.
“Mmm maybe,” she sighed heavily kissing below his ear, gliding her hand down his hard flat tummy, “are you awake now?”
He smiled at her early morning sexiness, “I could be.”
She moaned quietly near his ear. “I think I want my surprise now.”
He groaned as her warm hand touched him. What? What was she talking about? What surprise?
“Hmm, what surprise” he felt her hand glide over his hip, sliding along his silk pyjama bottoms. He inhaled sharply as she reached her intended destination rubbing her hand over his thickening morning erection.
“Tsk... Michael,” she whined seductively. She pushed and rubbed her leg against his, “last night you said you had a surprise for me.” She ran hand down to the base, wrapping her fingers around him to run her hand back up, rubbing and stroking him firmly through the silk.

He searched his mind trying to remember... but to be honestly right now he couldn’t think at all and he really didn’t care what she was talking about. She was making him crazy with her seductive touch and talk... he groaned again... surprise... surprise, who’s surprise... what surprise... what does she think he had.... ah-ha yes, it finally dawned on him. In the elevator he told her it was a surprise where he wanted to take her, knowing very well he was teasing her – he only intended to take her to bed... and now she was teasing him it such a sexy sensual way he was going to lose his mind.

“God damn,” he whispered. His hips bucked as she ran her thumb over the round tip of him.
“Hmm Ally, that feels good.”
He could hear her smile in her voice, "so can I have my surprise now?"
“Yes,” he choked out. “Yes.”

She released him and smoothed her hand back up over his stomach as she moved her body over and on top of his. When she woke up this morning all she wanted to do was kiss him and touch him all over, feel him touch her and make him feel good. She didn’t want to talk about last night, she wanted to show him how beautiful and desirable he was to her. Just thinking about being with him excited her, making her heart beat faster and her breath hitch.

She kissed her way along his jaw line and down his chin to his neck. Her long waves sensually fell around him and caressed his skin as she moved over him. Lifting his hand, he threaded his fingers through her hair as she placed wet butterfly kisses across his chest. He groaned low in his throat as her mouth closed over his hard, flat nipple, her tongue tracing small circles. Then she was moving lower, kissing and licking her way down his stomach. His muscles clenched and unclenched in reaction to the incredible soft suction of her mouth and her warm lips left a tingling trail of gooosebumps in their wake.

He moaned his approval and desire, as she moved her hands down to grasp the waistline of his pyjamas. Moving further down, she kissed the line of fine baby hair below his bellybutton and ran her fingers inside the waistband as she moved to pull them down his slim hips. He lifted his hips to assist her, licking his lips in anticipation. Her mouth was so hot on him it was driving him insane. He moved to brush her hair from covering her face and watched her move to feather light kisses along his rigid length. His eyes closed with deep groan. The view was incredible but it felt so good. The tip of her tongue snaked out to trace up along the side before her mouth closed over him, enveloping him in that incredible moist heat. Her soft lips traveled down his hard length, her tongue sliding and curling around him.

“Ally,” he growled on a low moan, reaching down to touch her hair again. She took him deeper finding a perfect rhythm with her hand and mouth keeping the suction tight. Her mouth felt like warm velvet, his body tightened and a rush of heat spread through his body to his groin. God he wanted to cum so badly, but not this way, not today. He wanted to be buried deeply inside of her when he did. Watch her struggle with losing control then see her get all sexy and soft when he made her climax. He felt himself grow even harder at the thought of pleasing her.

“Ally,” he whispered. He shifted and reached for her calling her again.
She released him and sat up, her cheeks were flush and she was slightly breathless.
“Yeah,” she met his eyes chewing her lower lip her as if she was worried.
She was resting on her knees straddling his left thigh. She looked perfectly gorgeous sitting there hovering over his leg in a tank top and a pair of boxer like shorts.
“We need this,” He looked towards the nightstand, stretching his arm out to pull it open to reach for a condom inside. He moved back to look at her, he held the foil square up between his index and middle fingers, extending his arm towards her.
“Oh,” she grinned slightly and took it from him.

He held her gaze as she tore the wrapper open and tossed it aside. He swallowed his moan and his eyes almost fell closed as he watched her slip it over his throbbing tip, stroking his rock hard flesh to roll it down his length. He moved his dark eyes back to hers. She did her best to keep his gaze as she reached to remove her tank top, lifting it slowly over head to drop it to the floor beside the bed.

Needing to touch her, he ran his one hand up her side to caress the side of her firm breast. His eyes followed his fingers as her traced the soft underside and ran his thumb over the rosy peak.
“You have the most beautiful body.”
“So do you,” she whispered. “You’re so beautiful.”
He ran his hand down the valley of breast down to the top of her boxer shorts to the side of her leg, his fingers lightly caressing her thigh just under the hem.
“Take these off.”
She moved to remove her shorts, needing to climb off him to do so. Michael held his breath as he suppressed the sudden urge to tear the little plaid shorts off her, throw her onto the bed and drive himself inside her. They were still discovering each other. So far he had been the initiator in all their intimate physical contact. She was right. It was still new between them so he felt the need to move with caution. But when he was with her like this she was so quiet, sensual and slow it drove him crazy.

He wanted them to continue to explore and learn each other, to take their time, so she felt completely relaxed and comfortable with him and their more intimate connections… which didn’t seem to be a problem this morning by the way she was acting. But he wanted to know what she liked, when she felt good and hopefully be able to tell him what she wanted, preferably in vivid detail in her sweet, sexy voice while he was buried deep inside her.

The bed shifted and he felt her legs against his outer thighs as her body straddled his. He glanced down to the sight of her sinking slowly down on him, inch by inch, sheathing him inside her moist heat. Her neck arched back as her lips parted on a shaky sigh. She closed her eyes absorbed in the task of taking his full size as her walls immediately clenched tight on him. She licked her lips subconsciously and released a low groan as her face revealed the intense pleasure she felt as she gradually took him all the way in.

Michael brought his hands up to brush his fingertips along her thighs and up over the soft curve of her hips in a light lazy caress, not to guide or control her, but needing to have that connection to her. She looked down at him, her eye dark and intense as she started to move, grinding against him at a slow torturous pace.
“Ohh, god,” she whispered.
Damn she felt so good and so tight he could already feel her first small spasms. Jesus Christmas! Slowly she began to move against him with purpose, thrusting downward with soft breathy moans and he moved his hands to cup her firm breasts, loving the way they moved and bounced softly in his palms.

“Girl you feel so good,” Michael groaned, his voice was low and full of raw desire for her. He smoothed his hands up and down her ribcage and around to the small of her back to her ass. Her skin was warm under the brush of his fingers. His eyes wander over her, trying to commit the feel of her, the moment to memory. Slowly, he brought his heated gaze back to her face as his voice deepened with desire. “C’mere Ally.”

Smiling she leaned forward, placing her hands flat on the mattress on either side of him, her breast brushing against his chest, as she bent her head to meet his lips in a warm, slow kiss. He captured her quiet moan on his tongue as he rolled his hips up into her, breaking away with his own husky sigh of pleasure to grasp her hips, urging her to follow his pace. She tilted her neck back with a quiet groan as she began to rock her hips in the same fluid pattern as his, slow delicious undulations of passion and pleasure as he covered her neck in kisses, her sexy sighs and moans trembling against his lips.

She moved her hands from the mattress to grip onto his shoulders for leverage as they fell into a rhythm, their bodies moving together, the raw ache of need rising and retreating in waves of ecstasy. Her hot rapid breaths changed over to soft gasps and then choked cries as she rocked her hips faster, grinding down.

"Yes sexy" Michael groaned pushing her to find her release, whispering fervently on each upward thrust, wanting to be buried as deep as possible, she was so hot and tight and wet around him. "Ally baby, let me feel you.”

"Oh...Jesus" She let out a sharp, drawn out moan in response, it was a desperate sound, and he knew she was close. He lifted higher, driving deeper as he held her hips flush to his, circling his hips against her.

His head fell back to hit the pillow, his body stiff as he arched and pushed hard up into her, watching her as she finally let go and came apart. She cried out and then whispered his name, her whole body tightening and softening, skin flushed with heat. Breathless she collapsed against him, burying her face in his neck shaking with her release.
“Oh…god Michael.” She whispered. “What you do to me...”
Michael wrapped his arms around her and rolled her easily onto her back keeping his rigid heat buried deep in her warmth.
“You okay?”
“Yeah,” she shivered against him her lips curving into a smile as her eyes closed.
He kissed her lightly. Caressing her leg he pulled it up to bend at the knee, pushing it up to rest by his side allowing him to sink deep in her again. She groaned rewarding him with another deep sigh as he moved. Lifting his hips up, he sank inside her again and again, stroking deep into her orgasm with long hard thrusts until he followed it with his own.

When his breathing finally slowed enough to speak, he trailed lazy kisses down her neck to the hollow of her throat. When he got to her collar bone he kissed his way to her ear whispering, “Ms. Wolf, from now on, I think we should start out every morning exactly like this one.”
Her face heated into a deep blush, she turned her face towards his ear, “yeah, if we do that, I might actually start to like surprises.”




    ANYWAY : straightening my hair and having a sip or 3 of wine .....
    third time is a charm .

    lovely , lovely chapter , we had the talk , well a bit of a talk anyway...
    The balloon ride was fantastic , I can understand Ally's apprehension , I would feel that way too , but to float , quietly, over beautiful California in the wee morning hours , with Michael's arms around her waist doesn't get any better than that now does it ?

    The vitiligo :
    I was a little taken aback by Michael's reaction but also very impressed with our girl , not turning her back on him in anyway and of course this was the icing:

    "He closed his eyes ready for sleep to take him, but opened them immediately when he felt her warm hand move under the sheet sliding along his chest to rest her open palm over his heart."
    That brought tears to my eyes way to go Ally !

    And then ...lovely ,sexy, slow , sleepy , lovemaking in the early morning hours ...oh damn , it is too die for ...yep...
    Lady , if you cook me up a chapter every 2 weeks like this then I am a happy camper here on the blog !!

    So Florida next? What about Ally's dog , is he coming to Florida ?

  2. Well we had a couple of nice surprises in this chapter!

    The first surprise, the ride in the hot air balloon sounded wonderful. Floating above the clouds, watching the sunrise & Michael quietly singing to Ally sounds heavenly. They also had that important talk regarding thier relationship so now she knows where she stands.

    Then came her discovery of his Vitilgo & trying to understand what it all means. I was wondering when that topic was going to come up. I expected them to have a difficult conversation about it, but didn't expect Michael to yell at her & not want to talk about it. Of course I can understand because he was always self conscious about it. At least Ally understood how he felt about it & didn't get upset that he yelled at her & didn't turn away from him. It brought tears to my eyes too when she rested her open palm over his heart.

    Last but not least, we have our second surprise. Ally kissing Michael awake, taking the lead, telling him she wanted her surprise now. Followed by slow, sensual lovemaking. Wow! That was just beautiful!!

    Once again, great job Badtourgirl!!

  3. Wow what a way to start my 'weekend'... reading this chapter in bed on a chilly morning. Being taken above the clouds and floating along in Michael's protective embrace.
    Approaching a difficult topic later in bed. It was a start, and maybe all that was needed for Michael to know that Ally is there by his side in this, and still loves him. (I guess this part is unspoken yet between them? But it's there nonetheless.)
    And the wonderfully sensual encounter the next morning. (Sigh)... nice way to start the day. (And Michael has said he wants that every morning!) Love it C!

  4. Wow YG - not sure why you had such problems... blogger has been a bugger lately - may have to look to moving my baby to a board or to my website... we shall see. But I am glad that you made it here with wine and hair straightener in hand!

    Yeah.. I don't know if I could go up in a hot air balloon - but I remember when I was in Albuquerque last year after visiting leaving California and I saw them in the sky when we were leaving in the morning - I swear I was running around in the Motel 8 parking lot... say look look at the balloons like a big kid!

    RE the Vitiligo - you know I struggled with how we are gonna handle that - and not that I think Michael yelled a lot I think it would of been hard for him to deal talking about to degree... but at least it is out there so now they can talk about it... and of course she would not turn away - how could she, that would have been heartbreaking - instead he knows he is there... yup we are getting there!

    Uh huh knew you would love the morning lovemaking too and would be more than happy to camp out with your Marshmallows...

    I would have been shocked if my fellow dog loving friend had not asked about the doggie - we will have to see what happens with Sam... thanks for commenting especially when you had problems!

  5. Hey Mariaann

    Yes we did have more than a few surprise - as I said to YG I loved the idea of the ride and I am sure it would be super romantic - but don't think I could do it... well maybe for Michael I could - especially after he told me he wanted to spend more time with me!

    I think Ally is going to be help him a lot with dealing with his Vitiligo, as least I hope she can - eventually it will have to come up again - because our girl is such a worrier - there is no way she will leave it alone she is going to need to know what it is and what they can do about it..

    I had tears in my eyes too when I wrote that line - because I like to think he had that... and someone did that for him at some point - saying it is okay Michael no matter what I am right here with you.

    Of course she wanted her surprise... if sexy Michael is gonna tell you he has a surprise for you and you had some inclination it was gonna include kissing and touching him... I am surprised she waited to morning!

    Thanks again for commenting!

  6. Hey H - so you started your day exactly the way I would love to...

    I think Michael had a little to learn as well to let people in and let them love him just the way he was born - because even though he was super gorgeous all that beauty inside made him even more beautiful outside. I guess he didn't know that.

    Ally knows she is falling in love and well I am not sure if Michael knows it or not but he is on the same route as well.

    There is nothing better than morning lovemaking (IMO) and come on Michael is man - of course HE wants to have it that way every morning - but we know how generous he is - so she should be fine!

    Thanks for commenting Helen!

  7. Oh what a great update.. I love love love love it....

    I have to say that Ally is much more brave than I would be.. I am not sure I would take a hot air ballon ride even with Michael...That would be super romantic.. But oh wow I am not sure I could do it.. LOL...

    And girl the vitiligo part I think you handled well.. I hate it that he yelled at her.. But at least she understood to an extent.. and then when she placed her hand on his chest.. Aww. that was so sweet...

    Finally the wake up morning love making.. WOW... But did I miss something.. In the last update the finally had done it without a condom and now here we are back to the condoms again.. and this time Michael said something about it.. Hmmm.. got me puzzled.. And in the part when he says “Girl you feel so good,” Michael groaned, well now how would he know in that darn condom... LOL...

    And finally they had the talk.. I would have fallen to the floor if Michael would have told me what he told her... Wow....

    Cant wait to see what happens next..

    As always a wonderful update...

  8. Aaaaaahhhhh, divine love... Just the right thing to get the blood flowing on a crisp, September morning here in ol' Denmark.

    I loved the hot air balloon ride too. I loved how you described it. As I said the other day - I was sitting on cloud 9 as they drifted by on the wind. Oh, they looked so happy... *Sigh*

    I have to thank Ally for not turning away, when Michael snapped at her when she noticed the signs of his Vitiligo. Good girl... Someone else would have been very hurt by his reaction and taken it out on herself. Good job, Ally.

  9. Came back to read this again! Oh boy, I love surprises!!

    I was wondering about the condom too. Since they didn't use one in the shower the day before, why bother using one now. Then I figured he was trying to distract her from taking him all the way with her mouth & handing her a condom to let her know he wanted it to be that way instead. I'm surprised they have any condoms left since they've been going at day & night!

  10. oh my... good morning ladies I will have to come back to address these comments a little later...

    have a beautiful day!

  11. sorry ladies for my tardy replies!

    hello my lovely forever.... I was wondering where you were. YEAH another lover of the balloon ride... although scary I am pretty sure I would do it for Michael - especially if I thought I might get have as much attention as Ally did!

    I spoke to Enola in great detail how to handle the Vitiligo - because it is such a big part of him at that time - the changing and differences when he was so public - I really struggled with how he would react - I didn't want him to yell either - but I think he was so self-conscious about his looks that would be a normal reaction if someone he liked question him...

    ummm yes, we are back to the condoms... but not for long - I didn't mean to confuse you - the reason they are back to them are twofold - 1 because she really did say she wanted to be protected and the shower was only going with what he wanted.... he wanted to show her it was okay to do what she felt was right or that made her feel safe and he was okay with that... also as Mariaann so astutely pointed out... he wanted to be inside her for completion.

    I am not a condom lover per say and can admit I never had to use one... but I would like to think you could feel something thru the love glove... NO?

    Yup they talked... but they still have so much more to figure out!

    Thanks for commenting!

  12. Oh my lovely tart... you know how much I love your comments.
    I am so happy to get your blood pumping so early in the morning.. (I know how cold it has been there!)

    Every since I posted that picture on tumblr of Michael getting ready for a ride in a balloon I was thinking how great would it be to be up there with him... riding the clouds - so I am happy to take you along for the ride and I am so glad they looked so happy!

    Yeah, I am pretty happy too she didn't turn away... I think she is going to find that she may have to do a lot of that... coz even though Michael said he won't hurt her... he just might sometimes!

    See you over at the stairway... there is a good chapter coming soon! : )

  13. Mariaann! A girl after my own heart... I personally hate surprises... (SURPRISE I REALLY DO!) but might learn to like them if they were with Michael... Yup you hit the nail on the head as to why he pulled out the condom - but also as I said to forever, he was also saying, it is okay to do it your way too and I am okay with that, but I promise ladies that will be the last of the condom use... our girl is on the pill so it should be in effect now according to Nurse Ratchet K

    Now I am not counting how many times they had sex at all... but the last one was used on Tuesday when the left and the one time without... so you guys can do the math.. LOL : )

  14. Stopping in for some late night re-reading.. LOL... Cant seem to get enough....

  15. Do you feel something through the "glove"?
    Well, I am not a man so I cannot answer that, but let me tell you this... Based on my experiences on the "receiving end", making love with a glove is like eating pizza without the topping.

    'Nuff said.

  16. Amen Enola.. I would totaLLY agree.. It completely takes away the real feeling.. LOL....

    Now no more gloves...... LOL...

  17. LOL E - pizza without the toppings - so you mean you are getting fed - but it taste bland?

    Okay ladies I hear you - no more GLOVE I promise!

  18. Exactly... I hate bland tasting food. I want it to be SPICY!

  19. Finally, all caught up. I've spent every available minute this weekend reading this wonderful story. I didn't want to take the time to comment on each chapter ...

    I love how Ally regularly tries to control things in her life ... "just give me a minute to think this through" I can certainly identify with that, but I think she has alot more contraol than I would ... I know I would not have been able to do that much thinking with Michael around LOL

    Ally, get on that plane to Florida, don't worry about what you'll be doing!

    I am thoroughly enjoying the story. I love Ally. She and Michael are great together.

  20. Hey Trish! Welcome... I am glad you are all caught up - but now you have nothing to read... so that kinda sucks - coz I am slow - but hopefully when I do post they are worth it.

    Yes, Ally is a little control freak - she has to think about everything, ever if she has no control of it!

    YES I agree get on the plane... it can't be all that bad hanging out with a BAD man!

    So glad you are here and thanks for reading and commenting.

  21. @Enola... I had pizza last night and it was super good... but all I could think about, how would this taste without the toppings...

    tsk! you have ruined pizza for me!

  22. Stopping in for some reading and to show some love....

  23. Stopping in for some more surprises!! Looking forward to the next update!

  24. I am working on ladies.. every spare moment I have my fingers are busy typing the next chapter... :)

  25. Hi !! I’m back ! Finally ! I’m not gonna go back either. I have been extremely busy with other things and unfortunately our dear Michael was not amongst them. But I missed him every day. Every time I wanted to write my own story or read one of my favorites, I was thwarted. Grrrr !
    But I hope for now that I can continue doing what I want to do most.
    Of course the trial is taking up a lot of my free time now too. I do want to follow whatever they have to say. In general it looks very promising which leaves me positive. And positivity feeds my imagination.
    I loved this update ! Michael is really trying to loosen her up. Being a daredevil himself, I guess it is hard to imagine that not everyone is eager to let it all go. I can absolutely relate to Ally. I would be so scared myself. I once got treated with a balloon flight too but I didn’t take it after all. Chickened out ! LOL But… if I would have had Michael by my side, I surely would have gone through with it. What can happen with a man like him by your side ? And I loved the song “Up and away”… I used to sing that all the time when I was a young teenager.
    He also tries to loosen her up emotionally. He seems so much stronger than she is, so much more sure of himself. It should rub off on her, just every day a little more. She needs to trust in him. Furthermore, there is no guarantee when you are in a relationship. The only thing you can do, is work for it.
    But then he needs to put his trust in her too. She met him at the time when his vitiligo was really taking its toll on him. He looked so fine during the BAD era, the ultimate example of a man being sexy as hell ! But at the same time he must’ve felt he was losing himself, together with his color. He must’ve been a strong man to conquer this constant fear. Maybe Ally can help him.
    Oooh !! Their lovemaking was the sweetest ever !! I love it ! You did a great job ! And so did they ! More of that to come ? LOLOL

    Great chapter, girl !!

  26. Ingrid! my lovely one... I was wondering where my honey maker was hiding. First you chickened out! UH - I would have loved to have heard your experience... tsk tsk, I betcha would have gone with a certain BAD man!

    I hear you girl, life is super crazy for me too... I was doing so good at reading at least a chapter or two of yours each week, slowly catching and wham... I got lost in life, work, school and now the trial! Oh I hate it when everything interferes with me getting my Michael ON! But I know we all want to be there for the trial.

    Yes I agree, Michael is trying ever so slow to get this girl to be a bit more open with him... and you and I love our BAD boy - and I will always feel he had a inner strength that was there for the people he cared for... so he wants to pass this onto her and show her it is not hard to trust him... I think she is getting there!

    I also agree with the Vitiligo - how scary it must have been - to be that famous that public and yet losing something you had no control over... and yet, still the sexiest thing on two legs. And you are right, I think actually Ally will be able to help him, if he ever talks about it again.

    Well at least she is getting a little bit more bold with the sex... but of course he brings it out in her.. like no other man can.

    Glad to see you back honey maker I - see you over on COMJ this weekend!

  27. Cant wait for the next update...

  28. Good morning my lovely Forever - I am working on it honey...

    I thought it was going to be this weekend - but I am missing a few bits that I am trying to tie all together to make it special for you girls.

  29. Ok girly I am waiting... LOL.. Cant wait for the next update...

  30. oh sweet girl... I promise it is this weekend! :)

  31. Is it the weekend yet?

  32. yes it is the weekend... and I will be online tonight setting it up to post... : )

  33. Ok I am waiting...... LOL...

  34. oh my sweet girl... soon - still working away... I trying to get it perfect to give you a good visual which I have never done before.. almost done!

  35. Cant wait for this visual your working on....



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