chapter thirteen – ( you were made ) especially for me

Thursday, February 4th, 1988

She had been dead asleep. And boy, she needed it. She was exhausted. Exhausted from travel, exhausted from all the excitement of being here, but mostly exhausted from all the lovemaking that had taken place over the first few days since she arrived in Florida. Not that she was complaining, but Michael had been insatiable. The more he rehearsed and got ready for his tour the more it seemed he wanted to touch her, kiss her and make love to her. He barely slept, he barely ate. He was always thinking, moving, his mind never stopped. From the time he got up until the time he arrived back at the house he had rented he was constantly moving around. The only time he stopped or stayed in one spot for any length of time is when he made love to her and then finally he would sleep. She didn't know how he did it. She had barely been doing anything but trying to keep up with his ravenous appetite for her and she was exhausted.

She arrived in Pensacola via Atlanta less than a week ago. Marcus had taken her to the airport a couple of weeks after his outrageous reaction to her going to Florida to be with Michael. After his initial shock he followed her outside to talk to her. He apologized and asked her to tell him more about them and what their plans were. He was still surprised that they had started seeing each other, but he wanted to support her. She was like a daughter to him. It was much harder for Allison to talk to Marcus about Michael, because Marcus was like a father to her and she loved him as much. Being so far from her parents she had fallen in easily with his family. It was just as important for her for the Daye's to accept him as her own parents, maybe even more so. Over the last five years he been a great mentor and teacher to her, a wonderful boss and a really great friend when she needed one. He had done a great deal for her personal growth as a photographer and she worked hard to earn his respect. She didn't want to lose it, by him thinking she fell for a client like a silly school girl not knowing any better.

"I think you would really like him," she said quietly.
"I am sure I would. All I care about is your happiness Ally," he leaned against the deck rail playfully hitting her arm with his.
"I know boss man," she smiled. "So far he really makes me happy."
"Well then, that's good enough for me."
They stood there for a moment in silence.
He chuckled, "besides, I have a funny feeling that once the girls get wind of this, I will be completely outnumbered."
She laughed as well, "yeah, I am gonna have to agree with you there."
"Come on," he put his arm around her, "let's go back in and sit down before dinner."

They went back into the house where Grace was waiting for them. Together they all got dinner prepared and waited for the girls to return from school.

Telling Stephanie and Jennifer was like telling your best friend that the boy you liked in chemistry class kissed you and he really really likes you. It was high octane squealing excitement, exactly what you would expect from two 16 year girls. Even Samson got into it barking at their enthusiasm.
"Oh Ally I am so jealous," one of them said.
"What does he smell like," Jen gushed breathlessly.
"Nooooo Ally," Step chimed in over her sister, "what does he feel like? He is so sex - "
"Ahem girls," Grace coughed interrupting her rambunctious teenage daughters, looking towards her wide-eyed shell shocked looking husband. "Your father is sitting right here. I think you both should settle down."
"Sorry mom, sorry daddy," both girls said over each other.
Grace smiled at Marcus and touched his hand. "sorry honey, maybe you should leave."
Everyone laughed, including Marcus. "Oh great just like I knew it would be! Totally outnumbered in my own home. Come on Sam, we don't need this abuse."

The girls could not ask her enough questions or get enough information out of Allison before Grace sent them off to do their homework. And Allison finally felt relieved. She had told everyone and for the most part everyone was supportive of the big changes she was about to make. She was still upset about leaving Sam again. Disrupting his schedule was not the best way to go. She might have to start considering giving him up to the Daye's or maybe take him up to Oakhurst where he could run and play until his heart was content. She loved Sam more than anything and she really didn't want to give him up. But shuffling him around and taking him back wasn’t great either. She would really have to decide what was best for her man-dog when she came back home from Florida.

It was Bill who picked her up when she arrived in Pensacola giving her a warm hug before driving her to the waterfront home Michael had rented for the month. And of course the place looked as if a bomb had gone off in it. He had arrived two weeks before and it didn't take him long to decimate the place. The house was massive but it looked like Michael had left his mark in every area of the place. It wasn’t dirty and there were no dishes in the kitchen, so he must have hired a cleaning lady – but there was clothing strewn about, books, magazines and papers, CD and tapes all over the place. She smiled, he definitely was a "collector" of things.

Leaving the Airport Bill had told her that Michael was still at the stadium and would be rehearsing for another couple hours. He could either take her directly to the stadium or drop her off at the house. She had opted for the house, wanting to get ready to see him, but when she saw the mess it was in she wondered if she should have said the stadium. Still she was ecstatic to finally be here. Her trip had been pushed off by a couple of weeks as the shoot for the Pepsi commercial and promo for his tour had gotten rescheduled and shuffled around. He had already been to Hawaii and back and done some last minute fittings for his tour outfits. As well signed off on the final edit of his book Moonwalk, that had been released on February 1st. Michael had been in Florida for more than 2 weeks by the time she arrived and had been going full tilt since the last time she had seen him. He had called her several times apologizing like crazy for messing up her schedule.
"Forgive me girl," he would practically beg almost every time they spoke. Promising her once they were travelling together it would get easier.

Bill left shortly after he dropped her off and took her suitcase up stairs, letting her know he would see her later. In the room Bill had left her luggage there was massive bed that looked like it could fit four people easily if it could fit one. Across from the foot of the bed there was a fireplace and at the far end of the room there was a set of double terrace doors that lead to the private deck. Allison dropped her purse on the bed and went to investigate the rest of the home. The place had to be at least 5000 square feet or more, she had never seen a home so big! She counted 5 bedrooms and 3 or 4 bathrooms. There was a games room with a pool table and shuffle board table, a large entertainment den area with a fire place, a gourmet kitchen and dining area. There were two large porches, one off the front and the other off the back of the home with a dining area, a private swimming pool and hot tub in the back, as well as a multileveled deck, landscaped with palm trees, that faced the Pensacola Sound with a long private pier.

After touring the home, she walked out to the end of the pier it was bit warmer here than at home but there was still a slight chill in the air. She tucked her hands in her pocket turning to walk back to the house, catching a view of the house from the waterfront as the sun cast its last light on the windows. "Whew..." she whistled "so this is how the rich and famous live." It was impressive even if a bit excessive.
She giggled, thinking she had ended up on the set of 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' and at any moment Robyn Leach would pop out at any moment wishing her "champagne wishes and caviar dreams."
She walked back to the house to the porch and looked back across the sun setting on the water. It was really was perfectly beautiful here. So quiet and private. Now all she needed was for a certain man to appear and it would be beyond perfect.

Kicking off her sneakers in mudroom at the back she went to check out the kitchen, happy to find her favourite brand of tea in the cupboard. Making herself a cup she returned to the bedroom to get settled and unpack her bags. Unzipping the first one she smiled as she pulled out the gift she had picked up for Michael just last week before leaving. It was actually by chance that she found it and she couldn't be happier. She was doing some last minute pre-trip shopping when she spied it in the men clothing showcase window. A beautiful plaid button down shirt, very similar to the one that Michael had given her, except this one was red. He wore red a lot and she suspected it was his favourite colour. She had to admit it looked outstanding on him and it just so happened that she really loved him in plaid. There was just something about him wearing something so normal that made her love it more on him. In her opinion no man did more for plaid than Michael. He made it sexy. It was the perfect combination and she hoped that he would like it.

It didn't take her long to unpack the rest of her clothing and she had time for a nice long bath in the soaker tub to relax after her long haul there. By 8PM when Michael arrived she was waiting for him, exactly as he had requested, wearing his red silk pyjama top and nothing else. He had called from the car phone, sounding tired, but telling her he couldn't wait to see her.
"Me too," she whispered, suddenly surprised and caught off guard by her excitement.
She was nervous and excited as she waited for him to arrive. It was that funny kind of restless nervousness where you couldn't sit still and if you did the butterflies in your stomach would surely take over. She felt like a little girl and her excitement threatened to bubble over and consume her while she waited for him.

She was in the bedroom changing into the pyjama top when she heard the sounds of a car pulling into the side drive way. She ran to the window to be sure, peeking between the velvet curtains. Peering down below she saw three figures walking towards the house and then disappear under the overhang of the veranda to enter the side doors. She heard voices and closed her eyes trying to steadied her breath before turning around to see he was already there. So quiet she never even heard him climb the stairs.

"Michael," she breathed feeling her heart flutter. Words could not even described how she felt when she saw him, by just being with him in the same room made her feel this unbelievable feeling of joy.
"Girl, it is so good to see you," he entered the room shutting the door behind him. He took off his sunglasses looking her over, "I like your outfit."
She rolled her eyes and did a little curtsey for his benefit. "Oh, thank you, but it's not much of an outfit."
She walked over to meet him at the door. He looked so tired and he looked cold wearing a parka with a fur rimmed hood.
"Hi," she put her arms around his neck. "It feels like I have been waiting forever," she sighed with the sudden realization of how much she had missed him.
"I'm here now," he moved his hands around to find the small of her back to pull her into him.
His hands were cold and she shivered slightly, but his warm lips immediately warmed her. She pressed herself against him, feeling her body respond to his light touch almost losing her breath.
"Yeah, you are. I'm glad. I missed you Michael."
"I missed you too Ally."
"I missed more," she sighed before he covered her lips with his own.

That first night should have been her first indication of the nights and mornings to come. He consumed her with his need and pushed her beyond anything she had ever felt before. He left her spent, sated and utterly exhausted, before kissing her sweetly to fall asleep wrapping his arms around her. That was no surprise. In the short period that they had been physically intimate he had always been a very giving passionate lover. But there seemed to be a certain urgency to his lovemaking those first few days, like he needed an additional release to let go of all his pent up energy. It was almost like he couldn't relax until it was over. Not that she wasn't enjoying his attention, but it just seemed different. She couldn't put a word to it. It was not exactly colder but he seemed less connected to her, if that made sense, almost detached, and if she was being honest, she wasn't sure he was enjoying it. It was something she couldn't put her finger on... it almost seemed forced.

After thinking about it for a couple days, she just finally came out and asked him what was going on. They were having breakfast and it was just before he was to leave for rehearsal she found the nerve to ask him what was wrong.
He didn't even look up from the paper he was reading, "what do mean?"
"Are you glad I'm here?"
"What? Of course I'm glad," he looked up to meet her eyes.
"Okay, it's just...”
"Aren't you glad you're here," he asked quietly.
She sighed heavily. "Yes, Michael I really am. I just feel like maybe I -" she stopped when she heard him give his own exasperated sigh.
"Are you not happy? I'm trying Ally," he looked down at the paper. "I really am. I need to make sure you are satisfied when you are here. I know you came here to be with me and I am not here and you are here by yourself... and I just don't know what else to do."
'Michael," she blushed at his word, putting her hand to her mouth then met his eyes. "Okay this is really hard for me to say, but trust me, you satisfy me. Okay... you more than satisfy me."
He smiled and blushed looking away and then back at her face.
"Listen to me. I love... I love being here with you," she swallowed realizing what she almost said. "But you don't have to keep me busy, or so exhausted that I can't do anything."
She laughed at her own words.
He folded his hands together placing them on the table, "I feel like I have to satisfy everyone and do everything to make everything go just right. I need this... this needs to be perfect Allison. I don't want to do this anymore. I'm tired."
"I know you are," she reached to touch his hand.
"Can I ask you something?”
She pressed her lips together crinkling her nose, “you can ask me anything.”
“Do you think it... do you think you would be okay if I wasn't doing this anymore?"
"Doing what?" she wasn't following his meaning.
"Being the superstar Michael Jackson."
"Yes, of course, but I don't understand."
"I wonder sometimes if I will have to keep doing this. Will people still like me... you know, if I stop."
He looked so sad when he said that it almost broke her heart.
She smiled, "Michael, people will still like you no matter what."
He shrugged his shoulders, "I am not so sure of that." His eyes were fixed on the table.
"Well I can't speak for everyone else Michael, but you are allowed to be everything with me, sad, happy, scared, goofy," she smiled finally understanding what this was all about. "Remember, I am your down time. I don't need you to be Michael Jackson perfect every night. I just need you to be you."
"Really?" he turned his eyes to her, asking her so innocently almost like he couldn't believe someone would like him for him.
"Yeah... really," she pushed herself up on her elbows to kiss him lightly on the cheek before she stood to stand to go back into the kitchen.
She turned around and grinned at him, "oh, just don't change your name to Stan... I really don't care for that that name."
He got up to follow her, chuckling, "girl, are you playing with me?"
She tried to supress her own laugh, "ahhh hello noooooo, seriously, I really don't like that name."

After that talk he seemed to finally relax and slow down with her. He was smiling and more playful, joking around more and just being the man she loved being around. A couple days later he cancelled rehearsals and booked a day off so the whole tour entourage could play mini golf and then followed it with a big BBQ at the house. But he also got back to playing his tricks on her and scaring her half to death too. But on the plus side she was also getting some much needed rest. At least she was getting some rest. It was a day or two after that talk and she had been sound asleep when she felt something soft brush against her leg. She pushed it away with her hand. She felt it again and her eyes fluttered open. What on earth is that?
His childlike laughter filled the dark room, "what?"
"What are you doing?"
“I’m looking for something,” his voice filled with mischief.
"Really... down there, what are you looking for?" Her voice dripped with sarcasm. She could see a dim spot of light as it moved under the sheet.
She shook her head. He was under the damn sheet with the flashlight that he had brought to bed. He was like a little kid. She had asked about it when she noticed it a day or two ago. He said he liked to keep it by the bed so he could read in the dark under the sheets.
“It’s great when you are reading a really scary book,” he told her.
But now she had a sneaking suspicion it was a decoy for this night time adventure game he was playing.
He was moving around and she could see the spotlight moving too. It seemed like he was moving further down the bed and she felt the covers lift up near her calf as he moved.
"Michael," she hissed. “Come out of there.”
"Shhhh I saw something down here," he insisted.
"Whaaat?" she felt panicked for a second. "What, what did you see?" she moved her legs.
"Ally girl will you stay still," he scolded. "I saw something, just let me get it."
"IT?" Her heart leapt into her throat. “What... what is it?”
She kicked her feet, “get it out, get it out...” she instantly recalled the large fishing spiders she had seen down at the pier. And the one that had made its way into the kitchen, with Michael actually picking it up and chasing her with it.
“Oh... my god” she yelped becoming more nervous. "Michael please get it out," she was scared she hated bugs, especially the ones with eight legs.
He chuckled, "okay okay – I got it, it is right here." she felt something soft brush against her upper thigh.
Ahhhhhhh!" She screamed at the top of her lungs kicking her legs wildly. "Oh my god... get it off, get it off now."
"AH! OUCH," Michael yelped, her knee had come in direct contact with his eye just at his brow.
"Allison.... Allison stop!" He put his full weight on top her legs. "Girl stop," he started to laugh.
She was breathing heavy, "did you get it?"
He came up from under the covers, holding his eye "Yes, I found it," he pulled the covers back. "With no help from you I might add."
"Wherrrre, where is it?"
"Right there," he rolled off to her side and flashed the light down her legs.
"Where?" she looked where the small circle of light was shining. "I don't see anything."
"Here," he moved his hand to just below her shorts, pressing his finger softly into the skin of her leg. "Right here."
"Michael..." she narrowed her eyes "what are you talking -"
"Exactly here..." he moved down and kissed where his finger had been.
"I like this freckle."
"Hey... what... Michael... a freckle, a freaking freckle!” she huffed. "I thought it was a bug or a spider."
"Nope, just this little beauty mark on my girl," he kissed her leg again then moved up beside her to kiss her stomach.
“Michael... you scared... don’t scare me like that."
"Awe... you are such a big baby. Are you that afraid of a little old bug?"
"Yes," she pouted.
"I'm sorry," breathed quietly, covering her flat tummy in soft wet kisses, licking and nipping his way up her neck and then to her mouth. He flicked his tongue over her lips as he moved over her, putting the full weight of his body on her, then used his knee to push her legs apart.
She gasped loudly, as he pressed his hardening erection against her.
"Forgive me?"
She moaned, trying to not arch her body into his, she didn’t want to give in so easily. "No, you scared me."
"No? Mhm... please," he flicked the button to turn off the dim glow of the flashlight, letting it drop off the side of bed with a dull thud. His hand move down her body to caress her thigh.
"Oh..." she breathed out as her mouth opened allowing his tongue into her mouth.

He didn’t ask her again but he assumed that she forgave him completely.


One of the highlights of her trip was she got the rare opportunity to really see his creative genius at work on a very regular basis. She had seen him rehearse before but this was different. For the second leg of the tour Michael had gone all out in making this show his own. The first leg in Japan & Australia was really just rehash of the shows he had done with his brothers during the Victory Tour. With his commitments to the new album, his book and movie he was making, there hadn't been enough time to recreate a new stage show. But now with the break in between Michael really wanted to make the show all him.

Allison didn’t know it, but Michael told her that before the first leg even started, new costumes, sets, staging with more spectacular effects were being designed for the second leg. The new stage was already built and they were working on new dance routines and choreography. As well they would be removing some of the older songs from the set list and adding 4 songs from his BAD album. He was such a perfectionist and he rehearsed and practiced incessantly. It was already stunning to watch him dance but the new moves were incredible. She hated to see a couple of the songs she really loved leave the set list, but the new ones added, Another Part of Me, Smooth Criminal, Dirty Diana and Man in the Mirror were all amazing. She couldn't wait to see him perform Smooth Criminal live. He had patented these shoes, called anti gravity boots, that allowed him and his backup dancers to lean their bodies at an impossible angle. It was amazing to see, they looked almost suspended by wires but they weren't. He told he all about the video and the movie where it would all come together when it was released later in the year. He was so excited when he told her the movie would be debuting at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

She also really loved the song Another Part of Me, which was originally from his Captain EO film but had been added to his BAD album. For the most part there was no group choreography for the song as he told her he just wanted it to be him, to have a greater effect on the audience. She didn't know about the audience but it certainly did have a greater effect on her when she watched him perform it. Dirty Diana, he told was going to be his next single was super sexy and again it was just him with not a lot of interaction with the dancers. Man in the Mirror, his current single that had been released earlier in January, would now be his encore and finale where before it had been Bad. Overall with the overhaul of the set list and the addition of the new songs it was two hours of solid energy and pure entertainment.

There were also some costume changes too with one of the biggest being Michael's new outfits. The first time he showed her his main stage outfit, she almost blushed at how hot and sexy he looked, making him do the same with her reaction. He had switched from a long sleeved silver shirt with a single thick black studded strap to a zippered silver shirt with multiply straps down his arms and a white t-shirt underneath. His pants were similar, sometimes with buckles and sometimes without, but now he had a large silver belt that hung on his slim hips.

"Wow, Michael," she gushed when he came out behind the change curtain. "Do you even realize how good you look?" She moved to touch him.
"Ally," he tiled his head towards Michael Bush who was also in the room.
"Sorry MikeB," she was so mesmerized by all the zippers and straps on his outfit she forgot they weren't alone.
Michael Bush laughed, "It's okay AllyW." He smiled at the obvious attraction between the two.
She smiled at Michael, her eyes scanned his torso as she whispered, "you look good sweetie."

Being with him was so much fun and it was nice the amount of time they got to spend together just doing regular things. Well regular things that Michael Jackson would do. But still they spent a lot of time doing ordinary stuff too, like watching movies, playing games or just sitting together reading. They also spent a lot of time openly in front of the core group of people that would be going on tour. She got to meet a few new people that would be assisting Michael and his management during the next year. Michael had a new assistant but Mary would still be around and unless she was travelling with Michael, James would be her permanent assigned driver. It made her smile to think she was being incorporated into the plans, but Michael sounded surprised when she mentioned it.
"Well of course you're being included. You're travelling with me. I want to make sure you are taken care."
"I know, I guess I just didn't think it would be so official."
They were sitting on the back deck of the house that faced the Pensacola Sound. He had found her there, wrapped in a wool blanket, reading his book when he returned from rehearsal.
He looked across the water, "you know that sometimes I won't see you," he took her hand in his.
She squeezed his hand, "yeah, I know. I've been meaning to talk to you about that."
"Ally, I'm sorry. I will make sure you are okay, I don't want you to think I don't want people to know about you but I just think-"
She smiled at his concern, "Michael it is okay, I understand" she interrupted. "I have already thought about it and I want to tell you what I have been thinking about."

Michael braced himself for the worst, thinking she was going to upset and sulk about not being able to spend time with him. He couldn't blame her, it was a reasonable thought and request – but he didn’t know what to do. Until this tour was over they had to go by his schedule.
"I'm still okay with only a few people knowing us, but I need to let you know that I am going to be seeking work while we travel."
He raised a brow at her, "What do you mean seeking work?"
"Well as I am sure you remember, I am a photographer," she smiled. "So that is something I want to continue to do."
"All the time?" he questioned.
"No not all the time, but as it comes. I won't know for sure until I contact some people, but I wanted to let you know first."
"Will it be in the same places I perform," he was confused how this would work.
"Of course or at the least, very close. Besides it won't be all the time, just some of the time."
“I dunno Ally, when will we see each other and what about my pictures?”

She explained to him how she would only first try it here in the US to see how it worked and since he wasn’t expecting to use her on this portion of his tour anyway it worked out perfectly. If all went well, she would have assignments from time to time to keep her busy and if that didn’t work our she could do freelance work and sell her work.
"You don't have to worry about money."
"Michael, it is not about money, I just... I have," she stopped to collect her thoughts. “Trust me, we are much better off when I am not left to my own devices with excess time on my hands.”
"I just need something to do that's all. I won't be happy sitting around waiting for you with nothing to do but think."
"Sounds like you have given it a lot of thought."
"I have," she sipped her tea. "I promise to work around you,” she smiled, “and if you would like my exceptional photographic services, you will just have to book me.”
He chuckled, "I'll keep that in mind."

Funny enough the very reason for her to have her own thing to do or not left with too much time on her hands to think was introduce to her the very next the form of very pretty lanky lady.

The next day at rehearsals she also go to meet the model/actress from 'The Way You Make Me Feel' video. And of course she was taller and much prettier in real life. Tatiana was her name, she seemed nice enough but she also seemed to really like Michael way too much. Hanging off him and smiling her gorgeous smile at him.

UGH! And why did Michael have to be wearing the beautiful red shirt she had given him?? Tsk - he looked to good - no wondered she was flirting with him! She was only there for a couple of days near the end but it seemed like forever. Both Karen and Miko told her not to worry about her, but it was hard when she was like a graceful dancer with long legs.

"Someone needs to give her a brownie," she huffed near the end of the day during the rehearsal, making Karen and the other designers laugh aloud at her sarcastic outburst.

Michael laughed at as well, telling her she was just silly being jealous, but she still couldn't help it, but she managed to keep herself quiet and under control.

After her little outburst she decided she needed to get out and do something other than lament over something she had no control over. So the next day instead of going to rehearsal she went out to the Gulf Island National Seashore. Michael had wanted a driver to take her, but she insisted she could make her own way as it was less than 5 miles away from the house.
"Besides Michael," she reminded him, "it's not like we are in a foreign country. I think I will be okay."

The area boasted to have the world's whitest beaches and lots of trails to hike and explore. It had been a while since she had been out just for the love of photography and she packed up her bags and headed out early for the day. She hiked a couple of trails and got some great shot along the beach. It felt great to be out doing what she loved best. What was really interesting where all the historic brick forts along the shoreline built to defend Pensacola Bay and navy yards during the Civil War. She never even knew they existed and she spent a good part of her day rediscovering American History. Of course when she told Michael about them, he knew that they were there actually giving her the names of most of them and the history of the largest one, Fort Pickens. He was constantly amazing her with his vast knowledge of just about everything.

On their second to last day, Michael charted a airplane and they flew to Orlando to go to SeaWorld to spend the day with a few others. Michael had been there several times before and thankfully he was okay with not going on too many rides. Allison's favourite part of the trip was all the water shows. Seeing the killer whales, then the dolphins the seals was so much fun and they got to feed them too! They were there with a private party and the staff was super friendly, extremely helpful and so professional. Michael favourite part was eating at the Sharks Underwater Grill. Where they were seated beside an enormous aquarium filled with live sharks. Allison thought it was kind of creepy. She wasn't sure who was eyeing who while they ate, but it certainly was an experience she would never forget. And so was the entire trip, but of course it went by too fast.

Sometimes when you think of time, it goes slowly and other times it goes by so fast. For both Michael and Allison time went by so fast and before they knew it, it was over and time for her to go home. She knew it would only be a little while they would be apart - but now after spending so much time together as a couple - she knew it would only be harder to be apart. It was obvious they both felt torn by having to go their separate ways, but the good thing is it wouldn't be long until they would be back together for a much longer time.

That morning before he left for rehearsal they were both quiet. Michael barely touched his breakfast. She tried to make him smile or laugh but he didn't seem in the mood. He left a little later than usual telling her he would see her later. Telling her he would be late but to make sure she waited up for him. But waiting up late for Michael could sometimes mean waiting until dawn. It was their last night together and she waited up for as long as possible, falling asleep sometime after 1am, leaving a note to wake her if she was asleep.

By the time Michael arrived back at the house it was almost 2:30. It was dark throughout and perfectly quiet when he walked in. He knew she must be asleep. Taking the stairs two at a time, he found her curled up on her side in the semi lit room. The small bed side lamp was on bathing the room in a pale light. His book Moonwalk lay opened and face-down on the bed beside her. She must have started to read it a second time, as she had already told him she had finished it and loved it cover to cover. She especially loved that some of her pictures had made it into the book. He removed the book from the bed, bookmarking her page and placed it on the bureau and turned quietly into the bathroom to get cleaned up for bed. He was drying off his face when he noticed her note taped to the vanity mirror.

Wake me when you
get here

your girl

Michael pulled the note off the mirror, as he recalled calling her that the first week she was here. After he made love to her, she had asked him if he really meant it, was she really his girl, her voice quiet and unsure.
"Why, you seein' someone else," he asked, teasing her.
"Michael, how can you say...."she stopped when she heard him giggle. "Tsk... you are so mean."
"And you are too easy," he kissed her forehead. "You see any other girls around here?"
"Well then, I am talking about you."

She was too cute. He almost loved to tease her as much as he loved to kiss and touch her... almost. He was sorry she was asleep. He wanted to spend the night loving her and showing her how much he cared for her. He knew there would be lots of time for that, but the way he felt about her was indescribable. He had never felt this way about a woman before. She was the perfect combination between cute and sexy. She was beautiful, smart, silly and shy... she was everything he could think of and she was perfect to him.

He finished up in the bathroom and walked in the bedroom. His heart jolted with the deep longing and need he felt for her. He didn't need to make love to her to love her. He didn't need to kiss her or even touch her to know what he felt for her. Seeing her lying there, so still and quiet, knowing she had waited for him until she fell asleep filled his heart so completely he felt as if it would burst. This is what he wanted more than anything... to come home to her. He swallowed as he felt himself choke up with his own emotion at the realization how deep his feelings were for her. He quickly undressed and pulled his pyjama’s bottoms from under his pillow to slip into them. He folded back the bedding and slid in to lie beside her.

She stirred from her sleep. "Michael?"
"What time is it?"
"It's late," he replied quietly, "go back to sleep."
"How was rehearsal today?"
"It was good, I think we're ready, we just need to get out in front of an audience again."
“That’s good.”

She went quiet again and he thought she had fallen back asleep and was just about to turn off the light.
“I’m glad you’re back now. I was waiting for you.”
He chuckled; “looked more like you were sleeping to me.” he moved to lie closer to her, turning over onto his side so her back was against him.
"Mhmm," she sighed snuggling her body back into his, “that’s better.”
“Didn’t you see my note?”
"I did... but I didn’t want to wake you." He kissed her shoulder and placed his hand on her hip, his fingers brushing the silk trim of her panties where his pyjama top she wore rode up. “Aren’t you tired?
She glanced back at him and smiled, "Yeah, I am... a little."
"Too tired?"
"Mhm... for what?” She played innocent. She hadn’t forgotten his late night flashlight adventures just yet.
He laughed quietly knowing she was playing with him, "I was kind of in the mood to kiss you but..." he leaned in to kiss the tip of her ear before pulling back. “...but if you’re tired.”
"Hmm, I might be in the mood for a kiss."
“I see,’ he murmured against her skin as his kisses moved down her shoulder and along her arm, his hand moved up her waist to slip underneath the silky material of the pyjama top. “Anything else you might be in the mood for?”
"Mhm, I dunno," she sighed, and then giggled softly as his warm fingertips skimmed her side, tickling her ribcage to trace the outer curve of her breast with his light caress. "What did you have in mind?"

Michael shifted even closer, allowing his partial erection to rest between the curves of her firm backside as his hand swept slowly down her taut abdomen in a lazy pattern.
“I was thinking..." his voice trailed off as he moved to kiss her neck, gently licking and sucking the sensitive skin beneath her ear, "I was thinking… I might like to make love to my girl.”

Her stomach tightened at his words and the full intensity of her desire for him swelled and swam thickly through her veins. He always made her feel so good. So desired and better than any man had ever made her feel before. The physical sexual connection between them was undeniable but the emotional attraction was just as intense if not more so. He could read her so easily, make her heart smile with his own, brightened her day just by being near her. He filled every void in heart, seeping into the deepest darkest corners and the smallest crevices she didn't even know existed before he found them.

"Yeah... I could be interested in that," she replied casually as if she was thinking it over. But her sultry moan gave her true feelings away. She tiled her head back to give him better access.
“Really." he licked his lips as he slid his hand up to her breast, grazing his palm back and forth over the tight peak of her nipple to tease it harder. "That’s good to know."

He lowered his head again to kiss her neck, his hungry mouth softly devouring as he ran his tongue along her heated skin. At the same time, his hand slowly dipped lower to slip down inside the front of her panties, seeking out that wet heat as well stroking her gently.
“Hmmm that feels good,” she gasped, and then moaned seductively, arching her back against him as she pressed back against his fingers.
"You definitely don't feel tired," he growled in her ear.
"Michael..." she sounded hesitant and unsure of herself "don't... you're embarrassing me."
"What? You don't have to be embarrassed with feel so sexy to me... I love the way you feel."
Her breath caught at his words and she moved against his hand. "I love the way you make me feel," she became flush with her own words.
He nipped at her ear, "then let me feel you."

Michael slowly drew his hand back to hook his thumb underneath the skinny elastic of her panties, slowly pulling them over the curve of her hip and down and off her firm, smooth legs. Her breath hitched and her skin tingled as goosebumps rose up on her skin as he brought his hand back up the side of her thigh, taking his time to caress the back of her knee, then up over her hip bone and down to the flat of her abdomen. She moaned his name impatiently wanting him to touch her. His fingers trailed lower, sliding through the silky curls to bring his hand back to the apex of her thighs to the core of her wet heat as he continued to caress her, finally sliding one finger inside her.

Allison groaned and lifted her arm, reaching up to slide her fingers into his hair as she twisted around towards him, finding his mouth in a hungry, fevered kiss. She couldn't be shy with him when he made her feel so good and so desired. He eased another finger inside of her, stroking her tight wet walls, bringing her close to the edge then easing back, his fingers mimicking the slow sensual slide of his tongue along hers. She felt so good and so warm. He needed to be in her. He moved away slightly, withdrawing his hand from her to push his pyjama bottoms down, freeing his hard rigid erection to rest hotly on her backside. He whispered softly in her ear, when she moaned in quiet protest at the loss of contact from him, telling her how sexy she was and how much he needed to be inside her.

He slid his hand along her thigh to grip her hip as he pressed in close to her from behind, slipping his leg between both of hers as they lay on their sides, he eased them gently apart. She could feel him thick, hot and hard between her thighs and she released a slow moan when his tip was finally pressed against her opening. Michael rocked his hips forward, penetrating her slowly as he slid his hand off her hip to the front of her body, seeking out that tiny bundle of nerves between her tender folds to brush the pad of his thumb back and forth. She gasped then, a low, almost painful sound, and he filled her with one easy thrust.

He let out a slow breath against her neck. Damn she felt incredible. Every single time he entered her he was overwhelmed with how good she felt to him. The position made her feel impossibly tight, her muscles squeezing him. He felt her grind back against him, her body clenching around him, and he pushed deeper with a groan. Reaching for the bottom of the pyjama top, he shoved it up higher and she assisted him in getting it over her head and off. Gliding his hand over her warm smooth skin, he continued to roll his hips slowly into her from behind as he wrapped his arm across the front of her body. Allison reached one hand back, her fingernails digging into skin as she gripped his hip tightly near the juncture of his thigh, his leg muscles tensed with each thrust forward, her sexy moans and whimpers punctuated by his soft grunts of pleasure.

Without speaking, he gradually eased himself away and out of her, guiding her to lie on her back. She released a long sensual sigh, her breath trembling. She shifted to move her body up and ran her tongue along his neck to his chin, spreading her hands up his chest to grip his shoulders as he moved over her body. Settling between her spread legs he smiled at her. His lips brushed over hers as he whispered her name and glided back inside her, groaning softly as her tight walls clenched down around his aching shaft again, enveloping him in all her delicious heat.

He held himself up, propped on his forearms he rocked his hips slowly, pushing deeper with every thrust as he watched her beneath him. Her neck arching back, eyes closed and lips parted in a silent gasp. Beads of perspiration glistened on the hollow of her throat illuminated by the pale light from the bedside lamp. Michael lowered his head and caught the droplets on the tip of his tongue, drifting hot open-mouthed kisses up along her neck to whisper in her ear. “Ally... talk to me baby.”
She made an incoherent sound low in her throat that deepened into a moan as he thrust harder. He felt incredible in her. She didn't know how it was possible, but every time he touched her or made love to her it felt better than the last... every time. She tried to speak but the feeling was too much. Michael slid one hand down her body, over her hip to guide her leg up and around his waist, wanting deeper, moving slower, urging her with his body to talk to him to tell him how she felt, needing that connection to her as much as the physical one.

“Tell me,” his whisper was a soft, insistent almost scorching her skin. He sucked gently on that sensitive spot below her ear. Still moving inside her, he shifted the angle of his hips slightly, now grinding down against her with every stroke. Lifting his head, he watched the shadows of pleasure and desire move across her face.
"Mmmm, like that," she gasped, her fingernails digging sharply into his skin, her eyes still closed.
He brushed his hand along her side, “look at me, Allison.”

Her breath was ragged. She blinked her eyes open in the partially lit room to meet his. Her dark green eyes looked almost black, filled with heat and desire, revealing the pleasure she was feeling. He moved his hand to caress her face, resting his palm against the side of her neck feeling her rapidly beating pulse.
“You like me to go slow like this? When I'm all the way deep inside you?" He gave emphasis to his words with deep slow thrusts.
Her neck tilted back again, “yes,” she hissed.
She could barely breathe as she released her breath in gasps. She didn’t know what was turning her on more, his words or the slow sensual movements of his body into hers.
“I like it too...” his words cut off by his own soft groan as he thrust deeply inside her. “ feel so good.”

She closed her eyes again, submersed in the feeling of him inside her. He was making her crazy. His voice, his touch the way he was moving inside her. She wanted this moment to last forever.
“I want to make you feel good,” he groaned. "Does this feel good?”
Her eyes snapped open wide, surprised by the question, but Michael only held her gaze.
“Yeah...” she swallowed slowly “…it... oh god you feel so good.”

He smiled again, lowering his head to brush a tender kiss over her quivering lips as his hand traveled over body in a soft ardent caress, cupping her breast to massage the firm mound as he continued to rock his hips into hers. Michael was feeding off this incredibly intense connection with her, the vulnerable moments of passion bringing them closer together. He felt it. There was no denying it; he was in love with her. This was the one moment he had been waiting for and he wanted it to last forever.

"I love to make you cum, you know that?" He whispered quietly as he felt her body rise up against his, her body trembled as it strained for release.
"I love to feel you all around me so wet, so hot, so tight... and then the way you pull me in close when you're close, and hold me there, deep inside you," he whispered huskily through his warm kisses.
"I love you, Allison. I love you."
She whimpered in response, rolling her hips upward to grind against him. She could feel her orgasm coming, burning and melting her muscles. Her heart was beating at a frantic pace. She circled her hands around his neck to hold onto him. Her breathy moans changed over to soft sobs in his ear, but she gasped out the tear-choked words as she rocked her hips fervently back against his. "Michael… I love you.”

Michael groaned, tightening his hands on her. He pushed deeper, feeling that intense, aching swell of his orgasm building, on the brink of losing his own rhythm. His blood pulsed, beating through his veins in a throbbing rhythm. Feeling her whole body tightening then soften and tremble around him, his whole body tensed as her body shuddered and surged strongly along the swelling length of his heat.

"Yes that’s it, that’s it baby," he urged her with his words to let go. He dragged his lips down her neck to her breast, bathing the tight bud in the moisture of his tongue before moving back to her mouth, his words melting into hot, wet kisses and hard, faster strokes. "Cum for me."

"Oh god…” his words pulsed along her skin. Her mouth opened to him and he swallowed her ragged gasps of breaths. Gliding her hands down the lean muscles of his back to his backside she pulled him closer. The pressure was building and kept building, as he thrust deep inside of her with long powerful strokes. Heat streaked through her veins as her climax raced through her body, tearing through her stomach and down her legs to her core, clenching and unclenching him in rapid succession. She arched her back with a choked cry, the tight grip of her orgasm like a vice grip on him, squeezing and pulling his own from his body with a shuddered groan, the waves rolled crashing violently through his body filling her with his hot release.

They lay there for several minutes, their warm bodies entwined. The aftershocks traveled between their still joined bodies as their heartbeats pounded in rhythm. Michael rocked his hips slightly for friction, still semi-hard inside her, and dragged a lazy kiss down her neck to her breast, covering it with his mouth; he circled the taut bud of her nipple with the tip of his tongue. Allison sighed, sated. She lifted her hand to his head, threading her fingers through his damp curls, clenching the long strands into her fist as she trembled against him.

He smiled against the curve of her breast loving the intimacy of this moment with her, "I love you Ms. Wolf."
She almost wanted to cry she was so happy, but instead she only laughed, "I love you Mr. Jackson."



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    He did deserve to have someone come home too... I don't know if he ever had that with a woman - but he certainly did with his children - maybe with LMP at first too... I like thinking of Michael being domestic!

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    I like them together too... they make me smile and hot at times - but how else would it be with Michael?

    He is sexy, silly and so gorgeous and super smart... our perfect man...

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    can you imagine that - playing that game with Michael.. wondering where that little spotlight of light was heading or what is was looking for.. it would be heavenly

    So happy I could give you some dream material... and thank you so much for commenting.

  7. Hey Trish... I hope you have recovered from the baseball blues...
    No blanket? Wow and it was cold last night! I am glad that Michael can keep you warm.

    I was going to say I could only imagine... but I can't imagine what he must have thought or felt when he tried to do normal things... or have normal relationships with people and they could not get passed him being Michael Jackson - it would be sad - I hope Ally can do it to... but I have feeling she kinda likes that everyday man in him - and love him too!

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    I want to end with this quote , I love it , I can visualize it very well:

    " She lifted her hand to his head, threading her fingers through his damp curls, clenching the long strands into her fist as she trembled against him.

    He smiled against the curve of her breast loving the intimacy of this moment with her, "I love you Ms. Wolf."
    She almost wanted to cry she was so happy, but instead she only laughed, "I love you Mr. Jackson."

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    What is not to love about Mike under the sheets? Can you just imagine his silly giggle - I am sure he was mischievous enough to pull that on someone - heck I would not put it past him not to have a bug with him to tease her.

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    I really like the way you describe Michael's feelings as well as Ally's. And it's so sweet that they have gotten past those 3 words I know they were dying to say to each other!

    We're right there with you when Michael gets passionate. I'm sure it's the same for everyone who is so tuned into and turned on by his allure... it's not just reading words... we're transported. I feel what you describe, the emotions between them.

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  15. my lovely YG - I am not sure how I missed you, as I always look forward to your comments.
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    Helen you certainly have a way with words... and you just made my day - besides putting you girls on cloud I wanna take you with me were I try to feel what Michael felt and what a woman would of felt for him... especially the first time they say they are in love.

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    Where do I start! I enjoyed every part of it!

    I laughed so hard when Michael was searching for something under the sheets with a flashlight too funny!!! I could actually picture him doing that!

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    Ally was so thoughtful to buy him the red plaid shirt. He looks so adorable in it great picture!!!

    I love when Allison confronts him about his insecurity about pleasing everyone. She was able to make him understand that she doesn't care what he does for a living... She still likes just "Michael"

    The ending love scene was just to hot to describe.....But they both expressed their love for each other! I wasn't able to finish reading last night.. I came back to re-read and that scene was so incredible!!!

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    I can so see Michael doing that too, looking for something fishing around underneath the covers. He probably read a book too.

    I am not too sure how independent Ally will be, but if she doesn’t have anything to do – she will set herself crazy with her thoughts – so being busy is better.

    I am glad too she confronted him about his worries and fears – which I am sure he had when it was hard for him to make friends – but seriously – who wouldn’t just take Michael for Michael... he didn’t have be famous – it was his gentle soul that made us love him more... and being super sexy doesn’t hurt either – but NOPE don’t need you to be famous – just need you to be mine.

    And YUP they finally expressed it... in words, feelings and physically...

    Thanks for commenting Nancy...

  20. Hey Forever... yup you have to wait! But you come back as much as you want!

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  24. Hello my lovely ladies... I can tell you now there will be no new chapter until November 19th...

    But I will be posting something this coming Saturday afternoon.. : )

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  34. yes Forever... there is an update today! But I had to get up first! : )



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