chapter twelve – make tonight all mine

Thursday January 14, 1988

"Isn’t he gay?"
"NO! No, he is not gay!" both women yelled at once.
"Really, Marcus Oliver Daye, what has gotten into you? Why would you say that to her?"
"What? I don't mean it in a bad way,” he turned to look at Allison. “Really, I like him. I didn’t know!”
"Sorry honey," Grace turned to look at her as well, "you know he is just being protective of you."
Allison sighed and rolled her eyes and pushed her chair from the table, "Oh is that what we are calling it," she said defensively as she stood up and turned to leave the room. She tried not to be so upset at his words. His reaction was better than when she told her parents, but still this was getting old.

It was Thursday afternoon and Allison had been sitting in the Daye's kitchen talking to her boss telling him her plans for the next couple of weeks. She had already told Grace a few weeks ago, that conversation going much better than the current one which was probably why she told Grace first.

She walked out to the Daye’s living room and out onto their back deck. The days were just starting to get a bit longer and it was a warm day for January. Before long it would be spring. The seasons seemed to be going by so fast, but the time apart from Michael seem like an eternity.

The last month had been hectic, frantic, frustrating and downright lonely. She was missing Michael something terrible. Even though over the last couple of weeks they spoke every two or three days and sometimes daily, it just wasn’t the same. She kept reminding herself that soon she would soon be spending two wonderful weeks in Florida with him. She marked each passing day off her wall calendar with a big red X and was keeping busy trying to get everything organized for her time away. As well she was letting the few people she thought needed to know where she would be and who she would be with. It had proven to be a lot more difficult than she imagined. They talked about it a few times and Michael thought they she shouldn’t tell anyone... saying “you don’t know who you can trust.”
Allison was more than happy to keep it quiet. She really didn’t want to deal with the added pressure of being the girl with “Michael Jackson” to be public knowledge. Heck she was having a hard enough time just dealing with being with “Michael Jackson” in its own right, but thought she had to be honest with the people close to her.
“I can’t just up and leave everything Michael, I have a life here,” she reminded him.
“Just tell them you’re working for me.”
“Am I working for you?”
“Well no, not right now.”
"What about later, is that what we are saying... Michael this is so confusing, I hate lying to people. I can barely keep my real life stories straight."
"You don't have to lie, just don't tell them."
"Trust me Michael, the people close to me are going to wonder why I am going to Florida to be with you. I can't just disappear without them knowing I am going. Valerie alone would skin me alive."

Michael paced up and down the foyer. He understood her point of view, but it had been his experience that the more people who knew about something the more likely something was to slip out. It was just the way it was with him. Everyone wanted to reveal his personal life, even the ones you thought you could trust. Which for them would only mean less chance they had to have a moment's privacy and a bigger chance it would leak out. It's not like he wanted her to be a secret, but some things were better left quiet. She just didn't know how awful it could get. He had built himself a tough exterior to protect himself from the things said about him, but sometimes it still hurt. Sometimes he really didn't care what they said about him, he was used to it and other times it cut like a knife to hear the awful stories they made up about him. He didn't want that to happen to her. He didn't think she would be able to handle the negativity and the name calling and he didn't want her to get hurt.
He stopped pacing to face her, she looked at him expectantly, "who do you want to tell?"
"Umm, my parents, my boss and his family," she tried to think if there was anyone else. "That's all. My girlfriend Val already knows."
"And you trust these people?"
"Yes unconditionally. I do.
It was funny when she had these conversations was him. Sometimes he seemed so untrusting and guarded. Then at other times he seemed to trust everyone and would be so open.
“Okay,” he conceded.
"Thank you for understanding."

Even if he hadn't given her the okay to talk, it wasn’t like she could keep it a secret from the people who really knew her anyway. Those close to her could read her like a book. She of course had intended to tell Grace before Marcus, as she knew he would be taken aback and overly protective of her. What she didn’t know is she would end up telling Grace the very next time she saw her, which was a couple days before Christmas, just before she left for her parents. But she also didn't think Grace would be asking about a man in her life either.

The two women were out shopping for the twins Christmas presents from Allison. She hadn’t had very much time to shop since coming home, so she asked Grace to tag along to help her out. Grace was more than happy to accompany her. Grace knew something going on with her from the moment the first time she talked to her. It didn't take her radar long to suspect that there was a man involved that had caused the change in her cool exterior. Her mother instincts were on high alert with her raging pregnancy hormones. She would later say, "I am like the sharks off the bay, I know when I smell blood!"

“So, Ally,” she grinned over the clothes rack Allison was sorting through. “What’s his name?”
“Whose,” she replied with no hint of what Grace was implying.
“Don’t play coy with me, you're practically floating," she smiled raising her eye brows. "and from that smile that has been on your face today I can see he is something special."
Allison closed her eyes. She could almost feel the blood moving up her neck to her face, giving her well held secret away. She knew she felt happy, but did she really look that different.
"Aha! I knew it. I knew it. All right come clean," she came around the rack, linking her arm around Allison's.
She took a breath. "Okay Grace, but can we go sit down and have a tea or something?"
"Oooo it’s that good is it, let's go."

Grace's reaction was pretty much as she expected. It was actually pretty funny. It was almost exactly like Val’s reaction was when she told her in October. At first she was super shocked and didn't quite know what she was trying to tell her. But once she got it all in order she was ecstatic for Allison and then promptly wanted to know every single detail, specifically about the sex.
"Come Ally," she prodded. "I am almost 5 months pregnant and horny as two rabbits in a hole. Tell me everything and anything."
Allison shook her head rolling her eyes laughing, "God love you Grace. Does your husband know you are so dirty?"
"Well of course he does! Do you think I got pregnant on my own?" She laughed rubbing her hand over her tummy. "To tell you the truth I am wondering if I caused the heart attack!"
"GRACE... hello TMI thank you very much!"
"Oh please Ally, you are with Mr. Sex on Legs!"
"Oh Gracie."

It was a huge relief for Allison to finally talk openly about him. After her initial confession, she felt she could tell Grace everything and she really needed another woman to weigh in on the situation. Grace didn't even bat an eye when she told her about her plans to travel with him on his US Leg of the tour coming home intermittently to finalize travelling with tour group in May to Europe.
"Well of course you are going. And don't you worry, you know we will take care of Samson."
"Oh Grace I couldn't ask you to do that. I don't even know if I can leave him that long."
"You're not asking I'm telling you. You know we love Sam and I hate to break it to you, he loves us too, especial Step and Jen."
Once Grace got started she was on a roll. She talked about the great places she would get to see and visit. It will be fabulous she said, and of course she would be able to work. Not only for Michael but if she wanted she could freelance. She said Marcus could use some of his contacts to hook her up with freelance work in the States and in Europe.

Oh WOW! Why hadn’t that thought ever occurred to her? I mean she had done that a few times with referrals and joint ventures but it had just never occurred to her she could also seek out those jobs independently while travelling with Michael. She didn’t have to work for him and worry about their new status. She could continue to work and still be with him and not feel like she had nothing to do. Of course if he wanted her to work for him, they could figure out the details.
She gave Grace a relived smile, “gosh Grace, you know I hadn’t even thought of that as an option.
“Seriously? It is perfect and it won’t be hard to sell you or your work at all,” Grace added.

It felt like this huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She could work and travel and still be her own person and still be with Michael. She couldn’t wait to share that with him. He would be happy too. Not to mention it proved it was a great idea to tell a few people.

After their chit chat the ladies returned to their shopping and Grace filled in Allison on Marcus's recovery. He was on the mend after his bypass and the surgeon said after a couple of months he would be good as new. He had just started some light physical therapy and in the New Year would attend two full weeks of classes on recovery living and understanding the healing process over the next six months. The only issue they would have was the running of the studio in the mean time. It would be difficult with Marcus still recovering and Grace being pregnant and expecting at the end of April.

“We would have asked you Ally, but we will have to figure something else out,” Grace said almost unaffected and matter of fact.
“Oh Grace, if you need my help - ”
“Ah, ah, ah missy, don’t you even think about it,” she interrupted her. “Yes we would have loved you, but we knew you were going to Europe, so it would have been short term anyway.”
“Are you sure? Maybe I can help out when I am back occasionally.”
“That would be perfect,” she agreed. “Now we better finish up our shopping and get home to tell Marcus your news.”
"Actually Grace, can I ask you that we hold on that for a bit? I would really like to tell my parents first."
"Sure thing Ally Cat, let's give the big guy some time to recover," she smiled.
"Oh do you think he will be upset?"
"Nah, he will be fine."


It went so well with Grace she had high expectations for her trip to her parents. If they took the news half as well as Grace had she would be more than happy. But it was not to be.

She had gotten up early on Christmas Eve to pack her bags and Sam into her car so they could get on the road for the 6 hour drive to her parents’ place in Oakhurst. She didn’t go home as much as she should as she just never seem to have the time. When she was a young girl she thought she never would move from the town, but when she got accepted to Berkeley there was no looking or moving back. Sometimes she really missed it, but she was happy with the life she had made for herself in Southern California.

Her parents ran a small bed and breakfast in the little town that was at the mouth of Yosemite National Park. It didn’t make them millionaires but it afforded them a living and the freedom to work for themselves. Not to mention you couldn’t ask for a better view anywhere. They had about 5 acres of land that came off the road from the park and you could see some of the famous rock formations from their back deck. Growing up in Oakhurst and being so close to such picturesque views is what made her a lover of nature and eventually led to her becoming a photographer.

It was a few days after Christmas and the day before she planned to leave for home when she decided to tell her parents. They had gotten over the usual uneasy awkwardness that always magically appeared whenever she came home. She always fell back in easily with her father, she would always be daddy's little girl, but it always took a day or two for her mother and herself to figure out their roles with each other and Allison thought they had reached that state. However, it became obvious the fresh mountain air and endless amount of baked goods had lulled her into a false sense of security that the conversation would go smooth.
Her mother was so not going for it. The sour look on her face said it all.
“Mom, you don’t even know him.”
“I don't need to know him Ally. I know who he is. I have seen the TV and papers.”
“Mom why would you believe them over me?”
“Because I know you! You will fall head over heels for some pop star that has no interest in you but... but one thing! And once he gets that he will be on to the next one and won’t have any time for you.”
“Okay girls, let try to remain calm,” her father interjected. As always he was the peacemaker.
“Mother that is not true! Just for your information we have - ” Oh Crap... what was she doing!? Thank god the startled look on her mothers’ face stopped her from revealing her sex life to her mother. God this woman mad her so angry!! She was a grown woman, but every time she talked to her mother like this she felt like she was 10.
“Mom listen to me for a second, I -”
“No, you listen. Why do you always have to be different Allison? You need to settle down that's what you need to do and stop chasing these men that will break your heart.”
And there it was... reminding her that her last relationship was a ginourmous failure.
Thanks mom, just like always.
With that she was out the door, Sam at her heels, stomping down the drive to get some fresh air.

“Uh!” she muttered aloud. GOD! Nobody could piss her off like her mother. It is like she had access to a secret Allison angry button and pushed it at will. She was furious. But she wasn’t sure if she was mad more at her mother or more at herself for letting her get to her. She knew how she was, but still, she let her get to her. She walked down past the large fire pit to the small brook that ran through the property, looking at the water. She wanted to cry. She hated this, it was like she was making her choose. Well sorry mother, I am not choosing you.

She heard a snap of a branch behind her and turned to see her father coming down towards her.
“Dad... don’t.”
“Don’t what? I was just thinking of taking Smokey for a walk on the path. I was going to see if you wanted me to take Sam with me.”
“You wanna take me too?”
‘Sure kiddo,” he smiled, “let’s go.”

Allison's mind was in overdrive as she walked with her dad, while Sam and their old dog Smokey trotted on up ahead on the trail that led to the back of the property. They fell into a comfortable silence as they walked along the well travelled path. As always her father keeping her confidence until she was ready to talk.
"Dad, he is a nice man. I just, I don't," she huffed not knowing how to not finish in tears.
“Don’t worry about your mother Allison, she will come around.”
She sighed, “Dad what am I doing wrong? Am I not doing well? I just don’t understand her.”
“Of course you are doing good and we are both very proud of you; don’t let her gruffness fool you.”
“But it’s the same thing every time and - ”
“And,” he interrupted her “doesn’t she always come around? She just wants what’s best for you.”
“I guess.”
“No guessing about Ally, your mother loves you and she will always be there for you.”
“I know dad, I just wish she could accept things the first time I tell her, and not when she is good and ready.”
Her father laughed, “I’ve been trying to do that for almost 30 years. If and when you figure it out, be sure to let me know.”
She couldn't help but laugh a bit, “I will dad. I will.”
"Let's get back, your mother will be wondering if we are coming back."

It was starting to get dark. As they reached the back of the house, saw that her mom had started a fire in the back pit and had set up the chairs with wool blankets. Bonfires in December was something they always did when she was a kid and were some of her fondest memories growing up.

Allison walked up to feel the heat of the fire, not realizing how much the temperature had dropped in the last hour.
Her mother came down the steps of the back deck with a tray of mugs and marshmallows.
“I thought it would be nice if we had a bonfire and made some hot chocolate before you went home.”
She looked at her father who winked and walked towards the shed.
“Thanks mom. That would be really great.”
“You’re welcome sweetie.”
It was kind of her mother's way of apologizing without actually doing it.

The next morning she headed out for home, facing another 2 weeks before she would see Michael. She was tired and cranky and she had just gotten her period. She just felt like crawling under a blanket until it was time to leave for Pensacola. But there was still so much to do. She needed to finish packing and she needed to put the finishing touches on Michael’s photos.

Her mom had packed her and Samson a nice travel lunch for their drive and saw them off when they left. Nothing was spoken about her plans, but her mother did ask her to call when she arrived in Florida to know she was safe. Figuring that was her mother's way accepting that she was going, she promised she would call.

The drive home was light and fairly easy going as it was mid week and quite a few people were still on holidays. She had a few things she needed to do at the office and stopped in there on the way home. On her table she found the final package of proofs of her photos for Michael were ready for her final review and sign off, she smiled looking at the label - Client: M. Jackson Proofs. She packed up the set in her portfolio. She also took the time to sort through her mail and pick up her voice messages. The couple from Missouri, Harold and Helen Ward, had called thanking her for the beautiful pictures she had taken of them. She jotted down their number and would get the receptionist to get their address as she had already processed the photo's she had taken with her camera for if or when they called.

An hour later she had everything she needed. Leaving the studio area she walked out towards the lobby to wish Happy New Year to the rest of the staff and drop off the photo's to be mailed. She walked up to reception with Samson trotting in behind. Jasmine, the receptionist, was on the phone but signalled to Allison she would be a minute. Allison turned her back to give her some privacy and let her eyes wander over the festive decorations in the lobby and the large spruce tree in the corner. She hated the days after Christmas, all the build up just for everything to come down a few short days later. When she heard the conversation end she turned back towards the desk.

“Hi Ally,” Jasmine said, “I am surprised you’re here, I thought you were up north.”
“I was," she smiled. “You know... there is reason you love your parents more when you move out!”
“Oh I know that feeling all too well. What can I do for you?”
“Just a couple follow ups if you don’t mind,” Allison gave her the number and the photos to mail out to the Wards’. She also had a few other items to be mailed and a referral she needed to pass on to another photographer, as she wouldn't be available to them when they requested.
"I think that is it Jaz," she checked her bag. “Is there anything for me?”
“Oh shoot, I almost forgot,” the girl walked over to the courier pick up area. “A FedEx package came for you on Christmas Eve and we’ve been holding it for you.”
"From a client?" she wondered, since she didn't have any current or recent work other than Michael.
"No I think it's personal," she to retrieved the box and handed it to her, "I figured I would just hold it till you got back instead of shipping it up to your parents place."
"Thanks," she quickly scanned the waybill but didn't recognize the handwriting.
"Mhm, maybe just some stuff I forgot about," she laid it on the counter and was about to open it when she felt Samson nudge her with his nose. "Okay my yellow fellow, we're going."
"I better get going, Happy New Year Jasmine."
"Same to you Ally! Maybe we can catch up soon, would love to hear all about your travels with Mr. Jackson."
"Uh, yeah sure Jaz," she had caught her off guard forgetting that the staff knew she was working for Michael. "I am going to be travelling for a bit, but maybe in February we can do lunch?"
"Sounds good," then she waved as the phone rang. "Marcus Daye & Associates, how may I direct your call?"

She walked out the door, relieved she didn't have to explain herself further. She was tired after the drive and really didn’t want to give anything away. She just wanted to get home. She took a detour to pick up a few groceries on the way home and to take Samson to run around at Dog Beach before going home, so she wouldn’t have to go out again. Once home she put her luggage down in the hallway, leaving the FedEx box on the kitchen counter to be dealt with later and went to retrieve her phone messages.

There were two from Michael.

"Ally, its Michael,”
He laughed quietly, “it has only been a couple days and I miss you like crazy, I hope you have a nice Christmas with your family.”

The next message began.

“Ally, it's me again, Michael."
She smiled that he said his name, like she wouldn't know it was him.
“I had something sent to your office. Make sure you pick it up before you leave.”
It became quiet and she would have thought he had hung up but she hear him breathing.
“Merry Christmas girl.”

“Merry Christmas Michael,” she whispered pressing the rewind button to play the messages again wanting to hear his voice.

She clicked the button to rewind the tape and walked towards her bedroom, wanting to get changed and grab a shower. Just as she reached the bedroom door it dawned on her.
I had something sent to your office...
The FedEx box.... could that be from Michael?
Turning back she hurried back to the kitchen to grab the box from the counter. She shook it then immediately dropped it in her haste.
“I am such a retread...”
Walking out to the living room to sit, she pulled the tab, but it came off in her hand. Oh my god why were FedEx boxes so hard to open? She walked quickly into the kitchen to get a small knife. Coming back she sat down and sliced along the perforation, being careful not to cut too deeply.
Pulling the flap open, all she could see was white tissue paper. She turned the box and shook it to dump the contents on the sofa. It didn’t come out, but a small blue envelope landed in her lap.
She was grinning like a fool. “What is this?”
She put the card on the coffee table and grasped the tissue covered item, tearing some of the tissue paper away as she did partially revealing the gift.
“Uh! Ohmygosh” she squealed.
“Oh Michael,” She really couldn't believe it. He remembered, and now he had sent it to her too.

She put the package on her lap and picked up the envelope, opening it to read the card. She recognized his hand writing right away.

Girl, I couldn’t wait.
I want you to have this now.

I can’t wait to see you again.
But now I have the perfect image of you in my mind’s eye.
Until then,


She put the card down and removed the remaining tissue that covered her gift. She ran her hand over the plaid blue fabric. It was as soft as she thought it would be. I wonder if... she brought it to her face to smell the fabric. She wasn’t sure if it was her imagination of if it really did have a scent... but she could swear it smelled like him.

How could anyone not understand how perfectly wonderful this man was? She almost wanted to cry at the sweetness in his words. Every little thing he did made her heart open to him a little bit more. Giving him pieces at a time, soon he would have it all. It was like he knew she would need something to help her make through the month without him.

Later in the evening, after she fed herself and Sam she showered and had changed into her gift. It really made her feel that much closer to him and it also made her miss him a little bit more. She was sitting in bed going over the last set of Michael’s final proofs thinking she might call it a night when he called. Surprising her when she answered.

“Hey girl, how are you?”
“Michael, hiiii. HIIII," she gushed again. "I got your package.”
He chuckled, “you did? When did you get it?”
“Today? But I left you a mess ”
“I left early on Christmas Eve, I missed your call. I just got it today.”
“Awwe girl, I wanted you to have it before you went away.”
“It's okay, I have it now and I love it. Thank you.”
"You're welcome," he smiled into the receiver happy she was so happy with something so simple.
There was a few seconds of silence.
"Thank you for the card... I can't wait to see you too... I miss you," her voice was already betraying her sadness of being away from him. Making herself wonder how she could ever think that she could stay away from him now.
"I miss you too babe."
She sighed a long slow breath he wished he could feel on his skin.
"It is not long now."
"I know."
"Did you try it on?"
She laughed, "I will have know I am wearing it right now," secretly hoping she gave him the mental image he wanted.
He groaned, "girl, now I won't be able to sleep all night thinking of you."
"Michael, stop... I already miss you so much."
"What do you miss the most," he asked.
"I am so not telling you."
"Why not?"
"Because you will use it against me."
"I won't, I promise."
"I'm not telling you."
"I just... I miss... I miss you Michael, just being with you and... the way I feel when I'm with you."
"Girl, how can I use that against you, that is what I miss about you."
"Yes really... oh and I really miss the cute little way you blush when I..."
He giggled like a little boy, "I miss that too."
They talked a bit longer with neither one of them wanting to get off the phone. But it was late and they both knew that there would never be a point where they would want to stop talking.
"I wish you could talk to me until I fell asleep."
"I can if you want."
"No... say goodnight Michael."
"Goodnight Michael"
"What," he played innocent.
"Say goodnight to me."
"Goodnight girl."
She smiled, getting her way to always say it last, "goodnight Michael."

After she hung up she proceeded to crawl under the covers and fall into a deep restful sleep dreaming of him. The way he laughed and the way his rich brown eyes smiled when he was being mischievous. Or the way his long dark curls framed his face... dreaming of the last time they were together and when then would be together again.....


Saturday, December 19, 1987

After leaving the condo that Tuesday after their first weekend together Allison only faced a few days in-between before she would see Michael again and even that was torture. On the Monday after she woke him and seduced her surprise out of him they spent the rest of the day lounging around and talking about when they would be together. Of course Michael's schedule was much busier than Allison’s, although this time she had some of her own planning to do as well.

The initial plan had her coming to Florida in the third week of January to join him. They would spend two weeks together there. Then they both would be coming back to California, but only Allison would be staying. After only a couple of days, Michael was heading to Hawaii to shoot a Pepsi commercial with a young boy by the name of Jimmy Safechuck and then back to California for the finally fittings and promo before his opening night in Kansas City on February 23rd, where she would join him again.

They still hadn’t hammered out all the details but the idea was she would travel with him and the tour for the majority of the US leg of the tour, returning home occasionally to attend to some business and priorities of her own before leaving in May to travel on the European Leg in its entirety. There was so much to figure out before then.

She had thought she wasn't going to see him again until they met in Florida, but to her delight before she left, he asked her if she would come with him to the wedding of his lawyer Jon Branca the coming weekend in Beverly Hills. He was going to be the best man and he could use a date. Saying it and making it all sound as if he couldn’t actually get someone to come with him. Of course she obliged. Excited she would get to wear the little black dress she had bought when she had gone shopping with Val.

She met him at the condo the following Saturday afternoon, when James dropped her off. She really wanted to drive herself, but Michael thought it would be better if she didn’t use her own car. The wedding was at 6PM. When she got there, Michael was already there waiting for her and couldn't keep his hands off her. She knew what time they had to be there, but that didn't seem to deter his advances.
"Michael we have all night when we get back," she scolded.
"Oh... is that so now, Ms Wolf.”
She wanted to make love too - but she also knew that once they started they wouldn't want to stop or get dressed until the Monday morning.
"Michael," she protested. "You're the best man, we can't be late."
“That is the only thing in your favour.” He grinned at her.

They showered separately to ensure they would not get distracted and got dress. The dress she wore was perfect for the Hollywood style wedding. It was a black halter style dress with a sweetheart neckline, fitted corset style bodice and a flippy knee length skirt. It reminded her of a prom dress. The pièce de résistance really were the shoes Val had lent her. They were wool Salvatore Ferragamo pumps with a pinstriped pattern and stiletto heel. She didn't want to take them but they were beautiful and Val insisted saying, "I am pretty sure he won't step on your toes."

All dressed and ready she sat out in living room waiting for Michael to finish dressing. A few minutes later he appeared looked fresh and relaxed and so deliciously handsome she almost lost her breath. He was wearing a simple black double-breasted suit with a light purple shirt and a slim black tie. He looked so beautiful. His hair was getting longer and he held back his silky curls in a loose ponytail with pieces falling on his shoulder. He looked incredible.
"Wow," she breathed walking up to adjust his neck tie, even thought it was perfectly in place, "I like you in ties." She placed her hand on his chest, "you look so handsome."
"You always say that girl," he smiled.
"Well yeah, I probably do because it's true. You always look so good."
She smiled, she could have sworn she saw him blush.
"So are you ready for our date girl? We should get going."
"Yup. Lead the way handsome."

There was only one slight problem - she really wasn't his date. His "official" date was Bubbles whom he brought with them. They got to talk a little bit at the wedding, but not very much, and she mostly spoke to Bill, Frank and Karen. It was a little disconcerting to be there and not be able to act like they were seeing each other and only friends. But they both had agreed that it would be best to not put on a public front right away. That didn’t bother her at all as she didn’t want to be in the spotlight, but she kind of regretted saying that when she saw all these other girls, young and utterly gorgeous girls, flirting with him or talking loud enough about him that she couldn't help but hear. She tried not to be too jealous or appear upset, but it was literally impossible. He did look gorgeous, he did look super fine as one girl said and he did appear to be single and eligible.

The only consolation was she was taking care of Bubbles for him when he was getting his picture taken or doing his duty. So he had a real valid excuse to seek her out a few times during the reception to talk to her or ask her if she was having fun and always telling her how beautiful and sexy she looked. His lovely smile making her smile. But then he would be gone again. On the plus side, having Bubbles was like having a mini celebrity with her. Everyone wanted a picture with him or wanted to talk about him which led to talking about Michael. Which was hard, but it also kept her occupied. She met Don Johnson, Don King and Sugar Ray Leonard and a couple of other boxers she had heard of. Finding out later that Jon G's father, John R Branca, was a past chairman of the New York Athletic Commission who had implemented changes and better safety standards for boxers and wrestlers.

Overall it was a interesting night with lots of celebrity's and well to do's hobnobbing with each other. A few people actually asked her about her photography and her services. So obviously Michael or someone was telling people who she was and what she did. A couple times she did happen to have the opportunity to take a couple of picture of him with the groom and Frank before the wedding and one of him as she sat in front of him with Karen.

It was a long day. By the time the they left and Michael had arranged for Bubbles to be taken care of, it was well past 1 in the morning when they finally arrived back at the condo. All night long she couldn’t decide if she was mad at him or not. It really wasn't a date or even a evening together. She would have preferred to have not been there if she knew she was going to have to spend all her time alone. It would have been better to not see him, then to see him and not be able to talk to him or be around him. But now as the rode the elevator up the floors any anger she thought she might have magically disappeared as she looked at his beautiful profile. Michael was mostly quiet on the ride back and now in the elevator. She could only assume he was tired as well. He really had had a busy evening of walking around, talking to everyone, taking pictures and obliging to every request. Something she was sure she would see a lot more of over the coming months. It reminded her of how busy a man he really was and made her wonder if that was going to be a problem for her when she travelled with him full time.

She was so deep in thought she hadn't realized they had reached their floor.
"Here we are," his soft voice pulling her out of her thoughts.
"Oh, sorry," she shook her head smiling.
Michael turned to her as they entered the hallway, “what are you thinking about?”
“Oh I am sure it's something,” he took her hand and led her inside the condo, shutting the door.
He stopped just a few feet in and she almost ran into the back of him, he faced her “stay right here my lady.” He turned to walk away.
She laughed, “where are you going?”
He turned back towards her, “just stay there and don't move,” he insisted.
She saw his shadowy outline walk around the sofa and past the balcony doors.
“Are you at least going to turn on a light?” she asked, wondering why he left her standing in the dark room.
He chuckled, “girl you are so impatient. Will you just wait?”
As he spoke she saw the stereo system come alive with light and sound. He turned it down and fiddled with the equipment putting on a CD.

He walked back towards her. Her eyes had started to adjust to the darkness and she saw him extend his hand to her, she instantly found herself moving her hand to slide into his. As she felt his fingers curl around the back of her hand she heard him exhale as if he had been holding his breath.
"Are you okay?" she asked.
He didn't answer her, instead he silently lead her around the sofa to the centre of the living room. She followed his movements as if in a hypnotic state as he stopped and drew her in against him. His arm curved around her waist to press his palm to the small of her back, pulling her close to his body. His other hand was still holding hers and he raised it to his chest and kept it there. She moved in easily and completely, melting into his warm frame. With her heels she was almost as tall as him.
She felt his breath against her skin as he breathed against her ear, whispering, “I wanted to do this all night.”
She released her own breath that she didn't realise she was holding, "me too."

Now this was better, much, much better and exactly where she had wanted to be all evening. She didn't like being alone at the wedding. Seeing him there, looking so handsome, it had been so hard to watch him from afar. But having him alone now, like this, was worth the few hours wait. Somewhere in the distance Allison could hear the soft tones of the music coming from the stereo but, if someone had asked her, she couldn’t have said who was singing or what the song was. Right now she couldn’t focus on anything beyond the man that was holding her close and the gentle wonderful sway that began as he held her tightly and fitted her hips in against his.

Michael smiled as he felt her soft delicious body melt against his. She was a beautiful angel in his arms. He had wanted to dance with her all night. He inhaled the lingering scent of her perfume on her skin, feeling a strong jolt of desire run throughout his body as she stayed so very close to him, pliant to his smallest movement. Her legs against his, her chest against his chest, her fingers brushing slowly along the one side of his neck. They hardly moved as they danced to the tune in the background. This felt perfect having her here with him. He never wanted to let her go.
He brought his hand up to run his fingers under her chin down to the neck line of her dress, "did I tell you how beautiful you looked tonight?"
"Yes. I believe you did," she smiled tilting her head to kiss him. "But keep telling me, I like hearing you say it."

Michael slowed their dance and brought her down onto the sofa. He kissed and touched her almost reverently as if she were a fragile dream that would disappear under his touch. Not wanting to move or break the spell, he made love to her there. His need for her so strong, so intense, his hands trembling he barely took the time to get her undressed. There was no talk of protection, surprises, doubts or fears. Actually there was no talk at all. Not even when he entered her did a word pass their lips. Everything that needed to be said was conveyed in each touch and caress, every breath, kiss and sigh. Both of them felt it, but neither one them was willing to say it. It felt like it was so rushed and too soon, but there was no denying it, they were falling in love. It felt wonderful, thrilling and terrifying to them both knowing the year that lay ahead.


When Michael had invited her to the wedding, Allison had insisted that the Sunday following they go over his pictures and proofs. She wanted his final approvals so she could work on them over the holidays for final presentation and handover to him. Her reasoning was twofold – one she wanted to get it out of the way – as they needed to decide how their work relationship fit in with their new getting to know each other better relationship and even if their work relationship would continue. And two she needed something to keep her busy while Michael attended to his obligations. She wasn’t use to just sitting around waiting for someone and she was somewhat worried it would get to that if she didn’t keep herself busy. She wanted to try to keep as independent as possible.

So early Sunday morning instead of doing what she wanted to do, which was basically lay in bed all day with the gorgeous sexy man that could send her to heaven in back with a simple touch, she slipped out of bed to prepare for their meeting. She didn't want to wake him and she didn't want there to be any sexual intimacy prior to their meeting. She looked quickly for something to wear and quietly retrieved his pyjama top from the bedside chair and pulled it on as she silently walked down the hall. She really didn’t want to leave him there, but it was the best thing. She had worked really hard at being respected for her work. She had followed all the lessons taught and given for her own growth and benefit. After five years of hard work, she didn’t want her most famous client being jaded by their new status. She wanted his honest opinion and to really tell her if he liked what she had done or not.

While Michael continued to sleep, she pulled out her portfolio and prepared the presentation boxes she wanted to show him. She also had two small presentation boards she had mocked up to show him what she had in mind. She laid everything out on the dining room table, with the price list and even her business cards. She also had a smaller velvet presentation box that placed at the end of the table. She had prepared it when she came home wanted to give to him from herself as a memento.
Hands on her hips she gave a satisfied nod at her handiwork, "well I think we are ready."
Happy that everything was set up and in place, she went to the kitchen to make a pot of tea and try to patiently wait for her client to wake up.

When Michael awoke he was disappointed she wasn’t still in bed. He knew they were going to be apart for almost a month and he wanted to begin his day deep inside her or preferable like the last time she woke him up. He felt himself react to that thought. Hoping that she was just in the bathroom he called out to her. He laid there for a few minutes but got no answer. He didn't want get up but it was obvious she wasn't coming back into the room to get him.

Damn where is that girl? She got me chasing her all over the place.

He shuffled into the bathroom to relieve himself. Washing up his hands he took a quick look at his reflection. He was getting lighter. The cream was smoothing out the variations in his skin but it seemed like it was taking away his colour even more. He rubbed his fingers over his neck at least it wasn't as visible as use to be. He sighed. He knew he needed to talk to her more about it. Especially now, since he asked her to join him on tour. She didn't bring it up again since their last conversation, but it wasn't like he could hide it. It was only going to get worse and he needed to tell her that and he needed to do it sooner rather than later.

Walking into the living room he saw her sitting reading a magazine on the sofa. No wonder he couldn't find the top to his pyjama's, she had it on.
"Hmm, my pyjama top looks much better on you than it does on me."
She looked up smiling, "good morning. I was wondering when you would get up."
"Why are you up?" He moved to sit beside her.
"I've been waiting for you."
"Hmm, I was waiting for you to come back in and wake me," he caressed her thigh.
"No, remember we are going to talk about your pictures."
"Well, we can talk in the bedroom too," he leaned in to kiss her.
"No, we need to talk out here," she forced herself to move away from him rising to stand.
Michael grasped her hand, "girl, c'mere here and kiss me good morning."
"No... we have to meet first, please." Her eyes begging him as she knew she could not resist him.
"So businesslike. Should I change into a suit before we meet?"
“Michael be serious, this is what I do for a living” she scolded. “I wanted to make sure you are happy with what I have done.”
“Of course I will be happy, I hired you didn’t I? I know what I like.”
She raised her eyes at his backhanded compliment.
He chucked, “girl, don’t get offended.” He grabbed her and pulled her into his lap. “You know I think what you did for me is amazing. I told you.”
She sighed, “Michael, can you let me do my job? This is important to me. Important that I got what you wanted. Especially since... well since now...”
“Since what,” he teased.
She rolled her eyes, "since you know, that's what."
He laughed, "you are so easy."
He pushed them to standing and he slapped her butt lightly. "Okay, little lady, let’s meet.”
“Uh! You are such a caveman sometimes!”
“You like it.”

He followed her over to the dining area and sat down and gave her his full attention. She was too cute being all business like discussing his options and packages while standing there in his red silk pyjama top. But he wasn't going to tell her that. He didn't want her to think he didn't respect her, because he did. He thought she was immensely talented and he already loved everything she did. But it was hard to concentrate on the 1 dimensional celluloid she was referring to when she was standing there in 3 dimensions looking so heavenly. He shook his head and forced himself to listen as she moved to show him one of the boards she had created.

"So what do you think Michael," she nodded as she finished her spiel.
He chuckled, "well to be honest, I just want everything you took in the 5 by 7 format and a few in the 8 by 10 format. I am not concerned about the price."
“But do you like it? Did my work meet your expectations?”
“Allison, I love it. I really do. I wouldn’t tell you it was great if it wasn’t. And I certainly wouldn’t pay for it if I didn’t like it.”
She smiled looking relieved. “Okay then, so I think that is everything. I will begin to -”
“What about this one here?” He pointed to the thin velvet box at the end of the table.
“Oh I almost forgot,” She leaned over and picked up the box.
“This is for you.” she smiled placing the box in front of him. “I hope you like it.”
His eyes went wide. “What is it?”
“Well open it and see silly.”

Michael opened the velvet box and pulled out what looked like an old scrapbook type album. He placed the box on the floor at his feet and laid the album on his lap to open it.

The first couple of pictures he saw was of himself at the rehearsal in Tokyo. He was standing on the stage, not performing but talking to one the crew members. The next two were of him at the tour opening dinner. In the first one he was standing and chatting with Quincy Jones and in the other he was sitting and smiling talking to his mother. Then there was one of him and Miko laughing at something with Bill looking sternly at the two men. He looked up at her, giving her slight smile biting his lip, he tilted his head to the side like he wasn't sure what to make of it.

He turned the next few pages - there were all kinds of pictures that he didn't know that had been taken. None of which looked overly professional or staged. It looked like someone’s personal photo album... well someone who took good pictures. But it was all very natural looking.
“Oh wow. I remember this. Allison this is,” he ran his fingers over a picture of him she had taken on their side trip in Hong Kong. It was a black and white of him looking and smiling at a small baby.
“I had no idea... when did you do this?”
“When we were travelling of course, I only had to finish up the details when I got home.”
“It is beautiful," he smiled.

He turned the pages as he found more private personal photos of himself with children and the people of the small town. There were pictures of the hotel and one of his back as he stood looking out at the view of the harbour. She had also pasted and taped in an eclectic mix of souvenirs she had picked up along the way. There was a ticket stub from the bus ride and boat ride from Gongbei Custom terminal in Hong Kong, a receipt and a wrapper from a bag of candy he insisted they buy the day they got lost, a brochure from the helicopter ride, as well as a business card and the pamphlet from Rockend, the restaurant they had their first date, in Australia.

She wanted to give him and show him the more personal and private pictures she took when they were travelling together. The idea had come to her almost right after the first time they met. When he had talked about how he never got to travel or see the places he visited, just lobby's and hotel rooms. It made her wonder if he could ever remember the time spent in places. That is when she thought she would take pictures and ideas from of city, places and activities from a more personal standpoint. Not ever thinking in her wildest dreams that those memories would somehow come to include her. There were a dozen or so from Japan and Australia, but mostly they were from their side trip in Hong Kong. Those were her “vacation type” shots he had requested that she had placed in the album. It was the perfect mix between a scrapbook and a photo album – a keepsake of the days spent together and she loved every minute of putting it together for him.

Michael was so deeply touched he didn't know what to say. She had given him something he had never really had in his adult life. A photo album of mementos and memories of a trip he had taken. He closed the album and touched the cover, realising how much effort and thought must have gone to making something so beautiful.
"How did you know," he whispered. His eyes rimmed with tears.
"How did you know to do this for us? For us to remember our trip, you must have had a crystal ball.”
She blushed. “Awe, Michael I was doing it for you all along. It wasn't for us, it was for you. I didn’t know we were going to be together and..." her voice suddenly broke with her own emotion.
She swallowed and wiped a tear that threatened to fall, "I just wanted to give you something that would make your time away special. I am glad I became a part of it."
“My time away was special because of you,” he gave her his sweetest smile.
“Mine too Michael,” she whispered her heart skipping a beat. “So you like it?”
“I can’t even tell you how much this means to me, girl I love it.” He touched the cover again, “this is wonderful.”
She grinned. “just you sayin that makes me so happy.”

“But I don’t have anything for you.”
“I don’t need anything. It wasn’t a Christmas present or anything. I just wanted to give you something.”
“No I have to give you something,” he set the album down back in the box on the floor. He grabbed her to sit on his lap, “anything you want. Tell me.”
She giggled melting into him. "Anything?" She took the opportunity to kiss his neck.
Michael chuckled. "Girl you can't get that anytime," he replied sounding amused.
"Uh, I am so not talking about that," she slapped his chest lightly.
“Then what do you want?”

She didn’t actually know what she wanted except to kiss him and feel him make love to her again. But she wasn’t going to give him that right away. She tried to think of something, anything she might want. She scanned the room quickly to see what she could ask him for. She didn’t see anything. Then suddenly it popped into her head
“Okay I know what I want.”
“What is it?”
“Umm, don’t laugh okay, but I want a piece of your clothing.”
He raised his eyebrows, “I thought you weren’t talking about that.” He hugged her closer.
“Uh! Not something you are wearing silly... you are so bad.”
“Well what then, like a jacket?”
She reached down to pick up the photo album and laid it on the table and opened it to the very first picture of him on stage rehearsing in Tokyo.
“Can I have this shirt?”
He looked at the photo, “the t-shirt?”
“No... the blue plaid button-down you’re wearing.”
“That old thing, you want that?”
“Yeah I do, I really like it a lot.”
"You can have it, but I don’t think have it here. I can have it sent to you if you want it.”
“No, I can wait. Why don't you give it to me when I get to Florida.”
“That is really what you want?” he rubbed his hand up and down her thigh loving the thought she wanted a piece of his clothing for herself.
“Yeah... oh and can I have this pyjama top too,” she stretched her one arm out. “It is so comfy and it reminds me of you.”
He smiled, “anything else?”
She grinned, “nope, unless you're offering of course.”
“No, I need something to wear before you steal all my clothes. But I have a condition.”
She cocked her head to the side, “what’s that?”
He leaned in and kissed her along her jaw to her ear to lick the skin beneath her ear. His breath was warm on her neck. Smiling he took his time, making her wait, feeling the goose bumps breakout on her skin as he moved to whisper in her ear, making her body go white hot when he whispered his condition.


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    I love the Oakhurst area and the views are amazing - I hope to make it back someday and take pictures till my heart is content.

    I wish too they could have spent more time at the wedding... but to get that dance and to make love on the couch would be so worth it.

    Geez I had no idea everyone loves that plaid shirt as much as me... I love him in all plaid - the only man to make it super hot and sexy.

    Oh yes, she is trying to be professional - but I think if she found something else to wear it wouldn't have been as much fun and she wouldn't get to ask for that piece of clothing too!

    I really like the album too, I hope he had something like that with his children.

    Yup they are totally falling in love... and I think Ally will have no problem living up to the condition - but thanks for the offer!

    Thanks for the awesome comment!!

  15. Found your story after reading the final chapter of stairway to heaven today! All I have to say is wow! I read all 12 chapters in one sitting and I love how Ally and Michael are falling in Love! What a wonderful story. I can't wait for the next update.

  16. Hi Nancy... Welcome! So glad to see you here!

    All 12 chapters in one sitting! WOW now that is dedication - I am so glad to hear you are enjoying... I like that they are falling in love too.

    Thanks for commenting!

  17. I have been away since last Wed. visiting Michael. And I come back hoping for an update and nothing... Well darn it.. Cant wait for the next one...

  18. Hey Forever... are you in California to visit Michael or near? I am not close - but I have been. How was it?

    Sorry no chapter yet... but I am writing... : )

  19. I actually live in Georgia so I traveled to Glendale to see Michael again.. I went last year too.. But this time I actually got to walk up to the doors and look in.. :)... It is so emotional for me everytime I go to see Michael.. Hell its emotional just missing him the way I do...Were you in California last year?.. And if you have a facebook you can see all my pics from both trips to Cali.. I have been to Neverland too..:)

  20. Awwwe that is nice that you got to go again. I was there last year for his birthday I also went to Neverland a few days before. It was hard to go, but I am glad I did. I have a facebook - but have deactivated my account for a bit - but I would love to see your pictures. Did you ever see my post about when I went to Neverland?

  21. I dont think that I ever seen your post about going to Neverland.. I would love to see it though. Just point me in the direction and I ama there.. Hopefully you can activate your facebook soon and we can find each other.. You can see everything Michael I have ever done.. LOL.. I have a feeling we could have some great talk about the magical feeling of Neverland...

    And oh yeah I cant wait for the next update...

  22. hello lovely... my neverland post is here...

    I bet we could have some great talks about Neverland... It was the most peaceful place I can ever remember being. I loved it.

    Next up date is next Friday for sure!

  23. Have I mentioned lately how much I cant wait for this update........Just incase I havent I so cant wait.. LOL

  24. haha... yes I think perhaps I saw that... I will be here late Friday night posting... just for you honey!

  25. you girls are up so late... tomorrow (Friday) I will be here posting when I get home.

  26. Is it Friday yet?

  27. yup it is Friday now... it will be up by 8PM. : )
    I hope you like it.



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