chapter fourteen – good times

Tuesday, February 23rd, 1988 (Opening Night - Kansas City)

“Wow it is so crowded back here,” Val shouted as Allison led her through the backstage area of Kemper Arena.
“You'll get use to it,” Allison called back to her.
"Hey Sal,” Allison waved quickly smiling in the direction of the tour co-ordinator. She turned to look behind her, “come on Val let’s go."
They were walking briskly, crisscrossing to get over wires, around boxes, cases and people to get to their seats. Allison led the way through the maze with Valerie practically jogging in behind her in her Manolo Blahnik stilettos to keep up with her. She wanted to make her stop or at least make her slow down. But they were already late and it was Val’s fault due to her indecision on her outfit for the night. She couldn’t decide between her vintage Chanel pant suit and her ultra modern Versace dress. But she couldn't help it! Seriously she really wanted to look good for this concert. Who knew who was going to be there!? But that didn't matter to Allison who wanted to see Michael before he went on stage, but that didn't look like that was going to happen.

Valerie felt like she had stepped into an alternate universe where she didn’t know up from down and the usually quiet more reserved Allison Wolf was the supercharged together IT girl in total control. At least she seemed happier and little lively than she had been the last week. She was so disheartened when she picked her up from the airport last week. She said she wasn't sad, just tired from her trip to Florida and she still had a few things to do. But Val was worried about her state. She had been travelling all over back and forth with the tour, then taking care of things at home, then off again. It was all very exciting and glamorous, but Val knew her well. Allison loved to travel for the love of photography but she was a home body, she even looked tired. But now she seemed liked different woman all together weaving her through the maze of people and equipment in the backstage area.

Allison was on a mission to try and see Michael before he went on stage. Tonight was a momentous night for him. It was the opening night of his first ever solo tour in the US and the expectations were high. His third single from the BAD album had just been in the # 1 slot and his fourth single, Man in the Mirror, was climbing steadily up the charts. And Michael, well Michael was a cool as could be... he didn’t get nervous he said, but he obviously wanted it to go well. The opening week of the US leg of the tour was already proving to be a busy one and it had only just started. First off he was delayed by a day getting into Kansas due to the weather. Michael had told her that initially the tour co-ordinators wanted to kick off the tour in Atlanta which when you thought about it made perfect sense with Michael leaving from Florida. Pensacola didn’t have a very big airport and Atlanta was one of the main transfer points for connector flights to and from the Gulf Regional Airport. It was where she had connected when she had flown there at the end of January. Logistically it was ideal, it was a short flight over and it was in the same time zone. However, the officials from his tour sponsor, Pepsi, objected to that idea. Atlanta was the home base for their rival main Coca Cola and they didn’t want the tour to open there.

Needless to say, Michael wasn’t too happy about them meddling in his tour schedule, but there wasn’t a lot you could do when they were sponsoring your tour. The 3 year deal with Pepsi-Cola was the largest in history and Michael wanted to abide by his backers. So now he was opening in Kansas City with two sold out shows there and then they would be off to New York City, where Michael would be spend a couple days preparing and rehearsing for his performance at the 30th Annual Grammy’s Awards show. Then he would follow that with 3 sold out shows at Madison Square Garden’s, with the first one being a private show for charity. She had already wished him luck a thousand times over including this afternoon when he left the suite, but if she had had her way, she would have been here an hour ago sitting in his dressing room while he got his hair and makeup done. Or at the very least be there when they did their ritual before going on stage. But she was pretty sure they had missed that too. She looked quickly at her watch. Darn it, the show would be starting in 10 minutes and that meant they were already underneath. They needed to get to their seats.

Allison whirled around quickly to face her friend, stopping abruptly almost causing Val to run straight into her. “Val.”
“Whoa, sorry honey,” Valerie caught herself, placing her hand on Allison shoulder to brace herself. “What now Drill Sergeant Wolf?” She smiled and gave a semi-salute.
Allison returned her smile, “ha-ha very funny Valerie.” She tilted her head towards the back area, “Change of plans, I think we should just find our seats backstage, it’s gonna start soon and I don’t want you to miss any of it.”
“I’m sorry Ally, I should of made up my mind - ”
“Don’t worry about it, kay? I will be here tomorrow and the day after, but I really don't want you to miss this.”

It was at Allison's request that she had come to join her for the opening of Michael's tour. She would stay with her and essentially the tour through to New York and then Valerie would head home to Boston to visit her parents. It had been a while since Val had made the cross country trek to visit her parental units. She figured she better do so before they forgot who she was. But she also wanted to see Michael in concert and oh let's not forget she wanted to meet the main man himself too!

They had flown in two days ago on the Sunday and they were lucky to have made it in. It had been snowing in Kansas City for 2 days straight and their flight had just landed before the airport shut down. It was total chaos at the airport when they arrived. The Airport was packed with literally hundreds of people being turned away or waiting the storm out so they could travel. They were one of the last planes to arrive and no other flights were taking off, even Michael's incoming flight had been cancelled. Which didn't make for a very happy Allison.

Michael arrived the day after and arrived at the hotel in the afternoon. They were staying at the Westin Crown Center Hotel in downtown Kansas City that overlooked the city. The tour took up and entire 18th floor and most of the 17th floor of the hotel. On their first night there, Allison stayed with Val in her room. Even though she could have stayed in the suite she would be sharing with Michael she opted to hang out with her and have a girl’s night with Val. But as soon as Michael arrived she moved up to the top floor to Michael’s suite, with an adjacent room for his pet chimp, Bubbles. Mary and Jillian, Michael's the two assistants and his manager, Frank, were on the top floor as well.

Allison couldn’t wait to introduce her best friend to Michael and Michael to her. She was so excited and so was Val. Until the day she died, Val would never forget the very first time she met Mr. Michael Jackson. When he arrived at the hotel Allison grabbed a few things and took off like the hotel was on fire up to the top floor suite to meet him. Val was pretty sure she wouldn’t see her again until morning at the earliest. But within a half hour she was back down on the 10th floor looking for Val.
She was beaming as she came running back down to her room, squealing like a little girl, "Val, come on you have to meet him! I can’t wait, oh god.... wait, oh I am so excited."
"Oh back already?" Val teased.
Val chuckled, "well that was quick," her eyes twinkled, "he must have been really excited to see you!"
"Oh," Allison blushed. "Did you want to meet him. I want you to... I want you two to meet."
"I dunno Ally, he just got here and all," for the first time in a long time Val was a little intimidated with meeting someone new. "He might want to relax."
A big smile burst out on Allison's face. "You're nervous," she laughed, obviously forgetting how nervous she was the first time she met him.
"Well, maybe a little, but so were you." Val was quick to remind her.
"Ha... hahaha.. yeah, yeah... you're right, you're right, but come on... please, please, pretty please," Allison begged. Val relented, and Allison assured her that Michael was just as nervous about meeting her, if not more so.

She introduced them in the suite she would be spending the next four nights with him. Even though it seemed utterly redundant to say who he was, the introductions took place. He gave her a big warm hug telling her how good it was to see her and how happy he was to finally meet her. He was taller and slimmer than she had imagined and he smelled amazing. He was so genuine, kind and extremely sweet. But his eyes and attention were certainly focused on one lady in particular. It was obvious the feelings were mutual. If you had asked her 6 months ago if she could see Allison with Michael Jackson she would have laughed in your face. But now being here with them together somehow made perfect sense. They were like one of those couples that just seem to fit together and they looked over the top happy. Allison had already told her that the love word had been exchanged between them. She still couldn’t believe that Allison had landed the catch of the decade... but she couldn’t be happier for her either. Just seeing them together you could tell they adored one another. As soon as they saw each other, it was if they almost didn't know anyone else was in the room for the first few moments.

A few minutes after the initial intro Allison excused herself to go to the bathroom, leaving Valerie alone with the most famous man in the world and that is when it happened. Val prided herself in always being in the know and was usually very observant. She always knew when there was a something amiss... but she didn't see it coming.
As soon as the door shut on the bathroom door, Michael sidled up to sit beside her smiling a beautiful smile at her. He wore a pair of black trousers and a red plaid shirt. God he was gorgeous. She was so happy for Allison... she was so happy until Michael started flirting with her.
"Val you are a very beautiful woman, more so than Allison let on," he licked his lips and moved closer to her.
"Allison talked about me?"
"Yes she did, in great detail... but she left out how sexy you were.... now I am wishing I could have met you first,"
"Ahhh... excuse me?" Val was beyond shocked. After everything Allison had told her about him here he was acting exactly the total and complete opposite.
"Uh.. Michael I think you have the wrong idea," he was making her nervous.
He moved closer to her so their legs where touching, "I hear you are the girl to take my picture."
"What?" She was totally confused by his come on.
He tilted his head towards the bathroom where Allison was, "maybe we can get rid of her and you can tuck me in and thrill me all night," he smiled licking his lip and then started to giggle unable to keep up his charade up any longer.

"Oh my god!" she turned 10 shades of red. "Allison Wolf you little sneak you! I can't believe she told you what I said!"
Michael was laughing uncontrollably now holding his stomach, "aha-ha-ha-ha, you should have seen your face."
"I swear to god, I am gonna kill that girl!"
As soon as Allison heard the laughter she came out of the bathroom grinning from ear to ear, "did you tell Mikey baby you would be his photographer love muffin and tuck him in at night?"
"Oh someone is sooooo funny," Valerie rolled her eyes at her best friend. "I see hanging around with Mr. Jackson has done nothing for your comedic attitude."
“Actually I think it’s improved somewhat,” she replied as she moved to reclaim her sit beside Michael.
She shook her head smiling. She couldn't be mad. She was actually kind of proud of her that she managed to trick her using her own teasing words... not something she was use to seeing her do and she had never seen Allison look so happy. But make no mistake about it, she would think of a way to get them back. That was for damn sure! There was no way she would let them get the best of her! But they had gotten her good.

They found their seats just in time with the help of Miko who just so happened to see them wandering around looking for the stage. He said he had been keeping an eye out for them when they hadn't arrived earlier. He ushered them to the back stage area where they could see the show. They sat to Michael's right at the side of the stage, which was where she sat in Japan and Australia. It immediately reminded Allison of the wonderful time she shared with him and that she had not seen him perform since November. She was excited too!

As soon as the bank of floodlights rose from the stage her heart started thumping with the beat of the crowd. The smoke and white lights blinded the audience before Michael appeared, frozen still onstage in a line of dancers. All of sudden she heard a loud excited girl scream... she shook her head laughing, it was Val and then the show began.

 Then he was there. There dressed in that damn sexy zippered silver shirt covered by a badge covered jacket and his signature black trousers with buckles down the seams Michael exploded as a force of pure energy into the his opening number, 'Wanna Be Startin' Something' and the crowd went absolutely crazy. Right after that they jumped straight into Heartbreak Hotel, one of Allison's favourites then he strutted right into Another Part of Me. Valerie was jumping up and down like and underdressed school girl and Allison couldn't stop smiling. He sounded fantastic and he looked amazing... NO make that he looked utterly freaking gorgeous. Her heart pounded at the sight of him and his smile was beaming. This was what he lived for.

There were lots of new extravagant effects too... multicoloured laser beams, smoke bombs and loud explosions and lots of new out fits and costumes changes throughout the show. Michael even had a werewolf mask he wore when he performed Thriller. It really was a whole new show and Michael was completely and totally in charge. He had them wound up and on their feet for the entire sleek and demanding performance.

When it came to the encore and he sang Man in the Mirror, Allison didn't think she could catch her breath. Michael belted out the powerful words of the song and the entire stadium stood still then came alive with mass lighters flickering and glowing all over. The pure raw emotions of the song and his performance hit her all at once. She had to wipe the slow tears that fell from her eyes. He was home... at the top of his game - every time he smiled, pointed or snapped his fingers, moonwalked or asked the audience how they were doing they would cheer and Michael's face would light up with obvious joy.
At the end of the show Michael ran off stage right pass the two of them, she didn't even think Michael had noticed she was there. But then all of a sudden Miko was there leading them out.
"Come on girls, let's get moving."
Allison turned to look at him, "where are we going?"
"To the van, we need to get you there quick before the press, let's go ladies."
Allison was not expecting this, but of course there wasn't much time to talk about the logistics of it all. She thought her exit would be similar to when she was in Japan and Australia, where James took her back to the hotel and then she would meet him there. Miko was behind them manoeuvring them through the crowd.
"What van?"
"Michael's van. Hurry, we have got to get going."
It was an almost panicked atmosphere as Miko ushered then past the growing crowd back stage and down the long corridor out a set of double doors into the cool night air.

There were two black vans waiting about 50 feet away and crowd control gates on either side leading up to the vans. Already there were paparazzi and screaming fans alongside the gates with policemen at the opening at the ends. It was kind of unnerving, not knowing what to expect. They walked down alongside the gates with flashes popping and disbursing simultaneously with people screaming all the way to the van.
"Hop in girls," Miko helped Val in first then turned to her, "Let's go Ally, we're ready to go now," he assisted her before closing the door to return back inside.

She knew it was Michael's van, because Miko had said so, but she was still so surprised and happy to see him sitting there in the far corner of the back seat. He was all sweaty and wet and had a towel wrapped around his neck.
"Michael! Hi... Hi," she smiled as soon as their eyes met.
"Girl come here and sit down," he reached for her hand so she could sit beside him. He kissed her cheek and interlaced his fingers between hers.
Michael smiled at Val, who sat across on the facing seat. "Did you like the show Valerie?"
"Like it? No I didn't like it.... I LOVED it. It was amazing, it was really great."
"Yeah, I loved the new outfits," Allison added.
"We still have a lot to work out, but it is coming together. The group we have is great."

It didn't take them long to get back the hotel. Entering at the back, they said goodnight to Val, as she walked down the access corridor to the lobby to get to the main elevators.
"See you two love birds tomorrow, don't do anything I wouldn't do," she quipped as she left their line of site.
“That doesn’t leave much out Val,” Allison called back laughing.
In the elevator she stole a sweet innocent kiss on the ride up to the top floor. He was on cloud nine, happily chattering away about being back on stage and how it could be improved.

Once in the suite, he stripped off his clothes, leaving them in a heap on the floor and hopped into the shower. She could hear him singing some unknown tune in the shower while she put a few of her things away and got changed into her favourite pyjama top. A few minutes later he came into the room with a plush towel wrapped around his slim hips as he towelled his hair. His slow whistled exhale made her turn to face him.
"Hmm girl, seeing you in that makes me want to take if off you.”
“Oh... sorry,” she arched her eyebrow, "too bad you have an interview."
She tried to hide her grin turning back to continue unpacking her bag when he walked up behind her placing his hands on her hips and his chin on her shoulder.
"You are such a bad liar."
"Yeah, I am," she looked behind her with a seductive grin. "Did it work?"
"Ally, you know I..."
"I know, I know I'm just teasing you," she interrupted and turned to face him wrapping he arms around his neck. "I'll be here when you get back."

She saw his eyes grow warm and the slow burning she felt for him all night pulsed and grew hotter as it throbbed through her veins. Michael lowered his head and she moaned as his mouth covered hers. Her lips met his and he kissed her long and slow, taking his time savouring the taste of her mouth. Then needing more, he grasped her neck to deepen the kiss. A low groan escaped from deep in his chest and he pulled her hips into him tightly against his arousal, letting her feel what she did to him. Allison's body instinctively leaned into his, exulted in the sexual heat that was surging through her.
"Michael,” she pulled away to rest her forehead on his chest, “I want you so much.” But she knew he had to go.
"Wait up for me Ally."

She pulled away and sat down on the bed to watch him get dressed. Smiling and giggling slightly at the predicament his lower half was in, protesting at being subdued and clothed by his briefs.
"This is your fault," he eyed her then turned away to dress.
"Yup," she agreed happily.
She pulled her legs up into a cross legged position admiring his body. He was lean, but not skinny. His legs were strong and his thighs muscular from years of dancing. As he pulled his trousers on, she cast her gaze up past his round bottom and slim hips to his still exposed back. She licked her lips. His lithe torso body was perfect, expanding wide up from his small waist to his beautiful back and broad shoulders. God he was incredible to look at. Allison tried not to stare at him in the open light so blatantly. He still had not talk to her about his skin condition and she didn’t want him to feel insecure about it. She didn’t care about the spots, but she wanted to talk about it. She hoped that now that they had admitted how they felt about one another he would feel more at ease talking to her about it. But no such luck, so she tried to pretend that she didn't see it or have questions, but inside she was dying to know more, to understand what was changing the man she loved. Wow... the man she loved... her stomach lurched at the thought and she released an audible sigh.

Michael turned to see her checking him out as he buttoned up his red dress shirt, “Are you staring Ms. Wolf?”
She blushed but smiled at being caught red handed, “I love you, Michael.”
“I love that you love me,” he walked over to kiss the top of her head. “I won’t be too long.”
“I’ll save you a seat right here,” she patted the mattress as he chuckled leaving the bedroom.
She fell back onto the bed when the door closed. Oh God... she felt like she was a rollercoaster
She wanted him to stay so badly, but she was prepared for this, she knew it would be go, go... and he would always have something to attend to. That is why she had asked Val to come with her, to help ease her in and adjust to the hoopla that was known as the BAD Tour! This evening before the show he had left early to have dinner with Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight and now he had an additional interview with a lady from Vanity Fair. Frank had arranged for an interview with Lisa Robinson after the concert.
Michael had told her he really liked her. She had interviewed him many times before and didn't want to disappoint her. The lavish suite was the size of a small apartment. Allison would have no problem remaining unseen while Michael conducted his interview with the journalist in the front area.

As Michael talked with the journalist she tried to keep herself occupied until his return. But she kept yawning and her promise to stay awaked was not going to be kept. She could hear them talking and Michael laughing, but it was already past midnight and she was exhausted and to no avail she fell asleep before he returned. She awoke briefly only when he finally slipped into bed behind her hours later to kiss her goodnight. He must have been exhausted too. He didn’t even think of waking her, only to pull her in closer to fall deeply asleep as well.

The next day, the Wednesday, was another full day of activity for Michael. He had an Ebony interview set up for noon, rehearsal and sound check and then back for a quick shower and a hour or so to relax and catch a nap then back to the stadium for another sold out show. But not before they spent the morning picking up where they had left off the night before and then showering together before going their separate ways. While Michael did his “job” she spent the remainder of her day with Val doing what she considered her job, shopping, talking and more shopping. But making sure they were back at the hotel to get ready in time to be at the stadium early.

Getting there nice and early they walked around the backstage area with Allison introducing Val to the people she knew that they met along the way. Two girls walking around certainly looking for mischief and a bit of fun stopped them in the hall asking if they knew where Michael's dressing room was. And Allison kindly directed them down the hall to a broom closet that she hoped locked from the inside.
"Hussies!" Allison said under her breath.
Again the celebrities were in full force tonight. Michael was the hottest ticket in town and everyone who was anyone wanted to see him perform. Michael had told her there was going to be an after party after the show. He said he thought it was fake. Everyone would be there just to get their pictures in the magazines. He said he hated this part of the business. He said the people always came pretending to be there for you when they are only there to promote themselves. Michael also told her his parents and his sisters, Janet and Latoya would be there tonight as well.

They finally made it to Michael's dressing room. Karen was just finishing up his makeup.
"Hey Ally," she beamed as they walked in. "How are you? I haven't seen you since Australia."
"Hey K, I'm good. It's nice to see you again," she gestured her hand towards Val. "Karen this is my best-friend Valerie. Val, this is Karen Faye, Michael's hair and makeup artists."
She walked towards Michael chair as the ladies made their acquaintances. Allison had a pretty good feeling they would get along famously, knowing how much Karen knew about makeup and hair and how vain Valerie was. They would be a match made in heaven!
As she reached the arm of the chair Michael brought his hand out beneath the makeup cape to grasp hers and pull her closer. "I'm glad you're here before the show starts."
He reminded her that after the show he would have to schmooze with all the special guests and the press that would be there and then they could leave and spend the night and day together.
"You look beautiful," he licked his lips and kissed her hand, "I hope you're not tired tonight."
She rolled her eyes, "I'll do my best."

**knock, knock**
"T-minus 30 minutes Michael"
“I believe that is your cue,” she smiled.

Once again Michael's show was amazing. She could see his family on the other side of the stage enjoying it too, with Mrs. Jackson and Janet singing along to every song. 3 songs in he had a little wardrobe malfunction when his pant zipper was found to be wide open. Val elbowed her pointing it out, but she saw it too! Oh my gosh! She tried to get his attention. But luckily his band saw it too and it was caught early in the show and he fixed it. Other than that his show was once again outstanding and the crowd loved it.

After the encore everyone with a BSP made their way to the backstage area where the party would be. As Michael had said this was more for the press to get what they needed and for his sponsors to get some face time. She scanned the room and saw Bill, Miko and Frank standing on the other side. At least with them she didn't have to pretend that Michael and she were not together. Actually almost everyone on the tour knew that she and Michael had more than a professional relationship. After Florida it was apparent. It made Allison wonder why Michael wanted to still keep it quiet. She mentioned at one point that if they didn't keep it private it wouldn't be long before others knew. But Michael told her that everyone on the tour, the band, dancers, backup singers, down to the riggers and stagehands had all signed strict confidentially agreements. There would be no talk or they would lose their jobs and face being sued.
She chuckled, "I signed one of those. I sure hope I don't get sued."
"I won't sue you, I like it when you talk."
"You do, do you?"
He laughed his silly laugh, "yeah, especially when you get all flustered."

She made her way across the room, passing people she had only seen in Spin or Rolling Stone magazine. It seemed like everyone there was famous or with someone famous.
"Hi guys," she greeted as she reached them.
"Ms. Wolf always a pleasure to see you," Bill greeted her with a warm fatherly hug.
"You too."
"Ms. Wolf, fancy seeing you here," Frank winked at her.
"Hello Mr. Cigar!"
"I was just going over to the bar, would you like a drink?"
"Just some water would be great, thanks."

A few minutes after Frank left them, Michael made his way into the room. Even if she hadn't seen him, she would have known he was there. Even without all the heads turning and the buzz coming from where he was in the room. Michael just had an aura about him. It was almost like a magnetic pull. When he entered a room your eyes would seek him out for no other reason but to feel his energy. When she set eyes on him she immediately could tell his persona was totally different than the one that came off stage or the one she spent time alone with. He was dressed in his usually black trousers and a pair of leather cowboy boot. She wasn't positive from the angle she was at but she would bet he was wearing a red dress shirt under his jacket. He was also wearing his Ray Bans. He moved about the room quietly not seeking out conversations but of course people would automatically talk to him.

It was almost painful to watch him move about the room. Who would have thought he was this shy around strangers. He was the mega star. You would think it would be the other way around with everyone else too shy or nervous to talk to him.

 The only exceptions were children. He seemed so comfortable around them and they were automatically drawn to him and vice versa. There was little girl there that had come with her uncle that Michael spoke to quietly for a long while. Kneeling down beside her, he gave her his full attention and listened intently. When it was time for her to go, she threw her arms around his neck and told him she loved him. And then Michael did the sweetest thing he could have done. He gave her his Ray Bans and then posed for a picture with her. He wanted to please this little girl so much, that he gave away his shield.

A little later on she watched as he spoke with his sisters and he gestured in her direction. It made her wonder what he was saying about her. Just before she left she met Frank over at the bar, who was on his 2nd cigar of the evening and she wasn't sure what numbered drink, but by the way he was going on she was sure it was more than 2 or 3. He was talking to Michael's parents and it sounded like a disagreement. Frank had asked Katherine and Joseph what they thought of the show. They made no qualms about it, they didn't like it..
"Michael should have his brothers here with him," Joseph hollered. "What the hell's the point in not having them here? I don't get it. Sure he's show is good, but it is a better show with his brothers."
Even his mother told Frank she thought Michael was better when he performed with his brothers.
Frank shook his head and laughed right in her face "You're crazy." He told her.
Allison couldn't believe he said that to her face, but she agreed. How could they not see how outstanding Michael's performance was? Nothing could make him better. She was so glad Michael was not around to hear this.
Katherine was mightily insulted by Frank's comments, "I am not crazy!" she yelled back. "The show would have been better with his brothers, and that's that!"
"Yeah, right…" Frank said before he stomped off leaving them standing there.

It wasn't long after that episode that Michael found her and said he was ready to leave. The party was in full swing and it didn't look like it was ending anytime soon.
"Is it okay that you leave?" She whispered back to him. She wasn't sure how this worked, after all the party was for him.
"Of course it is okay. Meet me out the back exit in ten minutes," then without another word he turned and left.
She didn't even think he had told anyone he was going.

She quickly found Val to tell her she was leaving and asked her if she would be okay.
"I have made my way home outta worst joints than this one Ally," she smiled.
"Thanks Val," she hugged her friend. "Love you."
"Love you too. Now go on silly, be with your man."

The room was bustling and full of life, it took her a few minutes to make it her way out and finally down the hall. Opening up the back door, she thought she would see the same set up as the night before, but it was much quieter and there were no crowd control gates. There were only a few people milling about and a single sleek looking vehicle sat idling where the vans where the night before. But she didn't see his van anywhere. Her eyes scanned the area. Where was he? Did he mean a different back exit? Shoot maybe she turned down the wrong corridor. She was just about to around to go back inside when the back window of the vehicle slid slowly down.
There was Michael smiling at her, “are you waiting for the bus?”
She walked towards him, “it would help if you told me where I would find you.”
“I told you the back exit didn't I?”
“I didn’t know you were going to be waiting for me in this super duper fancy car.”
She stood back to check it out. It was a Royals Royce. That much she could tell from the hood ornament but other than that she didn't know what it was. It had a high gloss two-tone paint theme with the traditional silver on the bottom and a velvet like blue on top. The windows where slightly tinted but not dark and the rear ones had fabric curtains that could be left open or drawn closed for privacy.
"Did you want to see the inside or are you going to stand out there in the cold?" Michael asked then leaned forward to say something to someone in front.

The front door opened and a young man in uniform stepped out to greet her.
"Good evening Miss. Wolf, may I take you around the other side so you can have a seat?"
"Ah... sure," she replied not knowing what to expect.
The chauffer took her by the elbow and led her around the back of the car then opened and held the rear door for her.
"Thank you... ah.. sorry your name?"
"Trevor, Miss. Wolf."
"Thank you Trevor."
Allison ducked her head in to peer into the vehicle before entering. The interior was absolutely breathtaking, covered in white leather, white fabric, and white velour. It was richly accented with brown marbled lacquered trim and accessories and one beautiful smiling Michael seated across the other side looking at her.
"Hi handsome," she breathed.
"Girl get in." Michael was anxious to get going before anyone knew he had left.
She stepped into the car and settled in on white leather seat. Trevor shut the door and walked around to the front to take his seat up front. Being seated revealed the full opulence of the vehicle. It even smelled luxurious.
"This car is beautiful," she leaned over the console between them. "Where are we going?"
"You'll see," he reached up brushing his knuckles softly against her cheek down to caress her neck.

Michael leaned forward, "were ready now Trevor. If we need anything we will let you know."
"Yes sir, Mr. Jackson."
Then without a sound a clear glass partition raised up to separate them from the front cabin. Michael leaned forward again and pressed another button and the glass turned opaque, sealing them in privacy.
"Wow that is so cool." She turned back to Michael who was staring at her intently.
"So now that you have me alone in a confined space will you tell me where you're taking me?"
"Wherever you want," he reached up and brushed her hair behind her ear.
"Seriously, where are we going?"
He chuckled, "actually we are not going to go anywhere from inside of here, I can't tell you where we will travel to."
She scrunched her brow. "Okay now... I am officially confused."
Michael looked down at his folded hands on his lap for a few seconds looking for the right words.
"I thought it would be nice, you know... to... have a movie date, you know like couples do."
"Okay so we're going to the movies?"
"No.. I mean not really. I mean I brought the movies to us," he gestured towards the screens at the front of the cabin.
Allison had seen the screens when she got in, but didn't connect them as screens to watch movies on. A slow smile spread across her face, "Michael, are you taking me to the movies for a date?"
"Well sort of... the only way I can take you... I mean you know I can't -"
"Awe Michael..." she interrupted pushing herself up on the middle console to lean closer. "What are we seeing?"
He smiled almost relived. He leaned down and picked up the bag of video cassettes.
"Okay....let's see, we have Peter Pan, Aliens, ET, The Three Stooges.... ooooh look Nightmare on Elmstreet."
"Ummm no thank you," she stopped him before he decided on the horror flick.
"Well then what one?"
"How about E.T.? "
“Oh I love that movie.”

Michael set the movie up to play then he pushed another button and the console between them started to rise up higher for a couple seconds and then folded back into the seat, leaving nothing but empty space between them.
He lifted his arm for her to move in beside him, “c’mere girl.”
Kicking off her high-heels she tucked her legs up underneath her snuggling up against him as he placed his arm around her.
His warm sweet manly scent invaded her senses. He smelled so good. She lifted her head to kiss him innocently under his chin and he responded by moving to kiss her mouth. His tongue darted out to touch her bottom lip. She sighed his name as her mouth opened to him and he slowly pulled her tongue into his mouth to slide against his own swallowing her gently moan. Taking his time with no rush.
He groaned a low sexy growl, "I love kissing you. I could kiss you forever."
"Hmm, good thing, I love you kissing me."
"Mhm, that is good," he slowed the kiss to a few quick pecks. "Movie?"
She nodded, "Yup, bring on the funny little alien."

As they watched the movie Michael became more and more animated with each and every scene. Making sure she didn’t miss any parts, or telling her to pay attention, or did you see that. His enthusiasm was infections. Except he kinda gave away the all the parts as they happened and the ending too. He obviously didn’t know she had never seen it before. At the end of the movie when the little alien got to go home, Allison had tears welling up in her eyes.
"Wow that was so good," she sniffed . "I've never seen that before."
"You're kidding me, really?"
"Yeah I dunno, I just never went to see it."
"I love it," he confirmed. "I don't know how many times I have seen it."
She laughed, “yeah, I could kinda tell.”
“Oh girl, I didn’t ruin it for you did I.”
“No, it was still really good, but you are such a show off,” she poked him. “I can’t believe you know the movie so well”
“That’s because of the storybook.”

Suddenly she remembered seeing a magazine cover or a book with him and the little alien on it. Probably one of the magazines the girls had in the box they gave her before she met him.
"Right... that’s right... you did something for the movie."
“I did actually,” he smiled proudly. “I narrated the story for an audio storybook.”
“Oh wow that must have been fun,” she sat up to stretch out her legs.
“It was. Steven Spielberg is good friend of mine,” he moved to rewind the tape. “We did it right around the time we did Thriller. Most of the same guys workin' on it too. Q, Rod, Bruce. It worked out well. "
"Michael," she slapped his leg playfully, "you say those names like I should know who they are."
He laughed, "well you know Q is Quincy Jones, and Rod Templeton and Bruce Swedien."
"Oh okay... and they are," she smiled as she brushed her hair away from her face.
"Sorry girl, Rod Templeton is a song writer and Bruce Swedien is an audio engineer, he mixes my records. I've worked with them both for a long time."
She nodded, "oh, okay. So they helped you make this album too?"
"Right and I really wanted the best for the children's album, so they agreed to work with me."
"Hey speaking of children, I saw you with the little girl back at the after party she -"
“Oh Abigail,” he said with huge smile interrupting her.
"Is that her name? She really liked you," she bumped up against him playfully
"She was a real nice Ally," his face was so calm and relaxed as he spoke softly about the little girl. "She said she was in grade 2 and her uncle had brought her to the concert. I think he must be have been a journalist."
"Mhmm... what did she say to get you to give her your sunglasses?"
He smiled brightly and his eyes were wide, "she said she loved me and she would miss me."
"So you gave her your Ray Ban's for her to remember you by?"
"Yeah I guess...." he shook his head.
"You know Ally, I get those glasses for free. I can get as many as I want, anytime, night or day. But as many as I get, none of them will ever mean as much to me as that pair will to her."
She reached to touch his arm, "Awe Michael that is so sweet, not many people would do that."
He looked at her hand and then at her face, his brown eyes open and honest.
"Sometimes I feel like ET. He's in a strange place and only wants to be accepted – which is a situation that I have been in myself. You know when travelling from city to city all over the world. ET is most comfortable around children, and I have a great love for kids. He gives love and wants love in return, which is me. I am like him in many ways"

She felt his sadness in his words but she didn't know what to say that could make it any different. She moved her hand down to curl it around his.
"The show was good tonight Michael."
"Yeah, I am really happy my family came."
"I hope they didn't see your wardrobe problem."
"What wardrobe problem." Michael had totally forgotten.
"Your zipper... remember."
"Oh that... nobody even noticed."
"Well Val and I noticed, the band noticed. That's why they told you. They... "
Michael chuckled, "well I am sure no in the audience noticed. Not everyone was looking at my fly!"
"Okay, keep telling yourself that Michael," she grinned. "Years from now people will still be talking about your bird cage door being wide open..." Oh no, god she didn't... she didn't
"Ha-hahaha, what did you just say?"
Oh god she did...
"My bird cage?"
Oh god... I am such a dork
She cringed, "oh god I am so embarrassed. It's a saying my dad use to say when I was a little girl."
"I think it's cute."
"Oh yeah... I bet."
"Are you a daddy's girl?"
She shrugged her shoulders, "I use to be. Yeah, I guess I still am."
"Mh-hmm, I can see it," he kissed her temple. "But I hope he doesn't mind sharing you."
She blushed, "I don't think he will mind at all Michael."
"Did you want to go back to the hotel?"
She thought about it for a moment. To tell the truth this night was just too perfect to end yet. As much as she wanted to lie naked with him and feel him skin to skin, she was enjoying the evening just riding along, talking aimlessly not knowing where they were going.
"Hmm, not yet," she whispered. "I kinda like having you all to myself in here."
He moved and kissed her again gently, "what did you want to do with me in here?"
"Actually Casanova I hate to disappoint you, but I thought we might watch another movie."
Michael raised his eyebrows, "Nightmare on Elmstreet?"
She rolled her eyes, "sure why not, but you better protect me when that Freddy nightmare guy comes."
"I'll always protect you Ally," he smiled sweetly. "I just have to make sure I have my flashlight!"
"Whatever Michael."

Michael put the movie into the VCR to play and he pulled Allison in under his arm to snuggle back in against his shoulder. And even though the screaming, blood and violence inside the car's back cabin glared in stark contrast to the quiet random route they made through the sleeping city in the dark of night, the feeling of peace, solace and contentment were shared by the two.

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  1. What a great chapter!! I ran right over here to read it when i saw your Twitter post :). It was a great way to start my day.
    I was right there feeling Ally and Val's excitement. And I think I was nervous too when Val met Michael.
    My favorite part was when Michael was flirting with Val as a joke. YOu had me going there for a minute. I thought WHAT, Michael what doyou think you are doing.
    I thought maybe you wanted to add a real twist to this story -- but, I'm glad you didn't :)

  2. Hi Trish... you are fast. I was still fixing my post and you were reading... I am sure you caught a couple of my errors!

    Oh no - could you imagine if I had Michael flirting with Val.. I would die for poor Ally!

    Thanks for coming and commenting!

  3. Happy Birthday, C!
    Instead of you posting a chapter as gift for your readers on your birthday, we should have posted a big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY all over your blog. :)

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    I love the wardrobe problem, and how easily our Michael handled it. On stage he can handle anything.
    Nicely done. I love how comfortable they are with each other.
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    She can't really be mad at Val... that is part of her charm
    Oh another on caught off guard by the flirting Michael... I thought you girls would have been on to me right away...
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  10. Hi Mariaann! I always get so super excited when I think of what the atmosphere must have been like before the tour - each and every night I would have been so super excited to see the smoke clear and see that bad boy standing there - glad I could take you along with them!

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    I still smile everytime I see the zipper "incident" to this day - he fixed it right smooth - but I think it so perfectly him, YUP ZIP no bit deal!

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    Ooohh that is good... a drive around instead of a drive in - if it was with Michael I would take that any day! I think we all would.

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    Oh and yes birthday was great, happy and more fun than I thought it was gonna be - thank you!

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    I was so happy to see a new chapter today! So busy with my daughter all weekend didn't get a chance to check all of my story fixes!!!!! LOL!

    I am sneaking on at work to try and catch up on my addictions LOL!!

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    I loved it ! There was so much sweetness and Michael in this chapter. These kind of chapters are my favorites ! He is really one of a kind ! So funny when he's pretending to seduce Val ! LOL I immediately understood he was joking because it was soooo not him ! LOLOL What a joke !

    You brought in the fly.. Oh my.. Only thinking about it, makes me feel hot ! LOLOL I would zip it up for him.. What did I say ??? NONONONONO Zip it down !! LOLOL

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  17. Oh my lovely tart... as always a pleasure to see you here... :)
    OH NO... break up with Michael... WOW now I know you had to be really mad to do that.
    Sorry to make you worry... you know Michael would never fool around on his girl...
    I might not keep my promise... but it will hopefully always end happy.
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    These are my favourite kinds of chapters... I love sexy Michael... but I crush on sweet adorable Michael...

    Oh! Someone who I didn't fall for the joking flirting Michael... am Impressed with a capital I!

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