chapter eighteen - heaven knows i love you

Wednesday May 18, 1988

The Air France Boeing 747 flew silently on through the black and blue twilight sky. Most of the passengers on board were still asleep. The only activity was in the cockpit where the flight crew guided them to their destination. At the front, in business class, nearly all of the 20 seats were vacant. Except for herself, Michael, Frank, Bill, and James the cabin was completely empty.

Allison tapped Michael on the shoulder, "how come there is nobody else with us?"
"I told you, they're goin' straight to Italy."
"Why aren't we going to Italy?"
"Because we are going to ,France."
She rolled her eyes, "I know that silly."
He smirked, "then you know why we're not going to Italy."
She let out an exasperated sigh, "Michael."
He closed his eyes and dropped the back of his head onto the headrest for a moment before turning his head towards her, "what?"
"Uh," she slapped his arm playfully. "You know what. Why are we -?"
"Ally," he interrupted. "You're worse than a little kid."
"Uh! I so am not!"
He raised his eyebrows and chuckled amused at her animated reaction.
She opened her mouth to respond to his sarcastic laugh then thought better of it and sank back in her seat.
"Don't sulk Ally," he added wryly.
"I am so not sulking!"
Michael laughed again, "if you say so."

She did't respond. There was no winning with him. UH! Why wouldn't he tell her why they were going to France instead of Italy? The European Leg of his concert was starting in 5 days in Rome and here they were going to France first? It made no sense to her, especially since he was such a perfectionist and hadn't performed in more than two weeks.
Tsk, Michael and his stupid surprises! If he wasn't playing practical jokes on her, he was surprising her. 

It was only 48 hour hours ago she was lying in her bed utterly exhausted and sated from Michael's morning lovemaking.  She wanted to fall back asleep, Samson was nowhere to be seen and she thought Michael had the same idea. She was curled up on her side in towards him, her hand splayed across his chest, rising and falling with the slow rhythm of his breathing. She had just about fallen into a nice deep slumber of bliss when he touched her lightly saying something about needing to get up to make a phone call.

"Who are you calling at this hour," she glanced at the radio clock thinking it was still way too early to be calling anyone on the phone. To her surprise, it was almost 11AM. Either she had fallen asleep or Michael had spent a lot more time seducing her than she recalled. She was pretty sure it was the latter. He rubbed her shoulder than rolled her off to the side onto her back so he could get up, "I have an idea, I just need to check on a couple things first."

She sighed audible as she turned her head to watch his lean body move from the bed and pull on his discarded pajama bottoms she had removed earlier. 

Michael heard her sigh and turned around to give her an amused look and shook his head, "woman you are insatiable."

She narrowed her eyes and stuck out her tongue, "well then, maybe you shouldn't be so good to me."

He leaned his knee back on the bed momentarily to kiss her forehead, "Mhmm, but I like to though."

"Kay," she whispered smiling at him. She rolled back up on her side. "Oh can you check on Sam, I think he will need to go out."

"No need, I took him out this morning before you woke up."

"Ah no wonder he didn't come in for his morning walk."

"It's good thing too," Michael's lips curved into a smile as he walked towards the bedroom door. "You were a little bit frisky." 

“Uh… what” she felt her skin heat up and she pulled her pillow from beneath her head and threw it in his direction.

“You heard me,” she could hear his laughter as he walked down the hallway.

"Whatever Michael," she yelled back.

30 minutes later he was back telling her there was an immediate change of plans and that she needed to get everything that she needed packed today. He said that Bill was coming to pick them up tonight and take them to the condo in Westwood then they would be flying out early Tuesday afternoon rather than Wednesday.

"Michael, what is the rush? I thought we were leaving in two days time not tonight?"

"I just said there was a change of plans, we have to be in Europe by Wednesday afternoon. Mary is going to get everything arranged."

When he said it like that, she automatically assumed there was a change in his schedule that required him to be there a day earlier. She realized quickly that she had to get back on his timetable and that it was back to business as usual with the most famous man in the world. She knew all too well how crazy his schedule was and she would be the one that needed to be accommodating to him during this time. So much for the quiet time.  At least they were going to be together travelling all over Europe.

Oh crap... what about Samson... what was she going to do with her puppy on such short notice?

"Michael what about Samson? I need to get my boy to my parent's. I'm sorry, I didn't even think about arranging anything for him while you were here." She was almost on the verge of tears thinking about leaving him so quickly but she knew she couldn't take him.

Michael thought for a moment, "well he can go to Encino and stay there with my family. On the other hand, he can go to the Ranch. He will be living there in the fall anyway, so maybe it will be best."

She nodded slowly, "umm, okay... sure." She sounded unsure and a bit flustered. He heard it in her voice.

"Girl, don't worry, he will be in good hands. The zookeeper Mark is excellent and there are lots of animals at Hayvenhurst and kids too. I will have Jillian or Mary make sure he is well looked after, okay. I promise."

She nodded, “okay."

So just like that, their intimate morning went from relaxed and slow to full on Michael time better get her butt in gear and moving fast. She called her parents and Val to let them know she was leaving a day earlier than expected. She had a nice long talk with her mom who was supportive of her trip this time around and reminded her to be careful. When she spoke to Val, she rattled off a bunch of instructions and a few items she needed her to do. Most importantly she needed her to drop off the cheques for her rent in June and July with her 3 months written notice for August 31st. Val said she would take care of everything and she also happily agreed to meet her half way through the European Leg to keep her company. Luckily, she has already spoken to Marcus when she and Michael were over for dinner on Sunday. She had told Marcus that she would be going on the European Leg and she wanted to extend her leave at the studio. He told her he had already fully expected that back in January, when she had first told him about their relationship. He then joked he should actually just fire her so she would follow her heart and so he could lease out her desk space.

She then set about on the task of packing up her belonging she would need over the next 4 1/2 months. This time she was not planning to come home. She would stay with Michael and the tour throughout its entirety and would return when he did. Therefore, she needed to make sure she had everything! First, she gathered up her equipment and the supplies she had on hand. They hadn't made a final decision on whether or not they would continue their business relationship during this portion of the tour. They had only talked about it briefly, but so much had happened in the last 3 months that it kind of been thrown to the curb. However, regardless of what they decided, she wanted to have her equipment with her so she could have the freedom to work freelance if she decided to or she needed something to occupy her time, knowing that Michael would need to attend to promoting his tour. Not to mention, this was a once in a lifetime trip with Michael. She wanted to document it in pictures as much as she could.

It didn't take her long to organize and pack everything up. In fact packing up her equipment for the trip was so easy she could've done it with her eyes closed. Now she was faced with the task of her wardrobe. She stood stoic like in front of her closet, her arms crossed as she assessed its contents or lack thereof. This wasn't going to be easy. This was going to be hard, damn hard and bit intimidating as well. That was a different matter all together.

Shoot, I need to go shopping!

The last time she packed to travel with him for an extended period she packed mostly business clothes and work clothes so she could do the job she was hired to do. But now, it was different. A whole lot different. She might be working for him from time to time but the other component of their relationship would be front and centre that other component had been very well defined and talked about. This time when they left to go abroad they would be travelling as a couple. So of course, she didn't want to dress in business or work clothes when she was with him. She was no different from any other girl that was head over heels in love. She wanted to look special for her man. Except it wasn't that simple! There was one small complication. Her man was Michael Jackson. Not that she was frightened or scared of that detail anymore. However, Michael was super gorgeous, sexy hot and in the public eye all the time, with lots of other pretty girls around.  So not only did she want to look nice, she HAD to look nice if she would be going to be seen in public at all with him.  This time around, she needed to pack more for the red carpet than the darkroom. Even if she wasn't out with him, Michael always looked so fantastic she wanted to look nice for him too. Especially when they were in Italy, the fashion capital of the world. So even though he said he liked her in her jean shorts and bikini top, which she was sure to pack, she also knew she couldn't get away with wearing that type of outfit day to day on this trip. Luckily, for her it was almost summer and she had a few dresses to choose from along with the newer dresses she had bought when they were travelling on the First Leg of the tour. She tried to pack efficiently and appropriately thinking at least she could always do some shopping for anything she might have missed when she was there.

By the time she was satisfied with her choices it was late afternoon. Coming out of the bedroom Michael found her sitting on the living room floor with Samson. He had had spent most of the day on the phone organizing what was required for the change in plans. It was little disorganized because he only had one phone line and no assistant to help him, but he managed to get done what he needed for their early departure. Everything was in place for the side trip he had planned. He smiled knowing once she figured out they had alternative plans, alternative plans she knew nothing about, she would be chomping at the bit to know what was going on and all up in arms, complaining that she didn't like surprises. But it didn't matter. He really enjoyed the surprises he gave her. He even enjoyed her complaining about them. And with everything that was coming over the next 4 to 5 months he wanted to show her how much he loved her. So that no matter what happened she wouldn't have any doubts or concerns to where she stood in his life. He was sure he had made that clear over the last week spent with her, but he didn't want to take any chances. He didn't want her running away again. He wanted to fill her mind and especially her heart completely with happiness and fond memories so she wouldn't feel any loneliness or sadness on the tour. He knew all too well how that felt.

Once he was finished his last call he joined her in the living room. He stepped in behind her to sit on the soft cushions of the sofa. She looked sad to him and he rested his hands gently on her shoulders, "everything okay?"

She nodded, "yup."

He didn't believe her, "are you sure? Are you sad that we're leaving?"

She shook her head, "no, not sad... just hesitant, I guess."

"Does that mean you don't want to go?"

She turned to look up at him, "oh no. I do. I really, really want to go Michael; I am just going to miss Sam that's all." She reached forward and scratched his head. "But I am really excited to be going. Honestly there is no other place I would rather be than with you."

"We can find a way to take him if you really want to bring him."

"Ahh... yes that would be amazing, but no, he is way too big to be travelling around with us, besides it won't be fair to Sam either. You're right, he will be fine here."

"You sure?"

"I am."

It wasn’t long after that Bill was there to pick them up and pack up their bags in the truck. Allison took Sam down by the water for one last walk on the beach before they left. She would miss Sam and miss being by the water. But not as much as she would miss being with Michael if she didn’t go with him on tour. It was the start of something new for her and her man dog. She hoped he would be okay until her return.

“Come Sam," she kneeled down to scratch his muzzle. "One last walk to Ruby’s," she asked before leading him over to the main pier and out to Ruby’s Diner at the end. The beach diner was packed as usually with the evening beach dwellers hungry from their day in the surf. As she made her way around to the back of the diner she could hear the low din of conversation flowing through their open windows.

At the back of the diner she looked out at the calm waters and spotted a couple of sea lions frolicking playfully in the water. This was usually the best time of day to see them. The surf normally died down by late afternoon or early evening and most of the human activity would be closer to shore, a few diehards splashing around before heading home. Not that you wouldn't catch a seal swimming side by side with a surfer from time to time, but your chances were better later in the day. They yelped at her to get her attention, letting her know they were there, happy they had an audience. Most likely looking for her to throw them food, as a lot of the tourist did. But then they ducked under water and came closer so they were directly beneath her. They swam in circles around each other and then barked a few times before disappearing beneath the calm water. She waited a few minutes for them to resurface but they never did. Closing her eyes she inhaled deeply and smiled. She knew it was silly, but it felt like they were saying good-bye to her. And funny enough it felt like it was her goodbye too.

As she walked back to her apartment she thought she might feel at least bit of melancholy or apprehension about leaving, but she didn't. There was none at all. Not one shred of anxiety or concern about way lay ahead. It really was time to go and move forward.  And if she didn't believe it for her own self there was Michael who could make her believe it.  Michael who was waiting for her patiently back at her apartment, knowing she needed that last walk with Sam before leaving with him. He reached for her hand to interlace his fingers through hers, "you ready to go Ally?" He squeezed her hand gently.

Allison nodded, "yeah, I am all set."

As Bill drove them through the evening traffic towards downtown Los Angles, Michael explained to her that he was going to drop her off and then continue on the rest of the way with Bill to Hayvenhurst. He said he would be late getting back, saying that he had a few things to pick up and that he would drop off  Sam with Mark Biancaniello, the assistant zookeeper, at the compound.

"Want me to come with you?" she asked softly.

Michael continued as if he didn't hear her, "I really like him Ally; he is so great with the animals. I am thinking I should hire him as the head zookeeper for the Ranch."

She nodded firmly. "Then I am sure he'll be great with Samson," she replied honestly knowing that if Michael trusted him so much then she could trust him with Sam.

"Michael?" she questioned her voice still quiet but firm.

He had been looking out the window for their exit, but now turned to look at her.

"Why don't I just come with you?"

He raised his eyebrow, "where? To Encino."

"Yeah," she said, pretty sure she had just surprised him with her idea. "Unless, you don't want -"

"I'm not sure who is there right now," he watched her face to see her reaction. "But you can if you want."

She smiled, and shrugged, "yeah I think... no I want to."

"Then I guess we better let Bill know," Michael asserted with a wide smile.

An hour later they arrived at the familiar brown iron gates of the Jackson Family home. As Bill spoke to security to obtain entrance, Allison instantly recalled the first time she had arrived at the very same gates not so long ago. So much had changed since that day in September when she arrived as a nervous fan ready to work for him. A lot had changed! Now she was arriving with him as he held her hand. The gates opened and Bill drove up the circle driveway towards the garage area at the back entrance. The sun had set and the exterior lights of the home lit up the winding path and entrances to the home. In the soft glow of the lights the home looked more charming and old-fashioned than it did in the light of day. They left Sam with Bill and Michael led her around the garage and up the path to the main entrance. She could hear the water trickling from the large tired fountain before she saw it. It was calming and as they reached it position at the front of the house she could see it was a glow in lights as well.

"The water is so peaceful," she said quietly more to herself than to him.

"It is," Michael added as he opened the front door to let them in. "we have that at the Neverland Ranch too."

"Helllooo, who's home," Michael called out leading her in through the heavy wood doors. She listened and stood completely still by the door as Michael walked down the short hall to the right leaving her standing there alone. The entrance area was brightly lit by a large glass chandelier that hung high up on the open ceiling and it was framed to the right by the large white spindle staircase. The wall along the staircase was lined with family photo and three large stained glass windows. At the base of the staircase sat an antique table with a large vase of wild and traditional flowers. From where she stood, Allison couldn't tell if they were real or fake silk ones. They looked way too perfect and pristine to be real and if they were fake, well then they were the nicest ones she had ever seen. This wouldn't surprise her at all. She stepped in a bit further looking down the hall Michael had gone through.

"Michael," she walked a few feet into the hall and looked in the next room, that look like the formal dining room. He was nowhere to be seen. Great just great! Where did he go?

"Michael," she hissed a little more nervously.  "Where are you?"

"Right here," he tapped her on the shoulder from behind.

"AH!" she screamed feeling as if she was about to jump out of her skin. She turned to face him. "Michael," she slapped his chest, exhaling heavily "god! Don't scare me like that!"

"Like what," he asked innocently knowing exactly what he had done. "I just went to see who was here and came around the other way."

She narrowed her eyes at him, "right and you just so happen to come around behind me."

He chuckled, "I just went to see who was here. The house isn't haunted ya know." He reached for her hand, "you're perfectly safe here with me."

She rolled her eyes, "I know that silly, but I also don't want to be found wandering around by myself either." She looked at him sincerely tugging down on his hand that held hers, "really Michael." She dipped her head casting her eyes to the side then back to his, "I want to make a good first impression."

His face lit up, "awe, girl you nervous about meeting my family?"

"AH ya-huh! Hello... YES!" she affirmed. "And I would much rather be introduced by yours truly than be found bumbling my way around your parent's home."

"My home."

"Michael, stop. You know what I mean."

Yes, he did. He knew exactly what she meant.  There was nobody home as far as he knew. He pretty much figured that out that at the garage, when the regular cars where nowhere to be seen. But he was hoping that his mother was home. He had wanted to introduce Allison to her for a few months now, since Kansas City if not before. But when she had left so unexpectedly, it never happened. This in hindsight was probably a good thing. He respected and loved his mother dearly, but she was old fashioned and would have been terribly upset to learn of the unplanned pregnancy. He would have taken Ally's side, but he really wanted his mother to lover her as much as he did. There was no need to start off on the wrong foot; he just needed the right time to tell her. His little sister Janet was the only one who knew and he swore her to secrecy, but she was also the one who said he needed to tell their mother. Allison saying she wanted to come with him tonight was a big decision on her part he knew. A really big decision so he was hoping that meant she was ready to meet his mother. But of course she was still worried about being accepted he just couldn't help sneaking up on her cute little behind.

"Well don't worry, no one is around for you to bump into," he pulled her closer to him. "Unless you count me," he kissed her lips softly.

"Hmm, okay," she returned his innocent kiss. "So where to now?"

He gave her a smirk and raised his brow, "to my room."

"Uh... Michael," she swallowed apprehensively. She really didn't think going to his bedroom was a good idea. What if someone came home? "I don't think -"

Michael started to giggle, "to pack Ally, to pack. Girl, is that all you think of?"

"Uh!" Her eyes widened, as she pulled her hand away from his. He was in fine form this evening teasing her mercilessly “you are one to talk."

He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the stairs, "girl, you are too easy. Come on let's go."

Upstairs in his two level bedroom Michael began to pack up the items he needed. She watched him momentarily as he careless tossed his items in a bag, not bothering to folded or really pack anything. It was as if he was picking up trash off the floor and tossing it in a garbage can. She shook her head perplexed at how someone could be so conscientious and meticulous in one area of his life and so carefree and nonchalant in another. As he searched for some unknown item on his dresser he told he would have someone else come and pack up the rest of his belongings and move them to the ranch for when they returned to the States in the fall. As Michael continued to busy himself gathering his things Allison walked over to the small window at the back of the room that faced the front of the house. She could see the fountain below and when she looked out farther she could see the lights from the Japanese pond she had almost landed in the day she met him. She laughed quietly as she recalled the embarrassing predicament he found her in the first time they had met. God... I was such a dork. What was I thinking going into the pond? And the Koi... She smiled thinking of that little stuff animal.

"What are you laughing at Ms. Wolf" Michael asked as he came in to stand behind her, his arms circling her slender waist.

She shook her head back and forth, "nothing important, just my first visit here."

"You mean when I had to rescue you from the pond?"

She pushed her butt back into him, "whatever Michael."

"I think a certain someone may have been a little star struck if you ask me," he commented smugly holding her backside firmly into him, enjoying her defiance stance with him.

"Well nobody is asking you are they," she pulled slightly away to turn and face him. "You know if you ask me, I think a certain someone might be getting a little full of himself right about now," she smirked rising up on her tiptoes to emphasise her point.

"Touché Ms. Wolf," Michael pulled her hips into his. "But you know what I like to -"

"Uh uh uh... don't," she warned him with her eyes. "Don't you even say it Mr. Jackson or you will find yourself sleeping on the sofa in your own condo!"

Michael laughed and kissed her lips softly before returning to packing up the rest of his things, "ohhh girl that is cold."

Allison laughed too, "and don't you forget it!"

When Michael was finished packing they returned downstairs to go find Bill and Samson out back. Instead of going through the front entrance where they had come in, Michael led her passed the living room and into the large kitchen, where they he almost walked directly into Katherine Jackson who was arranging flowers on the centre island. Mrs. Jackson jumped slightly startled by their presence, surprised that anyone was home. She glanced quickly at Allison then back at her son.

"Michael, what are you doing here?" Her voice was as soft as Michael's but a bit unsteady. She gave him a disapproving look, "you know I don't like it when you sneak up on me."

Michael chuckled, "mother I am not trying to sneak up on you. We've been here for over an hour," he took the last few steps towards her. "I came looking for you when we arrived."

"Well you scared me half to death," her face softened and she smiled towards Michael as he moved to hug her tightly. "I've been here all along. I must have been out in the garden when you came through."

"Hmm, you must of been." He released her. "Mother, you remember Allison?" Michael gestured towards her. "You met her in Japan, remember?"

Michael’s  warm eyes met hers giving her the reassurance she needed as he held his hand out towards her to come forward. She swallowed nervously, but was determined to do this without being a dork or tripping over her feet. She took the few steps between them, absentmindedly wiping her hand on her jeans before she extended it to her, "hello again, it nice to see you again Mrs. Jackson."

"Please call me Katherine dear," Michael's mother responded as she extended both of her hands to grasps Allison's firmly. Her hands were soft like Michaels and she gently squeezed her hand in hers smiling warmly,  "it is nice to see you again as well Allison. I hope Michael is being a good host to you in our home."

“Yes,” she nodded, purposely omitting the fact that he had scared her earlier much the same he had done to her here in the kitchen. “A perfect host.”

Katherine released her hand and turned to look at Michael briefly before returning to her flowers, "what are you two children up to this evening?"

"Packing up mother, we are leaving tomorrow, remember."

Michael didn't want to tell his mother about moving out, not yet. He knew she would be upset that he was leaving the family home. Even if he told her it was to be with Allison she would be hurt that he was leaving. If she had her way, she would have him stay forever. But his mother knew he had been looking around at places the last few months. He was determined to have the privacy and solitude he longed for. Besides it was time now. He was the last one living at home. Even Janet had moved out before him. He looked at Allison affectionately and smiled. It was time to move on and eventually have a family of his own.

"Yes, I remember Michael," she looked up from her flowers catching Michael's dreamy gaze at the young woman standing next to her.

"I am not that old," she smiled as she also turned her own gaze towards Allison too, who returned her smile with her own timid one.

"But I thought you told me you were leaving on Wednesday?"

He laughed as his mothers' comment, "I know you're not old mother."  He took one long stride closing the gap between him and the two woman. He reached down and captured Allison's hand with his fingers grasping her hand lightly, "we were leaving on Wednesday but there was a slight change in the plans."  He looked at Allison pointedly when he said "we."

Oh god... this was it. He was holding her hand in front of his mother... now what?

Allison didn't move, she almost pulled her hand away she was so surprised by the contact of their skin, but Michael laced her fingers through hers holding her steady. She breathed deeply and swallowed as she pressed her fingers tightly around his hand.

It was impossible not to see that Michael was holding her hand or Allison's panicked reaction to it. But if Mrs. Jackson noticed, she didn't let on. She let out a sigh, "I can't keep up with you children. You're all over the place and never where  you say you're gonna be when you say you are going to be there. I think you all do it on purpose if you ask me."

Allison could hear the lightness in her voice as she teased her son. She was obviously use to a house full of activity. It must have been hectic when they were all touring. She couldn't fathom what it would be like to be the mother of such a famous family or trying to keep up with all of her children and where they all were at any given time. But she had a feeling that Mrs. Jackson knew more than she let on.

"Mother, you know that is what we do," Michael followed her lead teasing her back.

She shook her head and returned her attention back to the flowers she was arranging, "child I would not put it past any of you." Then she laughed a warm easy laugh, making them both laugh too and putting Allison immediately at ease. As mother and son continued to tease each other, she took the opportunity to take a long look at the Jackson matriarch. It was without doubt that Michael had inherited his mothers' features and quiet sincere mannerisms. She was a pretty woman with wide eyes and full lips with a genuine smile. And more than looks you could see the impenetrable bond between them.  NO mother would ever say so, and Katherine Jackson was no exception, but Allison suspected Michael was her favourite. 

As Allison continued to watch the mother son interaction she failed to notice that she was being observed as well. She wasn't the only one taking notice of the interplay. Mrs. Jackson watched them together and she hadn't missed the glances and looks they gave each other and now as he held her hand. He was definitely sweet on this girl, even though he didn't come right out and say so. But Michael was like that. He was an intensely private person, especially with his personal life. He didn't like to share anything personal, even with his own family.  But Katherine had a memory like a steel trap. This wasn't the first time she remembered seeing this girl with Michael outside of the tour. She recalled seeing her in Kansas City. It was right before Michael ended up leaving his own after party. Katherine was pretty sure it had something to do with this young woman, as she was nowhere to be seen either after Michael left. She had been in New York too. It was that night that girl kissed Michael on stage. She remembered that clearly, because she came to introduce herself before the show and Janet seemed overly happy to meet her. And now, just the way Michael had been looking at her. She wasn't just an acquaintance or somebody working for him anymore. She was something much more special. Especially if he brought her here to the house. Michael never brought young woman to the house. Children and families yes, but never  a woman quite so pretty and so close to his own age. It warmed her heart to see him doting on this girl, it definitely had to be something serious.

They talked a while longer as Katherine arranged the flowers in the two vases separating them by colour and size. The subject turned to the tour and the discussed the plans to get together in London when Katherine flew over in July for Michael Wembley Arena shows. It would be a momentous occasion in London when Michael would perform for seven sold out nights at the venue. More than 1/2 a million people would be in attendance, including Price Charles and Princess Diana. It would be amazing.

Then it was time for them to leave. Michael explained there were still a few loose ends to tie up before leaving and they needed to get going.

Katherine hugged Allison goodbye telling he she must come by again when she had more time.

"Good bye mother," Michael kissed her cheek. "See you in a coupla  months."

"Yes, now be careful Michael."

Michael  chuckled softly, "mother, you worry too much."

Still holding her hand Michael let Allison led them towards the door out to the garden.

"Michael," his mothers soft voiced stopped them just before they stepped out the door.

He turned, "yes mother."

"Come here for a moment dear," she asked.

Allison turned to lock her eyes with his, “do you want me to wait?”

“You go ahead and find Bill. I'll catch up with you in a minute.”

"Okay," she pulled her hand from his warm grasp and hurried along the path back to the garage area.

Michael watched her walk away for a few seconds before he returned to the kitchen leaning on the island across from his mother.  She didn't look up at first, as she continued to arrange the flowers, "she seems very nice Michael."

Michael smiled widely, "she is mother."

Katherine raised her brow, "but I would like a proper introduction to her sooner rather than later and you know that means your father as well."

“We will mother, I promise.”


Allison looked out the side of her eye to see what he was doing. He was sitting looking relaxed flipping through a magazine. He had gone through some paperwork when they were first seated and then he had taken out what looked like a sketchpad and jotted down a few notes and doodles on the thin ivory pages. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction of giving in and asking again. But still she was dying to know why they were going to France. And why was it such a big secret. Maybe she wouldn't like what he wanted to do. Did he ever think of that? Maybe he was thinking of taking her for dinner for snails and frog legs in Paris. Well she didn't want to that. She would much rather have spaghetti and meatballs in Rome.

She knew something was up at the airport when they were boarding. She had only flown once with him in the States, but from all the travelling in Japan she knew that normally there would be a private jet for the entire entourage. Then they would all travel together in private. But when they arrived at LAX Michael said they were travelling on a passenger jet. It was also when he told her it would be just them, Frank, Bill and James.

She had given him a skeptical look, "what... why?"

"I told you there was a change in plans."

She shook her head, "right, but is it gonna be okay?"

He smiled, "yeah, of course. You worry too much."

Of course she worried. She had seen what it was like wherever they went, she didn't think it would be safe 30000 feet in the air. But of course it turned out to be perfectly safe and quiet. The small group boarded last, passing by the drawn privacy curtains to occupy the first class cabin. And from the time they sat down to the present Michael hadn't told her anything. Not what they were doing and what the so-called change in plans was. It was infuriating. She looked at him again, maybe she should try another approach.



"At the airport, did I hear Mary say we have the entire hotel?"

He nodded as he continued to scan the magazine, "yes."

"You booked the entire hotel in Rome?" Making her voice sound shocked and totally surprised.

Michael gave her an odd look, "yeah, that is what I just said. We're all staying there and it is a small hotel."

Aha... she had him right where she wanted him. "So the hotel is in Rome, so why - "

Michael dropped his magazine into his lap, "Ally stop okay? Can you just let me take you where I want to take you without you thinking it is the end of the world?"

She made a face that reminded him of a five-year-old child, "well yeah... I guess so. It's just that...  I was just wondering, you know coz like you need to be there, there as in Rome, but here we are on a flight to France... and that is not Rome ya know and I wanna know why, so... but I can try not to wonder, well I will, but I mean not ask you about it."

Michael could only laugh, "girl, you really are terrible."

She pushed out her bottom lip, "what?"

"What, what?"


"Okay, okay... if you want me to tell you I will, but just know I want to do this for you and if I tell you it will ruin it for me. But if you really want to know I will tell you."

Allison's felt her heart melt. Michael had just said the magic words. She didn't realize or even really think that part of Michael not telling her was not just a surprise but because he wanted to do it for her.

She frowned as she replied honestly, "well I want to know, but if you think it will ruin it, I don't want to do that to you."

He reached for her hand and brought it to his lips kissing the back of it softly twice before his warm brown eyes met hers, "you know what I would really like?"

She didn't respond.

"I would like to take you somewhere without worrying if you are not going to like it."

"Sorry," she whispered lifting their joined hands resting her chin on his knuckles, "it's not that I won't like it I am just not use to this... but I am okay if you surprise me." 

"Thank you."

Three hours later they arrived in Nice slightly ahead of schedule. As they taxied along the runway towards the terminal Allison stretched out her tired and stiff limbs. After their discussion she had managed to fall asleep for a couple of hours and even though they were seated in the more comfortable seating area, it had been a long flight. Michael looked great and didn't seem tired or stiff at all, but she was tired of sitting and glad to be finally getting off the plane. She was even happier when Michael told her there would be a short drive to the hotel they were staying and they would have a few hours to rest up before they would be going out.

When the plane came to a full stop at the arrival gate they were all swiftly escorted out onto the tarmac before anyone else disembarked. Down below two shiny black Mercedes Benz limos waited to take them to their destination. One for Michael and Allison and the other for Frank, Bill and James. 

As the drove along the coast of France Allison suddenly realized she didn't have anything to wear if they were going out. She had her carry-on bag of course, but she hadn't found out about the surprise until after the luggage was ushered away by one of Michael's many assistants'.  

"Michael, I just thought of something. I don't have anything to wear."

"Don't worry I took care of everything."

"Of my clothes too?"

He smiled and nodded, "yes, what you need will be at the hotel."

"Is that a funny way of saying I will be naked?"

Michael chuckled, "you wish beautiful." He squeezed her thigh when she rolled her eyes at him. "I have other plans for you and I tonight, but if you play your cards right, you might get lucky."

"Uh.... YOU, tsk you are terrible! You will be lucky if I even kiss you later," she said mockingly brushing his hand off her thigh.

Michael smiled playing with her fingers, "well we finally agree, I will be lucky if you do."

It wasn't a long drive by distance but the traffic was heavy and the driver apologized profusely in his  perfect English. He explained at this time of year it took 3 times as long to get anywhere. She wasn't sure what he meant by that, but it was definitely busy. If it wasn't for the European made cars and architecture, she would have thought she was travelling in downtown LA in the middle of rush hour. What was amazing is that almost every single vehicle she saw was either a expense high-end car or a limousine. Every other car was either a Ferrari, Porsche or some other expensive make. She knew that the south of France was posh, but this seemed too over the top and it was so crowded, but it was also stunningly beautiful. The clear beautiful sky was a mile high and sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean with the mountains on the other side. It was breathtaking as they drove past the quaint old buildings mixed in with grand new casinos. They drove through the resort town of Antibes, a delightfully charming old town full of ambiance and vitality. The narrow streets were chocked full of energy and life of the local markets. People, buying tasting and laughing it was a variable palette for the eyes and a photographers dream! The driver hearing her excitement, spoke of the town as well telling them that the harbour, port Vauban, was one of Europe's largest yachting harbours.

They continued along the coast through a rock tunnel and came out at first what look like the Atlantic City boardwalk then she saw the sign.


As they continued past the sand and boardwalk she began to see billboards, signs, banners and flags all over the place.  Ah, now everything stared to make sense! That is what the drive meant by this time of year. The Festival.

Welcome to Cannes!

Festival International Du Film

Cannes Welcomes The World

It was even busier here. Well of course it was. They were arriving in Cannes France during the International Film Festival. Only the most prestigious and publicized film festival in the world. 

Holy mother... my god what were they doing here??

She was so excited she could barely speak properly. “Michael... what, why, why.” She shook her head when Michael started laughing at her giddiness. “What in the world are we doing here?”

He chuckled, “riding in the limo.”

She laughed too, “Michael! Come on... tell me,” she whined happily. “What are doing here in Cannes?”

“Oh Cannes, right, right.” He looked out the window coolly. “Nice place.”

“Michael, you are so mean” she poked him firmly.

“Ouch! Alright, alright, I'll tell you,” he rubbed his side. “You don't have to be so vicious.”

“Sorry,” she smiled. “Pretty please.”

He loved her enthusiasm, “I dunno I thought maybe we would catch a movie or something if you want to.” He said it so unfazed as if they were still sitting in her apartment watching cable on her small 20 inch TV.

Her hands covered her face in excitement, “what? Oh my god, you have got to be kidding me? A movie? Here, now... that’s crazy.”

“Ah... sounds like someone likes their surprise," he smirked smugly.

“Uh... yeah you could say that.”

As the limo made its way onto La Croisette Boulevard towards their hotel. Allison peppered Michael with questions hoping he would give something away. Where we're they staying, what movie they were seeing, when had he planned this. She was babbling all over the place, asking more questions and guessing her own answers before he could answer her.

"Wait...  what am I going to wear? Michael I have nothing suitable for something so fancy."

"Girl you are gonna pop like a bubble if you don't relax. I told you already everything you need will be at the hotel, including something for you to wear."

As if on cue, saving Michael from another question, they arrived at the back of the hotel. The driver stopped directly under the white awning and turned to speak to them. "We have arrived Mr. Jackson. Let me make sure that they are ready for you and Ms. Wolf."

As the driver stepped out Allison turned whispering to Michael, "how did he know my name?"

"Mary or Jillian probably gave it to them, they helped me get this organized."

"Wow. Umm, did they organize my clothing too," she was now really interested in what she would be wearing and really hopping it was Mary and not Jillian that had picked out her outfit.

"Mhmmm, nope, I had someone else give me a little help with that."

Now he really had her curious but before she could ask another question, the driver returned to open the door on her side.

"They are ready for you now. The manager, Mr. DeGrange, is waiting to take you to your suit.

"Thank you very much. What time should we be ready?"

"I will pick you up here at exactly 8:30. The show starts at 9."

Exiting the limo they were escorted to the privacy elevators down a long corridor. Allison was thinking they would be using freight elevators, but the large lift was lined in ivory and taupe fabric with a beveled mirror back and side wood walls decorated with crystal sconces. It was way too fancy to be a freight elevator. On the ride up the manger explained that the Hotel Martinez specialized in guests that preferred their privacy and discretion than the pomp and grandeur that came with being a celebrity staying in Cannes or attending the Festival.

"If you want no one to know you're here, we are your best bet," he added to assure them. "Your privacy is our business."

He also gave them a brief history of the hotel. It was originally a villa known as 'La Coquette' and built by English aristocrats during the late nineteenth century. This villa was bought by the exiled King of Naples who renovated and extended the building to create the improved 'Villa Marie-Thérèse'. For almost the  next fifty years it was the focal point for the socialite scene of Cannes. Sadly, during WWI its splendor and reputation declined. That was until, Mr. Emmanuel Martinez, the Chairman of the Société des Grands Hôtels de Cannes, made the decision to demolish the building and build the largest hotel in the region. In February 1929 the Hotel Martinez opened its doors as the largest hotel on the French Riviera and a new era began.  He said that after the Second World War the Hotel Martinez was the scene for many celebrations and so remains the tradition to today.

The soft ding of the elevator announced their arrival to their floor and the manager accompanied them to their penthouse suite. He then provided them with the exclusive numbers to call for service and for anything out of the ordinary they might need. As well informing them that the butler service declined could be called back on duty at any time. Allison was barely listening as Michael was thanking him and was the first to enter the suite.

"Oh my.... this place.... Michael take a look." she squealed from inside.

"Thank you again Mr. DeGrange."

When Michael entered she was out of sight, already off exploring. Her discarded purse and carryon the only evidence she had been there.

"This place is huge," she gushed from a unknown area of the penthouse. It was easily the biggest hotel room she had ever seen. Even the ones she had already stayed in with Michael this place was massive in comparison, with a spacious living and dining area, two bedrooms and bathrooms, one that had a sauna and a separate dressing room. There was a huge terrace that wrapped around the suite facing the sea, with outdoor seating and another dining area and a large Jacuzzi.

She felt as if she had walked onto a set of a movie scene. The decor was reminiscent out of the Roaring Twenties. With shades of white, champagne and ivory contrasted by beige and taupe creating the  ultra glamorous chic style of the era but still giving it a warm relaxed feel.   

All of the furniture and the finishes looked straight out of the flappers' era, with quilted bed heads in a mother-of-pearl material, crystal chandeliers, Giacometti-style lamps, two-tone dressing tables covered in white leather. It was gorgeous.

Michael found her out on the terrace, outside the bedroom, looking out at the water. She must of felt his eyes on her because she turned and beamed a smile at him just before he opened the glass doors. 

"This place is too much," she chimed happily as she walked towards him to enter the doors. "I can't believe we are staying here."

"Well it's only one" night," he reminded her.

"Yeah but one night of ultra chic," she plopped herself down on the bed with a grin. "It must of cost a small fortune."

Michael studied her smiling face, she looked beautiful. She always did. He was thrilled she was so surprised and happy. After all this night was for more for her than it was for him. He wanted it to be perfect. He couldn't organize it himself but he had to trust his aides to help him when he made the request and a little extra help from Val didn't hurt either.

He shut the glass doors and came to sit next to her on the bed. “So, Ms. Wolf.” He leaned his thigh into hers, “I take it you are okay with the change in plans?”

“How could I not be, it’s amazing,” she wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed his cheek.

“Well I’m glad, but I have to tell you, you are a big ole’ pain in the butt do to anything for.”

“Uh! I am not,” she rested the tip of her chin on his shoulder.

‘Yes, you are.”

“Michael, tsk.”

He smirked, looking down at her, “don't Michael me, you are."


“It’s okay, I like you all riled up.” He chuckled, “besides you make it so easy.”

“You're so mean.”

“Am I now?”


“Well you can find your outfit and then tell me how mean I am.”

“Oh.. my outfit! Where, where, where is it?” She was beaming again.

“Where do you think it is?”

“I dunno... closet?”

“Girl you are crazy.”

She jumped off the bed and pulled open the double doors of the large white lacquered armoire. There hanging inside was  green chiffon, knee length, cocktail dress.  It had spaghetti straps and the bodice had frayed scalloped edges. It cinched in at the waist with a wrap of fabric leaving the skirt free and flowing. It was perfect and exactly the kind of dress Allison would pick to wear. Pretty, flirty and sexy, but still demure enough that she would feel confident in wearing it.

"Wow."  The dress was beautiful. "It's stunning!"

She pulled it out and held up against her frame, "who got this dress for you?"

"Do you like it?"

"It's perfect," she looked at the tag on the neckline, "and it is my size too."

"I think there should be shoes there too."

"Ohh, really... hehe, " she walked back to the closet to see to see the trademark Christian Louboutin shoebox inside. That gave it away! Now she knew who did  the shopping for her. The one person who knew her size and the one person she knew who couldn’t resist the French designer’s shoes.  She hung the dress back up and sank down to sit on the floor to open the box. Inside she found a pair of black chiffon peep toe pumps. So Val and so perfect to go with her dress. It was becoming pretty obvious Michael wanted this night to be special for her.

She turned sitting on the floor to look at him, "so what are you wearing? "

"I haven’t decided yet," he eyed her carefully. "With umm, you know, Karen not being here it might take me a bit longer." His voices tapering off at the end. He had an idea of what to wear, it was making sure his skin looked okay.

"Can I help?"


She knew how but she didn't want to be so blunt to come right out and say it. She knew from all the time they spent together that Michael never went out anywhere without getting his hair and makeup done and usually his clothes too. Karen Faye and Michael Bush were always on hand for events and nights out. Michael always wanted to look perfect and nothing was ever left to chance. The only time she had seen him go without being "made up" was at the condo, a few times in Florida during rehearsals and the week he spent with her in Huntingwood and he was still the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

She gave him a lopsided grin as she crawled on her knees towards him, "umm, I dunno, I can help you pick out your outfit like you picked out mine."

"I didn't pick yours out Ally, Val did."

Reaching him she placed her hands on his knees, "I know, but you asked her. Let me help you get ready please... pretty please?"

He leaned forward to cup her face, "do you always want to get your way?"

She nodded, "yup!"

"We'll see."

They ordered room services and enjoyed a delicious dinner while they sat out on the terrace. Allison thought maybe they might make love before going out, but Michael seemed tense and tentative about her advances saying they needed to start getting ready. Not wanting to spoil the mood she took her turn in the bathroom and took a long hot shower that turned into a bath. The bathroom had all the trappings and accessories of a salon spa and she took the time to dry out her hair completely and straighten her long chestnut locks. She tightened the robe's sash around her waist as she returned to the bedroom. She moisturized and applied some light make up before taking her dress out of the closet again. She was just about to disrobe and try the dress on when she heard him call her from the other bathroom.

"Yeah?" she walked towards his voice.

'Can you just come here for minute?"

She poked her head in, "what's up."

There was make up strewn all over the counter and Michael was in loose long sleeved blue shirt and pajamas bottoms, he had his hair pulled back in a scrunchie hair band and lose curls framed his face.

"I'm having a bit," he looked down biting his lip. He looked almost defeated. He let out a long sigh, then steeled his shoulders and met her eyes. He looked almost terrified.

"I am having a problem mixing this cover up, it is thicker than I am use to and - ."

"Here," she interrupted. "Let me show you a trick."

She went to retrieve her own make up bag. Returning to the bathroom, she set about wetting a facecloth with warm water and cleared the counter with her forearm to make space.

"C'mere," she gestured for him to come and stand in front of her while she pushed herself up to sit on the counter top. She spread her knees wide so he could stand close to her.

"Let's get this off first," she said quietly as she gently wiped the smeared cover up off his face. His warm brown eyes locked on hers, the pain he felt evident in his stare. Allison smiled back at his pained stare even though she felt her heart breaking. When all the excess makeup was removed, she took a large dollop of her face moisturizer and a smaller amount of the cover up and mixed it together in her palms to apply to his face.

"Close your eyes," she whispered.

Michael did as he was told, placing his hands on her thighs, as she rubbed the lighter mixture into his skin carefully. Then she took a wedged matting sponge and smoothed out the streaks and blended in a bit more cover up in areas to make it even. She then went over it with a dry foundation brush to leave a sheer finish.

She leaned forward and kissed his nose, "okay, all done."

Michael opened his eyes pulling away to look in the mirror. His skin looked flawless. He looked back at her utterly grateful, "how did you know what to do?"

She laughed, "you learn a trick or two when you shoot Hollywood weddings."

"Girl, I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything," she said as she hopped down off the counter. "It was my pleasure."

She left him to his privacy to finish getting ready and so she could dress as well. Sitting on the edge of the bed she tried to steady her breath as she felt tears well up in her eyes. Her heart had swelled and lodge in her throat when he needed her help. Her mouth had gone dry and her hands had been shaking the entire time. She didn't want him to see that is was a big deal for her to do that. No making it a bigger deal than it already was wasn't a good option. Nor did she want to make him feel more self-conscious knowing that she had been so nervous. She swallowed the lump in her throat. For her it wasn't a big deal to help him, but she knew to him it was the biggest deal in the world to let her. She slapped her face lightly, get a grip Ally, you don't want to ruin tonight. She stood up and picked the dress up off the bed to get ready.

Once dressed with her heels on and makeup retouched she waited for him on the terrace. When she heard the slide of the terrace doors she turned to see him walking towards her. He looked fantastic in a soft knit black sweater and black trousers. She was happy he wore what she had suggested at dinner. Nothing flashy or too dressy, just simple and understated, just him. His face broke out into a huge grin, "girl, look at you."
She did a little curtsey and sashayed towards him, "you like?"

"Mhmm," he hummed. "You look fantastic."

"Well you don't look so bad yourself Mr. Jackson."

The limo arrived at exactly 8:30 and had them at the back of the Palais des Festivals at 8:50. It was busy and crowded at the front of the theatre, but it was fairly quiet at the back. They were promptly shown up to their seats in the top balcony just as the lights were beginning to dim. Allison had goose bumps almost the entire time, when the curtains opened to reveal the screen, she had no idea what to expect and he didn't give he any hints. This for Michael was pretty unusual. He was always giving the plot lines away. But not tonight. He wasn't' giving anything away.

As the opening  began, she was surprised to see Michael's feet walking across the screen then do a toe stand. Michael was in this movie?

"Michael are you in this," she whispered?"

He leaned into her, "yes, this is the movie I told you about."

This was his movie... the one he had been working on last year.

"Oh," she giggled excitedly, "this is your movie?"

"Shhh and watch."

The movie started with Michael singing "Man in the Mirror" like he did every nght at the end of his concerts for the encore. After that it went into a montage of sorts, almost like a highlight reel of Michael's career. Right from when he was a child with his brothers' all the way to the present with accompanying music from the same periods. After the montage it looked as though it was going to go straight into the music video "Bad." Allison was excited because she loved that video, but instead it turned out to be a takeoff on the Bad video but it was performed by various children, dressed exactly the same as the original performers in the original video. There was even a little Michael.  It was so cute.

Then when the song was over the little 'Michael" starts to leave the set of the video to go outside of the building  he is in. There was a young Bill, and Miko and too. Outside of the building a claymation tour bus stops right in front of the same building. There is a large cloud of mist in front of the building and when the young Michael walks through it, he turns back into present day Michael. In the same black flashy outfit. Allison grinned at how good he looked. The people in the tour bus noticed too and when they see the real Michael someone yells it's MICHAEL JACKSON and they start to chase him.

Allison chuckled. Yep that is pretty accurate!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Michael is chased all over the studio lot he is in. Going thru sets and getting the attention of dancing saloon girls, cowboys, crazy paparazzi and overzealous fans. Everyone is chasing him. When one of the girls said she loved his muscles, she laughed out loud at the pun. She took a look at Michael beside her and could of sworn he was blushing. Finally after being chased all over by everyone, he finds a wardrobe room to hide and discovers a bunny suit to escape in on a bicycle. But the paparazzi soon realize it is him and  begin to chase Michael again. But then Michael's bike turns into a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and the music for "Speed Demon" starts for the chase. When Michael is sure he has lost the press and all the rabid fans he stops in the desert, taking off his bunny suit. But as he starts to walk away someone tapes him on the shoulder. It is the bunny suit. It has come to life and it is challenging Michael to a dance contest. After the dance off, a police officer taps Michael on the shoulder and gives him a ticket for standing on his toes in a no toe stand zone! Michael also notices that the bunny has vanished too. Just before Michael rides off the mountain in front of him morphs into the bunny and winks at him. Michael smiles and drives off. Then song "Leave Me Alone" starts and it is another video. A collage of Michael on different rides and a bunch tabloid stories flying all about. The video was all in jest, but the words to the songs weren't.

Allison was thinking it was going to be all music but once the "Leave Me Alone" segment was over, it moved into more of a story line. It's nighttime with a full moon and there are three little kids, Sean, Katie and Zeke, looking down at a building. Then Michael steps out of the building they are looking at and looks up at the sky and see a shooting star go by. He looks absolutely gorgeous with a black fedora wearing a dapper men's pinstripe suit and an elegant white wool coat draped over his shoulders. Allison can't help but turn and look at the real live Michael beside her. Needing to check to see if he really is that good looking.

"Wow you look amazing Michael."

"Shh, pay attention, you are gonna miss the movie."

"Tsk Michael I was just saying - " she jumped when the theatre erupts in gunfire, and the celluloid  Michael dodges and ducks and quickly as henchmen start shooting at him. Up on the roof the two frightened boys run away, but Katie stays behind frozen in fear. She shouts Michael's name and then the movie goes back into what looks like a flash back.

There is Michael, Katie, Sean, and Zeke playing in a field with a soccer ball and along with Katie's dog Skipper. Someone kicks the ball and Skipper runs over, picks it up with his mouth and runs into the woods. Michael and Katie go to look for Skipper but he is nowhere to be seen. They keep searching deeper into the woods until they end up in a section of the woods that is covered completely with spider webs where they locate a secret tunnel inside a rock. Michael and Katie follow the tunnel. The see people and stop on a staircase and look to see what is going on. They overhear someone who plans to get every child in the world hooked on drugs. The villain identifies himself as Frankie LiDeo, Mr. Big for short. Allison immediate identified Mr. Big as actor Joe Pesci. Then Katie screams when a spider is crawling towards her arm, Mr. Big sees them and sends his gunmen after them.

Then the it goes back to the building where Michael is trying to dodge the bullets being shot at him. After the gunmen stop shooting, you see that Michael has somehow escaped the gunfire and is now running for his life. Katie, who was watching the whole time, notices this and runs off the building to find the two boys. Meanwhile after running what seems like forever, Michael is cornered is trapped in a dead end alleyway and Mr. Big and his men go to kill him when the shooting star goes by again. It is Michael's lucky star and it can make him do anything or turn into anything. That is why he escaped the gunfire. This time Michael turns himself into a super fast car and speeds past his enemies, escaping again!

While the Michael car is racing away, Katie enters an abandoned club. Sean and Zeke are both hiding there and greet her. They all claim Michael told them to meet him there earlier. The club is old and full of cobwebs and it appears as if it has been empty for years. They leave the club, making sure they are at the right place. But when they hear someone coming they run and hide behind broken fence. Katie, always the curious one, looks over and is shocked to see Michael transforming back into human form.

We see Michael silhouette fixing his hat and standing similar to like he does in concert when he did Heartbreak Hotel and currently Smooth Criminal. This time he is dressed in a white pinstripe suit with a white fedora and tie along with a blue shirt. He runs down towards the door of the club and a burst of white light flashes as he enters. But the club it is no longer empty or abandon. It is lively, crowded and a gangster-infested 1930s style American nightclub. Michael is surprised by this as everyone in the club is surprised to see him. Suddenly Michael flips a coin into the jukebox and the music from the song Smooth Criminal starts. The next ten minutes is filled with Michael dancing in and around the club mixing and mingling with the swing dancers and zoot suits. It had all the stylings of a 1930's movie musical. The dancing by everyone was amazing. There was also a slow interlude where Michael and the other engage in a modern interpretive dance. It was like nothing she anything else she had seen him perform before. The music was oozing from every single pore in their bodies. It was slow, erotic and so sensual. Allison was losing her breath just watching him. You could tell the music moved him and the way he was dancing he was moving her too!

At the end of the song, Mr. Big shows up again and at the club and kidnaps Katie. Michael follows them back to Big's lair and ends up surrounded by his henchmen. Mr. Big appears and taunts Michael by threatening to inject Katie with highly addictive narcotics. Katie breaks free for a moment, but Mr. Big grabs her again and starts kicking Michael. As Mr. Big stands over Michael and orders his henchmen to kill him and Katie, Michael looks up and sees his lucky star. He transforms into a giant robot and destroys all of Mr. Big's soldiers, then turns into a spaceship. Mr. Big gets into a large hillside-mounted energy cannon, firing on the spaceship as it flies into a nearby ravine. The kids are his next target, but the Michael-spaceship returns from the ravine just in time to fire a beam into the cannon with Mr. Big inside, killing him. The children watch the ship fly into the night sky with shower of light.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugThe children return to the city, believing that Michael is gone forever. As the boys talk about Michael, Katie walks away crying and clutching a paper star. As she sits in a corner wishing for him to come back, the paper star flies out of her hand and Michael walks out of the night fog. This time he looks like he is wearing the same outfit from the beginning of the movie wearing the white wool coat. He takes them to Club 30's, where they find that the club has turned into the backstage area of a concert. The walk along until they are found by Frank and Michael's stage crew. They have Skipper! Then Michael is escorted away and it looks like he is going on stage to sing.

The cords to "Come Together" start and there is Michael in shiny tight leather pants and jacket and he starts strutting and singing. Then after the first verse and chorus he strips off his jacket and dances provocatively throughout the rest of the performance. He looks incredible, with a butter yellow shirt and signature torn white undershirt. But she can't help but blush at his movements and sexy thrusts throughout the song and as the films fades out to the credits.

To be honest it was the most far-fetched, disjointed, unbelievable story she has ever seen and she loved ever-single moment of it. It wasn't something she would really call a "movie" movie, maybe little vignettes or short stories told with lots of great music. But it was so Michael, playful, whimsical, satirical, funny and totally brilliant.

Before the lights had even come up, Michael was grabbing her hand to go, "come 'on girl, hurry," he whispered.

"Huh... what's the hurry, the credits are not even done."

"Nobody knows we're here," he whispered again. "I want to keep it that way"

"Oh, right" she whispered back.

The same usher that had led them to their seats when they arrived was waiting for them at the exit. He discreetly  led them back to the back stairwell they had entered. It really was crazy to be going in the back way. It was pretty much unheard at the Cannes Festival. People didn't sneak into the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, they wanted to be seen by the press. Especially since it was invitation only and closed to the public. But Michael had insisted that no one know they were there. Even celebrities' didn't know he was there. Even though his picture was not in the competition he just knew it would be bedlam if anyone knew he was in attendance. He wanted this to be a private night for them and so far it had worked out exactly that way.

Once they were back seated into the limo and comfortable, he finally asked her what she thought. "Well?" Michael asked her expectantly. He was really interested in knowing what she thought of the movie. "What did you think?"

Allison grinned, "it's you.”

Michael tilted his head to the side. What did that mean? Didn't she like it, but then why was she smiling.

Allison quickly sensed his uneasiness, “Michael I loved it."

"Really, you're not just saying that?"

She slapped his thigh lightly, "Michael seriously it was great. I didn't know what to expect, but it was wonderful and perfectly you."

"Wow, I am so glad you liked it. I wanted it to be different."

"It was and it was great," she told him honestly. She didn't think of telling him that it was random, because even in its randomness it was still perfect. That was all he needed to know.

He smiled brightly he was thrilled she liked it, but he noticed something in her demeanor. She was pursing her lips and biting on her fingers. Something wasn't right.

"But..." he questioned her.

"What do you mean but," she answered.

"Ally I can tell when something is not sitting right  with you. I can read you like a book. What is it?"


There was something nagging at her since she found out they were coming to France instead of Italy. Before she thought it was a change of his plans that she didn't know about. But now she needed to know why they were really here and she needed him to answer that question for her.

"Well then, can I ask you something?"

"Girl why do you ask me that? You know you are gonna ask me anyway."

She furrowed her brow, "I don't know... I guess I just like to preface it... in case you say no." She grimaced at her own lackluster response.

"You make me crazy, just ask me."

"Why did you bring me here? I mean don't get me wrong, I loved it and I loved being out with you, but -" she stopped struggling to find the exact words.

“I told you already, I wanted you to see the movie and tell me what you thought about it?”

“Oh okay… but can I say something?”

Michael let out an desperate sigh, "Ally... just say it."

“I am just a little confused as to why though,” stopped and pursed her lips in thought.

He waited for her to continue.

“Michael, I know you could have arranged for me to see this anywhere anytime, why bring me all the way to France , why spend all this money just for me to see it here. I mean you have your tour and everything to get ready for.”

Michael let out a long breath, "Ally,  you know that very shortly everything is going to be revolving around me, the tour and my schedule."

“Yeah, I know,” she replied knowingly. She has seen it all in Japan and Australia she knew what to expect.

"It's  going to be hectic this time, I mean real crazy.”

“Michael I know, I am ready for that.”

“Are you really?”

She nodded, “yeah, I am. I swear.”

He reached and took one of her hands in his, “everything is going to be bigger here. Bigger than Japan. Much bigger. Bigger cities, venues and crowds. I haven't been here since before Thriller.”

She gave him a slightly miffed look. She was getting annoyed. “I get it Michael, I will be fine.”

"Well I guess I want to be sure. I wanted to give you tonight because starting tomorrow it's back to work and I have so much to think of, I don't want to have to worry about you thinking things are otherwise. I want you with me Ally and I want to make sure you know that."

Her faced softened, finally understanding where he was coming from and what this night was about. He was worried she would buckle under the pressure and leave again. He wanted to show her he would do anything in his power to show her that she came first but now he had to concentrate on work. But she had no intention of leaving him ever again.

"I won't run away again Michael, I promise. I am with you for the long haul. I am on you like white on rice."

Michael laughed, "like white on what?"

Allison chuckled, at her use of Val's saying. She leaned in and wrapped her arms around his arm, kissing him softly on the cheek, "nothing I am just being silly."

Michael put his arms around her and she nestled in, "but we understand each other," he asked wanting to be sure she knew what he was asking.

She nodded against his chest, "yes, trust me. I 'am not going anywhere without you Mr. Jackson."

"That's good to know."

She turned up her head to kiss him just under his chin and laughed quietly, "well of course not, you have my dog."

"Ohhhh, now I know your motivation."

"Well that and I kinda like you too."

"Hmm, you do, do you?"

"Yeah, just a little."

"Mhmmm, I like you too."



  1. Ahhh, i kind of like him too ....

    Wow, what a chapter.  
    Your details are amazing.
    A jam-packed preparation for and trip to much going on here.  Michael's surprise for Ally, Ally meeting his mother again.  
    I think Ally will be better on this leg of the tour - atleast now she knows what to expect and to expect the unexpected!
    Now I understand why you were watching Moonwalker over and over last week :)

    My favorite part, thought, has to be Ally helping Michael get ready for their night out -- I love the little, intimate moments between them -- so touching and sweet.

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    I have to agree with Trish that my favorite part too was when Ally was helping Michael get ready for thier night out & helped him apply his makeup.  Very sweet & loving.

    Great chapter Cheryl!

  3. Absolutely wonderful update! It was well worth the wait. Hate to sound like a broken record but my favorite part also was when he asked her for help with his makeup. That was such a major step forward for them. Loved the picture of her to. All of the graphics were absolutely beautiful. Loved every bit of it and it was so long and I just love that. Thanks much and can't wait for more!

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  5. Well C , I have already given you my review in private  and reading through the other comments , we all seem to be thinking along the same line , there simply was nothing more personal , intimate and loving than Ally doing Michael's make-up , can you imagine being so close to his face , to those beautiful soulful brown eyes , his hands leaning on her thighs (!) 
    Not to mention this was such an emotional  painful thing for Michael , his vitiligo , to be able to wash his face clean of the thick layers of make-up and then use her own blend to make her man more beautiful and at ease with himself .
    I can just picture this quietness in the bathroom as she does that , just their breathing to be heard ....this scene really brought tears to my eyes.

    Of course I can relate very much to her concern around leaving Samson behind , her mandog  hehe , but he is in good hands .
    The trip to Cannes , the beautiful hotel , a meal on the balcony , the movie , the beautiful out fit  for Ally .
    I also loved that Michael really wanted this for her, just Michael and Ally , alone , no fuss, no paparazzi ....... as tomorrow all hell breaks loose , there is still that apprehension on Mike's part : will she be able to deal with all this craziness that surrounds me ??
    Time will tell , but I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED to go on this journey with them !!!!!!:)))

    She turned up her head to kiss him just under his chin and laughed quietly, "well of course not, you have my dog.""Ohhhh, now I know your motivation.""Well that and I kinda like you too.""Hmm, you do, do you?""Yeah, just a little.""Mhmmm, I like you too."

  6. Hey Trish.. my fellow baby face peach fuzz lover.

    YES you are so right, that is why I was watching Moonwalker, over, and over AND over again... there is just so much that happens in that crazy movie - I kept missing stuff, totally forgot about the end and the Robot - LOL - maybe I should have done it with Captain EO!

    I try to gether things as accurate or detailed as possible - coz you gals are so knowledgeable so I wanna make sure I get it rightI  Right?

    I kinda have to agree with you, I think Ally will be better this leg of the tour too, at least I hope so. I hope she can handle the crowds or at least deal with them in a way that keeps her sane!

    Well I feel like I will be repeating myself a few times on my replies, but you said it first - Ally helping Michael get ready for their night was my favourite part of the chapter too...  :)

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    Hell no.. I wouldn't mind either! Could you imagine going to Cannes - even just with Michael and no movie...  but that she got to see Moonwalker with the actual beautiful man beside her would be like a dream come true!

    I love my little Moonwalker poster too... but we have to thank my partner in crime Enola for making it for me... I gave her the pictures and she took it and ran making it beautiful (thank you again E!)

    With the makeup, I would like to think that she could do that for him... or that he had someone that could do help him in that way - and that he could allow someone in enough to do so.

    Thanks for commenting!

  8. Hi Schaney!

    I am glad it was worth the wait... I know I am slow in getting my thoughts down on paper - but it makes me smile that you enjoyed it!

    Broken records are allowed. I agree with you whole heartedly - it is major step in the right direction for them as a couple. They need to take those little steps into each others personal space to get there.. and that was a big one!

    Thank you so much for waiting on me.. and commenting!

  9. Hi Forever...

    Thank you lovely one... seeing your comment here just reminds me what a dog I have been over the last couple of months in my own world and I owe you a special comment on your last chapter.
    Your comment to me makes total sense... I think the make application and the allowing it to happen speaks volumes to where they are headed... but it is left unspoken, because what do you say? Thank and my pleasure...  :)

    As always, thanks for commenting!

  10. Well yes K you did give me a very detailed private review... and I have to say I am impressed at your throughness of reading and criticing - now I know I better get my details right - or I am gonna get hauled out on the carpet by NR and then some!

    Yeah... they have come a long way since that first nervous kiss... and he is letting her in and letter her get closer - not that he is gonna have any chance of not lettingr her in, since she is a bit of pest that way - but in a cute sort of funny way - but when he does let her in close to do his make up, she will know that it was a big deal. As I told you when told me you had tears - that I did cry when I wrote it.... and it didn't even take that long - but it is how I see them movin forward.

    I also knew my fellow doggie/puppy lover would identify with the mandog situation - I mean seriously - who can just up and leave their dogs? I have a hard time going to work sometimes leaving my two little devils! But Sam is gonna be just fine... just like our dogs are when we go away.

    I am pretty excited too to get this part of the tour underway... next stop ROME! There is so much to do adn so much to see... and you are right Michael is apprehensive if she is gonna snap and make it through the tour - but he can't be worrying about that now - now it is all about the BAD man and his tour! Hopefully the side trip to Cannes has show her where she needs to be - right there with him.

    Thanks for commenting twice :)

  11. I guess I could just repeat what the other girl's have said so perfectly, but then again, that would be boring and give you a hard time replying to my comment. So I thought, let's be alternative and honest in a very E kinda way and tell her what I  really, really loved.

    Sweater!!!!!! Weeeeee!   

    I have to say too that Ally's reaction to Moonwalker pretty much mirrors how I reacted to it the first time I watched it. Random, but very, very Michaelish. :)

  12. heheeeeeeeeee E! Tiyr comments would never be boring!

    Yes! You could have slipped on here undercover of the dark, in disguise, walking backwards and I would have know it was yours truly leaving me the "sweater" comment! you love him in knits like I love him in plaid... LOL - I love how we love him to be so ordinary - any other man we wouldn't even turn our heads!
    Yeah, I love Moonwalker... but it is rather silly - but it is enjoyable to watch  the man on the big screen.

    Thanks for commenting and thanks again for the poster pic!

  13. As usual I am the late commenter!!  One day I will be the first comment..
    Ditto with everyone else.....the make-up scene was the most touching scene..(.I would have loved to be that close to Michael)

    Leave it to Michael to make sure that Ally knows how he feels...that this was done for her...before the pandemonium that is Michael Jackson...begins for the tour....

    I loved how Katherine knew that Ally was special..and made it known  before he left...that made me smile....

    Wonderful chapter btg...I can't wait for more!

  14. Hey Nancy hi!

    Late is seriously okay. You guys waited a long time for me to post - so as far as I am concern these comments are coming quickly.

    I have to agree with you, he is doing a fine job letting her know how special she is to him. If she didn't believe it before, there is no denying it - and it is just in time before all heck breaks loose - I have a feelign she will fair much better on this leg of the tour and not get so wound up - she just has to remember in a few short months she will have Mr. Jackson all to herself - and that is something that is worth sticking around for.

    Thank you for commenting! :)

  15. Wow Kindle is actually letting me comment on this site this am!
    A very enjoyable chapter, as I have already mentioned on Twitter.
    Especially the end.
    Thank you.

  16. Pfff.. finally made it here. And they made it to France. Michael is really going into extremes this time. What a way to show her how much she means to him. It was so thoughtful of him to take this private time with her. But boy, she is a worry wart ! I feel a bit sorry for her that she is always questioning his motives. I really hope she will start realizing just how much he loves her and that he'd do anything for her to make her feel comfortable. On the other hand I do understand her hesitation. Being the girlfriend of a superstar must be very stressful. But she should never doubt his love for her.
    The scene with the make-up was really touching. It made me happy that she could solve his problem without making too much of it, without showing him how deeply she was effected by his consternation. She is much stronger than she thinks she is.
    Of course this was not the first time she met his mother but they are getting closer to the real thing here. Michael should present her properly though. Well, we will give him time, won't we ? Better first get this tour over with and then they can settle down.
    Great chapter ! Glad I could finally catch up.

  17. two comments from you in one day - I am so glad you were home sick too - so you could catch up.

    yeah, she is a bit or a worrier, but that is the control freak in her - she wants to to be in control what happens, when it happens and where... but that is kinda hard when Michael is in control and wants to do what he wants - I think she is getting a handle on how much he loves her - now she just had to trust him more... let him do the things he wants to for her - because he is going to anyway!! :)

    the make up scene was my favourite too - even thought it came to me unexpectedly - it had a lot of meaning to me - because I can only imagine how hard it was for him day to day to face the camera's as the most famous man in the world... trying to hide his "flaws" that he thought made him unattractive - I know we all wish he knew how beautiful he was - but self doubt always won... I am really hoping that Allison can show him how beautiful he really is where it counts

    again... you are right - he does owe her a proper introduction to his family - but he needs to get this tour our of the way, get her to Neverland and start their life in a more sane environment - but for now... we are in the backseat watching this bad boy on tour - which I might add is not a BAD place to be!

    thanks for commenting Ingrid!



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