chapter nineteen - when in rome - part iii

The phone line crackled with the static of a long distance connection, ringing two long extended rings before it was answered, "aello, bonjour?"
"Uhh, hello, I'm sorry I was looking for Valerie Whitworth, I must have dialed the-"
"Oui, oui," the woman on the phone interrupted her with an unmistakable laugh she knew all too well. Allison recognized the voice as that of her best friend, but why on earth was she speaking French?
"Valerie is that you? It's me Allison."
"Oui Allie," she spoke with an exaggerated accent. "C'est moi!"
Allison giggled, "umm Val, English please, I don' really know that much French."
"Oh for goodness sakes, of course it's me."
Allison smiled, this was just what she needed, an inane conversation with Val to take her mind off her sour mood. She should have called her earlier. "Do I dare ask why you are speaking French or should I say, what's his name?"
"Oh Ally, you think so little of my desires to expand my horizons," she replied feigning a hurt ego. "You would think you of all people would be supportive," she quipped barely able to contain her own laughter.
"Uh yeah Val, what's his name?"
She chuckled, "oh you... just shush!"
"How are you Val?"
"I'm super fabulous honey of course, how is Europe with that Bad Boy of mine... I mean yours?"
"It's been great, really wonderful. He just opened tonight in Rome."
"Oh how wonderful," Val chirped.
"Yeah, he was really great. He was a little hoarse, but the concert was amazing as usual."
"Hoarse," she snickered. "From screaming your name I bet," she laughed hardily.
Allison giggled, "very funny Valerie, you are a regular comedienne."
"Hmm, yes. Yes, I am. So speaking of... what time is it over there anyway?"
Allison glanced at the clock on the VCR beneath the TV, "it's just after midnight. Why?"
There was significant pause on the phone. Then Val cleared her throat. "What's wrong Ally?"
"Nothing's wrong, I just thought now would be a good time to call you."
"Allison, why do you even pretend you can fool me?."
She chuckled nervously, "nothing is really wrong.. you know like wrong, wrong... it just, I dunno, I was here and -"
"Ally! For heaven's sakes don't tell me there is nothing wrong," she let out an exasperated breath. "You just told me it's after midnight there. So by my calculations you should either be in bed sleeping or preferably in bed wide awake moaning Michael's name over and over. Which, I might add, if it was any other woman but you, they would be. So spill, what's going on?"
"Well I guess I would be too, if he was here."
"What!? What do you mean if he was here. He’s not there? Jesus H Ally, what happen now?"
Allison sighed, “nothing really happened. It just I dunno it ended up this way.”
"I'm listening," Val replied curtly, completely expecting now to hear the entire story.
Allison scrambled for where to start. The reality was nothing really bad had happened at all. Well nothing up until about 7 hours ago when they realized Michael would likely be late for his first concert in Europe. And even then it didn't seem she would be where she was now. Sitting dejected and alone in their hotel room at midnight calling her best friend. "Okay, but let me start from the beginning."

Allison took the time to bring Val up to speed on their trip so far, including the side trip to Cannes to see Michael's movie, Moonwalker. She also told her about their first few days in Rome, including the trip to the hospital and how the press and fans had shown up. Which had prompted Michael to come up with the disguise idea to go sightseeing around central Rome earlier today. It had been a remarkable day, better than she could of hoped for, that was until they realized the time.[divider]

Michael looked at the clock on the wall. How did it get so late? He should be in makeup by now. Frank and Bill would be having a fit, he just knew it. Just that thought made him chuckle slightly. He looked at Allison, who a moment a go looked completely panicked, but now was grabbing him by the hand leading him to the exit.
“Come, Mr. we got get you back. I have an idea.”
“I am afraid to ask,” he followed her dutifully out the exit.
“Oh you shush, you always have ideas,” she looked up and the main roadway they came in. “There, look,” she pointed. “We can take a taxi.”

“Ohhh, a taxi,” Michael said excitedly. “You mean like in New York City.”
She shook her head, giving him a baffled look while she made her way over to the taxi stand with him in tow. He couldn’t be serious. He was excited about this predicament? He knew more than she did that he had a concert to perform with a stage to be on in less than three hours and he was nowhere near ready he wasn’t even near his hotel!
“No, you silly NOT like New York, like in Rome,” she replied exasperated. She pulled open the door, “get in.”

Once they were both seated, Allison stumbled over what little broken Italian she had picked up to give the driver the directions he needed. She then remembered the business card she had taken from the hotel and handed it to him and said “Grazie.” She was relieved he knew what she meant and he started to take them back towards the Lord Byron.
While Allison fretted about the time, Michael sat back relaxed like he didn't have a care in the world. He leaned over to her whispering, “girl I have never been in a taxi before. Can you believe that?”
“Not all that glamorous is it Mr. Stooge?”
"No no, it's wonderful," he smiled looking out the window. "I love it."
She giggled, "well enjoy it. I am sure it will be your last."

The ride back to the hotel was much quicker than she expected. Allison was relieved when they arrived in less than 20 minutes. Once stopped at the rear of the hotel, she paid the driver. Then together they slipped back in through the parking area to sneak up the stairs with seemingly no harm done. Or at least that is what she thought. But on the contrary, when they reached the suite on the upper floor, they stepped directly into panicked pandemonium! And it had nothing to do at all with Michael being late or that Michael was in disguise. What Allison had forgotten, Michael too for that matter, was that they had left the hotel, unsupervised and unbeknownst to anyone at all. Forget that trivial fact that Michael was going to be late for his open night in Europe. There was a much bigger issue at hand. Michael Jackson was missing and not one single person had a clue where he was, who he was with and when he would be expected back. So to say the lease, when he appeared, the thoughts that no harm had been done disappeared within two steps into the suite. Bill, Frank, Miko, all converged on them at once, speaking over each other.

"Mike where have you been?"
"Michael we have been worried sick!"
"Mike, what's going on, we got a show to put on."
Behind the three men Allison could see Karen Faye, Michael Bush, Mary and Jillian and a couple of burly looking men . All of them with varying looks of relief and concerns on their faces. Allison stood warily behind Michael as he calmly discarded his disguise. Everyone seemed to be waiting for him to say something but he continued undressing at his own 'Michael-speed' not saying a word. The eyes turned to her hoping to get some kind of answers.. Crap this was not good. This wasn't her fault! Why was everyone staring at her? Michael... say something.
Finally he broke the quite looming tension and chuckled as if nothing was amiss.
He walked slowly towards Karen and Michael, "okay, everyone calm down, we're here now."
"Bush, Karen, you heard the man, we got a show to put on," he continued to walk passed his assistants to the back room to get ready for his show. Karen and Michael Bush followed Michael to get him ready leaving Allison to face everyone.

The first to speak was Bill. "Allison," he spoke in his fatherly voice. But this time it was more of a concerned worried father.
"Bill, I'm so sorry," she turned to face him. "He wanted to go out."
"Out? Out... as in outside, you two went out," she heard a woman's voice admonishing her from behind.
"You would think you would have used better judgement Ms. Wolf."
"Me? It wasn't my idea." she turned to see who was scolding her.
"Well I am sure you didn't put up much of a fight, " Jillian snapped.
Allison's mouth fell open in shock. Ooooooohhhh I knew I didn't like you. Why couldn't Michael just have kept Mary be in charge??
"I told him we shouldn't go, but he insisted or he was -" she tried to explain.
"Especially after the disaster at the hospital," Jillian interrupted her. "And of course how scared you were."
Allison took immediate defense at her tone. Laced with scorn and sarcasm she made her feel as if she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Like she had done something terribly wrong. She knew that Michael had spoken to Bill and Frank about the security at the hospital and it was now apparent the entire staff had been made aware of the day's events and how unhappy Michael was about it. But that gave her no right to talk to her like that.
"First of all Jillian, it was Mic - "
"This tour is important and we have taken special precautions to make Mr. Jackson safe," she continued. "Going out because you want to tour the city, is not acceptable. Especially without the additional required security he now needs because of you."
Acceptable.... because of me... what? Who did she think she was? There was extra security because of her? What did that mean? And why was she talking like this was all her fault?
"I think that is enough Jillian," Frank interrupted her rant, "they're not children. Perhaps we should hear Allison's side of the story."
Her face screwed into a scowl at Frank then back to Allison, "well If they don't want to be treated like children then I suggest they don't behave so childish." Then she turned on her heels and promptly and left the suite the door shutting behind her.
Allison stared at the door, speechless. What are earth prompted that outburst? She made it sound like they made everyone worry on purpose. No, correct that, she made it sound like Allison did it on purpose. That going out was at her discretion as well as her idea to begin with.
She turned to face the remaining faces in the room, "I'm sorry Frank. I tried to tell Michael it wasn't a good idea to go out, but he insisted. I swear it wasn't my idea."
Frank nodded knowingly but didn't say a word.
Allison swallowed nervously, "I feel terrible for making everyone worry about us." Her voice was barely above a whisper and it broke as she tried to apologize to everyone for both of them. "He just wanted to go out and see the city on his own, ya know, to see the sights." She purposely omitted the part about Michael's reasoning behind it, especially after what Jillian said about the hospital. She looked at Bill, trying to gage what he thought. But his face was stoic with no emotion.
"I'm sorry," she sniffed. "I'm am sorry for not realizing how upset everyone would be. I know we shouldn't have went out. We didn't think - "
"It's okay Ally," it was Miko that finally spoke up interrupting her. "We all know what Michael is like. But not knowing where both of you were for the last few hours caused quite a panic."
Her voice hiccupped, "I can imagine, I really am sorry we made you worry."
Finally Bill spoke up, "well you're safe and sound and that is the main thing." He gave her a more favourable look. "Now we can get the show on the road."

It was almost 7:30. Michael was to be on stage in less than 2 hours. By now he was usually at the venue he was performing that night, getting all his last minute touch ups to his makeup, hair and wardrobe. But there was no time for that tonight. Karen and Michael Bush would have to get everything done here. While everyone else went about getting prepared to leave Allison snuck into the 2nd bathroom to do the same. She grabbed a quick shower and changed into a simple flowered black dress and a black knit tie vest. She tried her best to stay out of everyone's way, not wanting to cause any further problems. She felt awful and she would have to tell Michael they couldn't every do that again, it was just not fair to everyone else or his security team. Speaking of not fair, it wasn't fair that she had to explain that to everyone while Michael pretending that nothing was wrong. She shook her head. We will have to talk about that Mr. Jackson... as well as Jillian's over the top accusations. At about 8:15 Michael, Karen and Michael Bush appeared from out of the makeshift dressing room in the back. She sat on the sofa as Karen and Michael walked briskly by carrying their cases and headed down to the van. Michael walked out looking calm, cool and collected to search her out. It was if he didn't have a care in the world and not to mention he looked absolutely fantastic. Any and all thoughts of reprimanding him quickly evaporated when she saw him walking towards her. Silver, shiny, gorgeous buckles... oh my She didn't stand a chance. She didn't know what it was about this stage outfit, but whenever she saw him in it she wanted to tear it off of him, he just looked so damn sexy in it.

His stage outfit was always the same silver zippered shirt with straps and buckles with a white tee underneath. Atop his shirt he wore his signature black leather jacket that was covered in silver medallions and badges. The only change his opening outfit really had was his black trousers. Sometimes they were plain with a makeshift strap of medal leather that ran along his hips and circled around his one thigh. Another pair had a single line of 3 buckles on one side. But tonight he had on a pair she couldn't recall seeing before and if she did she had obviously forgotten. But she didn't think would have forgotten these.
The left leg of his pants was covered in buckles from his hip to the cuff of the pant leg. She thought she could count 12 or 13 but she couldn't be sure. The right leg had a line of buckles around his thigh and again at the bottom of the leg. Oh my goodness. If there was anything she loved on him was his buckles. Buckles that he seemed to like as much as her. He always had some type of buckle or leather strapping on his clothing.... and she LOVED it. She almost loved it as much as she loved seeing him wear anything plaid, but not quite. She smiled at him trying desperately to keep eye contact, but her eyes drifted lower down his legs and back up. She just couldn't help it, she just couldn't stop staring at his legs as made his way over to her.
"Oh," she mouthed quietly before she caught herself. "Look at all the buckles," she grinned up at him.
"Girl what is it with you and the buckles," he smiled reaching her.
She blushed but she didn't care, 'they're so shiny and they make your legs look so long and sexy." She reached out to touch the line of silver and leather running along his leg.
He chuckled happily, "you really are easy to please aren't you?"
"Ohhh shush you. don't act like you don't look good." Michael only shook his head.
He knew how much she loved his buckled pants but he enjoyed her reactions nonetheless. Reaching for her hands her pulled her up to standing, "well don't look so bad yourself beautiful." He kissed her cheek lightly, "now shall we go?"

They made it to the stadium with some time to spare. They has missed the opening act, Kim something or other. Allison had seen her at the rehearsals a few days earlier, but didn't catch her full name. Michael told her she was English and was really popular in Europe right now. Except for her remake of the Supremes classic, 'Keep me Hangin On', she didn't really know that much about her. She would've liked to have seen her perform, but at least they weren't late for Michael's performance and for that she was grateful. Nothing would have been worse than that. Now that they had arrived and were backstage it felt as if everyone had relaxed a bit. Fortunately she didn't see Jillian backstage. Allison didn't quite know what she would do or say to her if she did make an appearance. She did see Miko, Mary and Frank and they appeared much calmer. Bill Bray seemed more at ease as well but he still seemed guarded. She hoped this hadn't ruined things between them. She really felt as if she had finally gained his trust and she didn't think that was an easy thing to do.

Being this was the first night in this venue, Bill stayed close by and escorted them directly to the Michael's dressing room to get his final makeup and wardrobe touch ups before going on stage. He was such a perfectionist, not one hair could be out of place when he walked on stage. Even thought by the third or fourth song of the set he had usually pulled his hair from its loose knot, it was perfect when the show started. It was the same with his clothes. He was so meticulous it was almost to the point of being fussy. He was constantly checking to make sure everything was in its place. She couldn't blame him really, everywhere he went he was followed by crowds of fans and photographers. He couldn't go anywhere without his picture being snapped and splashed the cover of a magazine. Luckily for him, Karen Faye and Michael Bush were just as fussy in making him look good. They were always watching out for him. And even if they weren't Michael always looked great. But more so that his hair or wardrobe, what Michael really worried about was his skin. She had really begun to noticed more this past week than she had done before. Ever since Cannes, when he needed her help with his makeup, she was paying more attention to his routines. She regularly watched him scrutinize his reflection in the mirror or asking Karen to apply more powder or cover-up. He was constantly worried about how his skin looked. Perhaps it was because she wanted to be prepared to help again if needed or maybe she wanted to understand it more. Whatever it was she was paying attention. Most likely because she never wanted to see that pained look again in his eyes. He was gorgeous to her, she just couldn't understand why he couldn't see it. But she knew she would do whatever it took to never see that look in his eyes again. Even if it meant letting him fuss over his looks needlessly.

As Karen finished his hair she smiled at his mirror image.
Michael smiled back, "girl what are you smiling at?" Michael raised his brow in curiosity.
"Nothing," she lied.
"I swear," she wrinkled her nose. "Just thinking about the great day we had today."
"Mmm, it was a good day," he reached for her hand. "You sure you don't want to come to the after party tonight? It will be fun."
"Yeah, I'm sure," she nodded.

The party Michael was talking about was a private after-show party being held in his honour. It sounded pretty swanky and was being held at the Villa Taverna, the home of the American Ambassador to Italy. It was first of many parties to welcome Michael and the tour to Europe. Those attending sounded like a who's who of Italy's rich and famous; Sophia Loren, who Michael said was a good friend of his, Rudolf Valentino, Gina Lollobrigida and the famous Italian director Franco Zeffirelli were just a few of the people on the guest list.
"Ally," he squeezed her hand as he came to standing, "you have to come out of hiding sometime."
"I know, I will... just, not tonight okay?" Before he spoke, there was a double knock on the door,
"Mike 15 minutes."
"Saved by the door," he kissed her forehead. "But you'll be up when I get back?"
She nodded, "I will be, I promise. Have a great show."
Michael chuckled as he left to room, "girl don't make promises you can't keep." Knowing full well her weakness for staying awake. He was sure she would be sound asleep when get returned .
After Michael left to go on stage, Allison lingered in the dressing room with Karen Faye and Michael Bush. She had to be sure that not everyone was thinking it was her fault and she figured both Karen and Michael would be as good as anyone to ask, since they were the ones who really had to hurry to get Michael ready. As Karen arranged her kit and make up for the first costume change and touch up of the show, Michael Bush sorted and racked the clothing in order of change for the night. It was eerily quiet in the room, but she finally managed the courage to speak up.
"Uh Karen, can I ask you something," she fidgeted looking at Karen's reflection in the mirror.
"Sure thing Ally." Karen looked up from her makeup kit and smiled.
"Umm, are you mad at me? It seems like everyone is mad. I'm really sorry Michael was so late today."
Karen gave her a bemused look, "heck no Allison, no one is mad at you. What on earth gave you that idea?"
"I thought you thought it was my fault he was late."
Michael Bush started to laugh. Karen laughed too, "oh no Ally, we don't think that all. None of us do."
"Of course not. We all know what Michael is like. Everyone from top to bottom knows this was all Michael's doing."
"I just feel like I did something wrong."
"I think what it is Ally, is that everyone was hoping Michael's impulses to go against the better wishes of his security team would be... ahh somewhat less now that you are here."
Allison started to laugh herself, "uh-oh, I think we might be in trouble."

Relieved she was only being paranoid she went to find her seat backstage. It was only then she was reminded that it had been almost 3 months since she had seen him perform, the last time being in New York. So much had changed in such a short period of time. And most of that time they had been apart. Back in March saying I love you was still fresh and new, but now they said it all the time. She found out she was pregnant and lost the baby before she could share the news with him. Michael bought his dream home with the full intention of asking her to move in with him. They were moving from being a secretive couple to bringing it out into the open. She smiled to herself thinking back to last year when she asked him to take things slow. Even though so much had happened in the past 6 months, they really were taking things slowly. Allowing them to let go of their secret fears and inhibitions without them really realizing it or having to think about it. Each step forward a natural progression to the next. Letting their guards down inch by inch but growing closer together in leaps and bounds. The show its self was phenomenal. In all seriousness, Allison didn't think it was possible for him to give a bad show. He was always 110% present and he always gave the crowd everything. His throat hadn't healed completely and you could hear the strain in his voice from his laryngitis. He still sounded good, but the top range was lacking clarity and adlibs were fewer. His voice cracked occasionally and she wondered if he was doing more damage by being out there tonight rather than resting. Nonetheless, she had to admit that even a subpar Michael Jackson was better than anyone else on their best night.

After the encore she saw him briefly as Karen and Michael Bush got him ready for the after party. Karen touched up his makeup and tied back his hair. He was dressed in black trousers, a red button down and his usual CTE military style jacket with red accents on the shoulders, neck and his right sleeve. She loved that jacket, it was the very one she had worn home from Australia. If she had her way she would steal it away, except for the fact it looked so great on him. Once he was ready, Michael donned his Ray Ban's and they walked out together. Michael making sure she was safe in her limo with James before getting into his own with Bill and Miko. Back at the hotel she changed her clothes again. Except this time into a cute little baby doll set she had packed for their first night together in Europe. She would have taken it to Cannes if she knew she was going to be there, but she was glad she could save it for tonight. His first official night on tour. She wanted the night to be special. Sitting in the living area of their suite absently flipping channels on the TV she waited for Michael's return. But her evening didn't turned out how she hoped. The TV flickered slightly as she hit the off button on the remote control. She had seen enough. More than enough... and that is when she called Val. [divider]

"Okay honey, I can understand why you are upset, but you need to talk to Michael."
"I know, you're right. I just don't know what to say without sounding like an idiot."
Val chuckled, "you're not an idiot Allison. A little neurotic maybe, but not an idiot."
"Ahhh thanks Val, that helps."
"You're just a girl who just so happens to be in love with a very famous, very sexy and desirable man. But remember that same man loves you Ally. Just talk to him."
She sighed, "thanks for listening Valerie. I really appreciate it."
"No problem mon chéri."
"Oh we are back to French again?"
"Oui, oui!"
"Good night Val."
"Au Revoir Allie!"
Allison looked at the clock. It was almost 1AM and Michael wasn't back yet. She had come back to the hotel after the show to wait for him. She wanted tonight to be special after their activity of the day and the commotion of returning to the hotel. But now she was filled with self doubt waiting for him to return. Maybe she should have went with him to the after-party. Ugh...Val's right... I am neurotic!

When Michael returned to the suite about an half hour later, he fully expected to find her asleep. The party had gone much later than he expected and he didn't think Allison would have made it past 1 in the morning. No surprise she wasn't in the front area, but he was surprised to see she wasn't in bed either. Hmm, that's odd. Maybe she is down the hall talking to Karen or Mary?? He was about to return to front area when he heard her.
"Ally, are you in here?"

"Yes, I'm the bathroom," she called out.
The door was slightly ajar and he caught a brief glimpse of her naked skin as she moved to pull on one of the bathrobes.
"Can I come in?"
"Sure," she replied as she adjusted the plus-size robe around her frame.
The large bathroom was still warm and steamy from her recent bath, "were you waiting for me?
"Yes, I was," she answered more curtly than she really meant to. She met his eyes briefly in the mirror before she looked away.
Michael stepped all the way in and shut the door most to the way to keep the heat in, "everything all right? How was your night?"
"It was okay," she pushed up the sleeves of the robe up to rub moisturizer into her arms.
"How was yours?"
"It was good," his lips curved into a wide smile. "Some very nice people," he watched her as she rubbed the milky cream in to her skin.
"Hmm," she nodded.
"Hmm," he echoed her response walking up behind her. He put his hands on either side of her waist grasping the soft terry sash that held her robe closed, "why you being so sulky?"
"I'm not."
"Yes, you are," he raised his eyebrows at her reflection.
She sighed heavily meeting his eyes in the mirror, "I'm trying not to be. Sorry. It's just... I was waiting here for you, tonight and I wanted tonight to be special after such a great day together." She frowned slightly.
"Go on," Michael implored. "Well," she started carefully. "I was okay with your going to the after party, coz I knew you had to go and I was okay with me not going too because I don't need to be out there with you."
"But then I saw you on TV."
"You could've come."
"No it's not that."
"Then what is it?"
"On TV there were all these people around you. All these woman around you Michael. Beautiful, gorgeous and sophisticated woman. It made me - "
"You're jealous," Michael interrupted her trying not to sound mad. Hadn't they had this conversation already? "There is nothing for you to be jealous about. I told you that."
"No, not jealous."
"What then?"
"It made me feel inadequate."
"Girl, what are you sayin'?"
"Sophia Loren? Gina Lollobrigida? My god Michael, Elizabeth Taylor is one of your closest friends. I can't compare to them."
"You don't have to and I don't' want you to."
"I know but... but I feel like I am stuck. I want to be there, but then I don't know what I would do if I was there. I mean what would I do or say. I am not so sure I would know how to act or what to say," her voice betrayed her fears.
"Allison, you are being silly. Be yourself."
"Be myself, with those famous people?? Well that should be interesting."
"They're just people Ally, just like me. You're yourself with me and I think you're pretty kinda okay," his eyes shone with mischief. "You know when you are not talking crazy talk."
"Michael..." she closed her eyes. "I guess I'm just worried what they will think when -"
"People will always think what they want Ally," he signed heavily but continued, "they will say what they want to say. Just like the press will always print what sells. We don’t have to confirm or deny anything to anybody or anyone, we can just be together."
She swallowed, "and you are okay with that?"
"Yes I am. But are you?"
"I dunno."
"Then what do you want? What do you want to do?"
She searched her mind for the right words. What did she want. She wanted to be with him and not have to watch him on TV. "I can say what I don't want." "What's that?"
"I don't want to be without you when I could be with you," her eyes were locked on his.
"Then you won't be," he replied with a low whisper making her tingle.
His breath tickled the back of her neck, "now can I say what I want?"
She nodded, "yeah."
"I want you to be with me too," his lips grazed the tip of her ear, "all the time, day and night no matter where we are all the time."
She smiled at his reflection. She wanted that too, "okay."
He gave low chuckled, "and I wanna see what you're hiding underneath this robe."
Her eyes immediately widen at the change of topic and she felt her temperature climb and the heat rise to her face.
"Michael" she met his eyes in the mirror.
"Girl, I was thinking about you all night too," he pulled her flush against him, "I couldn't wait to get back here to see you."
She tilted her head to the side to smile at him, "yeah?"
"Yeah. How was your bath," his voice deepened. He brushed away the damp hair from her neck to place a soft kiss there.
"Relaxing," she watched him in the mirror.
"Mmh," he placed another lingering kiss on the side of her neck as he slid his hands to the front her robe to loosen the knotted terry material.
"Michael what are you doing," she covered his hands with her own to keep her robe tied closed.
"I want to look at you," he explained softly. He rested his chin on her shoulder to gaze at her reflection.
She smirked at him, "here?" Her head motioned towards the mirror
He pulled his hands from underneath hers to rub her arms gently, urging her to put her hands down, "yes here."
"Because I want you to look at you too."
Her breath caught in her throat and she swallowed hard as his warm brown eyes burned into her. Allison let her hands drop to her sides and cast her gaze down to the floor, "I know what I look like Michael."
"Yes, but I want to show you what I see when I look at you," he whispered.
She glanced back up to meeting his gaze in the mirror again, and Michael slowly unfastened the terry knot carefully easing apart the thick edges of the robe to expose her body.
"You have the most amazing body, you know that?" Michael nuzzled her neck softly from behind as he rested his hands on her waist then splayed them over her abdomen. "I love your legs," he let his hands slide down over her hips to her butt, cupping the curve of her ass before returning to waist. "How they seem to go on forever to your perfect backside. How they look in your shorts and how they feel when they are wrapped around me." Her skin was still heated and damp from her bath as her ran his hands up the flat of her stomach to the soft underside of her breast, the peaked nubs tightening at his gently touch. "Your breasts are beautiful," he dropped another soft kiss on her skin. "You're beautiful." She watch his hands roam over her body and a pretty pink flush covered her from head to toe. "You are the most beautiful, sexiest woman I have ever met."
"Michael, you don't have -."
"No listen," he continued. "Because there is one thing I haven't mentioned yet. The one thing I find the most desirable about you; that puts you head and shoulders above every other beautiful woman in the world."
"What." she swallowed slowly lost in his words.
"Well, you can't see it or touch it," He wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. "It is the way you make me feel when I'm with you. I can't explain it and I can't show it to you in the mirror. I just know it's there and no other woman can make me feel that way."
Allison stared at him a long moment, studying his strong features as he held her gaze. There wasn't anyone else in the world that could make her feel this way either. That could make her feel this alive, this desired, this beautiful.
"I love you Michael," she murmured softly as she turned around to circle her arms around his neck, then titled her head up to kiss him.

The kiss was soft and gently as he slowly started backing her up. Once her back was against the counter his eyes widened in mock surprise.
Michael placed his hands on either side of her hips on the counter, "looks like I have you trapped."
Biting her lower lip she smiled up at him and placed her hands on his chest. "It looks like you do."
He lowered his head to nuzzle her ear, "hmm, you smell so good. So sweet."
Michael pushed himself against her, kissing her again, covering her mouth with his own as she moaned softly into his mouth. The kiss started out soft and slow then became faster and more urgent. Michael pushed the robe off her shoulders as Allison pulled at the lapels of his jacket. Both of them breathing hard now trying to catch their breath, but unable to stop moving. He moved from her mouth to the hollow of her throat and across her neck. She arched her neck back to give him better access and he left a trail of heated kisses. His hands had moved from her back to her breasts then down to her hips. He stepped back smiling and easily lifted her up and sat her down on the counter.

Allison spread her legs apart as he stepped between them. It wasn't close enough. God he needed to be against her, submerses deep in her, drowning in her delicious heat. He pushed her legs open wider, adjusted her slightly and they both groaned as he pressed her firmly against his rigid erection.
"Girl, I want you." She helped him as he pulled the robe off her arms completely and it pooled against her backside .The soft wool of his coat brushed down her inner thighs as she raised them slightly against him. The sensation made her skin tingle and she dug her heels into the back of his thighs. She was gasping for every breath and her head fell back as his hands moved over her.
She sighed opening herself up to him, "I want you too."
She tugged the lapels of his jacket to bring him closer. She could feel the heat of him against her, "now Michael, I want you now." Her face was flush and her breathing was ragged.
He could smell the soft minty scent of her fresh breath. She had gone from unsure and insecurely nervous about herself to wanting him right there and then. Perfect. He wanted her too, right now. Michael crushed his lips against hers as she pulled at the lapels of his jacket causing one of the button to pop off and hit the mirror behind her.
"Michael, take off your jacket," she whispered in a voice she barely recognized. He straightened up stepping back to pull off his jacket to discard it on the floor behind him. His eyes never left hers as he reached for the buttons off his shirt. Allison pulled the material from out of his trousers and smoothed her hands up under his white undershirt feeling the heat of his skin. His skin felt like it was burning up under her delicate touch. He sucked in his breath as she ran her hands up against his sensitive nipples then racked them down his tummy to his belt. Michael took her one hand and pushed it down over the bulge in his pants. He was so hard and he flexed at her touch. She squeezed him as she moved her hand firmly over him. Her need for him filled her.
"God damn Ally, " Michael closed his eyes and his head fell to her shoulder as she worked her hand over him.
She chewed her bottom lip and began to unfasten his pants and she pushed them down over his hips. He braced his hand on the mirror behind her when she slipped her hand further down his pants, inside his underwear, cupping him and stroking him. He leaned into her, pushing himself further into her hand. They were both panting now well past the point of no return. She was burning to feel him inside her. The familiar heat was making her ache, "Michael, hurry." Michael stepped away again to rid himself of his pants and boots and came back to her. He was so hard it was painful. Sliding her closer he pressed his hand against her opening as he moved to kiss her collar bone. God she was so hot, so wet... so ready for him.
"Girl you're always so ready," he murmured against her neck as he used his first two fingers to enter her then slide in and out quickly.
Her neck arched back, she was already so close to climax it wouldn't take much more, "Michael, please," she moaned.
He ran the pad of his thumb over her sensitive spot, then began slow firm wet circles.
"Mhhmmm... oh, ohhhh sweet jesus," she gasped. Her hips bucked up towards him and her head hit the back of the mirror. Her one hand tightened on his for arm as she tried to catch her breath.
"Girl you look so beautiful when you're about to come," then he pulled her roughly to the edge of the counter and entered her in one swift motion, making them both groan loudly.
Allison licked her lips and sucked in her breath as he started to move slowly in her finding their rhythm. Moaning she gripped hard onto the edge of the counter, meeting his thrust with her own. He felt so damn good. She wanted him deeper, harder, faster. She pushed herself up against him as their hips slammed together, each impact drawing a slow groan from him as he buried himself deep inside her before withdrawing fully and ramming back into her.
Her legs began to quiver, she was going to come again. The depth of her desire overwhelmed her, bordering on painful.
"Oh god Michael, yes, please... don't stop, please don't stop," she moaned loudly. She could feel her body climber higher and higher. The blood poured through her veins and pounded in her ears.
Feeling her begin to tighten around him, Michael gripped her legs hard sinking his fingers deep into her skin as he continued his hard thrust into her at a relentless pace. God she felt so good. Her slick heat surrounded him and he felt his own orgasm begin to build.
"Ally, come on baby, I'm waiting for you," his hips circled with each deep thrust.
Her soft breathy cries broke with a harsh sob then was followed by a long drawn out moan. She twisted her hands around his neck to hold on. Pleasure tightened and coiled deep in her belly, more intense than before as she came undone for second time, then again for a third time. Her entire body was shaking. Michael felt her shudder and tremble around him, her inner muscles gripping him tightly as he thrust into her hard.
"Oh... fuck," she groaned, her eyes squeezed shut as she came again uncontrollably, endlessly. A groan escaped his lips as his own orgasm hit him hard. Her quivering muscles still milking him as his thrusts slowed. She opened her eyes as her lungs finally caught up with her laboured breathing, her entire body was shattered. Her arms felt like lead as she brought the down from his neck, her legs so weak she could barely feel them or hold them up against him.
Smiling she met his gaze, "I missed you tonight."
Michael chuckled quietly, still deep inside her he leaned forward to capture her lips in a slow tender kiss, "I missed you too."


  1. WOW, SMH That was.....WOW I don't really know what to say. lol SMH It's just to much for me to say anything. Now I want to know what gonna happen in the next one. =)

  2. Whew! I'm out of breath myself! Definitely worth the wait. Love them together. Michael knows just what to say to her.

  3. Hi H, I am glad you it was worth the wait... I know I make you girls wait awhile at times... I love them together too... and Michael does seem to have all the right words to say.
    Thanks for commenting.

  4. the next one??? already... well you will have to wait and see :)
    thanks for commenting... see you next time.

  5. Wow ... and on that note, goodnight, I'm exhausted LOL

    Ok, I do have a few things to say...
    Poor Ally, insecurity is an easy feeling to fall into under normal circumstances, imagine when your dating the hottest man on the planet who could have any women he wants and is constantly surrounded by women who want him.
    But, apparently if any man can make his girlfriend feel more secure, it's Michael :)

  6. Hey Trish! Hi... sorry to exhaust you.. (or am I)
    I do agree with what you say though.. I can't imagine being in love with a man that is so gorgeous and that everyone else is clamoring around wanting him too, touching him, or kissing him all the time. It would be crazy. But I think you are right, Michael has the touch to make Ally feel perfectly secure with him... now they just have to take it outside!
    Thanks for commenting - and make sure you login so we can see your pretty AVI.

  7. Girl absolutely love it. Finally figuring out the website at least I hope. Love how Allie is feeling like she is not good enough to be in Michael's entourage so to speak but he made her understand and loved hearing from Val and the ending was fantastic. Love it girl can't wait for more!

  8. Well K, I had to let this comment simmer a bit before responding. It is so long and lovely that I wanted to make sure I addressed it as it deserves.

    First thank you and welcome to my new, sorta old home. I still have a few things to think about but we are getting there.

    Yes, can you imagine Michael disappearing and no one knowing his whereabouts? It would be cause for panic - but we know Michael is not going to be too worried about that.. and in one way I understand. He is a grown man, he wants to do what he wants to do with his girl when he wants to... but he kinda forgets how famous he is.

    Girl do NOT get me started on those dammed buckled pants... it is little trait I let a little bit of me in Ally come out... BUCKLES I love them!

    Ahhhhh Cannes, I loved it too and it was an important moment between them, Michael letting her in like that. You never know if it will be needed again.

    Ah yes the counter scene... or as you like to call it "your counter" scene... I am glad you liked it and found it sexy... "looks like I have you trapped" seems like Michael would say... wanting to trap her but not being overly sexual about it at first.

    I really don't mind that you quote - it lets me know what I am doing right and that makes me smile.

    But don't you worry, she is coming our of hiding soon.. maybe even the next chapter! Which BTW I can't write faster, work less and write more... but I can promise you I am writing a little each day.

    Thank you so much for commenting!

  9. Hi Susan.. yes, thank you - I am finally getting the site back to the way I wanted it.

    Yes I agree, Michael had a wonderful way of telling and showing Ally she fits into his lifestyle - she is more than enough for him.

    I love when Val shows up too... she is always up to something fun!

    Thanks so much for commenting!

  10. Holy moly... Oh la la... Ooooooooooh weeeeeeeee!

    Don't we all want Michael to boost our confidence this way? (and other things too).

    Lovely chapter, C.

  11. As always C I am late for the party...

    But what a wonderful update...Michael had a wonderful way of making Ally feel very secure....Soon very soon she will be ready to go out as his girl in public!

    Hmmmm What is with Jillian! She has to know that it was Michael..No one can say no to Michael!!

    Loved it! I can't wait for more!

  12. Yes indeed... Michael's chosen methods of confidence boosting would definitely be at the top of my list.
    Thanks for commenting E!

  13. oh Nancy... you are never late, you are right on time.
    Yes, I think Michael did a great job in making her feel secure! It is time for her to come out of the shadows.
    I am not sure Jillian really knows quite yet who to blame - but of course she will take the easy route - as I don't think her little episode would have went over very well with Michael.
    Thanks for commenting!

  14. I missed so many updates... I didn't realize you were posting this on tumblir...I adored this update..running to read the rest that I missed...

  15. Hi Nancy... no worries... I am posting here, but I let people know on tumblr when I post. Glad to see you made it here.



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