a sneak preview

I owe you my readers an apology that I have been so long in updating. Please do know that I do continue to write when time allows and I have not given up on my story and will update as soon as I can… but for now, here is a little preview of the next chapter!

 Sunday, June 5, 1988 – Malibu, California

JESUS H… What the hell is this crap?
Cursing under her breath Val threw the early edition of the LA Times onto her kitchen table. Instantly the headache that had gotten her out of bed this morning flared in her temples. She didn’t think anything could make her feel worse, but after reading the paper this morning she was quickly proven wrong. It made her feel twice as bad and ten times as mad. When she woke, she was hung over and hung over big time. Her head hurt and her body felt heavy and lethargic. Wanting to forget she was getting too old for her Saturday night escapades, a promise of coffee and her morning paper awaited. But she was soon let down.

Standing up she pushed the chair she had been sitting on halfway across her kitchen floor. As she entered her living room she Immediately began searching for the tour schedule and the location of where she could find Allison in Europe.
Shit… where did I put it.
Not thinking it would be a necessity until she joined them later in July, she had no idea where it was or if she had even kept it.
Val groaned as she searched through the pile of paper on the coffee table.
“God dammit! Where the fuck is it,” she huffed as she searched frantically.
SHIT!! Her headache throbbed the more she fretted. This was crazy… what in the world was going on.
Val’s heart was racing frantically with worry…. dammit, dammit dammit…. what if she couldn’t find it?
She stopped for a quick moment to try and calm herself. She took in a deep breath and palmed her brow for a moment, trying to think, trying to remember where she had put it.
“Where are you, she said aloud, scanning the room for a possible hiding place.
She needed to find it now… and she needed to talk to Allison as soon as she did. She had to know what in the world was going on and why Allison’s picture was smack dab in the middle of the morning newspapers front page. They had left a day earlier than scheduled, but Allison still managed to get a tour schedule to Val. Faxing over a rudimentary list of countries and hotel details a couple of days after they had left. Of course, Allison being Allison, she wanted to make sure that someone had their daily calendar in the case anyone back home needed to contact her. Not that anyone would need to… well not until now!

Aha… YES that’s it! It’s a fax, Val smiled triumphantly… she faxed me. That could only mean that it was with her items from work and most likely in her day-timer.  Looking at the side of the couch Val reached for her Gucci briefcase and pulled out the matching leather case of her daily schedule.
Please, please be in here….pulllease, I don’t know where else to look…

She flipped urgently through to the back pages until finally she found exact what she was looking for… there hiding between the think white pages was the thin filmy sheet of paper with the preliminary details of the tour’s schedule. Scrolling down the faded print she saw that they were currently in the Netherlands and staying at the Pincoffs Hotel in Rotterdam. Looking further across she found the phone number and the name she should use to get in contact with her. Now she could get to the bottom of this…. and get to it now.

To be continued…


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